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The wide selection of products, good pricing, glass vials and accurate measuring spoons in sizes ranging from mg to grams makes nootropic research safe and easy.


This site use to have the best inventory of nootropics in the world. I'm not sure why they pulled their products but they still have a great database of information that can be useful when shopping on other sites.


It's search engine allows me to search by price, location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, size of the building and/or lot size. You can sort the results by price in an ascending order to find the best deals.


I have never received job offers from LinkedIn. They were worthless until they allowed people to network based on their Alumina.


I'm not sure why Open Office is unable to create a functional spell checker. Its spellchecker misses at least 75% of errors which are detected by simple browsers such as Firefox. This means I have to copy and paste entire documents into my browser to check for errors. Fix the errors in the browser, copy the corrected version, and paste it back into open office.

This product would easily get five stars if they fixed the spell checker. I would gladly donate or pay for the product in return. Open Office could charge at least $20 if they had a functional spell checker because it would be as good as MS Office at less than half the price.


Amazon has all the advantages of eBay, without any of the hassles. They even allow you to pay with credit cards instead of Paypal! I refuse to shop at stores like eBay because of Paypal.


You would think the richest company in the world could afford to provide products such as MS Office for free with Windows (considering the cost it adds to buying a computer).

I can't throw the full blame on MS because the $#*!ed monopoly lawsuits essentially made it illegal for MS to offer common sense products with its operating system (such as free spyware protection, virus protection and MS Officer)

I do blame MS for installing a trail version of Norton on every system. Norton is so hard to remove, I classify it as spyware.


PayPal and eBay are owned by the same greedy corporation. PayPal must spend a lot of money lobbying for a monopoly in online payments because they suck to hard to have earned this monopoly fairly.

EBay and PayPal both reserve the right to shut down your account without any reason or justification. I didn't realize why, until my accounts were shut down despite a 98% positive feedback score. Of course they kept all the money in my account.

I am boycotting eBay and PayPal as a result. Amazon is better than Google Shopping because eBay's search results come up in Google Shopping search results. Ebay results show up as $0.01 on every type of product you can think of. This makes the features that allow you to sort by price completely useless on Google Shopping.

I will stick to shopping on Amazon until Google Shopping adds a filter to remove ebay spam from my search results.


Walmart is massive with countless customers They only have one or two cashiers no matter how busy they are. Their attempts to save money by cutting corners and refusing to replace defective/worn out carts will cost them customers as well. I get annoyed when my shopping cart constantly shifts left or right. There prices are often higher than discount stores. Treating their employees poorly results in employees who seem depressed and angry.

The mandatory smiling policy only makes this situation even more ridicules. I don't like to stand in line an extra 20 minutes because the customer in front of me wants to complain to the manager about a cashier who forgot to smile. Nobody with a real life cares if the cashiers smile or not! We just want to get our shopping done asap. I will boycott Walmart if I get stuck in line for such an absurd reason again.


This company appears to mislead people about jobs in order to spam them regarding college no matter what your level of education is. They ask for sensitive information and try to trick you into agreeing to allow them to share it with colleges.

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