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Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark ( my location and birtdate is not correct to protect my self )

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Easy going, i have seen the world and lived in forign countrys. I have traveled the world in the search for love.

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My reviews are based on REAL LIFE experience and not something that i just make up. My reviews of dating scam have been viewed about 900.000 times now and i hope i help some people not waste their money or worse the emotional abuse using the firms that i have reviewed. If anyone have the ability then kindly help to shut them down all the dating websites with East european girls is a scam, the girls often get payed money under the table to be on the websites = its a job = economic scam

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During the soccer comptition in the summer time i see an advertising if i signup i could see my national team play via their life stream.
I signed up and thought i play some money as well.
I put 1000Dkr in my account with ease and no questions asked or anything.
A few houres later i all of a sudden was asked to verify my identity and now some functions on the website stopped working. And i could not see the soccer match anyway;-( But i was still able to spend my money and bet on soccer matches.
Long story short my 1000dkr is now 3500dkr since i won some bets.
But since i have to verify my identity to have my money payed out im stuck.
Truth is i dont trust bet365. Example i was able to put money in my new account without verification in the first place should not have been possible.
So i dont trust them and refuse to give them my private information to verify my identity since i was mislead when i signed up.
They can so to speak just give me back my money and put them in my account on the visa card i payed with. Its really a no brainer.
If i can put money in my account without verification then they can also give it back to me when i ask to have my account closed and my money refunded.
I even spoke to the Responsible Danish Betting athorities and they tell me that after 30 day if a person have not verified their identity the account should be closed and many payed out.
But bet365 have not for several month and several support request followed the law and have taken my money hostage.

In the law it say
Its a demand in the gambling law that you should verify your account within 30 days. Until then you can only get a temponary play account. If you do not verify your account within 30 days the account have to be closed.
When the account is closed, you have the option to have your remaining mooney payed out.
You are not entitled to have payed out a higher amount than you invested.
( with other words if i spend 1000dkr and won 3500, then i will only get my original invested money of 1000dkr back and not the win since i did not verify my identity. That is okay with me since i dont trust the firm and do not want to use their services and just want to have my money back).

There for i cannot recommend bet365 i wasent made aware of ANY limitation when i signed up and was able to insert money without knowning i had to verify my identity.

Tip for consumers:
You need to know that you are not told that you have to verify your identity before you signup.
And you are not told that there are any limitation to having your money payed out.
With other words you are first informed about such things AFTER you spend money.
You need to know the website is not known for good things, i recommend to read other reviews on example trust pilot from other users as well.


I was a member on website for a few days.
I was already corrosponding with some nice girls and funny enough like on all other east european dating with ukraine, russian, and other east european girls 99% of all girls are interested in talking with me and this website was no different and i am no supermodel. But its the same patern on all other of such websites by the way.
I looked though the websites thousands of users and spottet the usual model looking girls who are on all websites and some even on 25 and a few on more than 50 websites. I instant knew that is a really bad sign.
I spotted people i know are or where on dating websites from the past 13 years or so and i wrote a letter to a girl properbly is the most famous scammer of them all and some years ago was on more than 50 websites and talking to thousands of men and replying everybody everyday. Lets face it nobody can do that. Anyway i send her a letter asking her why she dissapear from the other websites and if she had spoken to the police to help have her profile removed. I also asked if she had been abused and her identity stolen.
Then next day my profile was rejected so i could not talk to anyone and the girl was removed from the website as well, actual that was a shame i was talking with some nice girls that i however suspected might not be real and i was using facial recognition software to find their instagram profiles and verify i was talking with the real person.
Until that letter i had done nothing wrong just talking with people and made no trouble at all. But boom i was stopped from using the website and they found out i had used the website before but with another e-mail address and they could see that i previously had asked for a Refund since. I can imagine i asked for a refund due to me finding out the website was fishy and there where many fake girls and scammers there, and then they stop me to hide what they are doing. Also since im an EU citizen i find it kind of strange they did not comply with the EU GDPR rules and they did not delete my data when i am no longer a client.
But truth is 0 dating websites do that, they keep it to prevent people from returning who talk about how their business operate and also to keep track of what man know what woman so who ever is in the other end can pretend to be the girl and continue corrospondance somewhere els as they know the man.
Honestly i would like to write a good review of a ukraine or russian dating website but the truth is the entire industry is one big scam where people get payed to be on the websites by their local agencys. Lets put it this way how can a pretty model looking girl be on example 20 websites and reply hundres if not thousands of mails every day... its simply not possible. This have been going on for 25 years or so now and i even contacted the FBI the police, and reported girls and websites but nothing have been done yet. Im shocked.
Ukraina-love is just another copy of copy who cheat people to make money... stay away, there are allot of old profiles of girls who are on many websites. That is a really bad sign.

Regarding the websites design i think it is terrible. Your letters get mixed up with read and unread ones so its kind of easy to loose a letter with someone you corrospond with. The search function of profiles is okay, but many profiles look lazy with missing info. Some girls do show a selfie of them self with their profile ID i think that is really great. However that do not gurantee you are talking with the girl or if she is even on the website anymore. I found support really good, they answer withing 5 minutes both night and day.

I have attached an image of my support ticket to prove the above, and they talk about i will get a refund. But lets see els i will ask my bank to cancel the payment and tell them i was a victim of fraud wich is correct. Actual it would be incredible interesting if the website complain about that since i would be more than happy to have identified every single girl by the police to check their identity, tax papers, and the firms economic books and servers.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away its a scam, many known scammers and the website will block you once you find out and start asking questions or talk about a scam. I suspect the firm is criminal.


I used vavabrides and godatenow that is the same affliated websites. Godatenow have tons of negative reviews on the net and i highly recommend you to go read them since they match perfect.

The websites design are the same and most of the girls are the same. Just another godatewebsite with another name but all in all the same.

You get tons of AI computer created introduction letters every day +50 i guess and fake chat popup
And there is the same excact same patern that when you write someone they will constant send you letters or want to chat with you every day trying to "lure" you into sending them a letter every day = they earn money.

It did not take me long to find girls who is long gone who left the dating websites but where someone pretend to be the girl on the image. And one of them i know is married and she dissapear when i arrive at the website ( that is quite funny, since she know i can prove she committed fraud i even have her wedding photos). And it dident take me long to recieve letters from girls i know from other websites who even attaced photos in their profile who is not them self but from another girls profile. ( view screenshot)
Also their storys and professions do not match when i compare the dating profile to other on the net.
I did speak to a girl named Margo who i asumed was fake but she was kind to send me a selfie with todays date on a piece of paper. Unfortunatly there are classic paterns in the corrospondance and also i know the website is godatenow just with another name. There for i stop the corrospondance and ask for a refund since I dont trust the website and there where many things who indicate bad things where going on that eventualy would end up like on godatenow where you talk/chat for many month and spend money and then the girl or girls dont show up on a date or are serious. Its the same patern that i as a very experienced internet dater know what to look for.
But its hard to explain. All in all stay away from ALL east european dating websites its for most girls just a job to be on the websites. Girls get payed under the table to be there, some do not even write their own letters. Some are even on +10 + 25 dating websites and get hundreds of letters every day in total. Well no person can reply such amount of letters even if they try. ( or remember the corrospondance)
All Dating websites anti scam policy is not worth anything its just fake advertising.
Anyway all of this is a long story i recommend to read my other long reviews of other dating websites since they are all interconnected since they all get the same girls profiles from the local marriage agencys where the scam happen and all websites know this but have no real interest in protecting the clients vs earning money.

Stay away chances you meet the girls are very low, and why should an attractive girl pick you as a partner when she can just go to a rich club and find a millionaire in her own city. LIfe is actual great in ukraine and other east countrys IF you have money.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away its a scam... The website is the same as and you can find many negative reviews about this website. ( vavabrides and godatenow are the same )

Products used:

• Updated review

It seem that my 100% legit review of Seiclub have been censored / hidden by sitejabber after a complaint by Seiclub.:
E-mail notification by sitejabber.
Seiclub has reported your review as having an invalid Order ID. In order to publish your review, please provide a valid Order ID by responding to this email.

My answer to the above.: I am unable to provide an Order ID since its many month ago i used Seiclub
( tried to without success) and i have delete my e-mails since i no longer wanted to become a member.
Also after i left Seiclub i ask them to delete all optained data acording to the GDPR rules in EU that basicly say that all information/account have to be deleted on request. So technical speaking Seiclub should have no record of me being using their service if they actual followed my request and deleted my data acording to the EU GDPR rules.
I do ofcourse have understanding that a firm are not interested in a negative review but it's not okay to
Try to have a honest review removed via sensorship. And is it really that bad of a review i dont use words such as scam, fraud or anything like that just a honest story about my experience where i wasted about 3 month waiting for the firm.
There for i will post my review again and again, and even copy/paste it on other sites in the near future as a kind thank you for trying to use sensorship to have my review removed.!
My review is 100% real and legit and i dont accept any kind of censorship.

I tried to joined SEI Club a few month ago nov 2019 and left it again in start of feb 2020.
I joined via their online application form and then waited for about 14-20 days for a reply and the free interview.
But since i dident hear anything i contacted Seiclub and they told me to send my application again. This time i send it via another e-mail address since I thought maybe reason was my mail ended up in their spam folder. I included a pdf document if i recall correctly to be sure they got the application and some photos. Again nothing happen for "guess" 3 weeks other than i now started to get allot of well written standard emails that with very fine word promoted Seiclub again and again how fantastic they are, and bla bla.
Some even said welcome to Seiclub and then some extremly well written text about the Seiclub experience and fancy photos.
I cant remember 100% but i think i send my profile again for the 3rd time but this time in plain text with photos attached to the support staff. I dident hear anything.
I also started getting matches of the "few" public avaliable profiles on their website where i as a 41 year old male was matched with women age 65. She seem to be a nice lady but I actual find that a bit unserious when i wrote in my profile/application i am looking for a girl max 35 years old.
In general i found the application / signup process to be VERY weak.
I fill out income, where i live and my education range, but they dont want to know anything about my hobby or write an introduction text. How will they as a so calle serious high class match making service be able to match me with someone with so little information is a mystery to me.?
Also no photo verification, but ofcourse technical speaking they could just see me "live" via the so called free skype interview and ask me any relevant info there, but unfortunatly i never had such an offer.
They also started sending me a match like every 2 weeks, and i started getting e-mail spam / commercials with suggestions wich fine expensive resturant to visit in different populare big citys around the world.

After a few weeks of waiting time only recieving commercials of how great Seiclub is i again wrote to support and but this time with my VPN turned off since i thought maybe they ban e-mails from people who send via VPN.
Again i never hear anything and i then in feb 2020 wrote and ask them to remove me acording to the GDPR rules since i had given up and was tired of their "spam".
So i tried sending my application several times with several e-mails and with the attachment in different kind of format without hearing anything. I would asume a so called high class match making service would follow up on things when i a few times spoke to support about the issue. But nothing happened.
All in all my experience was very dissapointing and i had lost interest in becomming a member i now wasted several month waiting. Support did write me back when i ask to be removed acording to the gdpr rules, but i just ignored it there was nothing left to talk about, i had enough after about 3 of waiting.

I like to say my impression all the way was I had become a member and was waiting for the free skype interview to make my dating profile and get started.

The positive.:
The 2-3 times along the way i spoke to the support they where nice and kind all the way and typical reply within 48 houres.

Their website and few public avaliable profiles on their main page is extremly well written.
Their spam/info/matches are also extremly well written it really made me interested in some of the public avaliable profiles that i read.

Final note.
I have no idea how many members they have, but i think the website is mostly about fine words with a limited amount of people.
Good luck, but maybe you should consider trying another service, that is my advice.
All in all. Allot of fine words but thats it.
But maybe you have more success than me.
That is my honest review of Seiclub.

Allot of fine words but nothing special
• Previous review

I joined SEI Club a few month ago and basicly what have happened ever since is I get random matches that do not match the age range I seek ( example im 41 and got a math with a 62 year old, though i max seak a woman age 35)

And i filled out my application two times, but they still havent got it. Hmmm

Also i keep getting an e-mail every 7-14 days with recommendations for expensive resturants and i guess some random matches of the few public avaliable woman on the front page of their website.
Also i find the membership application process very weak. I fill out income, where i live and my eudcation range, but they dont want to know anything about my hobby or write an introduction text. How will they even be able to match me with someone with so little information is a mystery to me. They also dident actively follow up on anything or even requested an interview. Hmmmm
And no photo verification that I am the real person on the photos.

All in all many fantastic written dating profiles ( the few avaliable on the main page), and really good well written commercials but other than that. Nothing special actual a waste of time i regret applying for a membership.

But the owner/employee I spoke with where nice and kind all the way and typical reply within 48 houres.

Tip for consumers:
You will not be able to see the other members of the website, only a select few on the front of their dating website. I have no idea how many members they have, but i think the website is mostly about fine words with a limited amount of people.

Products used:
The website is a High end global match making dating website.


This website is 100% fake and i can even prove it.

They steal girls images on the internet and create fake dating profiles. The employees pretend to be the girl on the photo so they earn money when a man write letter to the girls.

Note that the firm have several company addresses in different countries and in tax heavens.

Also be aware when you signup and leave the website you will continue to get spam mails forever from 5 other websites and you cannot be removed since the link in the spam mails do not work.
Also be aware that the antivirus program bitdefender flag this website as atempting "phishing" with other words steal example your e-mail and password ect ect.

Stay very far away from this website its a 100% scam.
Since the websites is hiding in tax heavens and in multiple countries its hard and nearly impossible to shut it down.
They are criminals.!


I have traded with different merchants on Aliexpress for the past +10 years i think.

I like aliexpress and can higly recommend it.
1). When i buy a product then I do not pay the seller imidiatly, but instead aliexpress hold back the money for me. When the product arrive I login and release the money to the seller. This give me quite allot of power as consumer and they dont run away with my money if the package do not show up in my country.
2). Disputes... In china they are almost always only interseted in selling and dont want to do any customer support afterwards, especially when the product is broken.
This is not aliexpress responsiblity but the sellers.
But aliexpress have helped me more than once and im happy about that.

3). There are allot of "junk" on aliexpress but it is your dissision if you buy example the car gps system from a seller and later find out its not what you expect or is of to low quality ( actual they sell car gps with stolen software and typical the gps system break after 2 years or so).

Anyway when everything is told, I only have good oppinion about aliexpress as a website, all though the firms who sell products there are another story.

Ps. Aliexpress have become a more expensive site to use than in the past, but there are other big stores in china that are just like aliexpress so look arround.

Pps. Do not comfuse aliexpress with alibaba website. They look the same, but difference is on aliexpress they typical can sell 1 item to you. While on alibaba it is more for businesses who buy example 100 tvs at once. Or 15000 radios ect.


Paypal have been arround for many years now a days.
But i almost never had any good experience when i used them.

Truth is my credit card was abused several times on paypal so i no longer want to have an account, and actual it might sound easy to just write to the firm and ask them to shut down my account that have 0 usd in it and havent been used for years. But boy was i wrong. I tried several times, but as far as a i know my account is still active. Hmmmmm

Els as a citizen in Denmark it regulary and shop quite allot on the net, then i often bump into paypal when wanting to pay. Sometimes i can pay without being asked about creating and account. But typical im being asked to login or open and account when i want to pay.
Since I do not trust paypal and dont want an account, then I often have to give up buying a product, and asking the seller if I can pay some other way.

Just saying its highly annoying.!

PS. In the past I had a credit card that was soon to expire with 10usd on the account and no option to take more than that.
I wrote to paypal and gave them my credit card information in an e-mail, and 2 days later my card had been abused. I dont know if hackers where monitoring or an employee where responsible, but at least i knew i could not trust their mail system or paypal. Well it was just a simple test, and they failed.


It is a long time ago i used skrill, but it was clearly my impression something was wrong with the firm, and that they did not even follow the law at that time.

I wrote on their facebook profile that people should be aware that the firm Skrill had more than 10 times bad reviews than positive ones and people should be carefull.

Since that day i was banned by them on facebook.
And i later tried to pay something using skrill ( yes that sound stupid) with another credit card and where i lived on a new address.
But this wasent possible, they have blocked me as a human being from using their payment services just becourse I told the truth about their firm.

I can see when i search for skrill review that allot of people share the excact same story as mine with having problems with this firm both ordinary costumors and even firms that have used them for payment services.

Actual im shocked that skrill is still able to operate and havent been shut down yet.

I highly recommend to select other payment methods than skrill when possible.


All in all my first experience with the website is the usual like all other where you get xx amount of "fake" intro letters every day, and see xxx fake chat requests pr hour.

Other than that I also see the usual girls who are on +25 dating websites, and I even bump into a girl there who got secretly engaged while i corrospond with her on anastasiadate.
I told support about this + photos of her social media account ect. And she was removed. Thank you.

And there are profiles of girls who look like copy paste with #&%¤/%¤% in the text, and their job titles and education do not match the same profiles on other dating websites such as anastasiadate - dream-marraige.
Also some profiles I know are old and girls long gone.

Anyway I found a nice girl to corropond with and spoke to her for 2½ month.
Along the way I found out the girl was registred on an antiscam website for being on several websites with fake names... I ask the girl to send me a selfie with my name on a piece of paper and she did to my big surprise.!
I also send the girl flowers in real life, and actual the local flower delivery had problems delivering the flowers, this made me aware something migt not be 100% okay.
However I am an experienced internet dater who have seen all types of scams during the years, and It was pretty obvious that many of her storys she told me sound to good to be true, and that she again and again tried to make me react to answer her letter here and now about situation and work, needing my advice now becourse of an emergency at work/home, wanting to talk about it in chat and bla bla. It just kept going on and on and one story better than the other.
I told Godatenow about this and asked them to investigate the girls IP address and translators to check if there actual was two different IP's logged in and a scam was going on.
TO make the story short 14 days later and 4 days before I arrive in Kiev ukraine, the girl started with all the usual bad excuses that she was "promoted, maybe had to go on business trip, maybe had to work in other country, an important conference and problems at her fathers work and so on.
A very common situation, since this also happen allot on other websites such as " and".
Anyway to make the story short i travel to kiev to meet the girl and was hoping she could find just 2 houres for a cup of coffee. To make the story short during my entire stay not as much as a single SMS outside the website and 0 interest at all about me... Just the usual talk in letters that she like me so much.
BUT she could ofcourse sit online for many houres sometimes writing me long letters... hmmmmmm why dont use that time to meet me, im in kiev to meet her now? Well.
To end my story and experience I wrote a letter and said goodbye and asked go date to delete my profile since I did not really trust the website due to this, and that I see girls there who i doubt are serious and on many other websites making me suspect im not really talking to the real girls.
After my profile was deleted, they instant deleted the girl from the website...

I am glad they remove the girl BUT, why so fast and instant, I would have asumed they needed time to investigate "my story" and if I was lied too and so on. But no.
Well truth is I dont knwo what to belive other than I did not meet the girl i came to visit... Dont know if she was removed becourse of this, or if they could see something was wrong with corropsondance ect ect.

Well all in all I just feel emotional abused and economic abused.
And have the feeling It ofcourse fall back on the website.

Ps. I went on some blind dates in kiev, via the dating app named "tinder"... it was free. Well what should i do when standing in ukraine to meet a "serious" girl from a dating website that just filled me with lies. Unfortunatly not the first time this happen to me recent years... Even if a man talk to 4 girls and come to go on a date with all the girls then MAYBE 1 show up the rest will 1-5 days before the man arrive break their leg, business trip, model work, and other crap... same old story.
Actual all dating websites should give a heavy fine to a girl if she say yes to meet an man and then do not show up, example cover 50% of his travel expenses.
That will very fast prevent such scams and make girls put an X in the calender and scare unserioius girls away.
Problem is there are many fake dating profiles out there, and even fake dating websites... I dont know who to trust anymore it is a sick industry, where even serious dating website get cheated and abused by "girl - Translator scams" where they just pay girls under the table to rent her photos and pay her pr. Letter, and pr chat and now and then a date where the translator give her a review of the corrospondance before the date... well that is how ukraine/russian dating is and people speak about it in the clubs and is common for students to be on dating websites to earn money.


Stay away. More than 90% of the girls are fake.
Many of the girls are fake and the agency emplyees pretend to be the girl on the photo.

Can I prove this YES. Will put video on youtube about it soon

Be aware they have several other dating website but with different names..

Tip for consumers:
warning scam


I have been a member on the website for +10 years on and off for 6 month now and then.
I used their service many times and did meet some of the worlds most beautifull girls on dates in kiev, kharkov, odessa.
In the start everything went well with talk and dates but once i found out many of the girls get payed to be there and actual dont even write their own letters and asked questions i was kind of black listed.
I was still able to talk to everyone however people no longer show up on dates.
I also startede experiencing girls who made fake comments on our dates and said untrue things about me properbly since i found out they where being payed money to date me.
Many of the girls are on many other websites as well, and its simply humanly possible to reply all men who write to them even if they sit online 12 houres a day = you are talking to employees.
That is also why you on 0 websites can have your dating profile deleted since they need them to quickly readup on the old corrospondance in case you show up on another website and talk to the girl there as well.
Somtimes hower the girls do also have their dating profiles stolen and sometimes the girls them self are victims of identity theft and abuse by the dating industry.
Its all about money and honestly almost nobody get married, and especially NOT the model looking girls.
Lets face it if you are pretty in ukraine/russia you can go to any club and easy find a wealthy man and have a good life. There is no real reason to marry a west man.

I honestly cannot recommend you to use this firm its a big scam.
Yes the girls are real BUT you are often just talking to an employee who pretend to be the girl on the photo. It work in such a way that example a student come to a local marriage agency in her home country and they give her for free a professionel photo foto shoot and then post her profile online.
Next they "sell" her profile to one or several dating websites and now her local agency get x money for this + translators and dates the agency also get x money pr chat, letter, date, gift.
And in the end the girl also get x money.
Before a date the girl get a review of the corrospondance and the translator is there to help her with translation but also with advice and controling the conversation.
THat is also why you will NEVER be able to be alone with the girl not even on date 3-4 and if you suggest to use your own translator no girls will show up. One reason is they get a cut of the translation fee that is 40 usd. An ordinary translation firm in example kiev ukraine charge like 10-15 pr hour, but the dating agencys take up to 40usd for mediocre translation.
Its easy to prove that something shady is going on, since allot of the girls sit online ready to chat all night and often 24 houres a day month after month. I wonder when they sleep or go to work.
Also its kind of funny that the girls letters and what they do in their life do not match what the girl is uploading on instagram and other social media.
In my +10 years on such dating websites 99% of all girls have wanted to know me and that just indicate that something is very wrong compared to ordinary dating websites where like 1 out of 50 want to know me.
Also during all +10 years 100% of all girls have replied all of my letters withing 3-4 days and we are talking guess +500 letters during all these years. Aint it funny that nobody did not want to talk with me or stop corrospondance?

Stay away both the girls and the dating website is criminal and know very well that they are scamming people. And dont belive all of the good reviews here most of them are fake and not real.

I have reported the firm to the police multiple times and still working on shutting them and the entire industry with east european girls down. The entire industry is more or less one big scam.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away its a scam. The girls are getting payed money to be on the website and you are properbly talking to an employe.
Everyone only have an interest in talking to you to earn money especially the most pretty model looking girls are NEVER serious, though you might have more success talking to someone less attractive.
Just keep in mind for money of these girls its just a job to be there.
You can even find online advertising where marriage firms look for model looking girls.

Products used:
I used all services the website offer though a period of +10 years
chat, dating, letters, gift


I just want to say that after being a member for +15 years on and off, yes I even know their services better than their own employees who cant even agree if it is a dating agency or a social network. I simply cannot recommend anastasiadate to anyone, but rather warn everybody to stay away, save your money and run.
Unserious, unprofessional and a money machine with the only purpose of making you spend money, where it now a days are like winning in the lottery if a girl actual show up on a date.!

All in all i cannot recommend anastasiadate and my very best advice to you is to stay far away.

I started using anastasiadate the very first time in 2006.
Since then i meet +15 girls i think, who all have the same in common that they where the worldst most beautifull girls with good educations.
On all of my dates it have been impossible to be together with a girl alone, yes not even possible to go for a walk together or go to the cinema together without the translator having to be there even though the girl spoke english.
I wasent even able to be alone with my "fiance" that by the way just abused me for money.
And now that i look back on my dates then i admit i have been stupid to accept that the translator always had to be there and i always had to pay money to spend time with a girl.

Actual i wrote this review several years ago and it have been read more than 300.000 times i think... but i like to update my review since I used anastasiadate a few days ago when i was in ukraine again after not using anastasiadate for years.
I did before my trip get to know two girls, a laywer and a girl who study administration.
Both said to me before i travel and before i buy my trip that they would be happy to meet me on a date and one even said she would like to be my tour guide and so on. Since i had confirmation someone would meet me when i travel, then i bought the ticket and went to kiev for 14 days so i had plenty of time to date and get to know the girls. By the way i only look for 1 girl, but as you all know that two people do not always fall in love and also sometimes people do not show up so i thought 2 girls then my chance is higher to meet someone and fall in love.
Anyway i called the girls using anastasias terrible telephone service where there alwasy are noice on the line, and one girl i only speak to for 1 minute els she was disonnected or i was disconnected. So i asked translator to give them my information after the telehpone call.
Anyway when i arrive in kiev i did not hear anything for 5 days, so i wrote to anastasiadate and asked them to send my information to the girls agency. Then i got 1 sms from each girl the day after that said they where working and busy bla. Bla. Since it was monday. During the rest of my stay i hear nothing, even though both girls knew i was in kiev, nobody took initative to anything.
The long story short... I think it is a total lack of respect to treat a person with so little respect when a person travel example 2000-5000km to come meet and then people cannot walk out the door to meet the person, and not caring just a little bit, or being excited to go on a date.!
I wrote to support that I found this very wrong, and suggested they send the girls a bill to cover my travel expenses of about 780usd for hotel, plane, transport ect. To teach them a lesson, and also i would like to have my money refunded for the telephone call and e-mails to my VISA and not to my anastasia account.
To be honest i did not read the support reply yet, or the two letters from one of the girls that was send 2 days before i go home, and while i was in the airport.
They could just have sms me or used viber/watsapp they had the information.
But my story is actual NOT a single time this happen to me.
Actual my last 3-4 trips to ukraine the last 3 years it happen rather often that girls do not show up on a date. Here we are talking 3-4 different dating websites and there is always the excact same patern no matter what website you use.

The girls love to "chat, chat and chat ", they are okay with letters. They all like to corrospond with you, and they all like to go on a date with you before you arrive.
BUT about 5-1 day before you arrive, some will cancel, get sick, break their leg, have to go on business trip. And though who do not say anything, will often not show up on a date or be impossible to contact one you are in ukraine.
It dosent matter it is Anastasiadate or any other ukraine dating website, its the same story and experience.
Overprised and almost everything cost money with tons of fake chat popup and fake introduction letters, and atempts to make you click on something that cost money all the time.

TIP.: Try to search on google using these ukraine words.
( ukraine marriage model kiev)
And you will find local dating marriage agencys that are looking for young, models to work in the marriage website. They can even work from home and get paid xxx
Per month. Well let me put it this way, you feel lucky.?
Truth is for many especiall young students they get paid a little money for lending their photos to their local agencys, and then they get paid money for that. Some get paid pr. Letter, and pr chat minute. Especially chat pay more than letters.
And going on dates, well they just have to show up now and then spend a few houres and then its back to normal where some girls do not even write their own letters but just get a review of the corrospondance before going on a date by their translator/agency. I know this since i know people who worked in such agencys, both translators and girls told me how it work. There are also many vidoes on youtube where you can see this for your self by the way.
But try and search on google for this "
шлюб модель kiev робота

Then you get a result like this, with a long list of jobs and payment for the above job
Https :// Ua/ua/jobs-kyiv-%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BB%D1%8C/

Some jobs are ordinary model jobs, but some jobs you can easy see the marriage angency look for girls.
It is commonly known in ukraine that girls work in marriage agencys, you see ads in newspapers and so on or people standing near discos or outside universitys to offer such jobs to girls.
TIP.: if you copy paste the above link into google translate and press translate to english then the webpage is automatic translated into english and you can read it.

Sometimes i even have corrosponded with example 4 girls on two different websites, and if i invite 4 girls on a date during a 14 day period, maybe 1 show up and are intersted, even though our corrospondance have been amazing.
If the girl show up, you will NEVER be able to be alone with her, for a walk or going to the ciname ect.
And you will pretty much always get a "backup" telephone number and not her real number or e-mail. Its like everything always have to go though her local dating website so someone can earn money!.
It is also quite common if someone actual ( rare) speak to you outside of the website, that they loose your information so you have to buy it again to earn money. ( some website it cost 100usd to get a girls address).
Actual i recommend before you travel to ukraine, to try and send some "cheap" flowers to the address the girl give you. Almost always you will hear the flower delivery contact you saying that they cannot find the address, or even they dont know anyone on that address with that name.
I say this so you can make the dating website contact the girl and update her info.
( dont go to the address you are given as a turist, it is difficult to find and you dont want to go these places in a forign city where you cannot talk to anyone or maybe have difficulty getting a taxi... I do by the way recommend to use UBER in ukraine it is the most easy to use as a turist).

To return to anastasiadates anti scam protection is a joke, often the agency do not take reports or warnings serious. Actual the agency is not even close to being a premium website and havent been a good place since roughtly 2008-2010 or have any real serious anti scam protection...
Back in the day anastasiadate was fantastic. There where 0 chat popups just letters.
You could just ravel to ukraine and invite a girl on a date with 3 days warning and the girls where happy to show up. ( to earn money i guess)
You could go on dating partys in odessa ( i was there 1 time) but i suspect they pay the girls to show up, and at the end of the party there even was a money competition where girls who stay until the end could win money.
( i told anastasiadate about this and since then there have been 0 partys).
But it was a nice event with like 300girls and 20 men i guess. I spoke for 5-7 houres with allot of girls and got telephone numbers and profile id's and i was on 3 dates with 3 girls. After returning home i corrosponded with them but after some time i found out they where not the girl i was looking for.
But a nice positive impression from the date, i talk and meet other girls than the "top model" girls and notised allot of the more ordinary girls more who did not have super photos. That was for me the most positive about the party.

Regarding antiscam and corrospondance, Yes the girls cannot ask you for money and they will check such minor things. But they NEVER do any background checks on people on social networks to check if girls are in relationships or their letters actual fit their life style.
Many girls are two different people and living a double life. On anastasiadate they are the perfect girl and wife, on their social network profile they are very different and have other oppinions than in their letters. This should make you wonder!
I have even been corrosponding with a girl who where dating a ukraine man for 1 year and became engaged and even married... I did my self have to provide their vacation photos and photos of her ring and priovide all evidense to have her removed, ect.
However it is only the only time during 10 years I ever got a refund for anything, however I was not allowed to withdraw but only spend the money on the website.;-(

I have also many times found members on or other websites where I could see they where in a relationship but single on even when asked.
Anastasiadate did not care at all and girls never got removed.
A model looking girls is BIG BUSINESS, and some get so much mail that they earn like 50.000usd a month just becourse she is on the website.
Again i wonder how a girl can reply the hundreds yes maybe even thousands of letters she get every day from men from all over the world.!
Some top model girls are on more than +50 websites. Lets imagine she get 10 letters on every website and reply all of the letters... how is that possible?

You also need to know that it is rare any girl want to talk to you outside of the website, so if you think you send a girl like 10 letters on the dating site, and then find her social network profile on example facebook and want to say hello, then she will NEVER talk to you on the social network. Even after 50 letters she is not intersted in you.!
I think you should wonder how serious she really is if she will not want to be friends with you or talk to you outside of the website.

You also need to be aware that Anastasiadate is like a Casino... House takes all.
Meaning that if you put money in your account, then they will NEVER allow you to withdraw them to your bank account again. Once there is money in the account you have to spend them. And after 1 year if you did not use your money then they will expire.
You really want to be a member somewhere like that, then you are crazy. Nobody put money in a bank if they cannot get their money out again.!
By the way you pay in USD but you will find out your money goes to the tax heaven of syprus ( it changes now and then) and you pay in euro without even being told about it.
I can see this on my bank statement when i buy credits for a larger amount.

Els I been scammed several times but no help by the agency at all, and i even hear storys from a girl that she was with an american man who wanted to have anal sex with her. She did not want this so she was beaten and put naked outside the door in the hotel and the staff of hotel had to help her.
Anastasiadate did nothing, and as far as the story goes the man could just stay on the website and meet other girls.
In 2015 it have become very difficult to meet anyone from the website, they always lie and the girls are never able to preplan anything or let you know when you can come and visit her on a date or two. I typical just tell the girls that I will come in 1-2 month from now and then I invite 3-4 girls on a date and then I maybe meet 0-1 from anastasiadate, and meet a girl or two from however I do also not recommend using dream-marriage / dream-singels there are tons of bad girls there and they charge 30-40usd pr translator hour!... the conversation just keep going on and on and on. You will also never be able to be alone with a girl, the translator will always be there, even if you are a realationship. The girl also pretty much never want to corrospond or stay in contact outside of the agency... in general the agency have allot of trouble and many girls get paid under the table by their local agencys. The girls often are just here to earn a little money and especially have an interest in chatting and will ask you to chat. Also now a days you get 30-40 fake letters every day, some girls send you a new letter every day ( introduction letters) and you get 360 chat requests pr hour... they are also fake. Actual it work in such a way that when a girl is online then a computer script automatic select the girl and give her a premade chat text. Then a random amount of chat request/popup are send to all men online making it look like the girl want to chat with you. The same goes with the 30-40 introduction letters you get everyday.
Actual sometimes you will see the same chat request message written by more than one girl. You can even see chat request when you are not logged in sometimes dooh.
Actual you cant even see when someone you corrospond with actual choose to chat with you on her own, the girl so to speak just down in the flood of spam chat request. All in all I meet more than 15 girls and been engaged with a scammer 1 time... I dated girls who where engaged, and I cant even count how many girls who have been unserious and not really wanted to meet me but just wanted to talk for "fun"/ money. Some even been on the site for years without meeting any men and agency never remove them. In general stay away you are wasting your time/life and money. Agency have become a money machin and especially since 2008 it have been going down the drain every year, and now a days they even force you to pay a membership fee to use overprised services such as chat, yes you cant even refill your account anymore without being forced to pay the membership fee for pretty much nothing... all in all terrible stay away, times are hard in ukraine/russia to many girls who just date you for money and never have real intentions... go somewhere els. Oh i forgot to say the agency send the money you pay them into a tax heaven in sypress. Your bonus points you earn cant be used for anything. I had 1400 i think. If you wonder if the girls are real then yes... But they are mostly not serious at all, but just there to earn money under the table. It is one big lie and chances you fall madly in love are virtual non excisting and the girls will properbly never marry and move to your country. Last year roughly 6000 men visited odessa and only 4-6 got married... you feel lucky? One last think the VIP badge is worthless, no special service or respect for loyal memebers... all in all stay away save your money... it is almost one big scam...

My best advice go to a dating party instead. You will instand know if you like someone and then you can exchange contact information.
Best time to meet someone are after writing letters for 3 month, after that letters will just be what did you do today jada jada. Dating is about people, not to read about them...;-)

I wrote more than 850 letters to girls, and got 99% response to all letters send. I think this is extremly unrealistic, and people should wonder why pretty much everybody I ever spoke to ALWAYS reply my letter. I am no super model and 37 years old.
I once made a little science experience on a Danish website with much fewer members than anastasiadate. I lend a photo of a pretty girl i knew and made a dating profile. In 24 houres I got more than 100letters everyday and after 1 week i delete the profile.
Well what I want to say is, on anastasiadate there are ten of thousands ( including the sister sites) of men and especially the most beautifull girls get allot more than 100 letters every day. I think you should wonder how she are able to talk to so many people... Many girls corrospond with more than 20-30 men and they still can cope with remembering things ect... Personaly I cannot write with more than 5 girls at the same time and send them 1-2 letters every week whitout my brain breaking down... You should wonder who write the girls letters
Oh an try to notise why a girl can sit online all night, even though she have to work and study ect ect... aint that strange?

Ps. Are the girls real. Yes and they almost always look like on their photos.

Pps. I will be happy to give interviews to large newspapers/radio/tv about the "sick" dating industry.

PPS. I think the dating websites should be investigated by the police in an joint efford. They are on purpose cheting people from all over the world.

Tip for consumers:
After being 10 years on the website on and off and being extremly experience and knowing the industry.. Then I would recommend you to stay away save your money.


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