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Oh yeah so here we go another one jumps on the bandwagon Using COVID-19. They're making it sound like they are being sympathetic and do in the whole world a favor by offering free? Public Wi-Fi hotspots to ALL for 60 days. The Catch-22 is you have to SIGN UP and if you don't cancel (they hope you forget) after the 60 days they'll start charging you. You must read the fine print because there's a lot of other restrictions. Well excuse me but the word FREE means without obstruction, burden, or obligation. I can go to my local library and use FREE Wi-Fi and I can also sit down and use a computer for FREE and have access to the internet for FREE! I can also go to a Starbucks, Home Depot, Lowe's, and many other places, unlike you they don't require me to sign up for any subscriptions - They know the true meaning of FREE.


Plain and simple they support spammers they sell cheap domain names to spammers and do nothing about it when they break the law please do not support sites such as this


Totally unacceptable 10 emails a week. From this company with no unsubscribe. I never opted in for any type of junk mail such as this. They obviously have an illegal spammer. And can care less about it. Please do not support any companies such as this who do not keep their advertisers in check!


I give them 5 stars all the way anybody who helps fight unsolicited / spam e-mail and other malicious activity online will always have my support. You're going to open up a free account and track links in your spam emails to find out where it's being hosted.


Spammers Paradise... it has to be one of the worst hosting sites ever! I get 20 phishing emails a day from them. Not one of the reporting email addresses work they all bounce back! This shows they clearly don't want anybody contacting them for abuse because they know they're doing it! Blacklisting them would be too good they should just be shut down completely please do not support such websites!

Tip for consumers:
Don't support spammers!


I get 20 pieces of spam / unsolicited emails a day from this web hosting site all with different domain names and I report each and everyone to their abuse Department and the next day I get 20 more with new domain names the how does that happen? How could someone keep opening new domain names after having 20 of them closed? Obviously this website support spammers they should be blacklisted

Tip for consumers:
please don't support any web hosting sites that allows spam to come unchecked this will send a clear message to the owners


I've emailed them several spam complaints and not only have they not replied but I'm still getting spam to death I would never do business with company I can't step up to the plate and take care of business

Tip for consumers:
I always tried to contact the company directly if I can and if that fails then I start filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the FTC


Seriously what a joke! I have reported several unsolicited emails to the website only to have them reply "they can't find my email address in their database" LOL this is not rocket science and I can't stand it when people deceive you! Why on Earth would anybody do business of the company the can't be honest? Spammers don't just get out and start sending mass emails for the fun of it... they do it because they get paid to do it. This means they have an affiliate program that someone belongs to and they are illegally sending out spam. We would all be much better off if we would NOT support any business that sends out unsolicited emails!


I'm really surprised that they have a B rating with the BBB that's basically because they reply to complaints, but if you go read some of the complaints it's overwhelming because of spam. This company allows their affiliates to spam people like crazy and go unchecked. They claim they want to remove your email address from the affiliates however what they should be doing is terminating the account of any Affiliates that break the law. They need to be held accountable! They also need to put a valid email address on their website. I think the solution to the problem is the government needs to ban affiliate programs... and guess what? We would have no more spam because the spammers wouldn't get paid to send out junk!

Tip for consumers:
I strongly urge people not to use and support any business that uses Affiliates to advertise and spam other people.


Not only do they bombard you was spam on an everyday basis because of an unchecked affiliate program they have an F rating through the BBB and the biggest complaint is yes you guessed it advertising! And a lot of people are complaining about unsolicited spam just like me.


I get an email a day advertising Liberty Mutual Insurance hosted by the same old website and I have reported it countless times to the companies email abuse address and get no results. The only conclusion one can come to you is either Liberty Mutual is paying somebody to spam or they support spammers because they're getting rich off the traffic driven to their website. I refuse to do any business with any company that allows unwanted advertisements to continue. I hope others take notice to this Behavior and refused to do business with them as well.


Sending spam won't make me join your site... that is correct and in fact I will refuse to ever become any part of a website that sends spam. They have no valid email address for reporting abuse so obviously they must support spammers.


I had purchased a pair of reader glasses from them and unfortunately they were defective within 24 hours they replied to my email resolve the problem and shipped a new pair of glasses just like that!


Another spammers playground...
They love spammers they host spammers they do nothing about them they ignore emails. On the average i get 10 pieces of spam hosted on this website, and I have reported it and the hosted site still exist and I still get the same spam.

Tip for consumers:
If you choose to use this company you only help promote the junk mail / spam that you may get


The BBB has given them a "D" rating and there is literally over 4,000 negative complaints. I am getting spam to death by them. Everyday it's like three email advertisements and I am sick of it. Good lesson here is to always go to the BBB website and search for a company before you get involved with them. P.S. And don't message me and say you want to make things right, actions speak louder than words.

Tip for consumers:
Read the reviews on the BBB website.


It's kind of sad how people always play the blame game and never accept responsibility for their own actions my very first purchase on eBay was horrible a real nightmare however I learn from that one of the most important thing is read the person's reviews if they have a lot of negative ratings the odds are you're going to have a negative experience if you buy from them what's that said 99% of my purchases on eBay have been all positive and even if something came broken or not as described it always turned out to be a positive experience and it's all about learning how to do things the right way the last thing you want to do is contact the seller and send them a nasty message you're going to get nasty results by doing that. I read a review where the user claims they moved, changed their address and their purchase was shipped to the old address. I found this claim to be a little bit suspicious. They never mentioned they change the address on their PayPal account which would be required and if they were using a major credit card instead the credit card company would question why the purchase was being delivered to another address. Anymore it seems people use any excuse necessary to blame others for their own actions.

Tip for consumers:
Just like any site read the seller's before you make a purchase.... a lot of negatives mean you're going to end up with nothing but negative experience!


Here is another complete failure that is shared in a large part by the sellers. The biggest joke I see when someone is trying to ship something that weighs in excess of a hundred pounds and it's so obvious and OfferUp shipping rules Clearly say the item cannot be in excess of 20 lbs. And here is well the sellers don't like to answer questions or even reply to messages but these are self-inflicted wounds because their description of the item they're selling is so vague. Real simple solution to major problem is to make the ads expire after 30 days hello? This is not rocket science. I've seen ads on there that are more than a year old totally unacceptable.


Has a lot of good items at some really good prices however I find it kinda suspicious then when it comes to shipping you always a few pennies shy of the minimum for free shipping. I do have to say that 99% of my purchases have been in a positive way and even if it was damaged or the wrong item the return process or refund process has been relatively easy.


I get somewhat amused by the ratings of the so-called "Sellers" from the site. The sellers share a huge part of the failure of this buying/selling platform. Based on my experience when I find an ad that is over a year old I have no choice but to ask the question "is this still available?" 9 out of 10 times i get NO reply. It makes a person wonder, did they die? Or did they just abandoned their account? Or they just being rude? Or they're not serious about selling anything? Or they're tired of answering questions? I am forced to ask questions about something that I'm interested in because the sellers descriptions are very vague. I mean like really, you post a crappy picture of a saw and the title says "saw" and in the description says "works good..." LOL seriously? Then these crybaby sellers wonder why they get so many questions? Some of the pictures you can't even see what brand the saw is. So at least if you're going to take a lousy picture put it in description who makes it or a model number and brand name. Now here's where you put the rest of the blame on letgo themselves because they need to enforce sellers to post more than one picture, type more than one word in the description and when they don't answer your messages disable their accounts and simply tell them you're not a serious seller we don't want you here. The sad thing is letgo refuses to make any changes to make the platform better they just sit back and suck their advertisers dry until one day those advertisers will wake up... and let THEM go.

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