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I love shopping, i'm very small so I have some issues with clothing and shoes (clothing size 4 and shoes size 4-4.5) I studied tourism and now i'm studying politics. I'm belgian so I love to travel around.

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I order only online (90%). So I can give a honnest opinion. I hope that scam websites will be closed and that this site earns more popularity even in Europe.


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The webshop is great, bought a ski coat, very wellmade and fast shipping to other EU countries (took 3 days), the size was European so I bought size xs (respond to size 6/8 in the UK). Prices are okay and it costed 150 euros less for the same coat than in Germany, so I did a good buy!


Good website, clothes are somewhat expensive but very beautiful. Great custom care :)


I ordered some pantyhoses and a dress.
Everything came like they said on the website. The shippingcosts varies and depend on how many items you buy, they overreact in weight so you pay more on shipping than nessecary. All of their clothing is in calculated in pounds, so the prices are quite high. And they don't change a lot in the assortment. Never had a complaint so I don't know how the company react on complaints.
My opinion: There are many other webshops with a bigger assortment and with fixed shippingcosts


Ordered some home decor. Good price/ quality. Shippingcosts are okay. Only one negative thing: Customs in other country. They don't give the opportunity to pay this while checking out but this happends a lot. I will buy again in this shop.
Last but not least: be careful and look to other webshops because it's possible to buy the same things a lot cheaper.


It's NOT very cheap, You can find the Same clothes much cheaper, with the same quality.
1. Bad quality
2. Bad costum service
3. Lots of spam mail

I always buy my stuff online. I prefer paypal as paying method. I always got my money back when I opened a case, they are very good in responding to my questions. I wouldn't shop where I only pay by creditcard or banktransfer...


I like this shop. Good prices, good quality and great costumer service. I will order again


I always use the Belgian groupon site. It's a good site when you want a hotelroom or a dinner. I can't recommend you to order clotes or furniture but some prices are very low. It is very easy to use, you book a room, i always send an extra mail to the hotel, just to be sure. Never had problems.


It's a fact, the shoes are expensive but you can design them by your own. I made a pair of shoes for special occasions, sizing in 1/2 sizes. I have them for 1,5 years now and they where worth every penny. I paid 220 euro and I will make another pair.


* cheap shoes
* price is okay
* lots of choice
* sizing goes from petite shoes
* site is real, not fake

* quality of the shoes isn't very good. I bought 3 pair and one pair went broke after one time. I still have one pair left.
* shipping is high and custom duties too, if you know the quality.

I wouldn't recommend this website to my friend I think that there exist better websites with better shoes for a discount price


I booked 3 times with this website

- many choices in hotelrooms
- not expensive, less expensive than a travel agent.
- i had always good rooms and they always forfilled my wishes

- application for the phone is very bad, lots of pop up windows
- some people booked a room and they don't get what they expected, when you have a complaint a manager will listen a bit faster when you travel with a touroperator (they hire 100 rooms, you hire only one)than when you only booked one room
- they aren't alwas cheap, go to trivago to see if there are some other websites with cheaper prices.


I can't say anything bad. They are very helpful with problems... Their products are a bit high prised but that's the only neg.


Bought soms dresses.
1. I'm very small, 1.53m, SO I usually fit a xS, I toke two sizes bigger, because Chinese and other countries in asia have a much smaller sizing system, I couldn't fit the M (i bought some dresses, One pullover, bags.)
2. High shippingrates, with extra costumer duties.
3. Bad quality of clothing, Shoes and bags. For that privé You can Buy better clothes elsewhere.


* everything is 5 pounds
* lots of clothes and shoes

* sometimes bad quality
* high shippingcosts
* I wear an XS, not recommended for small people ;)


I'm going to tell you everything you have to know:

* low shippingcosts (to Belgium)
* low prices for leather shoes
* small and normal sizes (Uk 1 to 3.5)

* not enough choice (in size 2 you have to choose between 20 pair of shoes).
* no return policy (I didn't find it on the website, there is a possibility to email).


Good quality of shoes, great choise and Ideal for people with very small feets. I have a European 34 (UK2) and normally I can't find many pairs in this size, so here I found soms good leather shoes. You can find also normal sizes and the shoes are very modern (this last thing is very rare in my size, normally I can find children shoes and shoes for older people). Another plus is that you can send them back (between 14 and 30 days). If you send them back 14 days after purchase they can give you the money back (without many problems), you can choose also for another pair of shoes (most of the time they will give you a cheque with the price of the shoes you send back). A little minus is the fact that you have to pay the shipping costs (if you buy something with amazon, normally you don't have to pay them).


I love ebay, because if you pay with paypal and the quality is very bad, you can get your money back. I love the prices for clothing and for jewellery (fake jewellery).

I bought in all those years (bought more than 500 different items with ebay) and had 3 less good experiences.


I bought two times now. Everything went good. Yesterday I bought 3 pants and a t shirt, but the shirt wasn't in stock anymore so they said that they put the money on my account (online), I could aso choose for paypal, they even gave me the shippingcosts back. I ordered two package, because of the import duties. I can't tell you anything about the quality but I think you get quality for the price you pay, i will keep you up:)

I finally god my clothes by Fedex. I placed my order the 25th and I already got the package. Very good and thick dress (an s is xxxs according to me). I will buy other clothes over there :) I paid 47 dollar for one dress, a jeanspants and a shirt plus the shippingcosts included 46 dollar


I bought 3 pairs of shoes (I looked to the size grid, but only one of the 3 pair of shoes where correct, when I try them on), I also ordered a few dresses and a blouse, I was thinking that I was a clown, bad quality blouse and I paid $ 25, so it was expensive. I also ordered two dresses one M (Looked in Grid a bit to big, but I know the clothingsizes of china, order always a size bigger, so normally I wear a 34/xs), the Medium was way so small, couldn't get one leg in it :(. My first and last order was very expensive, I had 86 euro import duties (I thought it was a joke, but they didn't miss, I called to the import duty service). The import plus my clothes costed me 146 euro, and I had nothing, the shoes were broken after one time (I wore them to go to the cinema). I would say for the price I paid that you better should order from sites like or, at least you can send the clothes back whitout any problem.

The costumer service was also very bad, I told them that the shoes where to big, they gave me the adress, I went to the postoffice and they told me the shippingcost would be 50 euro, I mean that was too mutch, so I send the an email to tell them that the cost for sending my shoes (and dress) back would be to expensive. So they said that they where sorry, that's it.

I was also disapointed because of the fact that they say that all the clothes are really cheap, but the shoes are very expensive, (most of them are made of plastic, so €50,00 is too much, for that price I can buy real leather ones ;) )


I love amazon, I usually buy on the site of and
I never had problems with amazon, good online shops ans honnest shops (most important), good quality and sometimes it's less expensive than the same clothes in other webshops^^


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