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These cinematic multiplexes have sprung up everywhere.
Each venue contains about ten or so little theaters within.
One venue is totally as indistinguishable and plastic from the next.
You can watch the film, but the experience is not the same as it was in bygone days in neighborhood movie houses or in present day little indy and art film houses.
Just another boring brick in the wall of corporate America -- Regal gets the job done but the experience is just not all that "regal."

Boo, Regal -- you are dull.


It is hardly a secret that I abhor most corporations and chains of any kind.

But twice in recent months I have frequented Olive Garden... and was pleasantly surprised.

Now "some people" say that their dishes are all frozen. But I do not give a tinker's damn; their mushroom pasta was wonderful.

It could be that that particular locale is just especially stellar. I'll have to try another site while on the road.

But for now -- four estrellas.

ETA: the temperature was rather chilly -- and some other guests were a tad bit unsightly, but I can overlook both.


Honestly, I cannot stand these monopolistic-type service industries.

Everyone wants television service, so these outfits have us all over a barrel.

I cannot begin to understand or decipher their levels of service or their billing rationales.

Furthermore my service constantly is out of order for one reason or another.

The alternatives are just as heinous. I probably should just watch TV online.

To add insult to injury, their business office employees are worse than the DMV or Washington DC bureaucratics.

2.5 stars.


I love this line of polishes and cleaners and am happy to give it its first shout out here at Sitejabber.

Their formulations for silver polish, fine furniture wax and crystal chandelier cleaner are all old school standbys for me -- no other products on the market work as well.

The line includes products for: stone care, fine woods, metal polishes and appliance care.

I really do love the fine furniture wax in spray bottle -- it smells divine and imparts such a lovely patina.

Five unreserved stars for Goddard's products.


It is wonderful to be the first to review Monrovia.

This company provides the finest quality plants, shrubs and small trees for the discerning gardener.

I have bought or ordered numerous boxwood, annuals, ornamental grasses and dogwood from Monrovia.

Most nurseries stock these plants, and you may order online as well.

I even love their standard container/pots.

A truly fine outfit... five stars.


Now I know that Federal Express is the Creme de la Creme of all carriers, and it is in fact, wonderful; at the same time not that superior to USPS or UPS, for my money.

Their approach may feel more uptown, but in the end, it is just another courier service.

I give them major style and design props. I also like their proprietary envelopes and boxes.

Their colors are great too.

I think FedEx got its start by catering to businesses -- then branched out to residential type delivery.

A very nice company -- four stars.


I have had great luck with UPS over the years. No real problems -- ever.

At a time they were a welcome alternative to government-run USPS. Now they are fairly equal in terms of dependability and efficiency.

The drivers that I have known are very nice with strong work ethics.

I can always tell by the sound of their trucks, that it is UPS. They use repurposed trucks which is another plus in my book.

Four stars for UPS...


It's that time of the year -- Christmas. And time to review all mail and parcel carriers.

I'll start with the United States Parcel Service.

Now... I do not wish to tempt fate, but so far -- so good.

Private carriers seem to have inspired the U.S. Mail to improve its service and has succeeded. I love the tracking option.

All in all, no complaints.

Four stars.


If you love to cook and enjoy fine foods, please try the La Tourangelle line of oils. I use their walnut and wild truffle oil.

These products really transform ordinary oil and vinegar dressings into something special.

I have not tried their avocado oil yet but wish to.

Their tins and labels match the culinary aesthetic of the product... truly charming.

Five stars.


These candles are pure elegance.

Made from the purest of paraffin and cotton wicking -- they are also dripless.

I love the pale aqua tapers for my dining room -- unscented.

They also have a fun array of pear shaped candles and fat little votives.

These are pricey -- but worth it.

Five stars.


This beautiful line is part of the Annie Selkie Collection. Pure luxury.

I love their bedding, pet products -- but most of all their lovely robes.

Pine Cone Hill is definitely an upscale and expensive company -- but their quality and elegance make it all worth the investment.

Really, I could not live without my wonderful PCH aqua robe -- so soft and comfy.

Five stars for Pine Cone Hill.

[ Right now they are offering huge promo codes and new customer discounts.]


Is nothing sacred in this world anymore?

Remember those wonderful little indy art supply stores, where you could poke around for hours looking at natural bristle brushes and wonderful imported tubes of paint?

Places like Michael's have ruined the survivability of the small privately owned artist supply shop. It's a crime.

I only go there if I have to. The sales "associates" do not even know the meaning of the word "art" -- and they do not know their a$$es from their elbows, when it comes to supplies

What crappola.

I am attaching their logo, only for a touch of irony.

Three mediocre stars.


Okay, I travel here and there on a regular basis.

Spending time in various locales requires having back-up services for hair -- especially in a pinch.

My stylist away from my homebase is Mariah at Greeat Clips. She understands my long hair and knows how to treat it carefully and gently. I see her maybe twice a year for a trim and deep conditioning/shampoo.

After my treatment she blows it dry.-- then twirls like a skein of silk.

This is such a treat, as well as affordable.

Great Clips also has its own line of "product."

Four stars for you, Mariah and Great Clips.

Be sure to be on the look out for their regular promos and discounts.


You know my ambivalence in regard to corporate chains.

Nevertheless I do like World Market.

I have picked up some cool-vintage type pieces for a redo project: Grass rugs, zinc frames, cool sculpted towels as well as some interesting food items such as walnut oil and interesting yet inexpensive wines.

It's a fun place in which to browse plus they always have fresh and featured coffees for the customer to enjoy while meandering.

Plastic bags are horrible, but theirs are fun.

Four stars.

ETA: Aww heck -- as I write this, I note that WM has merged or been absorbed by a conglomerate. I just hope that it retains its original funky, vintage, ethnic charm. ~ MS


I am happy to be the first to review Rustoleum paints. I have grown up with it and rely upon it for household as well as craft projects.

The line seems have slipped by the EPA's mandates -- it still contains oil -- and provides a true high gloss finish. I use it on metal awnings, wicker, an old wagon, a glider, metal baseboard heaters, birdhouses -- really just about any project requiring a hard, shiny and durable finish.

They have a mirror product which allows one to turn any glass surface into a mirror.

Finishes range from matte to satin to high gloss. There are spray or brush on formulas.

Sooner or later the EPA will crack down on them; meanwhile, I am hoarding dozens of cans of Charleston Green spray.

I really do love and vouch for Rustoleum.

Five shiny stars.

P.S. The only problem I encounter is trying to use the spray paint on a highly humid day -- thereby clogging the hole. But they warn you about this possibility. Just follow their directions.


Valspar is a mid-grade quality paint, but I like it.

It is easy to work with -- and, has a great range of color palette.

Their products are for the most part latex, but an oil infused formula is available for woodwork and cabinetry.

I have used Valspar extensively on a redo, and been very satisfied. I pick it up at Lowe's or at indy hardware stores.

It is not Farrow & Ball -- but, I am pleased.

If yours is a historical property, they have a great line of reproduction colors.

Valspar -- w00t -- four stars!


This is THE credit card to carry and use, and it is the oldest.

There are several levels of cards for holders -- each level is designed to meet the specific needs for its client: travel, large purchases, fat bonus points, etc.

An AmEx card/account is not for everyone, mind you. You must settle up the balance due each month, or risk a hefty penalty. It is not financially designed for those living from paycheck to paycheck. But, if you want to be able to conveniently charge your purchases, travel, dining, etc, this is the most respected, prestigious and least hassle-free.

Really and truly -- do not leave home without it.

5 lovely stars for my 100th review go to American Express.


It is a hoot to be the first to review UpCountry accessories for cats and dogs. They design the most adorable collars and leashes as well as a few other fun items.

I first stumbled onto this line in Charleston, SC at Alpha and Omega Boutique for pets, and was just charmed. (The next time you are in Chas, you must go there -- it is SOB right off of King Street)

Anyway each year I outfitted my pets in new collars from Upcountry. My favorite pattern was the one with goldfish. But they really have every conceivable cute design. Please check them out AND see some of my faves below.

Their website has a gallery for petowners to show off their wonderful animals -- mine may or may not be among them.

Five paws for UpCountry!


The Sopranos

Six Feet Under

Game of Thrones

Boardwalk Empire

True Detective

These are but a few samplings of what HBO has come to represent.

Their credo of: "It's not television -- it is HBO" speaks for itself.

Admittedly HBO is not for the average viewer; rather, its appeal is probably geared toward the more discerning and cerebral consumer of television.

I cannot give enough praise to this selective and beautifully crafted programming experience.

Five stars for HBO...


Admittedly, freshly cooked and prepared meals are always preferable. However, in a pinch, or when tired or under-the-weather, Stouffer's frozen foods are very good. I love their lasagne, meatloaf, stuffed peppers and Swedish meatballs.

These items are readily available at most grocery stores and even at Dollar General discount boutiques.

Please note that their dinners vary in servings from single serving to party size.

Just toss a little salad, and pop the Stouffers in the MW -- and voila -- dinner!

I am happy to be the first to review this wonderful old stand-by of a product.

Four tasty and convenient stars for you, Stouffers.

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