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Marty Wright Homes advertises "Turn Key Home Prices" —- when they actually deliver "TURN WRENCH PROBLEMS"
At first, the staff was amazing! Our sale person, Kiara Ellison, was so attentive helping with every decision, and making sure we got the home we wanted within our budgeted payment. However, once the contract was signed the deal became an absolute nightmare!
To start off, we were told that the land where we intended to place our home met all the codes. Kiara said she personally checked it with the county office herself. So we proceeded with demolition on the property. Once we were ready to move the home there, we were told that there was a county ordinance in place that prevented us from using that land. We spent thousands of dollars clearing the property. It had a large 2 story cement building on it that we had to tear down.
Luckily, we had a backup piece of land, but it also had to be cleared and a house demolished costing even more money. Finally, when the home was delivered— it was nothing like we had chosen. I asked for vinyl flooring throughout the home. I was given cheap grade carpet and told they made a mistake on the paperwork. Unfortunately, they could not fix it. I pressed the issue until they agreed to take it out of the living room and hallway. The house was customized to meet our needs, so we were shown photos of what the options would look like. Unfortunately, to our dismay, the home was missing MANY features that were the selling points of the home. For example, the laundry room was supposed to have a wash sink in it, there were supposed to be ceiling fans throughout, all the lighting and faucets were to be the upgraded ones. We were given the cheapest you can order. I have the photos saved as proof. They refuse to fix any of it.
When their crew set our home up we had SO MANY ISSUES! One of the stack of cement blocks that holds the house up and level had a CRACK THROUGH IT! Now this is supposed to keep the house stable?! Kiara took photos of it and said she would have it fixed. The next day, someone had took dirt and smoothed it over the crack trying to hide it. Before I could reach anyone for answers, they had already sent the brick layers to brick it under. The roof was damaged, the siding was torn, the vents for the heating and air are not ran through the house correctly, the pipes for the plumbing are crossed so if you flush one toilet the other turns into a bidet throwing the dirty water out of the other toilet instead of down the drain, the ceiling is cracking apart in MULTIPLE places, the trim is separating from the walls, they used flat paint on satin to touch up the baseboard throughout the house, the door knobs fell off in our hands, the front door would not close properly—- I could go on for days.
The sad part is they would not return calls, avoided every problem, blaming many of them on the manufacturers and the COVID-19 situation. The home was delivered and setup in July, it is now January of the following year and nothing has been repaired —-our heat/AC still does not work properly. My grandson, who is 9 months old, lives with me. This should be a priority to them.
The ONLY person who has kept his word there is Greg Burdette. He was the Project Manager when we started this process, however was later moved to a different position. If he said he would handle it, then he got it done no questions asked.
When we finally got in touch with the owner Eddie Burdette he claimed not have any knowledge of these issues. He came to the home and did a walk through and was shown all the issues mentioned. We made sure he saw with his own eyes the shape our home was in. He promised us faithfully to have people get on it quickly. We haven't heard another word. It is bad when the owner does not care enough to correct mistakes to satisfy their customers. At that point I knew the company did not care for their clients at all.
The contractor the use, M&L are unprofessional and un educated. Bruce is rude and will lie in a heartbeat to cover himself.



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