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I switched from the pathetic service of AT&T and my crappy iPhone to verizon and droid and the one app that I wanted droid to have was Shazam. It works even better on android than the iPhone. Even if you are not a music lover, you will find a use for shazam at some point, just download it cause it is free.


This site brings together all of the travel deals from expedia to hotwire and all in one quick simple search. You can easily find the best deal on hotels or airfare without searching all of the largest travel sites. I usually go here first when booking a trip


I read a great review of this site on techcrunch and used the site successfully. I would highly recommend it if you are looking to buy/sell a car. Check out here to read a full detailed story of carsdirect



To the two guys who got screwed by this site, if you had clicked on their link where they claim they are "verified" it takes you to this site. http://www.volusion.com/ it appears volusion is just a site that lets you quickly build online stores and not much of a verification at all. Always attempt to call first and if nobody picks up the phone I never buy from them.


Looks like yet another work from home scam to me. Anything that is one webpage long and at the very bottom tells you to join and pay money to make money is almost always a scam.


Someone asked for this site to be reviewed because of the great deal on buy 2 iphones get one free. All I can say is that they don't ask for CC information to purchase the iphones and instead ask for your contact information... that to me is a sign they will probably ask you to wire them some money to a bank and then promise shipment to you of the goods. I would stay clear of any internet company selling anything without processing major credit cards. At least you can go back to Visa or MC and demand they investigate for fraud if you get screwed buying something. You have no recourse with western union or money wiring services.


Very nicely designed site from the logo to the animations. As an american, I can really appreciate this site as I have no clue where all the airports are located and I also don't even know where the countries really are located. Perfect for yankees like us going on vacation to the UK. The one thing I didn't like was being directed off the site to see the prices of the airlines. The ability to interface with the airlines site and pull that information would make this site 10X more user friendly, though I realize that would be a vast undertaking to accomplish that. Great idea though and I have never seen anything like it before.


Cool site. The site as of now is still brand new, but I like the idea. Free site for users to use and just supported by ads. This is the way to go and a site like this can do better than some of the paid sites out there. Sort of like how online dating sites used to be paid, but now many are free and ad supported. I do think the site would do well with a FAQ section that was functional and a guide area for newbies.


I like how the site doesn't claim to be a get rich quick scam. His $65 per report does seem reasonable. The overall site design is good. I think though in this day of thousands of people selling "make money without a regular job" type of guides, it is a little more difficult to actually monetize a site like this. The cost of advertising and the amount of time it takes to get visitors to a site like this might make it a bit of a challenge to get it off the ground. The site owner asked for some feedback and here is my 2 cents. Open up the knowledge base, don't be like everyone else selling a guide book. Make it more of a web 2.0 type of site. Put out step by step instructions on how exactly people can make money doing this. Create a forum where people can talk to each other. And then put up google ad words. Then offer a higher level of subscription to those who want to pay extra for your personalized services. This will let people come to you and word will spread on how to make money doing this type of work. Implement some sort of viral marketing on your site so the word spreads without you having to post on forums all over the place. Call the site something without the word cash in it as that leads many people to think it is yet another work from home scam. Propertyinspectioncenter or something like that. Good luck.


Okay first of all, the site is still very new and has no users yet. Concept is great! Hilarious even. I am not so sure about "hiring" prom dates as you may legally be getting yourself into the "escort" business and you are opening yourself up to a whole world of legal nightmares. Underage girls hiring themselves out for a date just spells disaster in my book and if even one of them gets hurt in the process you could be looking at serious legal action. Scrap that idea. You need to make it location based and include that in your search. This is one of those nice ideas which could hit it big but it would take quite a bit more serious work to make that happen. Also if you are including minors in your search, you need to hire a lawyer and see what is legal and what is not, even if you yourself are underage, it won't matter as your parents may be held liable for your actions. Good luck to you.


Probably the best MMA shop on the net as they have the best prices and variety. Shipping is always on time. Bought boat loads of gear from them and they have never let me down.


Rip pandora songs to MP3s... that is priceless. I'm sold. Getting redtube porn to my iphone is a nice bonus, but getting every song I listen to from pandora into my iPhone is what really made me happy.


My buddy bought a laptop from this company and had nothing but bad experiences, horrible customer service. Just go to tigerdirect or newegg if you want a good deal on a computer. Think some people here on SJ reviewed those stores too. Actually I love getting tigerdirect spam email because they have such killer deals sometime.


I had a similar experience with another website built by this company. http://www.buyitsellit.com/ If you look at the bottom of the page basically this company lets anyone build websites and then sell crap to anyone. Who knows where it is coming from and you have no ability to talk to whoever is really shipping the products. If you buy online, I would make sure you are actually buying it from a place that has control over what is being shipped, not some kid who made a website store in 10 minutes.


If you need a new printer, check out this site because they will give you free paper as a bonus - buddy told me about this site and I was about to buy an epson 3800 and this site will throw in several hundred bucks of free paper if you buy from them. Just call and tell them you are on the fence about buying and they will cut a deal for you. Online stores are not allowed to discount the MSRP, but they can toss in free stuff as much as they want.

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