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The best credit site I have seen. And now with both Equifax and Transunion scores updated weekly!

The site has phenomenal tools, graphs, sorting, and multiple views to provide an excellent picture of your credit profile.

The only downside is that the scores are not true FICO but they work well enough for relative comparisons and to get a pretty good idea of your score range.

They also have an alert system for credit report changes which seems to work well but I haven't had much activity so can't really speak to that.

The site is ad and referral supported so you will see many ads for credit related products, as well as links to apply for the same. But they are not that intrusive and do not detract much from the overall site experience.


A very expensive way to get your FICO scores and very misleading product description. However it is the source for FICO scores so the score is the mosy accurate you can find.

For the 3 Bureau monitoring for $25 per month, you have to subscribe for 3 months minimum! For that you receive alerts when items in your credit report change or when your score(s) change, and see your updated scores.


The product description implies that you can see your updated reports continuously but that is not what you receive.

For a much better picture of your credit profile there are numerous free sites available with creditkarma being the best in my opinion. But you will not get the true FICO score from those sites.


STAY AWAY! To redeem a voucher you have to call the "redmption center" to supposedly give your address. I was wondering why this couldn't be done online but now I know why. The call took 15 minutes of which half was waiting on hold and half was spent explaining to the agent that I didn't want to buy the "Elite" membership. I highly doubt I will get the product at all but in any event this company is a scam.



THE ORIGINAL REVIEW (updated to include only the facts): The only positive things I can say about this company is that sometimes their shipping speed is quick and that they offer free return shipping. Mine came with mismatched hinges that broke in one day. Their size details for frames can be confusing. They cancel orders if they decide that you shouldn't have been allowed to use a promo code. They have the worst customer service of any company that I have ever seen - when I wrote to complain, they responded with a nasty email accusing me of violating every rule under the sun."


Always the go-to place when shopping. A few small issues remain such as sorting by price which basically doesn't work, and also searches tend to bring up many not so relevant results. They also collect sales tax in New York. My note about sales tax follows:

Amazon COLLECTS sales tax; they do not CHARGE sales tax. Even if Amazon would not collect it, you would still be obligated by law to pay. It's just that no one actually does and so the states are going after the sellers to collect. Most states will have a section on the tax return where the taxpayer is supposed to indicate the amount of goods purchased for which no sales tax was paid - and then pay the tax.

The issue is that if a seller does not have nexus in a certain state, they can basically tell the state to shove off since the state has no jurisdiction over them. The state would then have the option of banning the company from doing business there but then would run the risk of having the Interstate Commerce Commission come afer them, not to mention violating Federal and possibly even Constitutional laws.

It basically comes down to a game of chicken between the states and the companies where the state tries to show that the company has nexus there and the company tries to show that it doesn't. Amazon is the biggest target due to its size and potential tax revenue to the states. They gave in to New York and is slowly caving in to other states. This will go on until the Federal Government gets involved and Congress passes some type of law governing the collection of sales tax. Or a case may make it to the Supreme Court with the same effect.


Found a great deal, purchased it, and used the code at the retailer's site with no problems at all. My $50 purchase only cost me $20! The only issue was that it took a few days to get the code but they state this up front so there was no surprise. I will definitely use Groupalicious again.


About the website - The website is not too intuitive and login doesn't always work using a username or email. Figuring out the website was a little difficult but it ended up working out.

I am writing this website review even though it relates only to a specific location primarily because I would have loved to have seen a review before my rental. This is my contribution to the Sitejabber community.

About my rental - I rented a car in Fort Lauderdale. They have an off-airport location. Now my ratings for this particular location and rental:

Price was excellent - Total price including taxes and fees was about 40% cheaper than the lowest other price (E-Z Car) and less than half the price of the large companies. Part of the reason for the low price was the off-airport location which saves certain airport usage fees.

The shuttle bus wait from the airport was about 10 minutes. Ride was about 5 minutes. Bear in mind that if you do not fly in to the terminal across from the Rental Car center there will be an additional airport shuttle ride necessary - but no different than any other rental company.

The line at the counter was just a couple of people so about a 5 minute wait.

Rental process was quick and seamless. My car was ready immediately and fully fueled.

Note - You must use a CREDIT CARD to process the rental, a DEBIT CARD is not enough. You can pay however you like but need a credit card to rent the car. They put a $250 hold on the card which is relatively standard.

Car was not brand new (a Hyundai with 8,000 miles) but in decent condition and with nice options so not a stripped down model. There were some scratches but I photographed them an pointed it out - so I had no problem upon the return.

The return process was very quick (<3 minutes) and the wait for shuttle to the airport was just a couple of minutes. A downside with off-airport rentals in Fort Lauderdale is that the rental car shuttle takes you to the airport shuttle bus stop at one terminal and you need to take the airport shuttle to get to the other terminals. Rental Car buses are not permitted to drop off passengers anywhere other than the Rental Car center.

Overall I highly recommend Sixt for rentals at Fort Lauderdale airport.


Saw a sale, bought the product, received the product within Zulily's stated timeframe. What's not to like? I saved over 75% on the normal retail price and the product was exactly as ordered and in perfect, new condition.

I will definitely use Zulily again.

If you have questions about shipping times please see my post in the Q&A section for Zulily.


My most negative review on Sitejabber yet. 90% of Reddit contributors strike me as a bunch bored, mindless wackos with oversized egos - i. E. is the rest of the world really interested in a picture of your cat?

The two stars are due to the rare occasions that there is actually an interesting discussion on Reddit.


Products are cool. Not really super original but still relatively unique and great for gifts. The quality is very good, way better than Sharper Image which sells similar products.

If I were to rate the B&M Brookstone stores, I would give it 4 stars. They have great in-store customer service, very helpful sales staff, and the products, while relatively expensive, are sort of worth the money. is a different story. They still use the old-school shipping charge schedule where the shipping cost goes up based on the dollar amount of the order. You can order a $2,000 camera that weighs 1 pound and shipping will be more than a $100 beach chair that weighs 20 pounds. A $99 iPad Bluetooth keyboard is $99 and shipping is $17.99.

They offer % off coupons relatively often to bring their prices somewhat in line with market prices, and also offer free shipping codes very often.

BUT HERE'S THE CATCH - You can't use both at once. So if you use the 25% off coupon you end up paying the $18 shipping which sorts of negates the benefit of the coupon. Furthermore, the coupons cannot be used at stores, so you are stuck. Smells of a bait and switch to me.

Uh oh, a new type of spam site. I guess we'll start seeing more and more of these now. They take advantage of Amazon's referral payments by providing a link to an Amazon product page. If a consumer purchases that product, they get a fee from Amazon.

All they need to do is cut and paste a few item descriptions and maybe a fake review or two and post a link to the Amazon web page.

Not a SCAM but definitely a type of SPAM.


Without the information available on Seatguru I would have had many flights where my seat didn't recline, I had no carry-on storage space, and where I would have been elbowed nonstop by the lavatory line.

Before reserving a seat on any airline, always go to Seatguru to check out the seats first. You can search by Airline, Flight Number, route, Aircraft type, etc. Along with the seat information, they have helpful information about the airline such as baggage policies, check-in, luggage fees, etc.


Great site to buy stuff for the home from decor to dining and everything in between. Merchandise ranges from economy to luxury so of course price varies as well. They have the standard expensive lines but also cheaper items as well. Shipping was quick and the items were as expected. I haven't returned anything or contacted customer service yet so I can't vouch for their customer service or return policy.


A cool site with a limited number of items for sale at any one time, although with 30-50 items at any one time there is a much better selection than the one item a day type sites. Items for sale range from tools to electronics to toys and everything in between.

Shipping was extremely quick but one of the items in my order was out of stock. I contacted customer service and they promised to credit my CC. I am assuming (although I cannot be sure) that they would have done it had I not called. If not then this would be a scam but overall it looks on the level.

The items I ordered were no-name brand and the quality was decent relative to the price. They do sell name-brand items as well so the quality obviously will vary based on the brand.

Customer service responded to my query in a few hours so that part was great.

Another deal site to waste my money on. Oh well... But the deals are so great I can't resist.


Since the previous review seemed to have been from an insider and is a nice advertisement (albeit it in the wrong forum for it), I will add my comments from an impartial customer. I live nearby and whenever I make a party or will have many guests, I always go to Thrifty for my beverage needs. Their selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages is huge and their prices are the best around.

Imported? Check
Domestic? Check
Boutique? Check
Beer? Check
Soda? Check
Water? Check
Mixers? Check

I could go on and on but if it's liquid and edible, Thrifty has it.

Their customer service is outstanding with someone always available to answer questions or help you to the car.


Got a Groupon email, purchased the Groupon, used the Groupon. All good.

No problems at all and I got a great deal.

Can't see what's not to like for the customer. For the merchant there is much not to like as the cost is astronomical and the customer retention once a coupon is used is virtually nonexistent.


Although the primary purpose of the service is for business, I personally used this site to get a toll-free number for my kids to call me when they were at camp. It worked great, calls were all forwarded correctly, and I was also able to change the call-to number from my home to my cell and back, quickly and whenever I needed to just by logging in to their website.

Setup was quick and easy, I was able to select a custom 888 number for just a nominal additional charge, and the toll-free number was activated within minutes.

(Before activating, do a quick search on the web for a coupon. I found one that saved me the $35 activation fee)

They offer flexible and robust history and tracking tools and various pricing plans depending on your needs.

The only problem I had was when I realized that my minutes were being decreased far too quickly, and they told me that it was because many of the calls were from payphones where a surcharge is charged against the minutes in the plan.

This would not have been an issue had I known about it; however I could not find this condition anywhere on their website. The lack of disclosure cost them one star in my rating. Otherwise, everything was great.


Although I haven't used this site or any pay-to-read or pay-to-click sites, the very nature of the business causes me to believe that they are all scams. Think about it - the concept here is that merchants will pay the PTR/PTC website to feature ads or send emails to its subscribers. Then the subscribers will go and read the emails or click to the websites and hopefully make a purchase.

Paying the advertising medium for clicks or page views is the standard web advertising model.

The big problem here, and what causes me to believe that it is a scam, is that generally the people who subscribe to these PTR or PTC websites are financially challenged at the current time. This being the fact, odds are that they won't actually make a purchase at the advertiser's website. So why would an advertiser pay to focus its advertisments at the very demographic that is most likely to NOT make a purchase?

With regards to this particular website, the pages are full of spelling errors and typos, and $10 to read an email?!?!? They should at least have made it look realistic.

Also, if you read the source code for the website, you will see that the numbers such as total payout, number of members, the as of date, etc. are all hard numbers, not code. So although they make it look like it is constantly updated, it is just whatever they type in. The bold type "On" and "Online" are all hard-coded as well although they make it look like it is updated information.


I have only used the "Name your own price" service so my review is for that only. It is a great resource to save money on travel if you READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS and understand exactly how it works. When you name your own price and your bid is accepted you have purchased the room, car, or ticket. There are no refunds or changes. You cannot pick the exact airline, rental agency, or hote but you can set minimum quality or levels.

I have used Priceline many times in my travels and have saved thousands of dollars overall. Sometimes it just doesn't work and I have to book my travel elsewhere but when it does work it is great. My most recent success stories are a 5 star hotel in upstate NY for $55 a room - retail price over $200 and a 4 star hotel on Long Island for $45 - retail price $150.

Once you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN of your travel plans there is no downside to using Priceline. Just know what you are getting into before clicking on the "Buy" button.


Well, I received my order, at the tail end of the promised time period but still within the range. It came from Hong Kong so the extended shipping time was to be expected - about 3 week from the order date.

The products (kids watches) were very nice although the quality seems to be mediocre but again well worth the 2 bucks each I paid.

During my waiting period I received several emails from a company rep asking if I had received my order. Although she couldn't provide any helpful information, she did seem genuinely interested in trying to help and responded to my emails quickly. She even offered me a discount on future purchases.

Overall my experience was as expected. Shipping times were as expected and product quality was as expected.

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