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My experience with Emirates was excellent.
My journey on great and largest Airbus-A380 was extraordinary.
When I visited Dubai and took a Flight on this beautiful aircraft and relaxing on those comfortable flat-bed seats in business class.
I must say that Emirates is a safe and secure airline with well-trained and polite staff and a lovely hospitality that a passenger may want to travel by Emirates again and again.
I liked the facilities provided in the flight like entertainment and a mini bar was a cherry on top.
All in one Emirates provides Good safety standards, best meal service, chauffeur service and lounge service and that seems like haven.

Products used:
Must go for the lounge service, it's the best.


I created AOL email keeping in mind the safety and security. And I like the service updates notifications that I get time-to-time from AOL admin, so I can keep my contact details and double check the security system and keep it updated.
AOL email service is quite a relief for a user that also helps making a spam free email service.


I found Revlon nail enamel colorstay, quite long lasting, very stylish and long wearable for both working and homely woman.
Different colors, shades and finish are quite classy and impressive.
And the glitter nail enamel and colorstay gel envy range is very eye-catching. And the Price is also low in budget and affordable and the discounts are also good online.


Yahoo mail has changed a lot by time with so many positive changes.
And I being the user of Yahoo is a long journey to share here and I felt that many things are quite good from email settings to email reading.
But one thing that I don't like is the advertisements placement on top of our email inbox. Many times while opening the top most email, the advertisement gets clicked and sometimes it annoying, as it distracts while reading an email.
FYI theirs a lot of space in yahoo site where the ads can be put or visible to users. And it also questions the safety and security of a user who's part of yahoo mail.


I joined YouTube as it's a Google services. By time the Youtube's Quality of Video has gone a tremendous change and I must say it's good, safe and secure platform to watch videos. And you even get both emails and on phone notifications of the channels you have subscribed to. It's now more to easy to watch videos off-line as well as sometimes it's not possible to watch videos online all the time.
And after their strict policies and rules & regulations, there are no spam videos here.
It's all safe place for all video watchers.


McDonald's is the best restaurant am visiting and eating here since childhood with family and friends.
I felt wherever I go I look for the McDonald's delicious meal in town and the burger & fries is a yummy food I cherish. I must say that the food service, hygiene and cleanliness is the plus point of this restaurant.
And any Family who visits McDonald's is 'The Happy Family' who loves the time they spend here.
Thank you McDonald's for this Home-like feel.

Products used:
Burger and Fries


I didn't know that the big name is really short in purpose.
Rakuten surveys as also known as Rakuten Insight surveys really cheat people mentioning big points, but only used to give one point all the time after completion of surveys. That means when one would reach the redemption of point qualification, nobody knows. One should applause Rakuten for continuously sending surveys with big points mentioned that anyone would love to have but all fake.
It's better to get rid of such surveys rather wasting time here.


I love doing surveys and love learning lot of things about products and brands.
But joining was the biggest mistake I did and I realized it when I saw the surveys I was getting from opinion world all no use and just wastage of precious time.
As whenever I click on the surveys to start it, it used to say survey is unavailable all the time. And by last if I get chance to complete the survey and submit the survey, it used to say unsuccessful this time and not qualified and asked to update profile.
FYI, My profile was already updated.
And when you complain it to customer care, an answer would be so much partial. Till I felt it's just the waste of time here on Opinion World and I quit.


Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodorant Roll-on for women is a cool deo I'm using since few years now.
I like the fragrance of this deodorant and the coolness after using it.
It's must for women who want a smooth and beautiful underarms and want to get rid of sweat and smell in summers.


A Good Smart Friend as Samsung Smartphone, really helped me in all my online work and writings. It's been 5 years now and would love to continue this relationship for more 5 years to come. What a great system from look and features. It's a value for money and best for a mobile shopper. I like all the inbuilt features of the phone.
Thank you Samsung.


When I started watching Nigella & her cooking shows & her innovative recipes, I felt a Home-made meals got a 'Magical Touch'.
I must say she's a 'Cooking Magician' who makes each and every food she cooks beautiful and makes them with complete heart and soul.
Like a Mother who knows what her kids want and make a simple dish into Special one's.
What an inspiration for all the food lovers.
Thank you Nigella, Keep Cooking and keep inspiring.


I joined Facebook 10 years back when some known person introduced me & requested me to join it. It was all trust that mattered to me and as it was a new social platform that helped many of us to connect with our lost & old friends.
But by time I felt the loss of trust and misuse of our personal info & I almost lost the touch with FB.
Now as am unable to complaint or send feedback to Facebook for what they doing is really intolerable.
Mentioning few of the important things that Facebook need to take care of is would be very good for many users as well:
Kindly don't send me notifications to post on my timeline.
Kindly stop suggesting friends online to me as am really not interested in it, same goes in the newsletters and notifications.
And I only respond to friends sometimes as am not regular on Facebook and I love commenting on their posts, but I get the comments of all the people who comment after I've commented on the same post.
And also I get notifications of Pages whom I've not Liked or followed.
Trust is Must for me. Let's face it.


When I joined Instagram thinking it's a good platform for creative people for sharing pictures and showcasing their talent. At that time I didn't knew that I'll face so many issues one after another in the insta world.
Namely, a lot of spam accounts are here and loads of fraudulent activities happen here and many looks for public accounts to send them spam messages, comments and even emails if you had a public account.
FYI how many fake accounts I've reported is countless. So what does the verification team when someone creates a fake account on instagram.
To continue further many people here follow you and ask you to follow them and if you don't follow them they unfollow you later.
Likewise many people like your post, so you like their post in return. It's like like for like and follow for follow.
BTW You can't forcefully like anyone's post or follow someone's account just because they are doing the same and beg you to do the same.


I keep getting these messages mentioning that you got points in your account and now go and shop and you get discount. Also mentioning expire date of voucher points These forceful SMS really annoys me at times. And to one's amazement, you later get a message mentioning your points got expired.
O really, but I never asked for these points in first place. Am not a regular shopper on future pay, but these irritating SMS really making me opt out of this app service.


One of the biggest problem, I was facing was spam calls and messages.
But Truecaller helped me sort out this problem and really made my life safe and secure by all safety features that included in the truecaller app. It also provides complete spam report about the spam and fraudulent callers and phone numbers. And it also had a feature to tag a caller. Really love this truecaller app that's an important part of my smartphone now.


It's really annoying when you keep getting so many fake forwards and messages from random & unknown people who keep forwarding such messages and may get benefits from it.
How whatsapp allow such spam activity to happen and fraudulent people and websites to do such fraud.
And There should be a feature that should only allow an unknown person to send a friend request and not a message directly. And if we know a person, only after adding him or her, he or she should be allowed to send messages.
And also there should be a feature that should allow app user to choose what kind of messages we want to receive and what we don't want to receive.
I felt that people here fool innocent people with some fun and spam activities by misusing the names of Genuine websites and asking them to forward the message to 10 or more people so you would get benefits and miracle happen to the reader. I think such noscense messages should not be allowed on such a social app that has huge usability and following. And also one knows that the app is free of cost and help many people to exchange messages and call each other for free. But It would be helpful if there would be safety and security on whatsapp that would allow people to trust them. I discontinued the services as I was not able to get the solution of so many such bad and negative things happening to me on this app.


I joined Linkedin as a professional and ambitious person who also wanted to connect with same people but with Respect.
I really liked this Professional platform for career oriented people like me where one can share their thoughts on different posts, job posting emails, knowledgeable info shared by linkedin team via newsletters. And people send you connection requests & want to connect & chat with you on a professional level(keeping in mind the privacy & respect of a person) is what made me love the professionalism of many linkedin individuals. And it helped me learn many things that makes me become more ambitious.
Am totally in it.


One of the lotus representative recommended me to use lotus by telling me it's best sunscreen cream for sun protection with Max of SPF.
But I regret later after it's usage I started getting red spots on my face and painful pimples. OMG, it almost made my face reddish carrot. And when I complained about the product & went to return it, the representative said it's suitable for all skin types but not my skin. It made me think that I trusted a bad product & I only got hurt health wise & money wise.


When I joined to help people with my Psychic skills free of cost to thousands of people. And people were happy with my guidance and many followed me on my social media accounts. I also wrote many articles on astrology to help people & also took admin job as volunteer to help the site. But in return the site owner used me & banned for my true work that I was doing free of cost. The owner use you & your work & want you to work according to them & when you raise your voice about the wrong system they ban you. Most of the astrologers are fake there & many genuine astrologers left the site because of there fake system & management or the owner ban the astrologers when went against the sites wrong motives. I was doing the work as a humanitarian, if when someone wanted to pay for my work they used to request my readings & I used to get little commission & the owner of the site was getting all the benefits. I wasted so much time writing so many important articles for the site & they took all the credit. Liars & cheaters on this site. But am happy I helped many people who wanted my help & guidance in their life.


I joined this site just for cash, points & online shopping with those points(extra side income).
But started getting surveys that I completed & when the time to get the points came after submit of the survey, it used to say I don't qualify or come next time or take another survey or update your info or profile. Basically they wanted to know about my house hold income or what I do to earn money. Survey site should be more interested in our genuine opinion in taking surveys & not our earning money personally. If I would have earning good. Why would I waste my time on these surveys.

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