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Kennedy Club Fitness is horrible with respect to taking advantage of members of fees after they have cancelled according to their policies. I cancelled my membership around November of 2019. The front desk said I needed to do it with the membership department (in person), so I sat down with the same guy that signed me up around November of 2019. He pulled out my paperwork, we took care of the cancellation and he told me they needed notice and that I was cancelling (my recollection was 2 months notice) and that I would see one or two more billings). Instead they continued to bill me through 2020. I noticed this in March of 2020 and tried to contact them and got no one, no call back, nothing. I repeatedly contacted the front desk through 2020. Each time they said I need to contact membership to cancel (I told them I had cancelled), they said I still need to contact membership to address the issue. I never could get a call back. Because of COVID, I did NOT want to go into the gym to resolve this.

I finally got a call back in Fe of 2021 after getting really upset after 3 calls went to the front desk with a promise of a callback.

When I did finally talk to the membership person, his excuse was they laid off everyone but him. And after he checked with his management, they refused to refund claiming I didn't cancel. But it did. Worse, I never had a chance to talk to anyone to resolve this even though I made many calls from Mar 2020 through Feb 2021. I had no way to stop the billing until I finally filed a chargeback.

Also, while I sympathized with how difficult COVID was for gyms, they stayed open against closure issues, pretty much blowing off concerns for the public or members even as our cases of COVID increased and people were dying, pretty much ignoring the safety of our community.

I've been going to gyms most of my life, but this is one gym whose lack of integrity and disregard for our communities safety makes them the last place I would be member of or attend their gym!

Tip for consumers:
Don't go there. They may continue to bill you after cancellation (in accordance with their terms) and won't refund when they find their "mistake" They also operated during the height of COVID while people were getting sick and dying ... definitely not supporting the community in dealing with the COVID issue

Products used:
Gym membership. The issue is with billing after cancellation (in accordance with their policies in person)


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