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First of all shipping was extremely fast and efficient. I even got email/test confirmation. I also like how each mask is individually packaged. I bought the KF94 masks for kids and they are a perfect fit, though I do tie the ends for my younger child. They are easy to breathe in for them and far more effective than cloth masks. I have purchased over a couple hundred for the school year.


These are some delicious cookies, we got a box for Christmas and our kids absolutely loved them. In fact, we are still enjoying them a month later. The variety is great and the mix ins were a huge hit. Will be ordering from them in the very near future.


We have used Business cents services for years for help with our intuit quickbooks point of sale services. They have helped us manage our inventory, streamline sales and provided all around excellent advice saving us thousands of dollars. When covid hit our medical office was scrambling to make sense of various loans and options. Business cents had a direct connection to local SBA lenders and helped us navigate those difficult times. Highly recommend their services.


I had to move during the first week of covid quarantine which was probably the worst time ever to have to move. Luckily moving was considered an essential service and my move did not get cancelled. The movers were on time, fast and nothing was broken. We moved into a 4 story house and the movers handled the stairs with easy, even carrying a piano up a spiral like staircase. Because of quarantine, bestbuy just dumped all of our appliances on the front porch and didn't help us bring any of them into the house. Shamrock moving staff unboxed everything and helped us move all of the appliances into the house for setup. Otherwise, I would have been stuck with a washer/dryer sitting in our front yard. I highly recommend them.


I have used R & R handyman in the SF bay area for years now and they are a wonderful company to work with. Their rates are reasonable and the works is excellent. I like how they are insured as well. Jeff was always very professional and he always went above and beyond for the projects that he completed for us.


I received one of their combo deals where you get a children's lightsaber as well as an adult lightsaber with the obsidian sound card. The smaller childrens lightsaber is great and actually cheaper than many of the lightsabers sold at toy stores. It is of higher quality and sturdier as well. For anyone buying a lightsaber for their child, I highly recommend it. For their real ultrasabers, I would highly recommend just going all out and getting the ones with the obsidian sound boards, flash on clash, etc. Odds are you will eventually end up buying more than one and you will want them to all have a similar sound. Shipping can take awhile depending on your order, so if you are planning on getting this before an event, order far in advance. These ultrasabers seem extremely study and have survived my children throwing them downstairs and wacking every object in sight. Now I just need to get one of those double bladed lightsabers...


Typically, if I want to take a photo, I will use a full frame camera like a canon 5dMiv and a prime lens or a more portable sony a7riii. I detest taking photos with my iphone as the sensor size is so tiny. This app has definitely made me rethink using my iphone for more serious photography. It gives me raw images, complete manual control of the camera and video control as well. I just wish I found this app years ago. Great job and the tutorials on how to use the app on your iphone are easy to follow. Simply the best $4.95 or whatever it costs I ever spent on an app.


I have used this company for years for all sorts of physical signs for trade shows and in office retail. Their quality on both materials and excellent customer service has always been great.


Probably some of the best designed gifts for clients and family/friends. They will even custom print your name etched on a glorious wooden box. The foods are delicious and they have been a hit with everyone who receives them. I think this is one of those gifts that clients and referral sources definitely remember.


Overall as a company, I would give bestbuy a decent rating. They have lots of great products and their geeksquad is very good for repairs and their extended warranties. However, let me advise against preordering from BestBuy. I recently preordered a Sony camera that was in high demand 2 months in advance. I paid for it 2 months in advanced. Then, when my sony camera arrived, I received a phone call to pick it up. When I arrived at the store to pick up the camera which I had paid for 2 months ago, they said "sorry, looks like we sold it to someone else". You will have to wait another 1-2 months to get it or you can just have your money back. Seriously?!?! This is not the level of customer service one would expect purchasing a camera costing thousands of dollars. They sold a camera that I had already paid for and it was "locked up" behind a gate... and I was told to just come pick it up. I saved the voicemail and had to play it to a manager. Overall I have had decent experiences with BB in the past, but I will never again preorder anything from them.


I purchased the rotolight Neo 2 knowing full well that this light will not over power the sun and is not as powerful as a standard off camera flash. For portraits and photos of children, this is an ideal flash. The Elinchrome trigger works very well and is easy to set up. There is ample power for almost any indoor situation and is also useful outdoors in the right light. You just need to choose the right outdoor light. I didn't realize the convenience and power of being able to change the color temp of the light until I had that option at my disposal. So much easier to get great skin tones now. I will admit the price is high for an "LED" light as you can easily find LED lights with the same power output for far less. The difference is the quality of the light and circular light pattern really makes all of the difference in the world for catch lights in the eyes. It was well worth the money for me and I plan to sell off my other lighting gear and use Rotolights for my portraits. I don't think I can ever go back to using speedlights anymore after not having to deal with recycle time. If you have children and especially toddlers to photograph this is definitely the light for you as not having any recycle time is great as well as just having continuous light. (Kids hate flashes). They are also extremely durable, as my todder threw this light several times on the ground and it didn't break at all. My only suggestion is that I hope that Rotolight creates yet another light that is in between in size of the Aeos and the Neo. The Aeos is still too big for me, and yet sometimes I wish the Neo was a little larger. Or if they could create a DTAP battery that is smaller that would work too. Still, those are just my wishes for an already amazing product which has enabled me to capture some priceless moments. I can't wait to see what Rotolight creates as their future products.


I purchased the Alexander signature hybrid bed back in Dec 2016 and so far it has been one of the best purchases I have made. I tried several online mattress stores and settle on this as my personal favorite for being a combination back/side sleeper. I had some neck/back pain but this bed helped in reducing that discomfort. The delivery was very easy and on time. The only drawback was that my adjustable bed frame did make the bed feel somewhat lumpy, but I'm still giving them 5 stars as I don't know if this mattress is supposed to be able to be used with an adjustable bed frame. I stopped using my adjustable frame and the mattress is fine.


There is nothing worse than paying $1000 for a new PC, $800 for a VR headset and then having to cram your glasses into an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift and not really be able to see anything. Luckily VR Lens Lab created a way for people who wear glasses to send in their prescription and receive the inserts which fit snugly into the headsets. You do need to know your prescription but you do not need a doctor's rx to send to the company. Works very well as intended and I did not notice any distortion on my prescription. Everything crystal clear. I did opt for the blueguard coating. I figured if one is going to spend this much $$$ on VR, you might as well get the best results. The only sad thing is when the new versions of these headsets come out these old inserts will be useless.


For anyone who has used the open source tools that W3C has developed, I would highly encourage a small donation to keep their tools free and available to the public. Their tutorials and courses are an invaluable resource that is free for everyone wanting to learn more about web development.


I recently started to use slack and it is so much more than just a message board. The ability to search, upload documents and share real time is almost like having your co workers right next to you even though they are in other cities.


Great customer service and so much easier than selling camera equipment on eBay or craigslist.


I needed a portable rhythm strip and found out about the alivecor app and medical device that simply attaches to your iphone case. Works very well and it matched my actual EKG that I had done at the same time (just to test it out). I couldn't believe the low price compared to value that it provides and is even FDA cleared. You can even email the reading to your cardiologist.


I went with the HTC Vive over the Oculus rift because I'm betting on the overall in room experience will be the future of VR and because they have already developed controllers designed for VR. I don't need another xbox controller. Plus partnering with steam and having that streamlined process to acquire new games give them an advantage in the future. However, given that oculus is owned by FB, they have the infinite resources to potentially beat HTC Vive and steam in the long run. I can foresee many of us buying multiple VR headsets the same way we buy multiple consoles as prices decline. But for now, I'm giving HTC Vive a big 5 stars for being the first to create a true VR experience.


I have slept on tempurpedic beds for years ranging from the rhapsody to their top of the line Grand. I was in the market for a new memory foam mattress and found loom and leaf. I was a little skeptical about buying a mattress without first testing it, but they did offer a very generous return policy so I decided to buy it. Turned out to be just as comfortable as the memory foams I had slept on in the past and slept even cooler, but for a fraction of the price. After trying the Loom and Leaf for a month, I decided that memory foam was not going to work for my back issues anymore and that I needed to go back to a spring mattress. (In the past I had really enjoyed memory foams and my back was better on foam, but my current back problem seemed to be responding better to traditional innerspring... which is why I called them for a refund). My wife loved this mattress and begged me not to return it. But sadly I had to call for a refund and within days they had credited my account the full refund minus delivery charges which is perfectly acceptable. They hadn't even picked up the bed and my account was credited back... now that is excellent customer service.

In the end, I still highly recommend for anyone shopping for a memory foam bed. It was just as comfortable as my much more expensive memory foam mattresses in the past. You cannot beat their customer service and price point. Definitely a most impressive company and a quality memory foam mattress.

As an addendum, I realized that Loom and Leaf is the same company as
I sadly didn't realize they were the same company until after I purchased another innerspring mattress. However, if you are looking for an innerspring, I would definitely recommend Saatva as they are part of the same great customer service company.


When I first saw this website, I thought it was a bit of a gamble. A hat that plays a sound that lulls you to sleep seemed too good to be true. But, this hat really does work. I have a hard time falling back asleep when I wake up early, and this hat lulled me back into sleep with its virtual hammock technology. My only gripe is the speaker does hurt my ear when I am lying directly on it. I hope future versions of the sleep shepard has a small speaker. In the meantime, I am buy a second sleep hat just in case I forget to charge my first one. It really does work!


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