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After making a joke about making "disrupting great again" (MAGA) reference, and posting a sticker, RAJ adds my personal wechat and says he owns the group (he makes no reference to the fact that he's raised millions of dollars in investor capital. I think he's just some random admin). He says not to post pictures of women and I said okay.

Then I checked the chat history, and it was only a sticky (language issue sticker vs photo). I say that he is overreacting. He then threatens to kick me out of the group (which i have several friends in) and falsely accuses me of "degrading women."

The sticker was of ladies wearing MAGA caps. It was playing off of Maga and recommending to make Disrupting great again. He had other people contact me and waste my time.

Later he kicked me out and told me to go get a life. If working for one of his companies is like a dictatorship, i feel sorry for his workers.

Anyways, disrupting happens when people have freedom speech, thoughts and expression. He could have kindly posted the group rules for everyone to see, instead of falsely accusing me of degrading women.

Last thing, while I warned him that I'd post a review of him and his company online if he didn't reassess his tone and approach, I wasn't going to post this even if I were kicked out. The reason why I posted this is because even after I was kicked out of the group, for telling him all he needed to do was post the grouop rules instead of complaining to mutual friends about the post, is because I apologized and he deleted my contact and told me to "get a life."

Looking back, I think he was mainly perturbed because of the following:
1) I didn't allow him to bully me with the threat of being kicked out and humiliated
2) I didn't let him falsely accuse me of degrading women
3) I posted commentary about "why the communist government should be promoting it's version of metaverse, instead of making business conditions in the country competitive and open for innovation" - he seems to be working with Chinese communist phone companies, so this type of commentary is not allowed in a "Disrupting" group as it goes against the communist government and probably wechat rules.
4) He doesn't like Trump or Maga? I don't either, but I liked the idea of making disrupting good again.

All in all, I felt a lot of negative energy and he didn't conduct himself like a million dollar CEO, at all. If he contacts me and apologizes, I will update this review.


Fiverr answered my ticket by saying I should contact the seller to find a resolution. Then they closed the ticket. I re-opened the ticket asking for a full refund and now the ticket is deleted. The seller will not work with me to resolve the issue. The delivery date review period should be 3 biz days. If you have an order that is due on Friday, make sure to check the delivery over the weekend or the seller wins.

The online chat on the site doesn't work and looking at how many 1-star reviews there are on SiteJabber, I'd recomend Fiverr reaches out to me so I can change this to a higher star review and cancel plans to escalate in Paypal and report them to the Better Business Bureau.

Thanks in advance!


After using Godaddy for almost 20 years for domain registrations and renewals, i was quite surprised when i didn't receive ANY emails about renewing my server that have several websites on it.

I did receive one email a month after the server expired saying that the SSL was expired. I thought, SSL? It turns out that it was my Linux server.

I reached out to support, Manwarjit, he tries his best. But, still not able to recover my data, then tries to upsell a new server to me.

Yes, the server expired 2 months ago, but every billion dollar company does have a backup somewhere.

I expect Godaddy to find a solution upon which I can update this review.



I am quite surprised that this is the first review for on this site.

After having success with kickbooster on my campaign last year, and having other colleagues recommend it, they totally botched my campaign.

I wrote them wanting to cancel my two campaigns as I was getting ZERO signups and didn't want to have to pay subscription fees for months even if there were ZERO sales.

Instead of explaining ways we could boost sales, they said no refunds. They said one of my campaigns had 130 signups --- it had ZERO.

Darnell realized his mistake and continued to delete the account - I never even asked him to delete it.

In the process, he cancelled my second campaign without confirming with me. The second campaign was only Live for 2 days!. In the front end, it shows the campaign is enabled, but in the back-end, it was disabled October 20. I had asked him to "keep the second" campaign which I thought would mean to keep it activated.

Long story short, today I contacted them via Chat (There is never a LIVE person on it). I asked to cancel my second campaign as I also had like only 4 signups and zero sales after 25 days (campaign has raised over 150k USD).

I get an email a few hours later stating that my account was already canceled. Diana then shows me a screenshot which shows it was cancelled on October 20. Yet, on the front end, it shows my campaign is "live" and active.

Which raises another point - why can the admin only see the status of the campaigns? It is cancelled, yet for the campaign owner, it shows that it is live?

I am trying to meet Kickbooster halfway. If they pro-rate refund me for BOTH campaigns then I will be happy. If they refuse to refund, then I expect a full credit into my KB account.

If neither happens, then this review will remain 1-star and I walk away $58 poorer, but hopefully others know what to look out for in the future.

Last thing that really is bothering me is they are so quick to delete things. It seems like they only have 3 staff in that company and everyone is bogged down with work.

Why not spend a proper 3 minutes checking out the account. Seeing WHY there aren't any sales / referrers and try to improve on performance.

2nd, they should clearly confirm that they will cancel / delete an account, and make clear with the client before doing so. If they cancel the account, it can be reactivated in the back-end. But the front end still shows active. If I would have seen that it was deactivated, on the front end, then I could have asked them to reactivate it.

So please, just spend a few more minutes trying to help the customers. Hire some CSR's in the Philippines if you have to.

Lastly, turn off the chat if nobody is even on it. Get a Freshdesk ticketing system. This makes the ticket strings clearer and it is easier to track each issue.

Hope to see a positive resolution from soon!

Shelby O. – Rep

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your detailed and honest review. I am very sorry to hear you did not have a positive experience with us.

I followed up with my team to get a better understanding of what happened and see where the miscommunication occurred. We have fully refunded the fees for both campaigns.

I see you have had success with our referral marketing product in the past, and am sorry your recent experience did not meet this same standard.

If you are willing to try using our product again in the future, I would be happy to waive your subscription fee entirely as a sincere apology for our mistake.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or additional information to share about your experience.

I apologize again for the inconvenience this has caused.

Best regards,
Shelby@ Kickbooster


One star is even too much for this review.

After having 2 previous campaign ideas declined and my account deactivated, I spent 3 months developing a product using the feedback I received from them. They declined my project and deactivated my account without even telling me why.

Indiegogo's only thing they have going for them is that they don't decline project. That being said, there is no organic traffic from their site to your campagn.

From what I can see, it is best to just open a Shopify store and run ads to your own site. Maybe even install a crowdfund plugin and email all of your customers. It is a shame that there is a duopoly for product crowdfunding sites and a monopoly for online retail (Amazon).

It may be time for venture capital to put their dollars to work actually challenging some of these monopolies who have zero customer service.

Reading all of the reviews on this site, it is amazing to see that for the past 8 years, they have been arbitrarily declining projects and killing people's dreams.

I will look into starting a crowdfund platform that myself and anyone else who is serious can use.

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