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I used to think Real Raw News was a valuable source of information. But now I'm skeptical.

About a week ago, a friend of mine sent the author of this Web site, Michael Baxter, an e-mail asking him if his news is actually real or just parody, and also where he gets his information from. And guess what? He never responded.

So, yesterday I posted a comment on his Web site telling others about this. I then asked, "Has anyone else e-mailed Mr. Baxter, and does he ever reply?" Well, within a few hours, Baxter DELETED my comment! I'd never had any of my comments deleted before.

What's more, now I can't post on there at all without my posts going into moderation, even though I'd been posting occasionally for months without my posts EVER having to be moderated first.

So, what's Baxter trying to hide? And does this really sound like an "honest" Web site to you? Besides, apparently "Michael Baxter" is not even the owner's real name—it's actually "Michael Tuffin."

I think Mr. Tuffin is mainly after money. I believe that some of his stories are true, while others are probably fabricated—whatever will attract the most viewers. In addition, Tuffin is the only "journalist" on this site and a rather poor one at that, someone who routinely makes spelling and grammar mistakes.

It's also interesting that many people post comments with lots of vulgarity and explicit sexual content, but Tuffin never does anything about those. However, he immediately decides to delete an honest, polite comment like mine. So, it seems he's definitely just after money and views.

In terms of his "news," many of his stories are contradictory. For example, a few months ago, he wrote that Biden had had a massive stroke on June 1 and was hospitalized at Walter Reed for it. But then about a week ago, he said that Biden had had his stroke in "early February" instead. And when readers asked questions about this inconsistency, he never responded.

Now in his latest stunt, Tuffin has set up a GoFundMe page, citing censorship from Google/YouTube. This supports the idea that all he seems to care about is MONEY. Interestingly enough, he's actually using his real name for this page.

In a nutshell, Tuffin seems to be very shady, so please either stay away from his site entirely, or else take anything you read there with several grains of salt.


I ordered some extra-virgin avocado oil from this company. The package said "12 fluid ounces," but when I weighed the actual oil on my digital kitchen scale, it came to only 11.4 ounces.

Since this oil was very expensive, I called up customer service and told them about this. The guy I talked to was Tom. First, he told me that since the density of avocado oil is different from that of water, it won't weigh 12 ounces, but he couldn't give me the exact density. I told him that he should be able to provide such information to customers. Then he became nasty, stating he wasn't going to "argue" with me about this. I said that I wasn't going to argue with him either, and that I could easily take my business elsewhere. His response: "PLEASE DO." I was shocked at his rudeness.

Anyway, I eventually called customer service back and talked to Norma, the supervisor. She apologized several times for Tom's rudeness, indicating that they've had problems with him in the past. She promised that this would never happen again, and also sent me two complimentary products to make up for my inconvenience.

Incidentally, while Tom was technically correct that the density of extra-virgin avocado oil is not the same as that of water, he was wrong in saying that they didn't shortchange me. It turns out that 12 fluid ounces of this expensive oil should weigh about 11.85 ounces, not 11.4 ounces. Well, that's a difference of almost 60 cents!

Anyway, since Norma was so nice and apologetic, I will stay a customer for now. They do have excellent products, but just be careful that they don't shortchange you.


I placed an order for a printer, but a few hours later they sent me an e-mail CANCELING my order. So, I called them up to ask why. After I spent a whopping 30 minutes on hold (I was transferred several times), they STILL couldn't give me an answer! So, I took my business elsewhere.

Then I learned that, last year, they fired an employee for voicing opposition to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter on social media. And in 2016, they donated 17 times more to the Clinton campaign than to the Trump campaign.

Please stay away from this terrible company.


I wrote a review on this site about five months ago, but it's STILL listed as "pending." I guess they should just change their name to Out_to_Lunch_NonProfits!


First off, I'd like to say that this site offers a lot of valuable information. I visit occasionally to get helpful advice on certain health and food topics. Unfortunately, the site owner seems to have a big ego, and also doesn't seem to be the world's nicest person:

1) In her bio, she brags about having graduated "summa cum laude" from Furman University. Well, if you're in your 50s and still bragging about something like that, then not only do you have a huge ego, but you're also very insecure. It's a big turnoff. Like anybody really cares about that?

2) Many readers ask questions in their comments. Sometimes she responds to the questions, but more often than not she just IGNORES them. Another big turnoff. I guess she thinks she's too IMPORTANT to respond?

3) No matter how many times you comment on her site, she ALWAYS moderates your comments. Frankly, she sounds like a big control freak.

4) The last time I commented on her site, she edited out half my comment. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because I mentioned an actual brand name? I still don't get it. Anyway, whatever the reason, I've decided that I'm NOT going to comment on her site again. I will not put up with my perfectly normal comments being censored.

Anyway, her site is worth visiting, but just think twice before commenting. LOL.


I ordered a pound of pine nuts from this company. They cost $60 (not including shipping).

Well, when they arrived, I put them on my digital kitchen scale, and guess what? They weighed only 14 ounces. That's almost $8 short!

So, I called the company to let them know. You couldn't talk to a live person, so I had to leave a message. Guess what—the woman who owns the company never called me back. This implies that she KNOWS she's cheating customers, but just doesn't care.

As a result, I had to file a dispute with Visa--and won! At least the owner lost all the money and had to pay a chargeback fee to boot.

Please stay as far away from this crooked company as you can.


Mario Murillo, who is a Christian minister, writes an interesting blog. I had been commenting on his blog periodically for months, with no problems.

Then I dared to criticize his sacred cow "Billy Graham," who was apparently a Freemason and member of the Illuminati. (You can do a Web search and read all about how corrupt Graham was.)

Anyway, since he's a huge fan of Graham, Murillo promptly REMOVED my post, and then no longer allowed me to make any more comments on his Web site without them being moderated first! This kind of behavior—intolerance of healthy, respectful criticism—is a classic sign of spiritual abuse. Also, people only censor something when they fear the truth.

What's interesting is that Murillo allows another poster on his blog to routinely bully others. One woman wrote a message complaining that she has tried to respond to the bully, wondering why he attacks others, but Murillo won't approve her comments! She said that she's puzzled why he doesn't seem to allow "freedom of speech." Well, maybe the bully gives a lot of money to his ministry? Who knows? Anyway, it seems that Murillo is threatened by genuine freedom of speech.

Sadly, Murillo is a big hypocrite. He (rightly) attacks the Left for the way they censor people, but then does the very same thing to people who respectfully disagree with him! He seems to be threatened by smart individuals, surrounding himself with yes-men instead.

He's also been divorced THREE times, completely violating the Bible's commands about divorce and remarriage. Not only that, he named his ministry after himself (a sign of a huge ego)—and as president of his own "ministry," is accountable to no one but himself, which is also unbiblical. Furthermore, he lives in a huge home—over 5,000 square feet. And while he frequently speaks about how corrupt Facebook is, he won't leave it—I guess because he's afraid to lose followers, which equal MONEY. Does that sound like a humble servant of God to you?

Sadly, Murillo's actions prove that he's serving himself, not Jesus. Even worse, he's spiritually abusive. Please stay far away from him and his "ministry."


I was recently looking for an older article by Dr. Mercola (who is outspokenly against the Covid-19 "vaccine"), and guess what message I got:

"This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine."

So, if you run a popular Web site but are not gung-ho about vaccines and masks, then the Wayback Machine will BAN you.


Just ban the Wayback Machine from your life instead.


This appears to be just another "bias-rating" site that pretends to be neutral but is in fact extremely liberal. The owner of the site even says that she considers herself "moderately liberal." Well, that means she's probably as liberal as it comes!

Anyway, I looked at their so-called reliability and bias ratings of several news sources. Predictably, they rated extremely liberal sites like CNN and MSNBC as being highly reliable and fairly low in bias, but rated solid conservative sites like Townhall, the Gateway Pundit, and the Epoch Times as being mostly unreliable and highly biased.

It seems that the "ratings" given by this company are nothing more than the subjective opinions of its liberal owner. So predictable!

Here's some helpful info from an online article: "[Ad Fontes Media has] a lack of concise language in the methodology, some grammatical errors (suggesting it has not been reviewed by many people), and the existence of a merch page. But even if all these factors were to be set aside, it remains possible that engaging in such analysis is a largely fruitless endeavour, a point outlined... by Tamar Wilner in the Columbia Journalism Review, in which the Ad Fontes Media Chart is harshly assessed."

Another online article, called "Leftists Now Have an Infographic to Tell You What's 'Fake News'" by the Federalist Papers, also points out what a joke Ad Fontes Media is.

Please stay away from this site, and decide for *yourself* how reliable and biased news sites are. You're smart enough. Don't let these liberal "fact checkers" and "bias raters" think for you!


My nephew sent me a Christmas card on December 18, and he generously decided to send it by Priority Mail so that it would arrive by Christmas. He ended up shelling out $7.75, and the "expected" delivery date on the enclosing envelope said "December 21." Well, his card didn't arrive until December 29—ELEVEN days after it was mailed! I actually sent him a card too, but with only a regular stamp, and it arrived one day sooner!

Priority Mail should be renamed Glacial Mail, because it's nothing but a scam now. They just grab your money, and give you nothing for it.

So many other problems with the postal service too. I mean, where do I begin?

1) I sent someone a Christmas card on December 9 who lives less than 100 miles away from me. Well, she didn't get the card until NINE days later!

2) A friend in New Zealand mailed me a Christmas card on November 29. Normally his cards arrive in about 10 days. Well, this one took THIRTY days!

3) I ordered a book that was (supposedly) sent out to me on December 10. I have no idea where it is, and the tracking information hasn't been updated in THIRTEEN days. Who knows when—or IF—it'll ever arrive?

I could go on and on. Anyway, FedEx and UPS have their share of problems too, but I'd go with them any day over the totally incompetent U.S. Postal Service, who just take your money—and then offer nothing but excuses.

Please avoid the U.S. Postal Service like the plague, because that's exactly what it is!

Tip for consumers:
Don't bother.


Michael Brown is a Jewish Christian, and he has a radio show and writes several columns a week. I think he's sincere about wanting to speak the truth about the gospel and political matters.

Unfortunately, he should stick to what he's good at. He excels at defending the faith and discussing scholarly matters (since his Ph. D. is in linguistics, I believe). But his political commentary is mostly inept. After over a month's worth of shocking evidence, he STILL doesn't seem to be completely convinced that fraud occurred in the U.S. presidential election! And he gullibly seems to believe that Dr. Anthony Fauci is honest and trustworthy. He also thought that Mitt Romney was sincere in voting for Trump's impeachment. In a nutshell, Brown seems incredibly naive, and completely lacking in common sense and discernment.

If all that weren't enough, he also seems to have a huge ego. On both his Web site and his social-media accounts, he seems to love referring to himself as DOCTOR. However, Jesus gave stern warnings about referring to oneself with titles (see Matthew 23:10).

And worst of all, Brown lives in a 6,000-square-foot house, yet asks for DONATIONS on his Web site. How hypocritical is that? Besides being sinfully extravagant, his huge house also backs up the idea that he has a huge ego. Apparently with Michael Brown, MONEY talks!

Anyway, some of his stuff is worth reading, but sadly, most of his "political commentary" is a joke. So, if you do choose to read his articles, just use great caution and discernment—and don't swallow everything he says whole.


This is a conservative Web site that has a lot of good articles. Most of the authors also seem to be sincere Christians.

Unfortunately, sometimes the authors are seriously lacking in discernment. For instance, the owner of the Web site (to my knowledge) still doesn't believe that Obama faked his birth certificate, even though many computer experts have stated it's fraudulent. He's also been slow to detect the deception foisted upon the general public about Covid-19 by so-called experts like Fauci. On the other hand, he has allowed others to publish articles that are more distrusting of "experts" than his own.

Sadly, in the past few weeks, there seem to have been zero articles on the Great American Election Fraud (unless I missed them). Everyone with half an ounce of common sense knows that the election fraud was massive and that Trump really won (even most Democrats probably secretly know that), but apparently the owner of this site is too naive to pick up on the obvious.

Anyway, this Web site is good for some articles, not as good for others. Just be choosy and read their articles with caution.


I wrote a 3-star review of a certain dermatologist. I waited over a week, but it never showed up. Then I tried writing another review. Again, it never showed up. According to other reviewers, HealthGrades only wants POSITIVE reviews.

Anyway, this site doesn't seem honest at all. Please go elsewhere.


I just joined Dog Forums today because I needed some help with how to use a home heartworm test kit for my dog.

So, I created a thread, and in about an hour, one person responded. I replied back, and so did the other person. Then when I went to answer them just a few hours later, the thread was GONE!

Why on earth did the moderators delete the thread? Who knows?

It sounds like the moderators on this forum are mentally ill or something. Well, I won't be back. Please stay away from this toxic place.


I was trying to place an order on their Web site, but was having a very difficult time. So, I gave up and decided to call them instead.

The representative I talked to told me that I would need to create an account first. I asked her why. She said that they don't have guest checkout. I asked her what the reason is that they don't have guest checkout. She said they just don't. Again, I asked her why. Exact same answer. Then I said,"Ma'am, you're not answering my question. Most places have guest checkout. Why is it that Zappos does not?" Guess what--she hung up on me! I think that's only the second time in my life that I've been hung up on by a customer-service representative!

Absolutely pathetic. I ordered my shoes somewhere else.

The next day, I called and asked to speak to a manager. I told her what had happened. She was nice, and said that since they record all their calls, they might be able to find out who hung up on me. But she never asked,"Were you able to complete your order?" or "Can I offer you a coupon to win you back as a customer?" You would think that a manager would know to do this.

Maybe my first-ever experience with Zappos was atypical, but I won't be back.


Media Bias Fact Check is supposed to give "objective" ratings to news sites.

Well, I did a little experiment. At random, I checked out 10 sources that they rated at one end of the political spectrum. We'll call this Set A. Then I checked out 10 sources they rated to be at the OPPOSITE end of the spectrum, which we'll call Set B.

For Set A, they listed all the sources as "mostly factual" or "highly factual."

For Set B, however, they listed all the sources as "mixed" (meaning having "mixed" factual content).

Does that sound "objective" to you? And could their OWN bias not be any more obvious?

This site appears to be a total joke.


If you place an order with this company, they often won't ship it out until a week or more. And their shipping fees are outrageous.

Also, if they're out of stock for an item, they won't tell you--they will just ship your order and then tell you to reorder the missing item.

Many of their herbs are of poor quality, and they are also deceptive about some of their products. For instance, their "Ceylon" cinnamon powder is not genuine--it's cassia cinnamon instead (which is a lot cheaper). That's called "fraud."

I read an account by an employee who said that lots of their employees smoke pot and vape, and no doubt the smells and residues end up in their herbs. Apparently they drop stuff on the floor and put it back in the vats too.

Please stay away from this awful place.


I used to be able to browse Accuweather.com easily with JavaScript disabled. Now, the pages won't even load without JavaScript turned on--they're completely blank. And the new layout for the extended forecasts is absolutely terrible.

This site is no longer usable in my opinion.


A few months ago, I posted an answer on Quora that some might find controversial. For several months, they didn't have a problem with it.

Yesterday, though, they deleted my answer for "violating" one of their policies. (I suspect that someone "reported" my answer because they just didn't like it.) Anyway, I appealed, and won. Today, however, they collapsed the very same answer for violating their "Be Nice, Be Respectful" policy (which is ridiculous--my answer is polite and respectful). Anyway, I appealed, and asked them how my answer violates their policy. They totally rejected my appeal with no explanation (obviously because they know they don't have a leg to stand on). Again, I think someone is merely "reporting" my posts because they don't like my opinion--so much for freedom of ideas on Quora.

Also today, they collapsed another one of my answers, and this time there were absolutely no details about why. So, I appealed and asked for clarification of what rule my comment supposedly broke. Well, they simply rejected my appeal without any explanation again.

Anyway, I'm done with Quora. It appears that the deceptive, dictatorial moderators just do whatever they want--they don't follow any logical or published rules. Apparently their BNBR policy actually stands for: "Bully Now, Bully Rigorously." ;) In fact, one person on there hit the nail on the head with this comment:

"In the end, Quora moderation's purpose is to mainly prevent views they don't approve of from becoming visible on the site even when it answers the question fully within their ambiguous BN; BR policy so that they can create an echo chamber where everyone nods and agrees with each other while simultaneously claiming the site is open to all views and opinions (something that they are clearly not, as I and most others have noticed)."

I would recommend staying away from Quora. Or at the very least, don't try to post anything of substance there.


I had a long review of an item that I wrote over 11 years ago, and Amazon suddenly deleted it a couple of weeks ago.

I have called Customer Service at least 6 times, but can never get a response from the Communities team that addresses the actual issue. Most of the time, the Communities team just ignores Customer Service and doesn't even respond to me.

My advice: Stay far, far away from the Communities team, and don't ever post any reviews up on Amazon.

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