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Mostly free weight loss website, which is a really good deal. They do try and sell you some things like their book, but for what you get on this site it is fine they are trying to make money. Very useful weight loss help and advice. I will admit I have yet to lose weight, but that may more have to do with my ice cream addiction.


Free dating site that I believe rivals This is what you get... techy people rather than the player loser boys on other sites. This site is not as well known as the other more advertised websites, so it attracts a very different type of person. I like it a little more than other free dating sites and fewer creeps than the infamous craigslist that some people use for dating.


I would run from sites like this. The first poster clearly works for the website. They do not even list the ingredients for the psoriasis pills. Do yourself a favor and ask a doctor for real treatments. These guys are just looking to rip people off on diseases that have no medical cures right now.


If you shop at REI, then you should go to this website and look for their deals. You can find great coupons online that will give you 20% off and you can get your camping equipment at very good prices. Better than REI IMO.


I haven't used a recipe book ever since I found this website and have been watching food network ever since. Even if you don't like to cook, food network is a great channel to watch. Makes me hungry just thinking about it... This is the first place I look when I want to try a new recipe. The videos are great too!


I have used google docs and other free word processing software but I think zoho is by far the best out there. It is almost free to use and only costs a little bit of money yet is well worth the price of admission to this great product. No more trying to find you documents on your hard drive or worrying if you didn't save them. All stored online safe and securely.


Found out lots of useful information on how to select the perfect camera. I think this is a great site for people who do photography as a hobby but if you are just looking for a cool point and shoot camera then this site is a little bit overwhelming


Very slick site and I like the simplicity and design. If it wasn't for the facebook connect I probably wouldn't sign up. Fun to see where friends go and with FB I think my friends will probably join. I might not use it that much as by the time I get back to my desk to log on I won't bother to go to this site. I think something like this is begging for twitter and iphone apps, but I'm guessing they are working on it. I have seen similar apps for the iPhone, but none of them have really caught on that much. What would be really cool is a Yelp type of app for this site where you can say, I'm at the gas station on 2nd and harrison and there is this really cute guy that works there. Still it is a nice site and worthwhile checking out.


I really wanted a tempurpedic bed but I couldn't afford to pay what they charge and the company sets strict pricing guidelines for all of their distributors so you can never get a tempurpedic for a low sale price. I did some research on memory foam and came across this website. I picked up their celebration bed and have slept better ever since! It is the same exact thing as a tempurpedic bed but at a fraction of the price.


LOVE this mattress, my boyfriend has the Rhapsody and it was the best thing I had ever slept on before. It essentially cured my neck and back pain. Those TV infomercials are all true. This was his deal, he bought it locally rather than online because at the local store they can give it to you "tax free" because they are not allowed to lower the MSRP, and they can throw in 2 free pillows and a free box spring. But even still these beds are EXPENSIVE. I decided I wanted to buy a tempurpedic for my own home, but I couldn't afford the $$$$ of this brand of memory foam. I looked online and found They have similar HD memory foam that is much much cheaper. I think when you are buying a tempurpedic brand bed you are partially paying for those expensive TV commercials. I bought the Angel Celebration bed and it is the same quality of sleep I get at my boyfriends place. I will admit I am on the lighter side and perhaps heavier people may benefit from the tempurpedic mattress, but I am glad to have saved the money. I am still giving this website a full heart because their mattresses really are amazing and changed the way I sleep.


I will admit we have spent about 300 dollars buying these stuffed animals but it is worth it. The pure joy my daughter gets when the POTM (pet of the month) virtual gift arrives is worth every penny. It also teaches her to do things like feed her pet and does teach responsibility. No fear of online predators while she is on this site as well. If you are new to webkinz, I would recommend going to their site and starting with the pet of the month for the extra goodies, the kids seem to love them.


One of the more versatile shopping cart programs - I always tell my clients to go with a shopping cart that offers multiple solutions for payments and processing. This cart offers everything from google carts, paypal and quickbooks. They also have multiple shipping options including Fed Ex. I believe these options are MORE important than going with cheap software as over time these types of options will give your business more options and pay off in the long run.


Shopping carts that only offer are suspicious - Any shopping cart software that only offers a single option for your CC processing to me is very suspicious of a deal between and the shopping cart company. Ideally, you want to be able to choose from a variety of merchant services. I had a client with this shopping cart and switched him to one that offered more variety so he can change depending on the rates.


Cold fusion shopping cart for the masses - I had a client who chose this shopping cart solution because he was familiar with coldfusion. Developed on cold fusion it claims to offer around 120 features. Though I am yet to take advantage of all the features. I was able to integrate it to the a payment processor. I made use of its feature that allows it to have unlimited amount of admins. It comes with a built in content management and a WYSIWYG editor which is nice to have. Not a bad shopping cart if you have the ability to alter the cold fusion code on your own or can hire someone like me that can easily do it. The price on this shopping cart isn't bad either. The one issue I have is that they integrate with USPS and did not bother do build modules for UPS or FedEX... this could be a deal breaker for some people


You get what you pay for with 3dcart - This is actually one of the better shopping cart software out there on the market. Plus it supports UPS and other forms of shipping. You can even use Quickbooks with it as well. This is definitely better than some of those cheaper pay once carts. Sure you have to pay monthly, but like I said, you get what you pay for.


Easy set up but not great merchant fees on 1shoppingcart - I transferred one of my clients off of 1shoppingcart and he is making more money now because he has lower merchant fees. The shopping cart is very cheap $99, and it is subsidized by the higher merchant fees. 2.2% is NOT low... you can definitely find a lower merchant fee.


Stay far away from 1greatshoppingcart - A client of mine used this software and I almost died laughing when I saw this website. It is the most pathetic website selling shopping cart software I have ever seen. And, then name... 1 great shopping cart... please. Having said that my client was very easy to please after I got rid of this shopping cart. Though I have to admit for the price they charge $199 I think, it is not a bad deal for people who need something simple and easy.


PHPBB is free and vbulletin costs big bucks, so what do you choose? - PHPBB is the best open source bulletin board software provided and it helps me develop and manage multi category bulletin boards. The php88's extensive administration panel helps me customize features without coding. Overall I think it is pretty good tool to develop bulletins with and it is free. I tried Vbulletin and it is a little bit better, but NOT for the $$$$ and licensing fees they charge. Just go with phpbb and don't look back.


Pubmatic is one of the better web publishing companies. - I tried the services of Pubmatic which is Internet advertising company that helps website publishers run the highest paying ads from top ad networks. I came to know that it offers services to Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network and Valueclick. The ads are chosen on the highest paying bid amount a ad company will pay to the publisher which I found actually helps both the publisher and the ad company as the one that bids the highest is most likely to be chosen. I would definitely recommend this company.


Doubleclick is now better that it is owned by google - the problem with doubleclick before google bought it was that the customer service was severely lacking. I still used them because they had a good product. But now that google owns them that are 100 times better in customer service. Leave it to google to clean house and make this a great ad firm.

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