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So many fish to fry.... so little time. I am a warrior for consumer rights, I tell it like it is, I try to keep my reviews short, but packed with information and don't go off on tangents, I do give helpful votes when coming to this site to look something up and...I was the first person to review I got an email from the guy who runs it and he asked me if I would do an interview about finding/criticizing businesses online... and! I got interviewed by the local new station based

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I have owned 3 successful businesses and am making it through the economic downturn pretty well, if you have ANY cash laying around, invest in in Apple stock (mine had over quadrupled since I bought it 10 years ago) I know a lot about how to purchase a purebred cat from out of the state you live in (and who to stay away from!) and I am an expert on travel to France.


Am a crazy cat lady. Love to read, cook, be informed but not be a jerk about it, LAUGH!!!!

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I recently decided to join my boyfriends Sprint family plan. The complete idiot at the store did not bother to find out how many gigs of memory my old phone was (an iPhone 5-S with 64 gigs) and sold me and iPhone 6-S with 16 gigs of memory. Right around that same time, I also bought a new MacBook Pro.

Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. It took me over 40 hours of speaking with an APPL advisor because both my computer and my phone kept giving me error messages that I didn't have any iCloud storage. How could that be? Both were new and don't they typically make newer models with more storage?

Either way, it took nearly 3 months and hours upon hours speaking with APPL associates to finally light upon the fact that my old 5-S had 64 gigs of iCloud storage. When we finally sleuthed out that the phone was the problem. Sprint balked at having to take the phone back. We had to fight with them for hours because they said we couldn't return a phone after 14 days had gone by.

Now, they have agreed to change out the phone but only at considerable cost and inconvenience for us. I'm continuing with Sprint for the meantime since my boyfriend already has 5 other lines on his Sprint account.

HOWEVER! No one cared that I have been doing NOTHING but struggling with my phone for 3 months and it was the sales person's fault because I told him I wanted the phone with the highest amount of memory, but he still sold me one that had practically no memory.

SPRINT is run by by a bunch of infantile dolts who don't know anything about anything. OMG! What a complete disaster.


TimeShares are typically the scum of the earth. This one is BELOW the scum bottom feeders. All they do is lie and charge your credit card for a million stupid fees. I know that I already sat through their insipid 90 minute presentation, but upon arrival we have to sit through ANOTHER 90 minute presentation. OMG! I just detest these people so much! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!


OMGAWD! Why can't both Comedy Central AND get their sites to work? Both of these sites promise "easy viewing" but neither one really delivers. And interesting content (to me, at lest) is ONLY available through them.

OK... So you have all this awesome streaming content, but one has to wade through myriad commercials ONLY to be offered a subscription. Why would I buy a subscription to a website that sucks? MyLifetime and Comedy Central... you can do better!


I have only been a member of for less than a month, but rarely have I seen a more conscious website. You DO have to purchase a membership after your first free month, but Thrive donates as much money possible to feed the poorest parts of our country. For instance, I was educated on an Indian population (I think Lakota-Sioux) 98% of these people live SO FAR below the poverty line that they can't even get a vehicle to get them out of there for essentials like medicine and food.

My dollars spent and your dollars spent FEED this indigenous population. AND! OMGosh... thy have wonderful food and even better customer service. If you don't live in a place that has a Whole Foods, offers an inexpensive and delicious way to eat organic, raw and super-foods.

It's fantastic, and needs our attention and support.


OMGAWD! Why can't both Comedy Central AND get their sites to work? Both of these sites promise "easy viewing" but neither one really delivers. And interesting content (to me, at lest) is ONLY available through them.

OK... So you have all this awesome streaming content, but one has to wade through myriad commercials ONLY to be offered a subscription. Why would I buy a subscription to a website that sucks? Lifetime and Comedy Central... you can do better!


I think doTerra is a marginal company AT BEST. Their "virtual office" is impossible to use, it's your basic MLM that is very poorly structured so a customer like me just always has this little carrot dangled in front of my face the get something free, but it never happens. They do have a super cool cod water diffuser that is great... until it breaks (mine did) and they wouldn't give me free shipping or a discount on the diffuser... so I think I am done buying from doTerra. I just think the company is poorly run and I have a better (non commercial guy) way to buy essential oils.


GAWD! I loathe these bloodsuckers and their ilk. I just don't know what else to say... but I do know that "people" (and I use this term loosely) buy up scads of tickets to every event you can imagine and sell them back to the fans through Vivid or Seat Geek or whomever I will have do deal with next because ticketmaster allows them to do so and then it is impossible for a true fan of (insert your sporting or concert or other event here) has to pay 10 times the price to go to their event. It used to be completely illegal... but now it isn't.

I called VividSeats to find out about Rush (the band) tickets in Seattle. I wasn't aware that they were on tour (since they aren't supporting a record) so I didn't have a chance to get in on the first wave of ticket sales. I have a hurt foot and I wanted to sit in the MIDDLE of the row so stupid, drunk people wouldn't be harassing me on their way to buy more beer, puke or use the bathroom.

So, OK... The band has announced that this is the last big tour they are going to do and I haven't missed them since I was old enough to go to concerts and I didn't want to miss them this time. If this had been a normal tour, I would have probably skipped it because I have an injured foot. This is why I did not want to sit on the end.

So I explained all of this to VividSeats and they said they would look into it for me. 4 days passed and finally they got back to me saying that they can't tell me where the seats are, but they are not on the end. Not "dead center either" but definitely not the end. So I bought them.

The tickets came yesterday and they are seat 3&4, which actually, while not being at the very end of the row, it's dang close. $1700 for a pair of tickets and this was the best they could do? And I'd bet anything that seller has more tickets but didn't understand the gravity of my situation. Or did not care, which I suspect is closer to the truth.

Tip for consumers:
WA state is considering making legal ticket scalping illegal. If you, too are tired of getting bad or expensive seats, contact your lawmakers.


OurTime had the nerve to steal my profile information from and then try to sell it to me after filling up my email with erroneous winks and blinks and stars and loads of other crap. It even decided which body shape and hair color were mine (it didn't get either of those right). I believe each and every message, wink or other dating spam I got was made up by the company n order to get to me buy their KoolAid, because the site just made up so much GARBAGE complied from They also used my pictures from Match without my permission.

I did not want to become an online dating expert, but now, I guess I am. The upshot is that I removed my profile and hopefully now they won't be bothering me anymore.


I like to use Yelp for finding good restaurants and other local businesses. I have posted photos (they make it super easy) and it's handy when traveling. I am shocked that people here, on SiteJabber would give it a one star rating. That doesn't make any sense to me. At least they aren't begging for reviews the way does... (I get tired of that)

Either way, thumbs up from me.


I read a lot of books, but get tired of spending money on hard copies or audio versions... And today, quite by accident, I stumbled across this little gem (or perhaps a vast gem!).

Did someone you know recommend a book? Wanna really check it out besides the tidbits Amazon or Audible offer without any sales pitch? Go to this site. I got lost in it for a long time. What a great place. The site offers free books to read on your computer. While I doubt they have whatever was released this week, their choice of titles was completely satisfying to me. Yeah... There are advertisements, but free is free (because it is being paid for by ad revenues).

While I probably won't get into reading books in this manner (uncomfortable on the eyes) it's a great place to get a flavor of a book to see if it suits you.

Highly recommended!


I have been using ever since I started listening to complicated audiobooks that I purchase from Ever wanted to read War and Peace or The Count of Monte Cristo? I have done just this:

Depending on the length of each chapter, I typically review what I have read/listened to every 5 chapters. I'm not "studying" such books to pass a Lit test (although this site is geared for students thus described). I feel that spark notes helps deepen my experience of a hard-core read by giving chapter summaries and analysis of themes and motifs.

Plus... As a bonus (for fun for me... but I can see how this service would be invaluable to students) I take the quizzes at the end of each book.

For example, if one does not speak or understand French, Monte Cristo has TONS of French names, phrases and places. How did I do on the quizzes? 100% every time... and they are HARD. But with classics or Shakespeare it's easy to fully understand what is going on and test well.

For a book enthusiast like myself, it's just irresistible. Want to be the smartest person at your book club discussion? Read SparkNotes along with your book. You'll be fluent in no time. (I found this especially invaluable for Russian Lit, since I speak and understand French)

Happy reading!


These are the biggest slime-balls, most horrible, unprofessional people I have ever had the displeasure to do business with in the Seattle Area.

They took advantage of the fact that my husband and myself were divorcing and sold us a bill of goods.

We purchased our home 7 years prior and it basically had a few ugly plants that were unestablished in the front of a 10,000 square foot lot and I transformed it into a paradise, with 7 mature fruit trees, astounding flowers and all the veggies one could ever want (including asparagus!)

We paid $800K for the house, and immediately did $30,000 worth of work both on the interior and the exterior.

Karen and Tom teamed up with my former husband and BULLIED me into listing it for $750K at the top of a HUGE sellers market with no inventory in the Seattle area, when I knew that they could have easily listed it for $900K OR MORE and done some negotiating.

But NOOOO! Tom insisted that we would get many offers and we could sort through them later. I said "This house listed at this price will sell to the first people who see it"... and Tom and Karen insisted that this was the correct price. My stupid ex husband of Paneless Window Cleaning, David Lucas insisted that we list it at that price. The 3 of them ganged up on me and bullied me into signing the papers.

Guess what? The very first people to see it on opening weekend whipped out their check book and wrote a check for $750K. Just like I predicted.

Aside from paperwork, Tom did exactly 10 minutes of showing it. What a lazy, lazy, stupid man. And his anorexic, neurotic wife is just as much to blame. David and I could have EASILY cleared an extra $50,000 each.

BEWARE OF THESE TWO... They are just the most unethical people I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with, and they know it.

Tip for consumers:
DO NOT HIRE THESE IDIOTS... or you, too will be sold a bill of goods.


Never in my life have I been treated so badly by a company that I have paid $9 to on a monthly basis for 2 years to insure the belongings in my storage unit.

I have a legitimate claim against their company as some belongings were stolen out of my unit. At first, (after a one-hour hold time) they did sound good and even treated me with respect. I was aghast at the fact that ANT claim of theft is only good for $2,000 worth of coverage. Luckily, I am also covered by my renter's insurance for up to $40K (which make a LOT more sense as they are less expensive and actually treat me with respect whenever I need to talk to them)

The ROBERTA happened to me. She announced that she was the claims adjuster on my case and before I even got out a "hello, thanks for taking my call" she announced in the smarmiest tone ever that my belongings wouldn't be covered and my claim was denied, because my stuff just "mysteriously disappeared".

Isn't that what happens in a robbery? You don't really know what is gone and what isn't until you go through everything. And it did not just "mysteriously disappear"... I have a police case number. The police (and I) both know who stole it. We know the date of loss and all of the circumstances surrounding it.

CONSUMER WARNING! Insure your storage (or anything else Bader might happen to insure) and hire ANYONE else! These people are frauds and I can't complain loudly enough to get their or anyone else's attention.

It's sick making. Especially Roberta. What a b*tch.

Tip for consumers:
Do your research, know they will only cover $2,000 worth of your stuff and stay away!!! Go with anyone else.


Basically, I overbought certificates that have too short a life span and businesses won't work with you once it's expired. I love to save money, but they give you such a hard sell and say they only have a limited amount... I got suckered into buying more than i wanted.


Vermont Country Store... two words: Original Ovaltine... YUM! And healthy!

I have been ordering from them since before the internet was available, so that's pretty cool. They do have things that rotate, but I truly love ordering from them... good bargains on impossible-to-find items from Ole fashioned ribbon candy to footwear. And if there is anything from your childhood that you remember and can't find it now? I bet you would have a good chance of finding it there.

Tip for consumers:
Just go and look... it's fascinating.


I have been so happy with If you have a pet, be sure to check it out. Their prices are great, they often have sales and the shipping is free if a certain amount is ordered. It's way easier shopping than going around to the different pet stores.

My cats are both on grain free diets, and the big chains like PetSmart just never have what I am looking for. Chewey has a money back guarantee, but I see no point since my cats rarely, if ever, need a new type of food.


Well... it's free, so I had to try it.

I answered a LOT of their silly questions and they have this rating system that says either "The Two of Us" or "Y'all Got Issues" depending upon how each person answered each question.

Some of them are truly bizarre: "In a certain light, would a nuclear war be interesting?" That, for me is a NO! And some completely inane: "Peanut Butter: Creamy or Crunch" Like, honestly? That matters? And I prefer almond butter, anyway.

I have met a couple of men who seemed truly sincere, and then *poof* they lose interest. I guess that can happen either way, but I answer every single correspondence even if they live 3,000 miles away (it says right on my profile that I won't date anyone who lives further away than 25 miles away from me).

I will also say that the site is just insanely buggy and very hard to use sometimes, but it's free, so how can you complain?

Tip for consumers:
answer as many of the crazy questions as you can... it yields better responses.


I recently purchased 2 pair of glasses from Zenni Optical. I would give them 5 stars, if it weren't for the AWFUL and poorly designed cases they came in (I basically threw them away) but the glasses were just great.

The only creepy thing (I guess this is a trend, now) is that everywhere I go on the internet Zenni is stalking me. I don't like it, but I guess that is just the way of the world... although I must say they have been the most aggressive.

Tip for consumers:
Try to already know what looks good on you... I didn't find their animated try on very good. But I really love both pair.


I am just shocked by my situation: Washington State did not accept Obamacare, so we are one of (I think) 13 states who get the privlide of having to accept our stupid health care plan... Last year they dropped me for NO reason and my insurance company, Premera accepted all of my insurance claims, no problem and I had to have expensive surgery that I thought was paid for. Not true... At the beginning of this year, I discovered this and it is probably going to force me into bankruptcy. So at the beginning of THIS year, I made a new application and some bright spark at WA State Health Finder got my email wrong by one letter, so I am delinquent in giving them some information that they required of me 90 days ago, and because I was not notified, the have dropped me again.

I spent over an hour on hold with them and they kept interrupting the charming hold music (and we all know how delightful the hold music is... repetitive and musak-like) telling me how important my call was to them. My call isn't important to them at all... they enjoy wasting my time.

Contemplating a move to WA state... beware the "health coverage" here.


I think Vimeo is wonderful... especially the way they support emerging artists. I can't recall seeing commercials there, very unlike YouTube which shows you a commercial overtime I click on a different video.

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