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I recently saw the Brenda Lee Show at the Golden Nugget on December 8,2017 at 10 pm. The Golden Nugget puts on some very fine Oldies shows there on Friday nights & over the years I have attended many of the shows there but, unfortunately, this wasnt one of them. Nothing against Brenda Lee as a person and Humanitarian but, I came to see and hear Brenda Lee sing. She put on about an hour and 15 minute show. She came out and did a couple of songs and a medley of her hits and then, the vast majority of her show consisted of her telling jokes (Brenda Lee telling jokes? With the wonderful voice she has for singing?). Its nice to have a little banter with the audience but, to go on about your family, your leg in a cast, etc., etc. Then, she launched into a military tribute to our armed forces. She had ALL (and there were a lot) of the veterans from Viet-Nam come on stage and introduce themselves and the units they were in. Then, she went into the audience and did the same for WW II vets. I have nothing against honoring our brave soldiers but, I didnt pay all that money to attend a military tribute. I came to hear Brenda Lee sing! Then, they threw her a birthday party on stage. Then, she thanked everyone and introduced everyone in her band (& a bio on them), right down to the lighting techs. I would venture a guess that 70 to 75 percent of her show consisted of this and no singing. I was extremely disappointed in the show and wont be getting another ticket to see her if she ever returns. Evidently, Im not alone as a lot of the seats were empty and she did not fill the showroom as many of the Oldies but Goldie entertainers do.


Dish Satellite: They are the worlds worst. I had a problem with my satellite reception (got picture but no sound) on 12/1/17. Tech shows up today (12/2/17) and I go through EVERYTHING with him. Their answer to all problems, when they have no idea what is the problem, is to just change the HOPPER receiver. They have already done this in the past & only have had then for 6 months. And, they dont give you a new one; they give u someone elses refurbished one. Anyway, as soon as tech left, the sound went out on the new Hopper he just put in. I called into Tech Support and talked to a supervisor there (John IGD) on 12/2/17 at 1:22 pm. He was one of the rudest people I have ever met. After only 5 minutes of explaining my problem he told me that their Hoppers are 100 percent reliable and that the problem was obviously with my tv and not them. He told me that I should get a tv repairman to check it out, then, get someone to check out my sound bar then, get an electrician to check out my electrical outlets. I told him that this was unsatisfactory and I knew the problem was with their equipment & asked to speak to his supervisor. He told me that he was the end of the line; there was no one else I could talk to; there was no appeal. He said he was flagging my account so as to not send out any more repairmen to service my Hopper as they have been there before to change out the Hopper & it is not their equipment but, my fault. (Obviously, they have changed out the Hopper before as when a tech cant find the problem their solution is to replace one crappy Hopper box with another one: thats not my fault that they keep switching out Hoppers & just because they have switched out a Hopper in past is no reason to assume that that is my problem and that my tv is broke and not their equipment). Basically, John told me if I didnt like it I could cancel and Pay a $300.00 cancellation fee and go somewhere else; then, he connected me with the cancellation department.
The long and the short of it is that I sat down with the tv and spent about 3 to 4 hours going back and forth, through settings and connecting and reconnecting the remote, the internet connections, switching plugs, changing outlets, disconnecting tv speakers, the sound bar, whatever I could think of. And, I found the problem on my own and fixed it. I was able to narrow down the problem to the fact that the sound only disconnected when I went into Netflix. Quite obviously it was not my tv, my sound bar, nor my electrical outlet. A representative of Dish contacted me as a follow up and realized that the problem was with the software in the Hopper Box and that neither the Hopper box I currently had, nor the one they replaced was the problem but, it was a software glitch and they escalated that problem to a specialized tech unit for research.
That is no way to treat a customer; to tell him hes the problem and go ahead and cancel and pay $300.00. He acted as if WE DONT NEED YOUR BUSINESS AND I DONT CARE WHATEVER YOUR PROBLEM IS.


A-1 Sprinklers, 3703 Winter White Tail Street, Las Vegas, NV 89122 *******015
Totally unreliable! I called them on 4/19/17 to install a timer for my sprinkler. They told me couldnt make it there till 2 days later, in the afternoon after 3. I waited and stayed home all day, that day. I have never had an experience with this establishment so, I called them at 4:45 to see if they were coming. I left a message that I was worried that so many businesses in Vegas tell u they are coming but, dont show up & asked if coming or not. No one returned my call until 5:45 when they called to tell me they couldnt make it today (truck broke down) and could come tomorrow. They offered no recompense for my time or the delay. I told them this was totally unacceptable behavior as a business to conduct themselves in this way: to not show up, dont return calls. This is what one gets when hire a mom & pop organization with a crappy, broken-down truck: they overbook and blame their troubles on faulty trucks. Be prepared; be prompt.
And then, when I told the receptionist (that answers the phone) about my concerns, she was unbelievable rude & sharp with me, raising her voice to cut me off (curtly) when I told her I was gonna write a bad review on them & she said, Go ahead and write whatever u want; it wont matter. I dont understand what she has to be mad at; Im the one that wasted my day because of their unreliable service and she, obviously, doesnt care that she offended a potential customer and others who read this review. They obviously do not need anyones business.


Summerlin Jewelers, 2221 North Rampart Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89128 - *******240
I went to Summerlin Jewelers on Monday, 9/19/16 to get an estimate on replacing a crown and stem for a 1960s Rolex watch. I was told by Steve Goodroad, the manager, that the watchmaker would get it on Wednesday, 9/21/16 and they would call me with the estimate. On Wednesday, they never called. I called them that afternoon. They told me that the watchmaker wasnt in yet and theyd call me tomorrow (Thursday, 9/22/16) with an estimate and I didnt have to call them. On Thursday, they never called. I went to their place of business, later on Thursday, and talked to Mr. Goodroad. He told me he had called and left a message. I immediately checked my phone and no such message was ever left (& he did have the correct phone number for me on the receipt he had given me). He had no idea when the watchmaker was gonna get around to an estimate for me. I then told him just to give me my watch back and forget it. He became highly indignant and insulting. I told him the reason I wanted it back was because he had not lived up to anything he had promised me, in that, they never called me on Wednesday, as promised; never called me on Thursday, as promised; he told me he left a message and never did; he has no idea when the watchmaker will even get to giving me an estimate. Mr. Goodroad then asked me when I brought the watch in. I handed him my receipt and he looked at it and said that it had been on Monday (3 days prior) and that I shouldnt expect any results in only 3 days and that, no matter where I took it in Las Vegas no one was gonna get back to me any sooner.
Obviously, Mr. Goodroad doesnt know the meaning of customer service. The point is he NEVER lived up to any of his promises. He never called on Wednesday, or on Thursday, he lied to me about having called me and lastly, he had no idea when I would even get an estimate. That is why I wanted my watch back. If he couldnt live up to anything he had told me, how in the world was I to believe he would even get the watch repaired in a respectable amount of time, much less do a good job; I had not confidence in his business. Not only that, but then, he makes excuses for his poor customer service by intimating that all the other jewelers are just as bad as him, by comparing himself to them and saying that no matter where I went in Las Vegas that no one could do any better than he was doing. God, I hope not; I hope theyre not all as bad as him. He went on to say that the watch was broken, so whats the rush to get it. I told him that, obviously, the watch was expensive and I wanted the watch back so that I could, in fact, take it to someone who could get the job done, in a reasonable amount of time, and not just have it lie around broken, somewhere that I had no idea when I was even gonna get it back. He threw the receipt back at me (never handed it back to me), never apologized, and told me (in a most rude manner) well get it back to u. Then, he turned around and walked back into his office, never having settled the matter. I didnt feel that well get the watch back to you was an adequate respond as to when I might get my watch back & asked an assistant as to exactly when I could expect to get my watch back. The assistant went into his office and asked him. He went back and forth with the assistant to me, me to the assistant, the assistant to him, and the assistant to me. Finally, I called into his office and said: Will you please come out here and finish solving this problem. He came out with the most disgusting of looks and told me he had no idea when I would get it back but, would call the watchmaker and that the watchmaker only came in every Wednesday. I said to him: Does that mean I have to wait till next week (another 8 days, till I get my watch back? He told me hed see what he could do and call me. (Yeah, like he called me all the other times that he promised to call me). Then, just before I left, he turned and s$#*!ed, to another customer that was waiting there, and laughed as if to say: Do u believe this guy? Whats he complaining about (because that customer had overheard our argument). What does he expect? So, when I left I still had no definitive answer as to when I was gonna get my watch back.
Mr. Goodroad did call me back (obviously, he did have my correct number, all the time), and I did get my watch back several days later. The problem for me with this establishment is: All I wanted was to be treated with some respect and for Mr. Goodroad to honor what he promised; that was all. Dont tell me youll call and dont (on 2 separate dates). He could have at least called and informed me of the hold up. Then, dont make me come down to his business, only to lie to me and tell me you called when you didnt. Then, when I want my own watch back, dont fight with me, make faces and act rude and make disparaging remarks and then, walk off and hide in your office. Act like a man about things, not some spoiled, insensitive, out-of-control, teenage girl who goes off into a corner & might cry, at any moment, because she doesnt get her way. On Mr. Goodroads business card it reads: SUMMERLIN JEWELER, Where Locals Love To Shop! Yeah, maybe locals, who want to be hassled, love to shop.


Reel Smiles Dental: 7785 N. Durango Dr., # 140, Las Vegas, NV 89131, *******668

Run, dont walk away from this place.

I needed a new dentist (only been in Vegas@ 18 months). Went to Reel Dental because was approved by my dental insurance and was just around the corner. What a mistake! They took x-rays and did exam. I was covered by insurance for those. They said I needed about $6,000.00 worth of work done and $2,000.00 would be covered by insurance.
They INSISTED I get a deep cleaning of my teeth, whether I needed it or not (they said I needed it, but?), or whether I wanted it or not. They refused to treat me for anything else unless I got the deep cleaning first. I never heard of such a thing; it should be up to the patient to decide on his care and what he can afford & not be strong-armed into getting procedures he may not want (& maybe cant afford, or may not even need) under mental duress of not being treated.

I went in for the deep cleaning. It took 3 hours to deep clean only ½ of my mouth. (For insurance purposes, I could only have ½ of mouth done and had to go back 7 days later for the other ½). What this dentist does is OVERBOOK. He is the only dentist there and has to service all of his patients by himself. He books like 4 to 6 patients at one time so, he goes from one patient to the next, to the next, to the next, etc. He get to you, say as the sixth patient, spends 10 minutes with you (to Novocain you up, or whatever) then, goes back to patient one, then the next, then the next. Etc. So, may get back to you in another 45 minutes. And the same thing is repeated over and over. Thats why it took 3 hours.

Anyway, I had to go back, 7 days later, for the other half of my mouth. Same thing. I was seated in a chair and 1 hour and 15 minutes later, the dentist had never even gotten into my room yet, to even say hello, as he was still working on his other 4 or 5, or whatever amount of patients he had that day. I got up and left and have never been back. I had to find myself a new dentist to do the other half of my deep cleaning.

I am currently being treated by another dentist and the work being done is substantially lower than the $6,000.00 figure. I feel that Reel Smiles is nothing but a money making operation; they overbook and make you sit there just so they can make as much money in a given day as possible. That is extremely rude and unprofessional in my opinion. They assume that you have nothing better to do with your day but, to waste half your day with them. Plus, they make you get procedures you may not want, nor can afford. Like they told me I had to come back for another deep cleaning, down the road, and that would not be covered by insurance: they were already planning on how to get more money out of me and hadnt even gotten the first deep cleaning done! Plus they wanted me to come every 3 months for a regular cleaning (all of this not covered by my insurance). Like Im gonna sit in that chair for 3 hours to get my teeth cleaned, every 3 months, and pay for this out of my own pocket?! (What about people who have jobs? Can they afford to take off that much time, to sit in that chair and be treated, as Reel Smiles doesnt seem to care about your financial situation, or do you the courtesy of trying to get you out in a reasonable time).

I have no idea if the actual dentist is any good or not, because never got past 1/2 of a deep cleaning to tell, but, their customer service is sure rotten. If you have nothing better to do in a day and want to spend ½ of it in a dental chair then, this is the place for you.


Gary Morris Water Solutions; this guy, to me, doesnt have a solution to anything! I wouldnt hire this guy if he was the LAST pool man on the face of the earth! My pump in my fountain broke and I called him up to repair it. He said he was busy, but could get to me in 5 days. I said ok. He TEXT me THE EVENING BEFORE with some b. S. excuse (which I didnt believe) as why he couldnt make it the next day. I could have easily gotten another guy in those 5 days. He didnt even have the curtesy to call me and explain his reasons, he just text me. And then, he didnt even leave his name, just that he was the guy that had an appointment with me the next day. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL! Then, he tells me to call this other electric company that he recommended. Doesnt leave their telephone number, or a person to contact, NOTHING! As if Im really gonna hire anyone he recommends! Is this guy running a business, or a hobby? He obviously doesnt plan well. He should have a back-up plan in case he has an emergency, of is taken sick, has an accident, and just not leave his customers out there to dry without any thought about them at all. He must, obviously, not need the business.
Also, he only has one other review for 5 stars on YELP; I bet I know who wrote that review!


Grand Montecito Animal Hospital
6325 Grand Montecito Parkway,
Las Vegas, NV 8914

This place is totally mismanaged; the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing.

I have been going there since I moved to Vegas a little over a year ago. The place just can't seem to get my dog's records or shots straight. I have 3 dogs & each dog needs about 7 shots (Da2P, Parvo, Bordetella, Rabies, Flu, Fecal test, Heartworm test). I try to keep the visits down to a minimum and try to get as many shots, that are due for each dog, on the same visit, so that I don't keep coming back numerous times to the vet. Since there are 7 shots per dog and 3 dogs that's like 21 visits to the vet, if don't try to combine them.

So, when I went in April, I asked the person at the desk to give my dog all the shots that were due. She checked his records for that. Then, when I went into the room and met the vet I told her the same thing and she checked his records. Then, afterwards, when I was paying the bill, I again asked if dog had all his necessary shots and was told a third time that he had.

About a week later, I get a postcard in mail telling me that this dog was past due on one of his shots; he was past due, on that particular shot, when he was in there the week prior. I called and asked how was it that I asked 3 times, if all the necessary shots were given and told yes, and now am past due on a shot. They said (after pulling the wrong dog's file) that it was up to me to ask that particular shots be given. I said that I had asked 3 times!

This is by no means the first time this has happen. Right now, I am also past due on a second dog of mine for past shots too.

Read some of the other one star reviews on Yelp here. I totally agree with them. They seem like just a money-driven operation. They tell you one thing and give u a low-ball price then, when get there they tell u that can't give just that shot and that the dog has to have this other shot too in order to be able to be put in the back with the other dogs. And on it goes. They try to schedule a fecal shot twice a year and not once a year. They don't fully inform u of what you actually need as opposed to what they say u need.

I am now in process of getting a new vet. I am having all of my 3 dogs records transferred to a new vet and that is a hassle, in that, can't even seem to do that correctly. It's been 2 weeks and I still can't get this Grand Montecito to transfer all 3 of my dogs records to my new vet (a process that could be done in just a few hours in one day) despite repeated calls (at least 4) from the new vet.
Just read some of the one star reviews on YELP reference how poorly this place is run, about pets dying there, about their inefficiency & see for yourself.


I wish I had read this site before i ordered from them. They had 480 negative one star reviews. 480! I order flowers and paid extra for them to be delivered in under 4 hours. They were not delivered in under 4 hours. I tried to contact them and spent over 30 minutes on hold with no answer. I sent 2 emails with no response. I still have not received any word from them & when I try to track order online, it says that they have received no response from their delivery guy. I asked for my money back and no one has responded to that either. You have to be crazy to order anything from this place!

Tip for consumers:
Stay far away from www.fromyouflowers.com


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