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I did my homework when researching these alert systems for my family. There are many of them out there in the world. Many are scams and they overcharge you for what you get. Worse, many of them don't work. The philips lifeline really is a great product and it has some system inside of it that detects falls automatically and then can get help for family. I highly recommend it.


I tried microneedling at my local spa and it really helped my skin. I did some online research and found you can buy the same thing and just roll it on your face. The only thing I miss is the numbing cream I get at the spa as these needles do sting a bit. The results are so worth it.


Overtone conditioners are great for people who have colored hair but don't want to go to the salon frequently to get it toned. I love how they have so many colors, that you can mix the colors, and that it's ultimately nourishing for your hair!


I love these magnetic eyelashes! No more worrying about my fake lashes falling down and looking like a spider on my cheek!


The Ordinary does a good job at making skincare very accessible. If you're looking for something specific at a low price, their products are good for you. They have a wide variety of products, with detailed descriptions and a pretty dedicated fan base.


These masks are good for when you want to pamper yourself with the least possible effort required. Love the way they make your skin feel afterwards


Two products in this line that I love are the Reconstructive Moisture Mask and the Beach Wave Spray. The mask is good as a weekly deep conditioner, and the beach spray for giving your hair a little extra texture during the week. And they both smell great!


My hairstylist got me initially using bumble and bumble shampoo and I was buying from amazon at first. I found the real bumble and bumble site a much better deal as they give a big percent off every buy.


I know you shouldn't have ipads games for children and even steve jobs didn't let his kids use ipads. But being realistic all parents use ipads with the kids. OSMO at least lets the kids use real world items like letters and numbers with the ipad.


For those of you looking for information on tickets or where to stay for music festivals, I found skiddle a good place for that information. Whether you are going to coachella or other type of festival odds are they will have information on your festival here.


My husband and I play this game all of the time on the HTC vive. It is a great MMO and now much better than when it was initially released.We enjoy how it has evolved over the past couple years.


Altpress makes you think that this is really only about alt bands or groups but it is not. Many are very mainstream like chainsmokers. They do have an an alt vibe to them though this site really does a great job of cultivating some of the best articles about the groups I care about.


Great forum like community for learning about photoshop and other design skills. I think this was one of the first communities about design.


I found the book what to expect when expecting as the most valuable resource being pregnant. I didn't realize they had a website and an entire community around this as well. I found the information on this site both useful and accurate when I compared it to other physician sites. They have everything from baby registry to toddler problems.


There seems be hundreds of sites online that claim to help you with wedding planning. I was just the bridesmate and the entire wedding went off perfectly. I got most of my advice, tips and resouces from and the knot. I am not sure what I would have done without these sites.


I have used HR block on and off for several years. I have used them online and as a walk in client. I can tell you they definitely are not free but they are cheap. It cost me under $100 every time I walked in and it took about 30 minutes. They do a great job of keeping your files and they do seem to ask better questions than I would have thought of on my own. Very worth it for me for the peace of mind knowing my taxes have been properly filed.


I love my fem cap! The fem cap is much better than using a condom and I felt the need to review this for other women out there. First of all you have to rely on men to remember to use the condom and then have it not fall off. Second guys hate condoms and so do most women. The fem cap is really easy to put on and you cannot even feel it. Best part is you can put the fem cap on an entire day before having sex so there is no ruining of the mood. You can even train your boyfriend to help you with putting it in. I am only giving the fem cap 4 stars because they claim 92-98% effective and I am not sure why it isn't 100% effective. Maybe if I didn't put it on correctly that would make sense. Best part is the cost is so low and you only need one per year. Much cheaper than condoms. I would combine this withdraw method to be safer since they claim it is only 92-98%.


I was looking for a way for the kids to actually learning something while using the internet rather than surfing youtube and watching garbage. Kids actually somewhat like this site and will use it to learn something. It doesn't hold their attention for too long, but even 10 minutes is better than 10 minutes playing useless video games.


I am now getting sick of using sites like expedia and travelocity for reviews as I think they are all useless. Instead I use to get the real deal on whether or not to check out a new city as I can really see for myself with their videos whether or not I will like the location.


I was looking online for payday loans and discovered many are scams. Some give you money at outrageous rates, others have all sorts of schemes to keep you paying and never pay off the loan. Wells Fargo (a real bank for those of you who don't live in the west coast) got into the payday loan business and they call it direct deposit advance. I would suggest anyone looking for a payday loan to check out their rates as at least it is a real bank and not some shady online business.

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