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I wanted to purchase a $3 lottery ticket for which I apparently had to sign up for a play now account several hours a couple phone calls t attempts on line registration and digging through documents and ID I was still not finished. The recording you have to listen too waiting for a customer service rep it really kind of intense you really feel like everything about you is logged and stored and you must be very cautious as to what you do or say because of this.
You do not get the sense you are a valued customer to them, Mafia loan sharks or numbers guys come across nicer than the play now opening recordings.

Ive lived and worked in the same town 45 years but came away feeling like I was somehow lying to them with all the questions and documentation which is different with every message phone call and Email what the phone rep tells you is rejected by the email system and round and around you go.

God help you if your one of those losers who does not have a passport and live in a building without a power bill.

They work for the BC government but signing into the Canada revenue agency is easier as play now does not believe in the bank sign in partnership or any other recognized standard utility to log in and guarantee who you are what province you live in. Ya all this to make sure your a BC resident to buy a $3 ticket any yutz with a a toonie and loonie can buy at any store in the province.

Unless your a hardcore gambler and need it more than air its really not worth the effort and time.


Amazon affiliate program is crazy restrictive some people get the approved and threatening termination email at the exact same time.
The rejection process is actually the worst I've ever seen they don't even really tell you why many folks get an email from with links that don't work as a reason for rejection or termination. Once you have been terminated that's it no second chance ever. This includes if your site or links fall below the set traffic rate and again if this happens no appeal no second chance so if you have a dry spell that option is gone.
Customer service does not apply to affiliates do not expect the same level of service you get when shopping "thank you for being a prime member" etc
The affiliate contacts are harsh some open with a cheery hello then immediately demand removal of any and all ads (even if you have none) and threaten further action against any account on Amazon related to the affiliate program or not.

Good luck figuring out why you may have been rejected even if you have followed all the rules.

Any and all content on your sites Must meet their rules and regardless if amazon sells it or you purchase it off amazon they can terminate your account without reason or recourse and in fact tell you specifically they will not read or accept any further communication from you after the first reply

The list of rules that you have to follow is vast and you need to read every one and follow them
Amazon seems to be more allowing of affiliates over seas which makes it difficult if you are in Canada a quick look on YouTube will tell you that.

It can be beyond frustrating spending years working towards the goal of being an affiliate to be shunned so abruptly and without reason or reconsideration.

Amazon expects you to be understanding of their screw ups late or lost items extreme overcharges, double billing, removing prime features but never dropping the price etc but they do not pay that forward to you.

Once you have had this experience it will affect every other interaction with Amazon depending on what the reps writes on your account and your name your sin# banking information social insurance number credit cards etc are all in their database so they have everything about you.

The pandemic changed amazon they no longer need people to like them they own it all so the service has changed it really shows they don't need affiliates or even your business they have everyone else's so your not important.

Save your time and use another affiliate program because amazon can and will gut you without explaining and black list your information making online business very difficult for you in the future it's not worth the risk


Seniors should avoid this business

Very disappointed my mother had a screen replaced not long after it started to glitch she asked I look at it I tried restart it but could not even tap the restart or off button on the screen so I removed the case to see if removing the battery would work as the screen was so bad you could not navigate the rear cover was separated and appeared to be the removable type battery cover I pulled it up slightly and it shattered I then saw the 3m tape that was to hold the cover in place it only ever raised a few mm never more so I stopped and said take it back it should still be covered by the repair factory.

She was told they would not cover it stating the back cover was proof it was abused. The back cover was the result of their poor parts and labor not the cause they knew that and in my opinion used it as an excuse not to take responsibility. Thinking a 70 year old woman would just accept their word for it.

If your a senior or have parents who need repairs do not go to these people they take advantage of them

This is not the first bad experience with the repair factory it's just the worst others included waiting while they ordered wring part after wring part and charging hundreds of times more for the part than you could get it from Amazon or Walmart

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