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I have been editing images on adobe lightroom for years and then I got a free trial version with my new sony. I can see why so many people use capture one for their image editing. Plus it can do better tethered capture.


I typically only buy sony/canon lenses for my DSLR. The new line of Sigma art lenses are the bomb. Often times better than the best L canon lenses or GM of the sony. Good job sigma


I did a bunch of research and found vava dash cam to be a great product for capturing the road. Everyone should have a dash cam just in case you get into an accident and it wasn't your fault. I like that it has a really good sony sensor too.


Let me be clear, I don't own one of these chairs. I sat in one a month ago and have been researching them ever since then. One of the most comfortable desk chairs I have ever tried before. You can sit in them for hours. Not just for gaming either.


I will not go into detail about any copyright laws or how people can rip blu rays (even 3D blu rays) and play them on this player. I just wanted to write about how well designed this product is and how all products should really follow this model. If you haven't heard of Vidon.me or the vidon products, just begin by downloading their free app on android or your iphone. Simply put this hardware device can stream literally any video format to your HDTV, tablet or mobile device. You can even turn your PC into a server for the vidon.me media streamer. It only costs $99 can you can stream pretty much any ripped blu ray disc to your HDTV. The best part is this way you can maintain your entire blu ray experience. Using the vidon.me server you can even stream your blu rays to mobile devices and it transcodes on the fly. Anyone who has dealt with the problem of transcoding mp4s to be playable on a wide variety of devices will appreciate the ability of vidon.me to do this on the fly. If you are considering picking up a vidon.me player, then I would recommend getting the bundle from dvdfab as they often have a deal where if you buy both together it is cheaper. You will need a dvd/blu ray ripper anyways in order to get the most out of your vidon.me player.

Wolly X. – VidOn.me Rep

For TV, you can use VidOn Box to play Blu-ray ISO and move folders.
For mobile users, please install VidOn Player on your phone and download VidOn Server on your PC. After a few simple settings, you phone will be able to play even Blu-ray ISO and movie folders. We also provide frequent update to improve your experience.


The concept is great, just like back in the day when companies were giving out free dial up internet accounts just to introduce the service to you. But there is always a catch with free and here it is that they are trying to up sell on a wide variety of additional services. $10 automatic top-up after you sign up... meaning they will bill you monthly to get additional services. Still, it isn't that bad of a deal and there is no contract which is very nice.


We needed a new phone system for our business and this one fit the bill. It was cheap and could easily expand to handle 8 incoming lines. They have headsets and a very easy to use voicemail system. Don't bother hiring an installer for this system, you will not need it.


I just had a great experience at kinkos/fed ex for printing out my entire business cards and signage for a new office. I have gone online in the past but I needed a real 24 hour delivery time and fedex kinkos delivered it all to me fast and with amazing quality. They will match online prices too if you ask them about it.


I have tried cheaper video camera security systems but they have not worked out very well. I did end up buying a lorex system with a built in monitor and system and have been much happier with the video quality and night vision. I would only go with this level of security camera and not the cheap ones.


This has to be one of the best sites for anyone to learn digital photography, photoshop, video editing and even web design. There is a heavy focus on adobe products, but they also do have some information on other software programs. The site is aimed towards professionals in the field but I think even amateurs or hobbyists can learn much from this site. The video production is top notch and the tutorials are excellent. Worth every cent to join the site.


I did a demo of lynda.com after I purchased photoshop and I was impressed with the quality of the tutorials I just wish they had more of them. Specifically, I wanted more tutorials on the more advanced aspects of photoshop. I think this is great for a beginning but less so for advanced users.


This has to be the most amazing bed ever. It is like the best parts of a temperpedic combined with a sleep number bed and an electric back rest. I like how when the bed gets so called lumpy you can just replace the middle and not worry about replacing the entire thing too. The only downside is the big price tag. The highest end temperpedic beds run about $7K for a king, and I do own one of those and will say it is worth it. These run about the same price except you also get the electric back rest and you can customize the bed so both you and your partner can have different sleep experiences. From that point of view it is a no brainer to pick this over the highest end temperpedic beds.


For the price of what you get the animation quality on wizmotions is a killer deal at under $1000 for a full animated explainer video along with a professional voice over. If you were to rewind about 10 years ago this same video production would cost 5-10x the price. There are now many companies doing this type of work but not at this professional level.


I just tried this out and now that they partnered with istock I expect more people will be using their features. The cost is now more than what I would expect. $250 for a pro account with access to songs? At that price you can buy a subscription to adobe CC and have every single adobe product for a year and create videos much more sophisticated than on animoto. For that matter almost any iphone program can create videos as easily as on animoto and for much less money.


Finally a shock absorbing cane that really allows for better movement. My dad has been complaining for years about his arm and shoulder hurting him while trying to walk around. He has suffered from arthritis and needs a cane to walk. The stiff cane caused more problems for him. This hurrycane is just what he needed.


I have friends who have worked with these guys at highway1 and the concept of bringing hardware ideas to fruition is genius. Getting an in to work with the manufacturing plants in China is always challenging and to be able to have a team that can do that work for you is golden. I hope more companies like this pop up in the future to assist all of us aspiring business tech entrepreneurs.


Whenever I buy something from apple I never buy directly from the apple store as that is always the highest price. Apple strictly controls pricing of their products so online you can never get a deal. Macmall is the rare exception and they give you 2-3% off of what apple charges at retail. That 2-3 percent can add up if you are spending thousands.


I shop J&P cycles mostly for yamaha tires when they go on discount. When I found out about this site I stopped buying retail as the markup is more than what J&P has on their tires. I burn through a set every 2 months so this is the most expensive part of cycling for me.


This is also a very good ebook converter that strips away DRM and allows you to create pdfs of your own ebooks which you have purchased. This is open source and free for all.


There are some instances where people need a pdf version of their kindle or other ebook but there are very from tools that allow you to do this easily. I found epubconverter to be a great tool for this and you can create a pdf version of almost any type of ebook. It is a little complicated to use and not as straightforward as it could have been but it does do the conversion rather well.

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