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Mid-40’s professional jewelry designer who lives for fashion with classic lines, natural colors and minimalist designs.

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I’m happy to provide personal insight on products I’ve tried and used over the years to hopefully spare others from buying gimmicky useless merchandise.


Jewelry, fashion, natural beauty (good skincare products & minimal cosmetics)

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There are soooo many choices to watch. And thank goodness they have profile algorithms to help because (I don't know about you), but I'd literally spend nearly as much time searching as I do watching.

I love that they notify you of new seasons on shows saved in your profile. I love their movie suggestions. I love having the ability to binge watch my favorite shows.

Thank you Netflix! You're my date on many lonely nights.


I occasionally eat at my local restaurant when I need to grab a quick bite while out running errands. I choose McDonald's specifically because I know exactly what I'm going to get when I order.

I love the consistency in the taste and quality of their products. I also love how spotlessly clean their restaurant is. I have grown accustomed to this over the years. My only issue is that the prices are never consistent. But hey! It won't stop me from ordering a double cheeseburger if that's what I'm craving. Their French Fries are still the best anywhere on the market!

Lines move along quickly and efficiently, cashiers are friendly and efficient. Dine-in or take-out, doesn't matter. The quality is the same. Wish the pricing was equally consistent.


I have many "Color Palettes" and even their original "Coloring Book" by this company. Their makeup brushes were amazing quality too! I've had these items for over a decade. Amazing quality!

But... they no longer produce these products, leaving me with only their skincare and body care lines, which I must confess seem a little too girlish for me now. Same with their fragrance line.

Although I like the philosophy behind their products, the packaging is simple with no unnecessary frills. I'm sorry that they discontinued their cosmetic line. Their color palettes were compact and easy enough to take everywhere whenever a touch-up was needed. The colors were natural looking and made with high quality ingredients.

I will return as a customer once they reinstate their cosmetic line. Otherwise, they don't get my vote for anything.


I initially saw the ad on Facebook for the Auraglow Delux Teeth Whitening System (originally priced at $59, but with the Facebook Ad discount it was only $35). So, I thought I'd give it a whirl and see how it goes.

My order was placed through Paypal and shipping was confirmed the very next day. I even received it two days earlier than scheduled!

Excited to try it, I did so immediately. The directions are pretty straight forward, it's a cinch to assemble and voila! 30 minutes later I rinsed my mouth and noticed my teeth were a bit whiter right away.

I used it again the next day after coffee and breakfast and brushing my teeth. Again, the results were noticeable. The instructions say to use it up to 7 days in a row until the desired shade of white is achieved, but I personally don't think I need to use it again beyond tomorrow with only weekly touch-ups.

I have extremely sensitive teeth so other whitening gels and whatnot have not worked well for me. This particular product is actually very gentle for anyone with that concern. I am not personally experiencing any discomfort during or after use.

Overall, the price is right, it's easy to use, produces noticeable results, is gentle on sensitive teeth AND comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Hard to go wrong!


So... I live in Hawaii where everything is more expensive because of shipping charges. For instance, you can expect to pay $8 for a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread at the grocery store. So the monthly cost of my Amazon Prime subscription is a mere fraction of what I'd have to pay for shipping on virtually any online purchase. It's a must have for me. Plus the Prime video and music streaming service is a real bonus... and really makes me want to reconsider my Pandora and Netflix memberships.

Very highly recommended!


I purchase all different types of categories from this retailer. From health & beauty supplies to home decor.

My online experience has also been exceptional. I've had to contact their customer service regarding a purchase that didn't arrive on time, and they immediately sent me another and told me to just keep the first order "on them" for my inconvenience when it did come in. I received both orders at the same time.

Very happy with their products and high level of customer service. Very highly recommended!


I started out with a purchase of the Rotadent Contour from my dentist about 5 years ago. It lasted about a month before completely dying. I contacted their warranty department and they sent me a replacement - no problem.

The replacement lasted for 2 years and died. So, I called warranty and they sent me their newest model, the Rotadent ProCare. Within a month it developed cracks in the control switch with regular use. Again the warranty department was contacted and a replacement sent out - no problem.

When it's working, I really love the product. I really appreciate their friendly warranty department as I've talked to them plenty over the years.

Replacement brush heads are a bit pricey, but I continue to have glowing check-ups at my dentist... so it's worth it for me.


I'm an avid Ebayer with over a 950 feedback score. I search for EVERYTHING here before going to Amazon or or Etsy. There is great customer service and although I've had a couple transactions where a seller tried to dupe me into accepting a fraudulent item, Ebay was very supportive and I received my money back instantly.

Some of the brands I search include: Banana Republic, J. Crew, Anthropologie, Skinceuticals and Clarisonic. I nearly spend as much time (if not more) on my searches and grooming my watch-list than I do on Facebook!

Highly recommended!


I personally have 2 briefcases, 6 different style wallets and countless handbags made by this company. Their style is usually a sleek, understated design that makes other handbag designers seem garish.

Paris-based company. Great color selection... Italian leather patterns include croc-embossed, pebble embossed and the sleek smooth leather (my favorite).

Expect great quality and know that your Monsac item will last a very long time (some of my handbags are 10+ years old). With their clean lines and beautiful colors, they never go out of style.


I personally have countless clothing items from this retailer. Cashmere, linen, silks, merino wool, cotton and cotton blends... what's not to love about high quality fabric? And Banana Republic is proud to use them!

Their sizing is always consistent. I've even had my wool blend trousers hemmed for free by their fabulous sales associates right in the store!

Pricing can seem high, but when you consider the quality of the items you're buying, and how many years of uses you'll get out of them (one of my cashmere sweater favorites has lasted me over 11 years!), it's really quite a deal.

Highly recommended for any occasion, every gender and any place!


I do very much enjoy the bold patterns and colors, and the fact that many of their designers refashion some of the older styles from the 20's, 30's and 40's eras. It's like recycling, but for fashion and what they come up with is a new look. The unfortunate thing is, that new look doesn't usually translate as "timeless".

Another downside for me, is that their sizing isn't consistent between designers. For instance, I wear an XS in their Odille line, but wear S (sometimes M) in their Walking on Snow line, which makes online ordering like a blind-folded game of darts.

The quality is meh, okay. The fabrics last, but not as long as many other brands that I buy. Even with recommended care, a silk blend shirt that cost $100+ will have to be replaced in 2-3 years. I know that may seem like a long time, but for the money... it's not that long at all, considering I can buy stuff from J. Crew for the same price that's lasted over 7 years.

Still, some of their styles are endearing, with their frills and frocks, they very much make me think of a garden tea party in the British countryside.


I was given a beautiful 14k gold bracelet purchased from this retailer as a gift, but it needed to have several links removed so that it fit correctly.

So, after paying for this service, (keep in mind the bracelet was also already paid for) imagine my disdain upon picking up my customized bracelet and NOT being given the extra links that were removed.

I asked the sales rep where they were, and she told me in her snootiest voice that it's not customary to return parts off of items that are customized.

I am a jewelry designer, and when I customize my pieces for my customers, i. E. shorten a piece, I always include the extra gemstones or links in case further repairs are needed in the future. So I was furious! The bracelet was paid for (14k gold) but this jeweler decided to keep my extra links to melt down and use for HIS profit, although they were rightfully mine.

I will NEVER purchase from this retailer or recommend them. Very poor ethics.


Transaction fees, payment processing fees and listing fees... plus I received notification that transaction fees are being increased again to 5% making total seller fees 8.5% (plus listing fees) of your total price. And that's just the minimum. Etsy now has a tiered service plan for sellers who can buy up to receive additional services.

Etsy even charges a 5% fee on sellers' shipping services, making it impossible to keep shipping costs low. I used to charge only the actual postal rate to my customers, but now that Etsy has decided to take a cut I had to raise my shipping rates. It's really hard to compete with the box stores when you're being nickel and dime to death.

I'm a small business owner with high overhead and it's just not worth paying their cut, when I can use my website (3% payment processing built in) and social media avenues (which are free).

I closed my Etsy shop as soon as they notified me that they were raising their rates again. Not worth it as a seller in my opinion.

I'd have given a 1-star review save for my fantastic experience as a buyer. So... 2 stars!


Let me start by saying that I'm a dress girl who lives in the tropics. I love J. Crew because their size consistency is always spot-on and their fabrics are soft, comfortable and fabulous! Many of the dresses I have of theirs are timeless in style and have lasted many years. I'm always told that I have the best taste in clothes. I credit the quality of J. Crew for much of my amazing wardrobe.


I'm in my mid-40's and have rosacea with extremely sensitive oily skin. My dermatologist actually recommended that I use a Clarisonic to help with gentle daily exfoliation that also deep-cleans my pores. So I purchased the Mia about 4 years ago. Because of my highly sensitive skin, I use mine only at night in conjunction with Skinceuticals Micro-exfoliating Gel. My skin is noticeably smoother and the redness from my rosacea is nearly diminished. I feel that I look younger and people always compliment my skin! I recommend this for everyone - including men.


First of all, I'm in my mid-40's and don't like gimmicky beauty products with false claims. This company actually presents the results of their clinical trials, and is one of the few companies recommended by my dermatologist.

My must-haves are CE Ferulic, Retexturing Activator and Physical Fusion sunscreen.

I use them as directed everyday (for over 5 years) and I am very pleased with the results. No fragrance, no glitter, no gimmicks! My skin always looks and feels amazing. I never need to wear cosmetics! Even my rosacea has diminished.

I don't recommend anything else!


Over-priced merchandise and poor corporate customer service. I purchased the SeneSerum-C and tried it twice. The "beauty beads" fail to dissolve completely making it look like there's white flakes (dandruff) all over your skin. And the glitter/shimmer! Ugh! I'm in my mid-40's and do not want to be covered in glitter. Save that for the 12 year olds! And I must say that nowhere in the product description could I find anything that states this product contains glitter (or I'd have passed on this purchase in the first place). I also didn't like the perfumey fragrance, as I'm sensitive to smell.

I submitted a review directly on their corporate website and received a vanilla response the next day from their Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager, Ashley Shafer, saying my concerns will be directed to the appropriate departments (i. E. their trash can). Of course, they also failed to display my review. Hmmm...

Most notable, corporate customer service did not offer any refund or information on how to return this product. This is clearly a gimmick/scam. Serious skincare should not have glitter or make your skin look like you're suffering from a severe dandruff disorder. I strongly advise anyone who's interested in a legitimate vitamin C serum to look elsewhere or just get something much less expensive from your local drug store, where it's easier to get your money back.

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