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Gotta love playing the old school games! Bring back memories just thinking about tempest 2000. My big fear about sites like this is that while they do probably have some great emulators, how do I know I am also not downloading a virus? Scares the crap outta me downloading from random sites. There are ways to scan for viruses but I'm not sure they always pick up embedded ones especially if you install them on your PC. Maybe do it on an old laptop if you go this route.


I saw my DPM and he was trying to sell me custom insoles for $300. I do not have $300 for insoles that are going to need to be replaced every so often and for every pair of shoes I own. That is absurd I told him and said that is just what it costs. I found this website by a podiatrist and was able to speak to a doctor online by phone which I thought was pretty frigging amazing. I am used to getting customer support from India, and to speak to a real doctor who answered my questions was golden. He only charges $89 per custom insole and I just take the impression of my feet at home.


Metropark does it right when they spam you non stop with great deals and coupons for their clothing sales for both their online store as well as their retail location. I find it hard to resist the urge to check out what they have on sale and will occassionally buy from their online store or print out the coupon and bring it to the B&M store. Their spam is the few that I welcome in my inbox so I think that is worthy of a full heart rating for them.


Great concept of a website that allows people to create quizzes and flash cards and share them. If it catches on students studying similar subjects could combine their efforts to make flash cards and share them online.


Found this site thanks to sitejabber members and have been reading it ever since. Very good articles and they do a wonderful job of keeping up to date on the latest news. Always gets me revved up to ride by bike after I read this site!


Hulu plus finally launched and for $7.99 it is a really good deal IF you like the tv shows they currently have in their line up. If you ever wanted to watch a series from beginning to end, buying a boxed set is very inconvenient and this way you can watch all of their shows for cheap and then continue to watch the current season as well. I am giving this a full heart for the cheapness of the package. Video quality is also excellent


I am going to give any free dating site a Meh rating... here is why. Do you really want to date someone who takes dating so casually they are not simply willing to pay the twenty bucks it costs to join say match or one of those other sites? Girls, really? If I guy can't shell out a few bucks to join a dating site do you really want to date him?


Flickr is free but smugmug is worth the price of admission. I am not a pro photographer but I like my photos printed out on quality paper and I want my family to have access to my photos and to be able to print them out as well. I want to control who can view my photos and I definitely don't want my photos tagged all over the internet. For these reasons I am willing to pay the yearly fee for smugmug. Worth it in my book.


Yet one of the 1000s of penny auction sites that now exist in the world. Someone wanted a review of this site so I decided to put my 2 pennies in :P All penny auction sites are very similar to slot machines... not a scam, but not really going to get you the item you are dreaming of. Just becareful and know what you are getting into... I do think these sites can be fun but just be wary of what you are doing. I like to play slot machines too... same thing.

Read what rich johnson wrote


Thank you for pointing out this scam site and reviewing it. Now the world can know that this site is selling fake ed hardy clothing.


Probably my number one recommendation for anyone looking for a new pet. There are so many pets in need of a home and people should at least look here first before they go to their local breeder or pet store.


I love yahoo answers as a pure entertainment source. Looks like I wasn't alone... read this if you have ever used yahoo answers... funny stuff


I read cracked as a comic book growing up in elementary school (yes that dates me) and now have found this website thanks to other members here. Very funny site. They also have a quite impressive social network thing going on. I have seen some sites get say 100 likes from facebook and I would be impressed. They get thousands of likes on FB for their articles. It also appears some get hundreds of diggs because they are really that funny. Check out this one with 1800 FB likes, though only read if you are one of the 12 million people that play WOW


The other review here states paypal is safe and secure... yes it is safe to use paypal and secure. But I would say a HUGE percentage of the scams on the internet use paypal to get you to buy from them because there is no real fraud protection the same way if you only use a major credit card (using a CC through paypal is not the same protection). Any site that only offers paypal... I'm wondering why a major electronic store only offers paypal... makes me very suspicious.


I couldn't help but review this website. Take a look at these reviews and you will notice all of the positive reviews were written almost all on the same day literally within minutes of each other. Coincidence? I don't think so. You the reader be the judge on what reviews are REAL and which ones may have been written by friends or by the website owner himself. Maybe the next time someone decides to write fake reviews about themselves they Might consider spreading out the positive reviews a little more than 2 minutes apart... On the 19th I noticed like 3 reviews straight in a row all glowing reviews of this site. Hmmm...


Now this is an interesting concept. The online gambling industry is actually run and audited in part by large software companies that in the end really control the online gambling industry. It seems as this could also be done to the penny auction industry. If a software company could somehow become audited and partnered with a government regulated agency they could really clean up and become the standard in the penny auction world. Can't say if this website will do that but if one of them can they would be very successful. Love their tag line too.


Anyone considering groupon should read these two articles that were written up by sitejabber

Then make the decision for yourself being fully informed of what you are getting. I got a decent deal for myself, but I have a friend who just got screwed over by groupon.


Everyone keeps bashin poor digg for their design change but I think it is better now that the power doesn't seem to rest in the hands of a few powerful elite digg members. Now we all can more or less contribute to the site and hope to get our content seen on the homepage.


This is my go to reference when people ask me about how to start a home business. There are so many scams on the internet these days and it just sickens me to read about how they suck people in to paying big $$$ for the next big MLM scam or internet riches or buying real estate with no money down. If you are looking to make some money in your own business, read this online website instead...


Chris, you are right... a shoe store to claim a PC mag award is hilarious. I think almost any store advertising uggs and airjordans in the same line is sure to be a scam.

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