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So this is not a regular site for me. It is more of a girls romance site, but I checked it out because my wife absolutely loves it. It is basically a site where people submit their own stories, wrote by them. Most of the stories are based upon the Vampire movie, Twilight. There are some crossovers but the bulk are just new stories wrote by fans for fans. There is some decent writers who submit things, its just not really a place where a normal guy is going to hang out. Women are another story, my wife probably reads an hour a day on this site faithfully. If your a fan of the movie series and like to read I would say this is probably a must for you.


I dunno. Maybe its because Im so used to the facebook interface but so far I am not that impressed. It seems like it has a steep learning curve. My wife and I both created accounts but it took me like a 1/2 hour to figure out how to get her in my circle (friends list) Kept searching and it would not pull up her profile. I have designed websites so its not like I am a techno tard or anything. I am hoping since it is Beta test that they will make things easier. As it stands now, it is not a facebook killer. Its just new so people are going to check it out. If the interface gets better than I could see using it all the time.


Basically its a Netflix for video games. Great idea and lots of game. Shipping has dramatically improved with more warehouses. I only have two complaints, one is the price. 16$ for one game out at a time per month. A little cheaper would be nice but still cheaper than buying them. The other is that most new games are always out. I have a Queue just like netflix but it usually pulls my 4th or 5th choice games because the others are all rented. Other than that the experience is mostly positive and my kid enjoys getting stuff in the mail too.


What a great concept! I looked into many credit card gateway sites like etc. They all charge huge fees if you are a small business. If you have an iphone or android, you can accept credit cards on it. They send you a small reader that plugs into the top of the phone and you slide the card and thats it! You just got paid. 2.75% fee for each transaction, no other hidden fees. Wanna accept credit cards at a garage sale? No problem! Very cool idea and great for anyone with a small business or just a regular guy who needs to collect money from a friend! You can also manually enter a credit card as well! Very cool, and Im very happy with it


I have had Netflix for a long time, within the last year I have been mostly streaming. My one DVD out at a time tends to sit on my coffee table for two months. Thats not really the point. The point is I am a long time customer and suddenly they want to double the price on me? The letter we got in the email explaining the increase was basically "were raising the price, to bad if you don't like it" They did not offer a grandfathered in price or anything. I chose to kick the DVDs and just keep streaming, but i can tell you, just because of how they handled it, if i ever find someone else with a decent stream library then I will be a former Netflix customer.


I don't like adam lambert, nor his music, nor what he stands for, but i thought Id try the site out anyways, try to expand my mind a bit. It didnt help


Community College based in Columbia, MO. The college has campuses thoughout Missouri. The best part of this school is the online classes which are available. Three years I have been attending and I have not had to set foot in a classroom except for the occasional proctored exam. The only downfall is the price, it seems more expensive than other Missouri Community Colleges. The ability to complete a degree completely online helps ease the pain of the cost. Overall a good school and legit place to get an online education.


I have used them 4 times, never had an issue. So far so good. The prices seem reasonable. Last weekend i got a room in St Louis for a concert, 95$ and it was a wonderful room at the Sheraton. I would guess its normally a 200$ a night room. Huge flat screen, big bathroom, and the bed was about as comfortable as i have ever slept on. Props to Sheraton, but props to hotwire for getting it so cheap for me.


Everything you could imagine in the way of restraints. Pretty much every color too. Pink, green, purple etc. They will have your favorite color. These are not fuzzy handcuffs, these are serious law enforcement items! There are many restraint methods and they carry those as well, such as the zip ties. I prefer the ASP cuffs and they have them about $20 cheaper than everyone else. Site could use and upgrade but overall its a good place to do business.


A very trust worthy site for police and law enforcement gear. There are some things for hunters and campers which don't require verification, but if you need police items, much of it will require proof of employment, which it should, the average joe doesn't need OC spray or a shirt that says POLICE. Prices are good compared to other sites, police stuff is just expensive, thats the way it is. I always find something I want or something I think I need on the site. Shipping is fast and the customer service is top notch. Cant go wrong here.


I will start by saying i have never reviewed anything on yelp, and I really don't base where I go off the reviews. I do use the app on my iphone to find something to eat when I am in the city. The location service works well and there is usally a decent sized list. I like the the fact you can select "open stores" since i am a night owl.


I checked this site out after reading the reviews of others on sitejabber. Some very neat and well done photography and drawings. I am not a huge art fan but still enjoyed flipping through the photos. There are some talented people out there! The site seems well put together, very cool site to check out some well done images


The premier gaming website for any game system. It is where everyone goes for news and information related to xbox, sony, and nintendo. The reviews are usually spot on. Lots of old games to be found using the search feature. There are other good, smaller sites but if you are looking for exclusive and newly released gaming info, this is it


I used hostgator for about 5 years, no real trouble with them and the prices seem to be quite a bit cheaper than anyone else. I would recommend them to anyone with a small business site


I didnt sell my item on here but I did like the look and feel much better than craigslist. The also have you sign on with facebook which I think helps keep some of the freaks away. Craigslist is full annonimity, while oodle has some information behind because of facebook. I ended up selling my item on craigslist but felt more comfortable on oddle. I hope they can get more traffic to help people sell items.


I now feel dumber for having read the open statement on this site. Site is basically a crappy forum. I did not register as i felt there was no need to go further. It looks like a domestic dispute on the web. Drama=Lame


I think the idea of sitejabber is a fantastic one. The team here does a nice job and the visuals look good. I have found many sites that i doubt i would have found on my own or found via search engine. Most of the reviews are legit but i have seen some self promoters and fakes. They are usually easy to spot. I think the best idea is the "trusted reviewer" status. I don't trust reviews from people without it. The fake reviewers will normally have one review and no picture. I look for a complete profile, numerous reviews and the trusted status and i know i can count on that review to be accurate


Decent business opportunity and secondary income opportunity. People host "jean" partys, similar to how others host "toy" parties. The Host gets a percentage off and the rep makes money. Anyone can be a rep for a small fee. It has a pyramid type structure. At worst you will save money on jeans, at best you can make a few extra dollars to help pay your bills. My wife loves it, she makes some extra cash, but mostly when she holds a party she gets about 200 jeans to choose from and discounted prices. Discounts normally run about %50 off regular price, and most are brand name. So far we are happy with our small investment of 99$


My only beef with Galls is the prices seem higher than other places, but it is the Macy's of police gear. It has the largest selection, best customer service, and fast shipping. It has been trusted by many in law enforcement for many years. Really can feel secure ordering from Galls

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