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I am a mature female born in the 60's

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I am a former debt collector I worked for Comcast cable as an installation technician and was promoted to supervisor. I also have1500 hours of Cosmetology.


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I recently purchased bitdefender total security 2016, After 2 mouths it would not update at all. L contacted the customer support team at *******024. When a representative came on I advised her that the product would not update at all. I also advised them that in the interface it shows it is the we have got this auto pilot mode.

She advised me that I would need to upgrade the version 2016 that I purchased from the store I bought it from and download it again from there central web site.

She then emailed me an uninstall toll and told me to follow the information. I asked her to stay on the line while I did this. I followed everything she said to do and downloaded the new 2017 from there site.

She then advised me that this should take care of my problems and that bitdefender would not update automatically care free. RIGHT

About 3 days later I noticed that my simple pass would not work, and that my fans on the computer would not stop running. I called them back and they then advised me to do a repair on the product from there central site.

I did what she said and while I was on the phone I advised her that while the repair was talking place that a Microsoft message was appearing warning me to be careful in allowing this vendor top make changes in my computer because it could be harmful to the hard drive. It also said that they did not recognize this publisher for having a valid licensed certificate. I asked her why?

She said to ignore it and run the repair anyway. She advised me that this was a problem with Microsoft and she did not now why they could not recognize them as being a certified publisher.

After I got done I advised her that my processor fans where burning up and would not shut off. I also told her that I was b=very concerned as with any anti-virus software the fans may run while a scam is being done but they turn back off when the scan is done.

I shut the computer off because I was afraid that the heat would break the computer.
Three days later I called again because my computer would not boot and the screen and fan ran constantly.

The rep advised me that they needed take remote access to my computer. I advised her that I was not going to keep the computer running while the fans where going so fast in full force and the heat was getting hotter on the compute. She told me she was email me another download to run a logging tool for me to run and then send the files to bitdefender via e-mail so they could see what was going on.

I run the tool and saved the files to my desktop and called them back. I was unable to open that log to see what files where being taken from my computer they where gathering.

I advised her that I would call HP to get a smart friend to try and help. They also told me to uninstall Malware bytes because I could not use this with bitdefender. I advised her that I have had several different anti-virus products that never conflicted with Maleware bytes and that it was just a free malware scanner not another ant-virus.

I had to call them every 3 days as the computer ran worse and worse. Finally after all of that going on for about 4 weeks I finally got HP smart friend who took remote access of the computer and advised me that the bitdefender was causing all of this and to take it to the store where I purchased it and have then remove it immediately.

The smart friend also opened that file log that bitdefenders log tool took of the files they wanted me to send to there company. The smart friend said that they took my personal work data files from my my computer that where proprietary files that had nothing to do with any thing about there product. He the destroyed that save zip file. And advised me never to allow or send any of my personal files to anyone.

I advised him I had no idea what bitdefender was trying to do.
The smart friend team tried to do a full system recovery bu phone 4 times it would not work. All of my files where lost during this process even though they tried to back them up on a flash drive. I then had to wait for them to mail me a recovery media flash drive to try and get the computer fixed, The computer would not even turn on anymore for them to be able to work remotely on it.


CKK err. BB. CMD Detect some error PININST_BBV
CKKerr. BB. CMD Check c:\system. Sav\logs\Burnboot warn.log
Critical error condition was detected at BBVI

Switch to 2ndcap's WinPE and show recovery manger incomplete dialog. Because RM'S dialog can't appear on start screen on WINS environment customer may not notice RM already shows error dialog

There might be unexpected reboot during BBV clean or last The process will cause panic.

I was told by the HP team that they hope that the recovery media would fix everything.

I took the recob=very media to the store where I purchased bitdefender and the store manager replace the ant-virus with another one. They also worked free of charge to run the recovery manager and to get my microsoft office reinstalled they had to reinstall windows 10. They also installed the new anti virus. And tried to get the recovery manager to open the flash drive to put back my backup files but it would not work. I am left now with nothing in the computer as it had to be replaced back to the original factory setting and have lost years of work files that where save to my flash drive. GO BITDEFNDER. THIS IS THE WORST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET. Please beware if you don't BITDEFENDER WIPEOUT

I hope and pray that anyone who reads this is takes this review very very seriously.


I wanted to do this review after dealing with a customer service team that seems to be brain dead. A week ago I called Sears.com to place an order for a small bottle of Betty Boop perfume spray.

I was on the phone with some lady for over 25 minutes giving her all my information. Name, address, phone number, order number and so forth. I had to keep repeating it over and over as I guess she was having a hard time with understanding English.

After she finally got it the representative hung up on me. I was kind of in a hurry as I had an appointment to make. I called back and got someone even more dim. This was a man. I spent another 55 minutes giving the same information again to him.

Several times I had to keep repeating myself and telling him to stop and just listen because I did not have all day to try and place an order for this one little item. Lord forbid if I wanted to buy anything else.

After I finally got him to place the order I had missed my appointment. I waited about 3 days and called to see if the order was processed. I received this email first.

Thank you for your order, lrraine.

We apologize for the delay.

We're processing your order #997073312, placed on Tue, Dec 06,2016.

Shipped Items: We'll send you an email with your tracking information when each shipment in your order leaves our warehouse.
We hope you had a great shopping experience today. Please keep this email as your receipt.

Thank you for choosing us,
Your Sears Team

After all that repetition of may name and address they still did not spell my name right. When I called to see where my order was. I was on the phone with another woman who confirmed that the order was being processed and she said she would send me an e-mail so I could see the order.

This is the second e-mail I received.

Store Address
Store: *******000 SPRING HILL MALL
WEST DUNDEE, IL *******261800

Store Pickup Location
Merchandise pickup area of the store

Pickup Contact
Kristin Koltz

Order Date
Mon, Dec 05,2016

Salescheck #

Suborder #

Estimated In-Store Date
Wed, Dec 07,2016
Men's 2-Pairs Texting Gloves
Size: 0.45 x 22.8 x 17.25
Fit: Men's, Size: M/L, Color: Black Onyx,
Sold by KMART
Kmart Return Policy
Mfr# MF6AN33212K
Part# 046W*******001
KSN: 8764130
UPC: *******66291

Sale 3.99
Reg. 4.99 1 3.99

Associate Discount:
SHC Associate Discount 20% 0.80
Item Total 3.19

I then flipped out and called them again by this time I was irate. This is not the item I order after I went through all of that time to place an order for a lousy little bottle of Betty Boop perfume spray.

When the next rep got on the line she explained that the former rep pulled the wrong order up and said she was sorry that the item I ordered was being sent out.
I then got this email.

Shipping Address
Lrraine wise
7831 st dridget lane
Dundalk, MD 21*******979 Order Date
Tue, Dec 06,2016

Return Code

Salescheck #

Size: 5.5 x 6.5 x 7.5

Sold by Ami Ventures Inc
View Seller Info
Mfr# 27578109
Part# SPM*******202

Sale 13.59
Reg. 14.30 1 13.59

Still my name and spelling of the address are incorrect. UNBELIEVABLE...

I then went to the house where I had the item sent so my family member would not see the box. When I got there the mail lady was on the other side of the street delivering the mail. I asked her if she had the package and she said yes.

When she got the package out of her truck it was a huge box. I said to her WOW. I explained to the mail lady that I was wondering why the box would be that big for a tiny bottle of perfume. She said maybe to protect it from breaking.

I took the box into my cousins and opened it so I did not have to drag this super huge box home. When I opened I could not believe that the sent the wrong thing. The sent me the Betty Boop perfume and lotion with Betty sitting on top of a birthday cake. Instead of the Betty Boop in a black dress standing up.

I called them up and asked to speak to a supervisor. She advises me that she was sorry that this happened. I explained everything that I went through for all the calls and wrong ordering emails and that the reps even spelled my name and the shipping address wrong to her. I also asked her how that was helping me when there is only 13 days until Christmas?

She then advised me that she would look into it and I would need to wait 72 hours until she could see what can be done. GREAT CUSTOMER BRAIN DEAD SERVICE. GO SEAR. COM.

At this point I am so angry with the level of service and lack of concern for all the mistakes this screwed up company made and the fact that I have a gift I never ordered. In fact is also listed cheaper than what I ordered. I think while I am waiting the 72 hours I may as well start a claim at my bank for a full refund of the purchase price until they can figure out what the hell they are doing. I am also keeping the wrong item they sent as I am not paying to return it.

I am going to see what happens before I call the bank. I will give them a little more time to help with this problem.

Today I got an e-mail from Sears.com. It said this.

Dear Lorraine,
We are sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Please send us a screenshot of the item we sent.

I could not believe that after all of this mess that they had the utmost audacity to ask me to waste more time to send them a picture of the wrong product that there vendor sent.

I called them up and asked for another supervisor. When I got her on the phone. I explained again everything that I have been through. I then told her that there was no way I would waste my time sending them proof of the wrong item and that they needed to call the vendor to find out what the wrong item looked like. I advised her I should not be the one to show the burden of proof. When I did not make the mistakes.

I then told her that I could care a less about them sending the product I originally ordered I just want a complete refund. I advised her that I refuse to waste any more time trying to get them to send me what I picked out. I advised her it is over I just want my money back.

I can go to other sites to get this little bottle of Betty Boop perfume. Although it is to late know to get it by Christmas I will need to figure something else out.

She then said that they will refund the price in full in 3-5 days. Thank the good lord above nightmare over.

I did not want to have to do anything to hurt the business but this was simply to many mistakes. I hope that everyone who reads this heads my warning, Sears.com is dead to me now and forever I will never use this company again. Happy holiday to all I hope this helps. BEWARE


I wanted to do this review for a long time. A friend of mine switched his service from Comcast to Dish network 4 years ago. Dish network set up an install time to come to his house to set up the new service. Being a former Comcast supervisor he asked me to come to his house to make sure that the technicians did the install correctly. The day they came to his house they sent a tech that was trying to give the rush job. The house had a summer kitchen in the back of the home.

The normal place to put a dish is on the roof or at the top near the roof on the side of the wall. The tech pulled the ladder off his truck and was to lazy to climb up higher on the ladder to put the dish where it needed to be. He installed the dish on the summer kitchen. I tried to be nice and ask the tech to make sure that the dish would be put where a signal to peak the dish could be found.

He kept telling me that this would be fine. I stood there watching him and thought to myself this guy is a nut. After the install he went inside and told my friend that there would be other techs coming another day to install the equipment. I asked him if he was kidding? I asked him why he could not do the full install? I told him that my friend has waiting for 2 weeks for them to get there and now has to wait a few more days with no TV. I called Dish and asked them is this the way they do business.

I advised them that as a former Comcast supervisor I did not understand why the same tech could not complete the full install. The said they where sorry and that someone would be out in 2 days. Then 2 days later they sent another new techs. I was there when the tech arrived. He came an I showed him what rooms needed to be installed. He walked around for about 10 minutes before telling my friend that he did not have with him what he needed to do the install. He said he would reschedule for another tech to come and finish up.
I was irate I called dish again and told them that this was crazy. I asked them why my friend had to wait more days and not have TV. I told them that he paid you for a new service and now it has been over 3 weeks and still no new service.

After 5 more days the techs where scheduled to come to the house between 8 and 12. We waited and waited that day until after 3 o"clock. I called Dish after 12 and asked them when are the techs coming? I advised them that they where now 3 hours late. They advised me that the techs would not be able to get there at all. They told me that they over scheduled and that the techs would not have time to come that day and that the would have someone come tomorrow. I was so angry with them I asked them If this is the way they real all there new customers.

I then went back the next day to wait for they techs again. When they finally arrived 2 techs where sent. I showed them what rooms needed the install. These 2 techs did not have a clue how to lay the cable. I had to go upstairs and show them how to fish the carpet so that the wire was not stapled around the door frame. I also had to show them how to get into the front bedroom without the cable running around the closet door frame. I showed them how to go into the closet and I my self had to drill a hole through the wall of the closet.

I pretty much ran the cable myself or there would have been such a mess that anyone coming in the house to use the bathroom would have tripped on the cable. The would have run it in front of the bathroom door. I could not believe that these techs did not know basic cable correct install. If they leave cable where people can fall over it they could have been liable for someone getting hurt. After they left I then advised Dish that they need to train the techs better that it is not the customers that should have to do there installs.

About a week later I received a call from my friend who told me that the TV kept going off and he asked me to come and see if I could find out why? I went to his house and did some troubleshooting. The signal kept dropping and the TV screen would say acquiring a signal this will take about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the TV would come on again and the picture would return. My friend had a 2 year contract and every day no matter what he would what the box kept crashing. He could not watch a whole movie that usually runs about 1 1/2 hours without losing the signal every time.

I was there a lot because I would go down to keep him company so I was seeing what was happening first hand. I don't care if it was day or night. Rain or sunshine those boxes would crash over and over and over again. My friend was paying $189.99 a month for the fully loaded package and never got to see a movie in full. I called Dish throughout the first six months and they would issue small credits for no service off the bill for the six months. That 30.00 lousy dollars.

After 1 year of this bull crap. I called them again and said that they needed to do something else because my friend is tired of dealing with this mess of constant non-running of the boxes. They said that they would send out new boxes for install. And we would have to pay to return the old boxes at Fedex this means that the money to return them my friend had to pay. They sent out new boxes and set up a new install time. The techs never showed up again. I called them again and asked them what I was supposed to do with the new boxes if the techs where not coming again to do the installation of the new boxes? They advised me that they did not know that my friend would have to wait again. I advised them that this is crazy. We waited for another 5 days and no one ever showed up. I got so fed up that I went there again and called a representative and explained that this is unacceptable behavior from there company. I made the representative say on the phone with me while I installed 3 new boxes. What a trip.

To try and make this as brief as I can the next year until the contract ran out the same thing happened NO SIGNAL again on the new boxes they crashed out the same way the first set of boxes did. My friend is very old and did not want to deal with switching services again. He kept this lousy lousy service for a total of 4 years paying 189.99 per month for a grand total of $9119. 52 not including the start up fees and the sending back the junk equipment.

One day a few months ago I was down his house and told him to cancel this flim flam scam service that takes your money and provides the worst service in the world for satellite TV that I have ever seen. I used Direct TV myself in the past and installed fro Prime Star when they first came out. Those services where far better that Dish Network.
He decided to go back to Comcast at least he could watch TV. He called Comcast and had them come and rip that crap out and install new equipment in one day. I then cancelled the Dish. I filed a claim with the bank for return money for the ripoff service he received from Dish Network. The bank issues a $789.00 credit back to his checking account.

It was denied because the bank said that he needed to cancel Dish before putting in the claim. The he was charged by the bank the money they issued in the credit. This was not fair because the day I called to put in the claim. I told the bank I was canceling the service they never advised me to do that first. The representative at the bank gave me the wrong information about how to go about making sure the claim would be refundable. So in all Dish Network stole all that money. I also found out that the equipment that dish says is there equipment is being sent from a third party vendor called ECHO STAR.

Who is using refurbished broken boxes to install in the homes of the new Dish customers. Please beware of this consumer ripoff lousy customer service center Dish Network who could care a less about keeping the customer happy.

Comcast would never allow there customers to be ripped off like this. As a former supervisor I know the level of customer service that I myself provided to the customer I didn't care what ever it took to get the job done. If I had to stay out and work all night to make sure that the customer was getting the premium quality service and respect that they are paying for, they would get it. No matter what I had to do.

I hope that this review will help others before they fall victim to this shameful terrible TV provider.


I visited a friend the other day and while I was at his house he received an e-mail on his smart phone. The e-mail was a voice automated machine that was prompting him to sign up via e-mail application to become a lyft driver. It asked him to supply a bank account number so he could be paid by direct deposit transfer. It then said after he completes the application that someone would contact him through e-mail. I advised him to wait until I could check them out. Today I went to the site. https://www.lyft.com/drive/helparticle.1227562. I found no customer service number at all on this site. Only email correspondence. I then found this link http://customerservicenumbers.com/co-lyft#.VgVdjPQ0wyc. They supplied this number and address for there corporate office contact LYFT Corporate
548 Market Street Suite 68514
San Francisco, CA 94104
Corporate Phone: *******433 - See more at: http://customerservicenumbers.com/co-lyft#.VgVdjPQ0wyc. I called this number and the automated system said that Syme ride is no longer affiliated with Lyft ride. Although this is still showing as the lyft contact corporate number. It advised me that if I needed to contact lyft to call *******553. I then called that number and got a customer service representative that advised me that they are the lift critical response line. I then asked the representative about why there is no customer service for lyft if there was a problem with any payments that may not be made or if someone cancelled payment for a ride they received? She advised me that it all would be have to be done via e-mail. I looked up some reviews on the level of customer satisfaction. Here is one of them. We took Lyft from Venice Beach to Studio City LA. The ride there cost us $17 with Uber. The ride back with Lyft cost us $45. The driver pretended like he didn't know the area to wrack up the bill. When I complained to Lyft, they did not even respond. I'm sticking with Uber from now on. - See more at: http://customerservicenumbers.com/co-lyft#.VgVdjPQ0wyc. It is not my intent to say that this business is not legitimate. But I think anyone that receives e-mails from companies not knowing how they obtained there smart phone number or e-mail should be aware of this type of solicitation. I think that this company needs to have better customer service just in case someone needs a resolution for a problem. Also to beware of who you allow to have direct deposit to you personal checking account. If the business offered other ways to pay the drivers like paper check by mail as well. Maybe they would not seem so shady.


Recently, I was given four amazing flexi hair clips from a friend that knows the owner of this company. I have been using different types you hair products to hold my hair back for years. I have bought scrunchies, pins, barrettes from many places. I find them to be very cheaply made. The last a few months and then either break stretch out or the stones on the barrettes fall of and even break. Because my hair is so thick it is hard to find a good quality product that is strong enough. I usually spend money that winds up in the trash after the hair holders are used a few times. These Flexi hair clips are made different that most clips. They are made of durable steel type material. They have beautiful designs and lots of different styles. Some are like a brass tone with flowers. Some have pretty pearls and different color beads. The are shaped in a figure 8 with a metal clip that slides into the other end of the figure 8 hoop. I found these to be very glamorous and pretty in the hair. They come in all different sizes. I tried them in my hair and they stayed in very nice. They gave me a very classy pretty style. Mine came with an little instruction paper to show the different ways that they can be used in the hair. They come in all these sizes, mini, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and mega. I visited the site today and they have so many other hair accessories that are really cool.


For many years I went to Denny's restaurant. Probably for about 20 years. I remember back in the 80's it was nice. About 3 years ago Denny's added some new dishes to the menu. One of my favorites was the new sirloin steak with the broiled zucchini and a fresh garden salad. The steak was just the right size about 4 to 5 oz. Because I like little portions of meat this seemed perfect.

I went to Denny's very often after they put this on the menu because I enjoyed it so much. Then after about 3 or 4 trips I noticed that they could never get the steak cooked right. I also notices that during one visit that the waitress brought me out something that looked like a car ran over it and it had grizzle all through the meat. I asked to speak to a manger and when she came over I explained to her that the steak was not a piece of nice sirloin. I told her that they always are a nice round small tender steak. I then told her I was not going to eat that and would up just eating the salad and leaving.

A few weeks later I tried again. I ordered the same thing again. The waitress was so rude and the manager was no better after I explained to them that the last time I was there I left hungry after waiting over 1 1/2 hours for them to try and get the order right. Then they gave me a courtesy by not charging me for the meal I ordered that night. I thought this was what they should have done on the night I was treated so bad and left hungry.

I then went to a different location and ordered the same meal again. There they had the same issue the steak could not be cooked as I requested. There was one employee there that cared enough to make sure that they fixed the problem and I had a good dinner.

I then went back a few weeks again to the first location and ordered again the same meal. Steak, zucchini and salad. I was told by the waitress they had no cucumber for the salad. I told her that I love cucumbers. She never tried to find a way to get one for the salad. I then told her I would go to the store and get a cucumber if she would put it in my salad. I left and went to Giant and bought a cucumber. They took the cucumber and never even offered to pay me back for going and getting it. I found myself thinking what kind of a restaurant sells salads but does not have what they need to make them. The customer service is lousy.

I was so tired of going there and getting terrible food, plus terrible service that I decided to stay away from there for quite some time. Probably for about 5 months. This year as Ash Wednesday came near. I decided to go to the Denny's on Belair Rd. I wanted to eat a steak before lent started, I was giving it up all meat until after Easter. I thought I would treat myself to a nice sirloin steak dinner if I could get one.

I went the evening before Ash Wednesday with 2 friends of mine and ordered the sirloin steak, zucchini and a salad. The waitress was very nice. My two friends also order the same steak. My girlfriend also got a salad, her boyfriend got mashed potatoes as there sides. When they brought out the steak the waitress told me that they had no A1 sauce for they steak. The manager went to the store and brought it back about 45 minutes later after I was almost done my dinner. We left the restaurant and went home. The next day about 11am I was sitting in my room and started to feel a lot of pain in my stomach. There was stabbing abdominal pains. These pains got worse as the time went on. Then I started to feel nausea coming on. My mouth was water and eventually I was vomiting very bad. Then after I threw up for about 5 minutes I felt some relief. Then after about 45 minutes it started all over again. I was vomiting very bad. I decided in between getting sick to try and make it to a 7 11 store to get a cola slurpee. Because there slurpee has coca cola syrup which is very concentrated and may help with the nausea. I was sipping on a large slurpee all day. The second day of throwing up I went and got another cola slurpee to try and settle my stomach down. Then I started to get major bathroom issues. I think you may now know I mean. I was throwing up and on the toilet at the same time I was so sick that I was afraid to try and drive to the hospital but wanted to go very bad. The third day the nausea began to slow down. The fourth day I took and over the counter medicine to stop the bathroom problem. During this 4 days of hell I had body aches and a fever also. I was so sick I could not get out of bed.

After a few weeks after this I called the owner of the Denny's. I told an employee what happened. She told me she would have the owner call back. I left my number for a call back. I finally received a call after 10 days or so. The gentlemen told me he was the owner and asked what happened. I told him everything in this review. He said that he checked out his store and it was very tidy. I told him I don't care how tidy it is that I got sick as a dog. I also told him that if I was not so sick I would have went to the emergency room to be checked for food poisoning. I also advised him that I have had food poisoning before and now what it feels like. He then said he was sorry and did not want to lose me as a customer.

He offered me free food voucher by mail to use if I wanted to come back. I told him to keep his vouchers that as sure as God made green apples I would never step foot in that establishment again. I asked him if you got sick eating somewhere would you go back? I thought he may offer to give me the money back that I spent to be ill for 4 days I guess that would be too much like right. I was very offended with his lack of concern for how sick I was. I told him he was very lucky I did not go to the hospital. I hope that this review will help Denny's clean up their act. I also hope that no one ever gets that sick again. Denny's in my opinion needs to put up a sign saying. "Enter Denny's at your own risk"


I found this store about 3 years ago. I wanted to have something made that was unique. I had a friend that worked his whole life to get a bike he wanted. I then took a picture of the bike without him knowing. I took the picture to Skylofts. There they enlarged the picture and put it on the shirt. I then had a saying put on the back that said, I love my Screamin Eagle. Before the shirt was made the owner had me come to the studio to see the designs he made. He wanted me to pick out the font and color of the lettering I liked best. He also want to make sure I was completely satisfied before he made the shirt. When I went to pick up the shirt. I was very surprised that he made one in grey also. I only wanted it in white. Being a woman I could not make up my mind which color my friend may like better. The owner was so nice he just threw the grey one in for free. I thought that was really nice. His art work and designs where beautiful. This year I wanted to surprise someone else with something I wrote. I wanted it to be on a big canvas. I paid a lot of money upfront to this artist. They promised it would be done before the holiday. It was never completed in time and looked horrible. I only wish I would have went to Skylofts first. I went to Skylofts the other day and explained to Eric the owner what happened. He told me to bring the item in. He advised me he can make another one. Although I was unable to give this as a gift this year. I would have it for the next holiday. Skylofts makes so many things. Shirts, pictures, business cards, coffee mugs and paintings. Just about anything you may think of. The owner takes pride in his business and artwork. He has a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor. He is not just an owner but has become a friend. Eric is always opened to new ideas anyone may have. If you have an idea and want something made you can't get in a store. Check out Skyofts beautiful gallery. If you decide to inquire about something or place an order. I wanted to update the review as again I went to Skylofts for a gift for a special birthday gift. I was somewhat disappointed because the last two times I went to have something designed there where words that where not spelled correctly. There where also flaws in the picture background. I like the work they do but the driving back and forth to have things corrected is costing me a lot of time and money. I also had to wait for hours to get the items. I do thank them for making items quickly but just wish that I did not keep having to go back and forth for them to be completed. I will still use them but think I will start looking for other alternate screen printing services. I hope that this review will help anyone who is trying to get perfection and not be out of pocket for more money than they can afford. www.skylofts.net


I found this site by searching for a particular pair of Reebok shoes that are discontinued. I love this shoe and it figures they are no longer available from Reebok. Excel athletic has a link showing that they have this shoe. When I went to the link there is a picture of the shoe I want. It then says to click below the item to see the price. When you do this it sends you to another site sketchers. I went back to the excel athletic site. Then I went to the bottom of the site to the contact information. Clicked on that and it shows how to contact them. *******@ascotreview.com. This is not an e-mail address. There is also no address or website I could find other than this spam link. I searched over and over to get any kind of contact information number or address location for such a place. There are no prices on any items they say they have. There are also no reviews online for them either. I then went to the privacy policy and it said this, Will you disclose the information you collect to outside third parties? ExcelAthleticShoes.com will disclose personal information and/or an IP address. Great this is just what I would want a so called trusted site to do. I wonder if anyone on Sitejabber can find out anything else about this spam. Please be careful as they may sell your personal information to others for there own personal gain. I hope this helps anyone who visits the so called business. www.excelathleticshoes.com


I visited this store over the Christmas season. I was working on a project for special people that do so much for me throughout the year. I wanted to surprise them with something really different. My friend and I went there to pick up some art supplies. I was amazed at this store. I completely got off track because they had everything. My friend was getting upset with me because she was trying to show me what we needed for the project. Of course I was all over the place. They had the largest selection of ornaments I have ever seen other that Valley View farms. Not only that but all sorts of different items. Furniture that was beautiful. They have everything under the sun. Puzzles, candles, craft items for making just about anything you want. The staff at the store were so helpful. Although I have never ordered yet offline to see how there customer service is. I will be sure to order online in the future. It will not be as fun as going to the store. I could have spent the whole day there and not had enough time to look at everything. This store is really really nice. I hope that everyone enjoys browsing this site. www.hobbylobby.com


I visited this site just recently because I was searching for someone to make something for me for the holiday. I was very impressed with the website. She has beautiful calligraphy styles. I spoke with her and described what I was trying to have made. Since she probably does mostly invitations and things on a normal size cards. I was wondering if I could have something made in a much larger scale. I called her and she was so nice. I spoke to her explaining just what I wanted and what type of calligraphy she could do for this project. I then asked her if I could make a template on a normal piece of paper to give her the basic idea. She gave me a mailing address to send my idea. I think although I have not worked with her yet that she is very honest and has been in business for many years doing this. I mentioned to her that I wanted to do a review for her. I hope that this site may be helpful for anyone who would like to personalize maybe a wedding invitation. There are so many things you could have made like maybe a nice tribute to your mom or dad to just show them how much you love them. Lets face it something from the heart always means more than just something picked out at card store.


I recently bought a antivirus software that was less than perfect buy a long shot. When I bought the software from Office Depot the box did not say that they had no customers service support. In fact it said just the opposite. I called the number on the box when I needed help and guess who answered? To my surprise after spending almost $90.00 for the software that had a third party vendor handling there customer service. The representative told me they where Digital River. I asked her why I was not getting support from the name of the software maker? She replied saying that unless I bought the software online directly from the antivirus company I had to deal with them. Well of course I became pretty irate. I then told her where to get off at and said I would get my money back and she could stuff it. I also told her that unless they put that on the box they are selling in retail stores like Staples and Office Depot then they need to remove them from the stores all together. So beware of the Digital River corporation that does not identify themselves before you waste your money. Of course I know that Office Depot had nothing to do with this as they also where unaware of the issue until I brought it to there attention. They then swapped it out for me. How nice was that? www.digitalriver.com


Today was a real trip. Recently I have been hacked so many times through my current browser. I have had to send my computer back 4 times to the company I bought it from for repair. The computer is not even 6 months old. I am returning it again in 2 days. Today I went to this site to download Mozilla www.mozilla.org/en-US to use instead of the browser I am using now. I downloaded it and checked the certificate to see if it was a trusted verified site. I said it was so I opened the file and began to run it. Not even 1 minute into the install my anti-virus picked it up as a Tojan. It said that it was very dangerous and to abort the install. I did that and then ran a full scan with my virus scanner and it said that it was a malicious object it quarantine the files right away. It then began to continue the scan. After that was over I ran a full scan with Malwarebytes. That scan found 17 infected objects it then neutralized them. I restarted my computer and I hope all is well. The report from my anti-virus showed this file/ www.mozilla.org/en-US. My anti-virus showed in the report this malicious object/ 1_offer_5exe and PDM: Trojan. Win32, generic. I also called the number showing for there so called customer support at *******644 and was taken to an answering machine asking for me to leave my number and someone would call back, YEA RIGHT. I bet after they stole precious information by running a trace of my number as I am sure they though I was stupid enough to allow them to capture my number when calling, They are probably using this scam to secure identity and then commit theft. Who knows? Please beware of this link you may not have a anti-virus good enough to detect it. I hope this helps someone not go through a bad trip.


I recently was shopping for a Michael Kors handbag. I visited this site because they showed the bag I wanted at this online store. I was searching on the site for a contact number to call them. Of course there is no phone number only e-mail contact. I was very concerned since the bag was over $200.00. I then called Micheal Kors store directly to confirm that they had an online site before dealing them. I was told by several employee's of Micheal Kors including there corporate office that they have no online website and to not buy from any online store. They gave me a direct number for there outlet store to check and see if they still had this particular bag. Please BEWARE of this site. Possible hacker site or fraud money theft.


Be very careful of this malicious virus. I just bought a brand new computer and my laptop was infected after 2 days. I was on my laptop and this icon just appeared by itself on my desktop. I was wondering how it could just show up all by itself. I will never understand the evil people that send or create this kind of $#*! to just destroy someone else's life and reek havoc to make there lives more hard than they already are. Although I feel sorry for them because they are so pathetic that they have nothing better to do with there time then to sit behind a computer and design harmful programs that destroy expensive equipment that people work hard to get. It is my sincere hope that they all find God and maybe someday use there skills to do something good while they are on this earth. Instead of wasting time with the Devil. I hope this review will help anyone who may come across this site. Thanks so much to this publisher for for ruining another great computer. Best of luck to you all at: SweetIM Technologies LTD www.sweetspack.com


I found this site the other day while searching for an old screen saver I had years ago. I was trying to see if had become available for Windows xp. When I clicked on the link a message popped up saying that there is very harmful malware coming up. I am so glad that my internet security caught this. I hope this tidbit of information protects anyone who my happen across this malicious site. www.smoothietime.com


I found this site by looking at ancient recipes. As I began reading I became more and more interested in the really cool ways that food was prepared in past. The first recipe I reviewed sounded awful. It was Shellfish seaweed pudding. After reading the recipe, I don't think I would really want to ever try it. I did think that the next recipe was cool the way it was made. This is the Rock cooked shellfish. Because you use a hot flat rock and can make the shellfish right at the beach as you catch them. Then I was really intrigued by the Clay-baked fish. This is really something to think about. How do you cook a fish with clay?. The outcome actually sounded very good. I often wonder after the 2012 end of the world scare. If the lights where to go out all over the world who would be able to survive? This site gave me the thought that if things ever where that bad that maybe the strong could survive. I hope everyone takes a minute to visit the ancient recipes on this site. I think that this is very different and interesting.


I have always used e-bay to buy small items. After years and year of using e-bay I have no idea how this happened. Last month I was shopping on e-bay for a birthday gift. One day all of a sudden a price peep window started popping up at the bottom of the e-bay page. When you are shopping on e-bay the show a whole list of items from the top of the page to the bottom. This annoying price peep pop up advertisement bull crap kept coming up on then ever few seconds. I had to keep hitting an X on the side of the pop up to make it go away over and over and over again. So much so that I could not even see what was on the e-bay screen. It was so hard to shop for what I was looking for. It became so annoying that I would get off of e-bay. I was bothering me so much that I had to use Internet explorer as my browser instead of Google. I then called e-bay and let them know what was going on. They told me that they had no idea how or why this was happening. Days later I went back on Google to e-bay. I then went to the price peep pop up advertisement and started looking for a way to contact this crap site. I found a little link to contact them. I sent them this e-mail. To whom it may concern, I am so pissed off that I have your price peeper window constantly popping up on my browser screen. I have no idea how your infiltration got onto my computer or where it came from. I would appreciate it very much if you would take this annoying crap off my browser. It makes it very difficult to shop when your advertisements keep coming up on half my screen. It is not fair for your company to exploit items that I am not shopping for. They replied about 4 days later with this e-mail. Compliance Admin *******@pricepeep.net, Dear Lorraine, Thank you for your mail. We are sorry that you chose to remove PricePeep from your computer and we welcome you to try PricePeep again anytime in the future. To uninstall PricePeep from your computer please do the following: 1. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
2. Find PricePeep on the list
3. Click the Remove button and follow the on-screen instructions.
Windows Vista users please do the following:
1. Click the Start button > Settings > Control Panel > Programs and Features
2. Find PricePee
P on the list
3. Click the Uninstall/Change button and follow the on-screen instructions.
If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us again.
Have a great day.
Customer Support
I asked this company what right they had to add anything into my computer without my knowledge of anything. Also why would I to go into my start menu and remove there program from my documents in order to get them out of my computer. This is an out right attack of spyware. I told them I would contact the BBB if they ever do any stuff like this again. I think I will still make a complaint. It will never cease to amaze me that with the best anti-virus and spyware out there that people will still put there evil claws into your little PC. I hope this review helps others to keep an eye out on spyware. I hope that they never experience the hell the put me through being annoyed with there crap. I guess if I wanted all the crap they where trying to get me to look at I think I am able to find it myself with out there help. All they did was take up my time trying to get rid of there spyware. Thumbs down $#@! www.pricepeep.net. This takes the cake in nerve. This kind if crap makes me want to throw my PC in a river. REALLY YA THINK! Thumbs down $#@! www.pricepeep.net


A few years ago I was searching around for a gift to send to a friend. My friend is always reading labels when buying things at the store. He is always buying things with little to no sugar and loves health foods. As we all love fruit I happened onto this site and sent him a beautiful fruit arrangement. The fruit they used to make this arrangement where so fresh. The really neat thing was that they cut the fruits and made them look like flowers. It was really a great gift. He called me and said he loved it. He was so happy about it that he sent me a card and told me that he will never forget how much he enjoyed his gift. If you want to send something beautiful that tastes really delicious check this out. Giving a gift like this will surely show your loved ones you care. www.ediblearrangements.com


Every year at BJ wholesale warehouse I used to buy this fudge from a little stand that they had in the store at Easter. For the last 2 years BJ's has not had them there. They are trying to get them back because so many members miss there presence. I have had to order from the site. Its nice also, but it was more convenient when I could just go to BJ's. My favorite fudge is the french vanilla and strawberry cheesecake. I have bought this fudge and frozen it until I wanted to use it. I would slice off a piece and freeze the rest. I also would wrap it in clear wrap to keep what I was eating fresh. Because I like to slice off little pieces at a time this keeps it from drying out. So if you have a sweet tooth and love fudge as much as I do. Try this out it's irresistible. www.fudgiewudgie.com


I just recently won an auction for a vintage Paul Revere whistling tea pot. It was a 6 cup size pot that was so cute. On both sides of the pot it had the Paul Revere signature. The bottom of the pot said 1801 made in Korea with the stamp of Paul Revers head on it. The bottom of the pot was made of chrome and copper clad bottom. This tea pot was so cute. The seller was so kind and sent all details about the pot. When it arrived it was almost in mint condition. There was just a small scratch on the top by the spout. The little tea pot is really cool. Things like this are only found on ebay. I lucked out getting such a nice item. They still have a few left but some are not in quite the same condition of the pot I won. I hope anyone who might want something vintage looks at ebay to find it. I will always love ebay

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