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Update: This company clearly hires a company to hide bad reviews; however, I encourage potential clients to pull up specifically 'bad reviews' on websites such as Yelp, so you can see the unethical behaviors, in which they engage.
Tracy Stockwell, Spa Manager, advised her staff that she will not take any of my calls, even though I never spoke with, but she only received my email (as listed below; along with another email stating that both Restylane and Juvaderm were supposed to be $249 per syringe on July 21,2019). She wrote me a very nasty email stating that she is not willing to offer me any discounts because one; I caused a scene in her office the day of the procedure; and two; the Restylane product that I used was a higher price, which is yet another lie.

I was supposed to receive two syringes for $249.00 each, which I still have the text for. $150.00 is the deposit, and the remainder to be paid upon receipt of the service, which in this case was Sunday, the following day. When I booked the appointment with Jamie, I said that I wanted to treat my laugh lines, and she said this is no problem. I specifically asked Jamie if they guarantee the results, and she said, of course, and I can't see why not. The following day, Dr Treen, asked me what I wanted treated in the waiting area, and I said primarily my laugh lines, and if I have any product left over, my upper lip only. She numbed my laugh lines,' and my entire lips. Then, I waited for approximately 20 minutes.
This is a school, so why I was offered two syringes at $249.00 each was because I would have an audience of 8-10 students. After I was in the chair,' Dr. Treen, made an excuse as to why she couldn't treat my laugh lines,' by my nose and she said this is because I need to inject your cheeks, and I can't inject the cheek area for my students because this is out of the scope of their knowledge right now. But, she said I can treat the bottom part of your laugh lines, which quite frankly was my main concern. And she said, if we go with Restylane, we will only need one syringe and I can treat the bottom of your laugh lines and still treat your lips with one syringe. I asked her how much Restylane was for one syringe and she said $499.00, and she said that it's better for what I want done. She asked me if I ever had injections, and I said Yes, one time prior-- just last month with your clinic and it was solely for my lips not my laugh lines. I commented to her students it's my laugh lines in the lower lip area that is really aging me.
She was mainly speaking to her students throughout the injection process, and I heard her tell them, now what I will do when I am half way through, is I will give her a mirror to ensure I got all her trouble areas so that I can treat them before I run out of the product. Well she never did give me the mirror until she was completely finished and my laugh lines looked exactly the same (untreated). She asked me what I thought and I replied, I can't see a difference in my laugh lines at all. She asked if I was happy, to which I replied no, and she turned to her students and said this never happens. She came up to the front with me and left her students in the class knowing that I was going to dispute the service, which I did. She took me to a side room and said I don't mean to argue with you, but my students heard you say that you were ok with just treating the bottom of your laugh lines, I said they look untouched.' She said there was nothing she could do for me then. I asked to speak with the office manager and both told me that the product was already discounted, which was another lie, because I paid full price for the ONE SYRINGE of Restylane, instead of receiving the discounted two syringes of Juvaderm at $249.00 each, which I have the text for.

In summary, the office is very dishonest and assumes no responsibility for their actions. The office staff said you need to sign the receipt and I said that I will sign it but will write "in dispute" on the receipt, and further I told them that I will report them to the BBB, AG, and my credit card company, to which they had no response.
They are dishonest for the following reasons; They said they guarantee their results, but don't They offer you a good deal via text, which I still have and can send, then bait and switch They make you pay for training their students They tell you they can do anything you want when they take your deposit, then after you arrive, they make up excuses as to why they can't once your already in the treatment room with a crowd of students. My laugh lines,' look exactly the same on the lower half as the top half, which she allegedly treated the bottom. I have tons of before and after pictures. I left another voice message today at 10:10 AM for office manager Tracey Stalkwell, but I have not received a call back yet. At check out, they charged me originally $399.00, when I caught it she said Oh, we need to charge you a demo fee of $50.00. After I got extremely irate, the office manager said you need to credit her for $50.00, which she did in the office. I have had bruises surrounding my entire lips for the past two days, which make-up cannot hide. Also, this was a secondary area of treatment and there are NO bruises around my laugh lines, even in the lower area, which she claimed was the only area she could treat, but clearly did not.

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