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I am a online gamer I prefer mmo's but I have been known to play other games as well.

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I started out playing Ultima Online over 20 years ago and I do buy online gold or currency. Better than cheating.


I like motorcycles, and abstract art

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I tried to sign up for a few giveaways but my phone number was required. Telemarketers are not allowed to call people on the do not call list unless they get permission. So if you sign up for free giveaways you open the door to hundreds of calls for everything they sponsor. Also during sign ups my computer alerted me of 2 trojan horses it blocked and that the connection was not private. So it could be a good company if you have great virus protection and are able to block out the damaging files. I gave up after 3 attempts on 3 different giveaways. It appeared to me like it was a information gathering website.

Jessica S. – Naturalgiveaways Rep

Thanks for your review! We are not an information gathering site. We do not host any of the giveaways featured on our site. We are simply a portal making it easy for people to find natural giveaways.


I can not speak for all Krogers stores just our local stores. The shelves are dirty, and the prices are elevated. The staff that work there are friendly but the managers are hit and miss friendly. The deli food is not marked for freshness so you never know it its been in there for 1 hr or 12 hours, there is no way to tell. Frank the store manager, well he isn't a people person so it's difficult to train a staff to be customer service orientated, although many of the staff members are very nice despite it. I think that is because they were there before he was, he appears to be a very new manager. The meat department looks like any other meat department except the meat appears to be overly red, food dye red and I am unsure of the age of the meat. So I stopped buying it. They do have a good selection of soups and breads, chips, cookies and cereals.


Zapals promotes brand name products at amazing prices, but you really get knockoffs of the real thing. Zapals told us when we did some researching that they don't have to adhere to the business practices we use in the USA because they are in China and they can sell whatever they want there. I put it to the test and ordered a NES system and I got a no name system that was broken and arrived late. No refunds or exchanges, the company does not call you back and we are ranking this company a buyer beware! 1 Star because we could not leave zero stars.


Paypal is a good company and they have a very good merchant account system. Paypal is primarily for businesses to take payments with. Consumers use to get a warranty against buying from sellers that ripped them off. Paypal is getting 4 stars because that system for reimbursement is not as good as it once was. Paypal recently stated that they are there to protect the seller's interests not the buyers moving forward. That being said at least they told us and we know what to expect in the future.


I have bought from them many times. They offer quality products at affordable prices. I do think their shipping is pretty high and I have had orders that were not right but they fixed them as soon as possible. If you have the idea of you want a fair deal, then this is a good company for you.


At first glance, you might drive right past and not even take any notice but if you brave the doorway and look in you will see an abundance of collectibles, furniture, and hidden gems. Jewelry, beauty supplies from a place like The Den of Zen, and other local businesses trying to make a living. The place is full of vendors selling their wares much like the Farmers market except they don't accept junk, only quality products. No one tells them what to set their prices at and you can get great deals on new and pre-used items. Poke your nose inside and see for yourself, support local businesses and see if there are hidden treasures for you to find.


I think it is important to remember that people are bigger now than they were. If you truly want love and know that the outsides of people can be changed but the inside rarely is. Then this is a great place. I believe that Match customer service is great, they do try to work with people and help them find relationships. It isn't going to be for everyone. Some sign-up and realize their perfect idea of who they want isn't out there because this is real life and relationships take work. If your a grownup and you are willing to take chances then this is a great place to shop.


So you log into dealdash and they decide what you can and can not bid on. For instance if you got 100 bids and went in they will let you win something trivial like a 10 dollar gift card to Burger King or something that costs them nothing to give away. That way you can't say you got scammed because they will claim you won an item, even though you can not really win the bigger items you want to. So then you buy more bids hopeful to bid on bigger things, but someone will always outbid you because they have computer systems set up to auto bid. I personally think they are fake bidders to drive prices up so the average consumer will pay big money for low cost merchandise. DealDash is a for profit company, they won't take a loss on anything so remember that if you decide to give away your money.

DealDash -. – DealDash Rep

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your review, I'm sorry to hear that there's been a misunderstanding. I'd be happy to explain how our beginner auctions work.

When a user signs up, they'll be able to see beginner auctions. These auctions can't be accessed by more experienced users. Beginner auctions can enter these auctions in order to familiarize with how DealDash works before stepping up against tougher competition. Each new bidder is allowed to win a maximum of 4 beginner auctions, and won't be able to see any more after that.

I can assure you that there are no fake bidders on DealDash. Every bidder is a real person, and we get proactively audited in order to prove so.

Hope this helps.

Please let me know if you need anything else. I'll be happy to help.

Have a great day.


DealDash Support


Huffpost as many would call it is not a true newsworthy station. They are more of a thorn driving company. Their objective is to create doubt by reporting partial truths and entering in their own opinions into their news stories if you can call them news. Huff knows that many americans will just believe whatever is presented to them without looking into it and they prey on the simple minded people with fake news nearly 100% of the time. CNN, HUFFPOST, Washington Post and others are disinformation companies that try to sway the public through fake news and blogs that are written to deceive anyone that bothers to read it. An unfortunate company protected by the freedom of speech amendment. Basically means that they can say whatever they want even if it isn't true. I would give them a negative star rating if there was one.


I went there shopping for a new truck, so I drove my old truck there but no one would come out to the lot. I walked around for almost 40 minutes and finally went inside. I was greeted by a gentleman that looked at my old trade in on the lot and said are you sure you can afford a truck here. I let him run my credit then after he was all excited I left and bought a truck somewhere else. The lot was nice, but the service was terrible. Beyond belief bad. No sale for them and I will not be returning. Everyone deserves a fair deal, and you wont get one there.


You have to use your own money along with points to buy items at a discounted price. Even with a point discount $23.00 for a pair of socks is not much of a bargain to me. Generally their discount program is a discount on designer merchandise for women. Their rewards for men are on clothing only, most men want tools, and gizmos, not apparel. The reward program is not a real value for the money. I have 50k+ points that are worthless to me.


I love that Target will deliver to your home and has free delivery specials. I do not always shop at Target but sometimes they are the only place that has a specific item I buy. They are dependable and a good store to shop at.


I love em although I do make my own now but I also have theirs around when I want a stronger cup of jo. I bought the single serve machine it's great and makes the perfect cup of coffee for me, my wife likes her coffee weaker so I just reuse the same cup I used and whalla 2 cups for the price of one. I totally recommend the Keurig machines to anyone that loves coffee. You can reuse the little plastic cups also I fill it back up with coffee, I made a little snap on top for it and I can fill my carousel back up for about a nickel a cup.


I got online and found a special offer saying flowers for $19.99 I figured great I wills end some to my aunt, I haven't seen her in a while. I get the order set up and hit continue and I get a pop up that says minimum order is $29.99 so I figured OK what ever, I up the order to 35 bucks and send it. A couple days later I call my aunt expecting her to have gotten the flowers and she didn't get them. I call the florist back, they said yes we have been trying to contact you. I checked my caller ID, nothing no calls from them. They said we will send it the following day, they didn't, then I call them back and I said just cancel the order and they said we will for sure get it done today, they didn't and then they canceled the order and didn't bother to call me to tell me it was canceled. Just shot me a refund. Absolutely the worst customer service, I mean just terrible. If I could of given them no stars I would have. I called FTD they actually got the flowers to her the following day no problem at all and I got 20% off my order with them. Teleflora NEVER AGAIN, BUYER BEWARE is all I have to say. Pro's: They are great at taking your money, Con's: Terrible service, completely unreliable delivery service, no customer service skills, no follow up skills. No telephone etiquette, no integrity.


I have 4 kids and Netflix for 7.99 a month for movies is great and it keeps my wife busy too :) Great deal, hard to beat! Lots of kid movies, now you may not always get new releases but for the price it is a 5 star product.


99 bucks for the year, unlimited movies, music, photos, cloud storage, FREE Two-Day Shipping on lots of different items. If you shop on Amazon it is totally worth it! I was a avid Ebayer but now I am Prime'd up :) ( pun intended :) )


I spent thousands of dollars from this company and after buying several computers I got a refurbished one that needed replaced. The sent me a auth lable and I shipped it back then I never got a refund. I called 6 more times before finally filing a dispute with Paypal. I got a partial refund back after winning my case with Tiger Direct. If you buy new from them and never have a issue then you come out ahead because they do have good prices. However if you have a customer service problem and are lucky enough to get them on the phone, it is unlikely that you will get your money back. So if you buy on their site use Paypal or your credit card, do not use a debit card. Their customer service used to be amazing but not anymore. Now it is lacking integrity and honesty. I do not recommend them.


An unfortunate disaster, the food is average, not exceptional as I was lead to believe. I should have read other reviews. The bathrooms were dirty, you have to pay for your food before eating it. We found a hair in our beans and asked for a refund for the cost of the beans and were denied a refund for that item. That must be why they collect the money first. The table was sticky from the previous eaters. This restaurant has potential it is in a good location, it just needs a good cleaning and they need to teach the employees to wear hair nets and how to properly clean and sanitize their bathrooms. The floors looked clean, except under the tables. The windows were clean and tidy. There were pro's and Con's about this restaurant. The Cons heavily outweighed the Pro's so we will not be returning to give it a second try.


Kmart through the years has been a company that in my opinion has already had it's day in the sun, terrible customer service and mediocre prices are all that is left. On any given day you will see 15 checkout lanes and 2 people working them, one person at customer service and one at the jewelry counter if you are lucky. Cutting so far back on employees that there is nothing left but a skeleton crew left. Leaving customers wandering around looking for someone to help them, eventually leaving that store and going somewhere else. My experience is that Kmart has slim pickings for the items I want, I rarely shop there anymore. It is a closer store but not worth the effort and frustration. If you are shopping for kids toys and diapers you can save money shopping at Kmart sometimes. It is a shot in the dark, they do have cheap shoes but you get what you pay for. Kmart used to have food that was good, and they cared about their customers. Now if you bother them with a question they are unable to answer basic questions, or they are unwilling to put any effort in at all. My last visit there was depressing, I stopped to ask someone about getting a fishing licence and I waited nearly 25 minutes at the counter and ended up leaving to get one somewhere else. I have had good shopping experiences at Kmart but that was 30 years ago but today they are a slow dying retail chain that IMHO needs to be put out of it's misery.


You get what you pay for, if you want to be noticed then you need to make it happen. Joining a site and putting in a free page in the midst of 100,000 others, it isn't realistic that you will get noticed. Model Mayhem offers lots of good advice for free and provides a place for new and experienced models to grow their careers. As a photographer I found that page to be very helpful and exceptional in what they do. I have been reading a ton of the previous reviews from people that clearly want everything for free and expect instant results. That isn't realistic and will never happen especially in modeling. You need to get out there, buy the premium packages, join more than one site. Get your portfolio to as many agencies as possible. Do several shoots, spend money get a different job so you can afford to keep yourself going while you are modeling. If you don't have the body type or the looks, don't expect someone to give you a shot it isn't gonna happen. Be realistic find someone that will look out for your best interests an agent that is more there for you then for them. Look out for scams, there is no free ride in modeling. Let me say that again NO FREE RIDE IN MODELING and anyone that tells you, you will make it to the top without putting effort in is a hack, get rid of them and hire someone that will work with you.

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