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I can certainly see why this woman has named her site the way she has, because $#*! certainly explains it all! Not only have I had my pop up blockers alert me to porn on her site, I have personally talked to her in the past and she is NOTHING BUT RUDE! If you want decent wedding ideas, this is NOT the place to turn to. And I would NEVER EVER EVER recommend her or hire her services for my wedding planning!


I love this site because they also sport some great older flicks. Plus you can really sink your teeth into the most recent episodes with out having to thumb a TV Guide. I would really like to see them put some more classics on the site.

Also I would not mind a few ads if it meant that I could get their premium streaming for free.


I love this site because it connects businesses with the rapidly growing media. Coms. This is an awesome deal because it promotes customer loyalty to local business, and at the same time promotes a spirit of loyal competition in favor for the mayor! I hope this gets adopted by more businesses in my area. Then the heat is on for mayor-ship.

The site should also think about doing a Mayor of the Area for places with many business competing for mayors and other loyal customers.


I would be real careful of this site. While it has the apperance of a site offering legitimate claims to help your twitter standing through their marketing, it lacks in everything else.

Their pages fail to load properly often going fight over your previous page in a transparent format. Their goal is to get you to buy their marketing program for $25 bucks and improve your followings on twitter. No real service exists there. They also have quite a bit of reference material that in no way points to them. Also there contact us has a DNS error indicating no likelihood of contacting them.



Good News Network These days we all need a little more good news. It seems main stream media loves to thrive off tragedy. That is why I love gnn.com. A news source devoted to the funny and moving stories that are good news.

I love to use their site for a little pick me up when I am feeling down. Plus I love their name and how it rivals cnn.com "cruddy news network".

They have happy stories from the economy, and green efforts all the way to wise uses of money that people actually did. All news positive stops here and so do I!


Although the look of this site is a little old to say the least. It is a site with enough games to certainly kill some time over. I also like their money management games. Most of these games are upstarts trying to strike gaming gold. But with a little patience you can find some decent games to chew over for a little while. While it is not as family friendly as say addictinggames.com it is still pretty fun.


This is a cute site for all things pets. This site provides news, stories about, funny things, and tips for you and your pets. It is also a one-stop shop place for consumer reviews of pet products and recalls.

Living up to it's name this site promotes your pets good health, and also provides lots of tips and articles on getting to know what your pets need in all areas of their life. It also has a great community spirit when it comes to commenting and help other pet owners when they hit a roadblock in their pet/owner relationship.

I love the funny animal videos that they post on the site too1


This is a site for web developers and site owners to use affiliate advertising through. They have a good number of name brand companies that use them to advertise. The way the site works is quite simple.

First you setup an account to receive payments from advertisers. Next you find advertisers who are offering a program through this site and you join that program. Then you the links and banners provided by the advertiser through CJ.com and put them on your site.

Some advertisers pay you for leads or click-through to their site. Others give you a commission of sales. This site is very comprehensive an a real industry standard. Plus if you want to use them for advertising then you can get a lot of targeted audiences. Great tool for web developers.


This is a great company! I recently had some gold to sell and wanted to make sure I got the best possible price for it. So I had it weighed and estimated by a number of buyers in the area. I also weighed and calculated it myself. Most buyers in my area took 60% or more of the value.

But when Gold fellow gave me an estimate it was only 50% off. Then I requested my gold back from them, they gave me a call and even went up on their offering price. Resulting in a 60% value for me and 40% for them.

I would definitely recommend you use them for your gold! They even insure up to a $1000 dollars worth for shipping to them. Then if you want it back they insure it for the value of what you sent. Plus they even sent a neat little magnifying glass for your use. LOVE THIS COMPANY!


They are a little bit of an older looking site than I would normally use but they do update certain parts of it fairly often. They have a number of giveaways, freebies, and misc. Offers.

I have become fond of their giveaways page because they reference a number of free giveaways to enter. I have found that most of the sites in their round up are ok. But I am still careful. This is a more out of the way site and I like to root for some small businesses. So go get 'em?!

What I would love to see change is the busy look they have to the page. With so many links just listed arbitrarily it is hard to see a way through all the mess with out really having to focus. Maybe if they could do a small revamp of colors and layout, then I think they could get it to pop more.


I like the pioneer spirit of this site. They have taken what would be just another place to connect through a social network, and have added a visual appeal. While it is true that they really need to continually advance in regards to 3D development they have certainly managed to pull a swath of people looking for partnerships.

It is almost like a 3D dating site. But if they develop their community of users right then they could achieve a more futuristic facebook feel.

There is definitely caution to be had here since we are adding a new layer of anonymity. Now when you connect with someone their traits, likes, and personal info can be fake, PLUS they can make you feel as though they actually look like the character they pretend to be. This will easily fool the young and inexperienced.

So take caution but have fun with this semi-networking gaming-like site!


This site is pretty interesting, I have yet to try my hand at it just yet.
Their goal is to pay you for advertising sent to you. How this works is described roughly here for you:

1) You create a profile telling about your interests, cares, favorite products and so forth. They call this a "me file".

2) Certain sites you visit will sport a box that will show an add tailored to your profile IF you want to see them. IF you do then you will be paid some sort of amount.

3) Take the money that gets gathered into your account through their site and use it like you would a Paypal account.

I thought this site's idea was pretty cool. Letting consumers get to pick what ads they want to see, when they want to. Also the idea that they will look at more because they are getting paid to.

I don't think they have a very large following right now since I have not really seen ad boxes around these days. But if your the pioneering type you could probably give it a try and write a great follow-up here. Others will probably have to wait a while before this is very lucrative for the consumer or the site. Their site needs a little layout work because they have a slight scam feel to it. Though I don't think they are since they have quite a bit on their business and explanation of it, as well as, a contact point.


This site is a different kind of social media site. It is like a twitter/digg/youtube thing going on. They have a pretty easy sign-up. But once your through the door you are flooded with posts of people pitching their sites. And not all of them are in one language. Half or more of the posts sometimes are not readable. Spam and phishing as well as adult sites can be frequently stumbled upon here. Be careful where you go and what links you follow.

Over all I get an over crowded and uneasy experience using them. Maybe in the future if they apply more moderation to their site and sport more useful topics then I might return. But the forecast for this site is seeming more like a short trip from glory to inglorious annoyance!


This is the most exhaustive reference for all things web development! It should be considering these are the guys who decide what the whole browser language should be and act like. If it were not for this great resource I would be left in the lurch for many a problem I have face in writing good code.

I hope they continue to progress with their schools program to educate more people in what is the language of more and more business these days. So if you are in the market for learning about all things web, then this is almost a one stop reference!


I just recently used itunes with a gift card they gave me. At first I though you had to have MAC products to play this music. Surprise you don't! So I got 9 songs to download. I have always been kinda wary about getting music from online. Bad experiences are to blame. But this was more convenient than I thought it would be and they had a very broad selection of music. Though I was not thrilled about the automatic tax deduction they took for each download, as this made it hard to gauge how much I could get. Also at times the site ran a little slow. But on the all I was pleased and will no doubt use it again in the future.


Go Daddy is more like poop daddy! They are awful for hosting and spare no cheapness in overall layout options. Not to mention their poor support and hidden fees. If your hosting through them you have to pay for each additional page you want to add. I definitely would recommend anything other than GoDaddy. It stands for Go get your money dumb Daddy cause we want it all. Oh and never give them an e-mail address, that is bad, very bad!


Officelive.com has some free web hosting services for small businesses and alows them you to use their online web builder. It is difficult to work with but does support the web software Dreamweaver. So if you purchase the domain through them you can host for free and use a third party developer. But a lot of features lack with their online site builder.

On the more upside they give you good size of storage and bandwidth. The storage is like 500MB. The bandwidth is around 1-2GB maybe.


I was definitely not thrilled to see another scam-like penny auction. But I must admit that I like their color scheme. Also the setup of the site is very futuristic. I think that I would like to take this site and just use it for something more constructive. Like a charity platform for trekkies:)

Also what is the deal with wavee, these days companies seem content to dumb us down with phrases like, biggie, trekie, and other ee's. What happened to more creative names?


Frankly, any review site that would put themselves under the chopping block is saying something deep! I think this site's layout is superb when it comes to easy navigation. The unobtrusiveness of any additional material on the site gives it a clean and welcoming feeling.

Plus their system for moderating is much more fair than others. Not relying on mere popularity they seek to promote those who provide relevant and helpful reviews. Also the reviews don't have to be flowery, they can be real and down to earth.

I am excited about getting to be a part of this with all my fellow reviewers. I think as a group we have a real chance to rock the web with solid, trustworthy reviews! We could get to be a good force for promoting e-commerce and a sense of security among sites that can offer valuable services and tools.

In short I LOVE SITEJABBER! They help us, help others. Whats cooler than that?


I like this site because it gives me lots of great starting ideas! I like to take the recipes and alter them a bit for the flavor I like. I enjoy the way they organize the site according to the meat and cuts. It makes it so much easier for meal ideas.

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