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Nice looking website with POOR service. Asked them a simple question to see if it's possible for the to do a construction job... rather than reply, they read the message and blocked the contact.
Do not trust this company with any project or your funds! I can see them easily doing this to any client.


Payoneer has literally closed an account saying they reviewed it and it was in violation of their terms.
This account was only used to accept payments from PeoplePerHour and Fiverr (both approved by Payoneer). Along with a few minor purchases on the card in the supermarket. But they have closed the account and seized ALL FUNDS!
Asked the chat agent SherryAnn why and she said she can't say. Asked for a supervisor... she can't provide one. Asked for an email... she can't give one.

Now will need to file it with a lawyer to get back the money.


To start I can not deny that this is an absolutely beautiful watch even more so in person and has a good weight to it. However, the issues I found with Heritor (RESULTCO) are as follows:

1) I purchased the watch online and everything worked... except. The second hand. It wasn't properly seated and would only rotate if the watch was absolutely flat. If the watch was tilted (like everyday wearing), the second had would just spin all-around freely.
Contacted Heritor and they said because it wasn't purchased directly from them, they couldn't take it back for a repair/replacement. But they offered another solution, which leads to issue number two...

2) The rose gold Aura (3903) sells on their website for $$1,115 MSRP... on Amazon for around $690... and eBay for around the same$500 - $690. However, Heritor was willing to sell me the replacement for $65 (that's correct sixty-five dollars). This sounded a bit too good to be true but at the same time brought home the reality of the true value of their watches.

I accepted the offer, they sent the invoice and I paid. Two days later I got an email stating that they can't ship it to my addres (despite them being in Michigan and shipping my USA address which Amazon, ebay, FedEx and USPS all use without a problem). But Herior (RESULTO) said they can't ship there and to confirm the address. This I did the same day along with providing the invoice/shipping lable for the first watch. They never replied. Over the next week and 4 emails Heritor never replied to any emails or refunded my money.
It wasn't until I posted public comments on their IG account, someone replied to the comment and I received a refund "invoice"... I still haven't seen the refund on my bank.

If you're going to buy one of these watches, don't pay more than $100/$150... anything more is a rip-off. There is little to no customer service and it just a big scam. Loads of negative reviews on their FB which unfortunately I didn't see until after the fact. But buyer beware.


First off let me start with the HORRIBLE customer service!
Which leads to the second thing... their app worked good for less than a year till I heard people saying they were trying to reach me and they couldn't get through. Tested it for myself and sure enough I was paying for a service and it wasn't working... who knows for how long!

I contacted their live chat (Rosa) and explained the problem. It's clear she was in no way technically minded and offered many basic things. However not knowing the problem I did all of those and none worked one after the other. She then gave me a speed test to do and while it was running I had to go back to her because of her impatience "haven't heard you for a while". So the last part of the test didn't finish. So she then "assumed" this was why it was not working. I told her my internet is the same as it has been for years and it's only recently that MJ stopped working. I said I'll do the full test again if she gave time for it to complete. Did that and by the time I got back she disconnected. RUDE INADEQUATE STAFF!

Anyway... so I'm still paying for a service that's not working and MJ has staff that can't help.


Start with the positive... Their store location and staff in Barbados (Airport) are exceptional at service and getting things done. That's, unfortunately, that's the only good part of Aeropost.

Email support is non-existent! No emails sent to their local office are EVERY replied to.

Online Chat is it the most repetitive lack of customer service you could ever experience. At no time is their online chat of any assistance. Last communication was with Sophya B who, despite mentioning to her repeatedly what the issue was, she completely ignored the problem. Even when I deliberately said that she was ignoring the real problem with the account she literally continued to ignore my comment. Absolutely RUDE and Aeropost needs to completely fire all useless staff like this as they are the ones on the front-line and continuing to bring down the company.


Don't waste your time / money on thier likes and views. None of them work and you get nothing for free or paid. Possibly just an email gathering site.


Ebates was undoubtedly one of the best cashback websites around... however... since RAKUTEN took over that all changed. I've been shopping with ebates and eBay for a number of years and through them managed to get hundreds in cashback. Now with Rakuten every order somehow no longer falls into the category of their cashback and "not eligible for Cash Back at the time of your purchase"

Absolutely waste of time and no longer recommended. Ironically also been with Rakuten a few years ago with their Affiliate Marketing program and even then they never paid commissions and came up with various excuses to avoid payments.
Stopped using them after that and it's sad to see that they've taken over a once excellent Cash Back program and turned it into another one of their scams!


I got locked out out my IG due to a phone crash and unable to provide the 2 factor authorization (only the codes I could not get). Despite knowing the log in details, password, old passwords, previous logged in devices, locations, device types, providing IG support with proof of ownership, details of messages in the account, screen shots of paid ads from the FB linked to the account, and certificate of registration of the company... Instagram said they can't confirm and need more proof. Even the correspondence to Instagram was via the SAME registered email on the account!

So they have locked me out of a business account! BEWARE! Thousands of dollars in printed marketing material over the year have been lost as the account can't be accessed. I have since opened a case with the Better Business Bureau against their practices.


For a company catering to an elite section of the travellers who expect essentially "the best or nothing", this company fails on service.
How can you run a company that potentially charges $20,000+ for a flight and refuse to reply to their own online query form?!?!?
After not receiving a response from this "company" I contacted 2 others and both replied with quotes within minutes. Needless to say, VistaJet lost a $52,000 flight which went to another company due to their lack of service.
Needless to say it's been days and still haven't had a reply.


Do not register your IG account with this place.
They have absolutely NO customer service, no email, no chat, no contact numbers, ironically no social media too listed on their site. I made the mistake of registering my IG there and now can't get it removed because their "automated" method isn't valid either, so I had to change my PW for security precautions.
Also their service of getting followers etc doesn't work.
Don't make the same mistake with your account on this site.


It's a shame to see LinkedIn with racism and profiling in 2019!
My wife decided to setup her LinkedIn profile for the first time two days ago... she included her full name, business details, education, certificates and all the necessary details including country. However the next day she was also asked to send a photo ID (this is unheard of) but despite that, she also complied and sent as requested. That same day she was told that her account was banned citing "security concerns" and the need to "protect their community"!

She has complied with everything, she's not from the Middle East or any war-stricken country or has any relation to such. She sent them multiple emails asking for help as to why the account was banned and all they said is they can't give the findings of their security team.

A full read of their Terms and Conditions showed no violation or anything that could have been against their rules with a 2 day old account. It's a real shame some companies still go to such levels to discriminate against certain minorities. I'll make it my mission to keep posting this level of discrimination experienced by your company and hopefully, it'll be reached by a news agency!


Cable & Wireless > Bartel > Lime > Flow... no matter the name, you have been ripping off people for decades and still won't change.

Recently signed up for a prepaid line just as a backup and only to find out that I now have $0 on it (despite not using it in the 6 months I had it). Contacted your live... or "lied" chat and was told by Rochelle that after a while that it is no longer valid. I informed her that Digicel at least gives a full year rather than a few months. She adamantly disagreed and that they're both the same then abruptly ended the chat. Typical Flow customer service!

Immediately went to Digicel's live chat where they also confirmed it's 1 year.

So, Flow once again, (1) STOP trying to rip off people... (2) Educate your staff... and (3) Make sure they know about customer service before hiring every and anybody!


Absolutely no customer service. Tried for a while to get information about a shipment and they refuse to answer read messages on Facebook and ignore customers. Would never use again.


After hearing all about the "popularity" of Tinder, and trying the free versions, I decided to try to Gold option... just to give it a full review. Not actively seeking but seeing how it was and how matches were.
After swiping in over 60 countries and cities, literally hundreds of matches (some I still haven't even messaged), here's a few things I've taken away from Tinder

After one full month of Tinder Gold they're a few conclusions:
1. Their customer service SUCKS (even for paid members). Had an issue twice where it wouldn't show any matches at all. Emailed them about it... 2 days later they replied with a basic thing to try which didn't work. Sent back an email to notifiy of this and I'm not able to use the service... they never replied. Eventually, I got it rectified via web search
So if you're paying for their premium service and you're not able to get it to work, you're on your own!

2. Lots of fake profiles! Despite Tinder requiring phone verification or FB and often banning certain accounts; they have one of the highest rates of fake accounts of any dating app!
Add them on WhatsApp and see if they're willing for a video call. This will eventually weed out the fakes.

3. Speak of fakes... watch out for scams. Key ones being: "need money for groceries"... "worried about my college and need money to finish or pay for a month"... "sick kids"... or just direct ones "money for photos or videos"

4. The latter would more come into a service which is another thing Tider is just used for. Primarily escorts and massage therapy are highly publicised here.

Overall if you're really looking for a "relationship" or even just a serious real conversation that "may" lead to something, then this is definitely not the site / app to use! If you're just looking to meet or have ONS with random people then this is perfect but nothing more.
Just be careful and make sure to see persons on video first!

After one month I've met no-one in person and I wasn't actively searching and... if i'm paying for a "virtual passport" why waste it swiping in my own location. Also, after having hundreds of conversations, 99% of them were unmatched or deleted from WhatsApp as an intellectual conversation can be had with the majority of persons that continues past 2 or 3 days. Only 1 match remains an active normal conversation.

Specs: M searching for F
Ages for the review: 23 - 50
Countries: Worldwide (USA, Canada, Caribbean, South Amerca, Central America, UK, Europe, Africa, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia... I'm sure I've missed a few remote countries in this list)
Final stats: 82 matches open chats and 7 unopened


Absolutely NO customer support / service. Tried to contact this company for over 3 weeks... messages. Emails... direct to their phone and not one reply. I don't know how the quality of their work is but if the service is any justification then it's absolutely not worth it. Would gladly spend a few hundred USD more at another company than deal with Taha Nakis!


Still in 2019 it's certainly not worth the purchase. They're very few hotels associated with the pass and comparisons of the same hotels on other booking sites are often cheaper than the discount they claim to give. I also noticed no difference in four different ItaliaRail train ticket prices when booking. As for the lounge access, there's more to see and better places to spend time if needed in Rome Termini Station than the VIP lounge that's offered on this card.


This developer is certainly trying but their UI is a complete waste of time. Think of something written by a Commodore 64 but in 2019... nothing on this site works or does what it's supposed to do.
Don't waste your time here!


Contacted this agency about a property with an amazing price a few months ago. After a week of bank and forth information with rates fees etc, I indicated that I'll be interested in viewing it... only to be told that someone has put on offer on it and no longer available but they can offer me others.

About a moth passed and while looking for new properties I noticed it was still listed as available on their site. Curiously I sent another query (from another address) about this same property. Once again I was told it was available. The next day I managed to reply and said I'll be willing to view... again to be told someone is now interested in it and the same story about other similar ones.

During the course of searching I mentioned this to another agency who advised me that some real estate agents there do "window boxing", where they advertise a property at an unbelievable price but they really don't have it for sale. They then use this tactic to introduce clients to other properties at higher prices. Bringing that to light, I also asked about the fees and they've been asking for quite a bit more than other agencies (in the region of 3,000 - 5,000 more)!

Trying to see if what I've been told is true. For a third time I contacted them about the property (still listed) and again was told it's available and given all the necessary details for it. In the very next email approximately 1hr later I sad I was in the area and if it was possible to view it. Without delay I was told that an agent was with a client now at the same property and it seems as though they're going to take it. I proved my point and verified what is truly happening.

This said property still remains as available on their website up to today... over 2 months since it was sold... apparently 3 times.


Beware of real estate agencies that require clients to come to them to view properties. As with all agencies worldwide that represent a certain area, said agents are usually available to show properties to clients in the respective regions.

Better Property claims to represent Abruzzo (among other areas) however not very professional in that regard. After having to take 2 flights to get into Italy, followed by 2 trains to finally get to Pescara... in Abruzzo just to view properties.Hotel reservation also made in Pescara to cover the days there. However as the agent Rosanna indicated, they can't meet in Pescara and I should take another train and a bus... AND... stay at a B&B near their office in Vasto. I wonder how many other potential clients they inconvenience despite getting a minimum of 3,000+ on commissions for sales.

Despite the POOR service of Better Property, I was able to get a more reliable agency, who not only drove 50+ min to get to where I was but another 1hr 30min to view a property and back. This along with a tour of the village and other necessary appointment locations.
Needless to say an offer was made with that other agency on the property.

Avoid these so called "convenient" real estate agencies that have no interest in service but somehow still want commission!


This is just a total waste of time and you should NEVER rely on this site for anything meaningful. Any address you create here you can expect it to not exist in a matter of days. They purposely block your account for whatever reason/s they may have... trying to steal info whatever. So it's truly a waste of time.
The only thing you can use this for is registering to an "unimportant" site that requires an email and you don't want to use your personal address. You can create an account here and use it for the few min / hours that it exists until it's blocked.

Other than that... A V O I D this page and don't send anything of importance to an email address created here.

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