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Title says it all. -_- They banned one account because some $#*! said "mental" for as to why but they never ban the spammers, cam whores or the freaks trying to sell or trade CP on snapchat... And there are several posts for those on there... My images prove they are assisting in the trading and/or selling of CP. -_- I've reported these posts, yet they never get banned. That on top of the spam bot usernames and cam whores that literally overfill the posts? Obviously this website needs to be taken down...

Got another screen capture, when I tried reporting the post it said I already reported it... -_- Uh huh... And no one reported it and banned them.

Tip for consumers:
Simply don't use it. Or if you do? Just keep finding and reporting all the CP accounts, the spammers and the cam whores. But don't ACTUALLY bother posting on there.

Products used:
It's a $#*!ing username posting website... -_-


Literally, multiple accounts on the same website have the same picture and/or "about me" stuff. You can't $#*!ing report any now! Nor downvote! So they are getting paid by the spammers to not boot them AND to keep from getting negative votes in the website. Literally, 90% or more of the accounts that are ALWAYS logged in and at the top of searches are spam accounts...

PS: $#*!ing fix your $#*!ty little "you have to select a star to post!" bull$#*!, put a $#*!ing negative value on there where you can ACTUALLY lower the $#*!ing rating! It $#*!ing give a $#*!ty website/company a $#*!ing - 5 star value when no one has reviewed it yet!

Tip for consumers:
Don't expect any real people, they are all spam bots and $#*!ty cam whores trying to sell. You can't report accounts not contact any support to report any account. It's a website that should be named "SPAM BOT CENTRAL.$#*!" considering how bad it is.


All playing videos does is opens another tab to another website, sane with the download button to a site to download that doesn't work. Don't ever use it.


I know this because it says both of my email accounts are registered, yet when I log in it says they aren't... I have had a habit of reporting people in the random chat thing, which you can use WITHOUT an account...: I And when I try to create a new account, "Sorry! This is down because we are morons!" -_- It's a trash heap, don't bother. I bet they sold my email address to spammers...

Hasn't changed any. Can't log in, can't make a new account. Even trying with a NEW email it just comes up with bull$#*! about the website being unable yo make new accounts because it's undergoing maintenance... It's been like that for MONTHS now! Truth is, these $#*!s just delete accounts and keep the email addresses registered to keep people from making new accounts... Now, worse over, they $#*!ing aren't allowing anyone at all to make a new account. Nothing but lies.

Tip for consumers:
Don't bother. Nothing but lazy $#*! $#*!s who delete you for reporting people. -_-

Products used:
It's a $#*!ing chat website... -_-


I was looking for 100% FREE dating websites and found it. It's a part of a massive group of similar websites catering to other interests, but they all look the same. You can even link your accounts. It's a fraud and needs to be shut down, the while websites AND those behind it... Please...


Spamming, idiot guys that get you banned, and not really worth your time otherwise... Pervs and racist, offensive morons. I have more than one picture this time as evidence...

The "meet people" or whatever random chat is a abyss full of asinine guys who will "bad karma" you just for leaving after they post "M." I had one guy add me just because I did this just because I was getting fed up with it... And he sent me a message just to say "$#*! you..." then removed me. If you get banned at the point I'm at, you're account is banned "for about a year" or until you $#*!ing pay them $5 to reset your karma. -_- I legit believe the people that run the site do this themselves just to make you pay to get back online.

It has spammers all over just like other websites, and the admins and miss clearly don't care. I honestly believe that they are getting paid to allow them on the website.

They also had their Reddit thing archived, which was used for their support... Instead of a proper page on the website... Further proof it's all a giant hoax and lie... They just want to try and force you to pay in order to no longer be banned... I went from -21 karma to -46 roughly just because guys kept getting pissy I wasn't a girl... -_- AND PEOPLE WHO RUN THE WEBSITE TRYING TO GET MONEY OUT IF ME!

I won't even go into the more messed up things I've come across...

Can we get this website shut down please? Seriously, I want that that to happen... They need to learn that you can't just ban people to get money so they can get back on... And you only ban them for people downvoting them... But the spammers and such can easily just pay 5$ to do this and keep harassing users. Can you legit report them? No. Especially with their Reddit page archived so you can't contact them at all at this point... This is all kinds of wrong. Basically you could pay to get unbanned, your money is sent and then your still banned... And you can't contact them... See what's wrong here?

Update bit: Please, email these to their support email, to Google or whoever to have their website removed from search results and even to banks to deny payments to this website... Please...: I I'm getting tired if this... Help?

Update 2:
New screen capture of the reply to the last email I sent. What these foreign idiots fail to understand is that the people using a platform are reflective OF said platform. This moron was being blatantly racist in the most vulgar manner and they didn't want to do anything about it. That is reflective of THEIR character. They are racist and vulgar and support racists in their endeavors. I noticed AFTER that email it went from a 1 star to a 2... They came on here to try covering up the negative look if their pathetic, racism supporting website... Enough said.

So I get back on and guess what?!?!?! Look bellow! Screen capture! THE IMMORAL, RACIST, SCREWED UP IN THE $#*!S HAVE PERMANENTLY BANNED ME! Oh but I could $#*!ing pay $5 to get unbanned! WHAT DO YOU KNOW! I COULD PAY TO GET BACK ON! HOW MUCH LOWER CAN IT GET?!?!?! A LOT! AND IT ALREADY HAS!... I honestly didn't think it would get this far. I just wanted a DECENT alternative to omegle and got this trashed dump of immoral depravity... I hate humanity at this point. All of this is triggering my bipolar disorder and I can't... I can't just make a new account... I've had enough... These stupid immoral morons need to catch corona, be told, "Well! You'll have it for about a year... Unless you pay me $$$$$$$$$$! Then I can cure you flat easily with just one injection!" I hate these people... Let them be taken by the creatures from the abyss... They deserve it...

Update 4!
EmeraldChat.com admins/mods are posting false reviews on here, trying to save face. You need to remove their false reviews... If they want money then they need to just run ads instead of banning the damn users that COULD be making them money! But chances are no one wants ads run on their website... Due to all of these negative problems. Point is, they're lying sacks of $#*! who should have the website taken down. Don't EVER give them any money to remove a ban because their admins/mods/goons will just get you banned again. And again. AND AGAIN!

Tip for consumers:
Stock up on karma through trading. If you're decent, ask for a trade. :I Even if they aren't what you're looking for.


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