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We have a brand new Nissan on disability this is our third car. The brake warning light came on so the manual says get it checked out right away. I explained to the receptionist on the desk the problem the advice I was given is as follows. We could be there all day waiting for a mechanic to look at the problem no time given. We could book it in but not till after Christmas.The next bit of advice was to go home call the disability help line call the RAC out see if you can get a courtesy car as we have none all negativity. All we wanted was reassuring by a qualified mechanic it was safe to drive. The receptionist stated as the light was only amber it was ok to drive would you feel safe with a brake warning light on? Not impressed by the less than third rate service and definitely the last car we get from them. It appears only to pleased if you get one of their cars but not if you have a problem with the car. Would you deal or recommend them to anyone definitely not me I was to say the very least surprised by their non existent customer service.


Nightmare spent months trying to get a refund for a booked shuttle service from the air port in Hong Kong to the hotel and back again Last min said we got on the wrong transport so we were liable for the extra charge Point 1 the desk at the airport had our names flight times hotel staying at yet the company still fought tooth making it hard to contact not replying to emails phone calls stretching it out over months causing nothing but stress all over a pittance about £30. It wasn't about the money but the principle of paying for a service then charged twice My advice don't expect a good service not even third class also as my wife is disabled we arranged for wheelchair assistance but that was lacking and at Manchester if I hadn't carried her to the plane we would have missed the flight the same sought of assistance was missing at Dubai and Hong Kong forget them also if you require assistance on your holiday couldn't contact them on numbers given so all in all a nightmare.


Upon booking a flight from Manchester to Hong Kong via Abu Dhabi disabled assistance was pre booked. At Manchester waiting for assistance the last call for boarding the flight was announced yet no assistance was forthcoming and the assistance desk was as useless as a igloo in the desert. Choice carry wife to plane or miss flight so one tip don't rely on wheelchair support from Manchester. Etihad Airways promised seats Aisle seat paramount for my wife with disabilities was ok to Abu Dhabi then middle seat Abu Dhabi to Hong Kong absolutely useless in total a absolute disgrace not assistance was given throughout the journey or at the relevant Airports. Now the important thing when you contact the customer service at Etihad you are given various choices via the key pad so like most call centres it's very difficult to get through so you have to persevere with options. Once you get through you are given various options and assurances yet most our lies like we will call you back never happens they say we have tried or wrong number given lie because number comes up on their screen who is calling. It has taken me nearly two weeks calling from Hong Kong to get assurances on flights assistance and seats.One last thing they ask for feed back and the assurance given is we will get back to you I've given several feedbacks all negative and after two weeks not one reply.The customer service is non existent


Ordered a laptop from this company promised delivery 14 days from purchase date.It never turned up on the promised delivery date So I sent many emails over a period of several days which were completely ignored also the same for the vendor all mails were ignored.

Today I contacted my bank with my problems so they said they would try and contact the company themselves. Low and behold I received an email later today of Go Groopie It's obvious what has happened but after all the stress and worry I told them the contract had been broken and requested a full refund so we will see I advise any one for their own sanity. STAY CLEAR I looked them up on one or two consumer websites their revues are virtually all the same Terrible Stay Clear Don't Bother etc obviously your choice but never again for me

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Don’t ever use them

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First time cruise what a disappointment As first time cruisers we were at a loss to the way a cruise functions There was no information or introduction as to what was available and what wasn't For instances all dining was not complimentary but no information was given As to what dining venues you could use and which ones carried a charge Same for trips no information was given to alternatives until you had booked then on the day you were told you could of got local transportation etc. My wife had a virus and was confined to her cabin for 3 Days to say the care she received was sub standard would not touch it the service she received was less than that On the last day of her confinement she was told not to leave her cabin as the Japanese authorities wanted to check she was fit enough to be allowed to enter Did anyone show No then she heard an announcement that anyone who wish to enter Japan needed to register. So as she had not been out of the cabin since we boarded and there was 16 or so levels and she was told to stay put she took it upon her self to leave and find the registration finally after an hour or so she found the registration point but it meant going on shore then she was kept in the boiling heat for over an hour or more with no water and no help There was plenty of information on how to spend your money even to the point of how to learn to gamble but nothing relevant to first time cruisers I won't bore you with the meals or the feeding frenzy at meal times just to say the majority of passengers were of Asian origin and all meals were centred around them and very limited choice if you wanted European food To finish off we were offered 50% off the next cruise? Considering the cruise cost a few grand we were offered £600 now if that's 50% i must learn my maths again We were told all the information was again the tv and certain media points but if your not IT confident then you would find it difficult to say the least this nightmare cruise to Japan could of been much better if for first time cruisers there was an informal information advice on how to use the IT available and a small information booklet Don't let me put you off cruises in sure they are not all the same but most of the Europeans we spoke to said it was the worst one they had ever been on One last point as there was a bit of a heat wave on the first trip ashore as we left the ship we were offered bottles of ice cold water I thought that was kind of them maybe I'm being to harsh. Kind till I received the bill for the water yet no mention it was charged As I said all about the Money on yes they can stuff there miserable offer


Goes with one of my previous reviews Purchased 2 Phones apps cost £500 from Argos with the recommendation of Quidco cash back scheme? Last year about November time. The deal was 5% on all purchases from Argos have i had any cash back No Have i had loads of hassle with emails and contacts and passed round from one advisor to another have i sent countless emails have i been given the runaround most definitely to all these questions is a big fat YES AND YES again am I still waiting YES do I hope out any hope No Its not a kings random just a few misery pounds so not the money but the principle.


Ordered two phones on line cost £500 now then here was the problem one to pick up from the store fast track no waiting! Yet a 20 Minutes wait as the phone was still in one of the delivery dates waiting to be delivered Next one was 2Day delivery which in turn ended up 3days and I had to go to the delivery depo to pick the phone up otherwise it would of meant another 2day wait so much for quick delivery I did complain did I get anywhere No


This is my opinion you may agree or not but it's how I see it now. When T. J. Maxx first hit the high street some of the choices and bargins were brilliant no complaints and no competition. As for now the choice is not as good or cheap as it used to be bargains for the male seem to be scarce so does the choice as for some of the cloths etc on offer definitely from the cheaper end of the market and of course on line shopping etc the competition has become fiercer so they need to up their game or could end up the way other famous stores have!


North and South Ireland Tour Stayed in the RaddisonBlue 4*Hotel in Letterkenny excellent hotel There tour guide was excellent and a full iternary


A first rate service bought an Actifryer from here even had a return postage if not satisfactory This was also a lot cheaper at £99.99 than anywhere else would definitely recommend this store


When using E Bay if you are purchasing goods for under a hundred pounds it's well worth considering using Pay Pal because if things go wrong they can help sort it out or even get your money back and it cost nothing to open an account I have been scammed on E Bay and I got my money back but as far as I'm aware it's only Upton £100


No to both questions a very honourable company never had a problem but this can not be said for another online one that transferred it's business to another one then that went bust now I see they have started up again so beware as i lost money Only deal with established ones


Can be quite informative Negative to many adverts and it seems some of the negative reviews are quite undeserved written by disgruntled customers with an axe to grind More open honest reviews required A fairer method would be for Trip Adviser to contact the business or establishment to give them a chance to explain before a poor informed report ruins an otherwise good establishment.


I bought a phone which developed a fault well with in the guarantee period they are just not bothered couldn't care less attitude buyer beware they are not a very fair or honourable company to deal with The guarantee is not worth the paper it's written on


Never had a problem and the deals can be quite good at times


Always came up good when purchased goods in my opinion not a bad site gives you the chance to compare merchandise

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