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I bought a couple of pairs of Reebok shoes quite some time ago from a brick and mortar store. My plan was to wear one pair and then when that wears out I would go ahead and wear the other pair I bought. So, after this occurred my new pair of Reeboks developed a hole on the top of them that was from some sort of defect within roughly 2 weeks of using them. Keep in mind I take extremely care of my shoes and make them last as long as possible. Anyways, I contacted their customer service and Gordon provided TOP NOTCH service to myself and made me a very very VERY happy customer and ensured that I stayed loyal to Reebok (Which I have for years).

After getting a refund for my shoes I went on Reebok.com and ordered 4 more pairs of shoes. It was easy, quick, and efficient. I have nothing to complain about other than the site itself being somewhat slow. I recommend it!

Thank You Gordon and Reebok! :)


During my visit to my eye doctor we began looking at glasses that I liked. But first, let me explain that my previous pairs of glass were out of prescription by a decent amount since I havent bought new ones in years. In addition, I have always used 39dollarglasses.com because I could get glasses from $15 (on sale w/ promo codes) up to about $50 which is the most I have ever spent!

So, in the doctors office I decided to get a nice pair I would actually wear outside and went with a nice frame by Carrera but they wanted nearly $400 for the frames and lenses of which I picked average options for. I left with the prescription and searched online and couldn't find any other pairs I liked. However, I found the exact pair on SmartBuyGlasses.com and the price seemed far too good to be true. I read reviews online and they were all over the place from awful to great. I decided to take a risk and paid $148 with a promo code.

As days went by without hearing any updates beside the confirmation I became worried. I e-mailed Carrera and was told a few days later that the website IS and authorized re seller but they couldn't guarantee that the actual item was authentic which makes sense. After this I emailed SBG.com and asked why there was such a long delay because the website said the item was CLEARLY in stock and that glasses shipped out in a week or so. Only after I contacted them did I get a response that the frames were on back order and a day later I FINALLY got an e-mail saying my order had been delayed. This was really annoying that I as the consumer has to research into a product I paid for as to why it was taking so long and exceeding the time I was told based on their own website.

The rep was Katherine and she apologized a few times but said they couldn't do much about it. Well that doesn't help me at all because my experience was not at all what they claimed on their website time wise for the whole ordeal. In addition I was offered a lousy 5% refund... which I have still NOT received back on my card.

Another week or two later I was told my order was shipped. To my surprise (From what I could see according to Fedex's shipping tracker) they overnighted my glasses from China! Talk about happy! However, the package said weekday delivery only for some reason so my package was actually put on the truck for delivery but was taken back to the FedEx place. On Monday, I had to go to the FedEx store because it required a signature and I missed the FedEx delivery guy. The glasses were packed well and came in what seemed like authentic Carrera packaging but who knows.

The glasses fit well but I didn't really notice any anti-glare which is disappointing considering it was applied to my glasses.

In all, it took nearly a WHOLE month to get my glasses with me having to e-mail them multiple times. Disappointing, long wait, didn't receive a refund I was promised, and it required alot of effort. However, I paid half of what my local doctor wanted.

If you're not in a hurry, I would say buy from here I suppose... but definitely check out other sites like 39dollarglasses.com or something who has top notch service and very little wait.

SmartBuyGlasses S. – SmartBuyGlasses Rep

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for the detailed summary of your experience with us and feedback

We offer offer over 80,000 products from over 200 top designer brands, with most available in stock and ready to be shipped within 24 hours. I'm afraid that the product you ordered was unfortunately not in stock at the time, hence the 5-11 working days shipping time indicated prior to checkout. Your order took a little longer to fulfil than expected, which we apologise for. In the future, I'd suggest checking out our extensive Fast Shipping collection, as these are all in stock and ready to be sent to the shipped immediately.

Regarding your refund, we have confirmed that it was processed from our side on the 29th Sept. Our Service Manager will get in touch shortly to provide you with a Proof of Refund to check with your bank.

If you have any further concerns, don't hesitate to drop our Service Manager a message at servicemanager@smartbuyglasses.com and she'd be happy to assist.



Got a good deal on a gun here and didn't have any issues with the whole process. I also got a lifetime warranty for about $18.

My only issue is that the website is somewhat difficult to navigate and could be overhauled to a more seamless interface.

Im giving 4 stars because nothing about the experience was over the top or excellent. I'd say good experience and I would definitely buy from them again.


I went here to buy a rifle because the price was the best I could find online. Overall, I had a positive experience but the shipping could have been a bit faster. Part of the problem is that my state is very anti-gun so lots of checks and rules must be followed. With that being said, I bought one 20 round box of ammo and my whole order was delayed because they were missing information that they needed from me. I feel as though it should be clearly stated when buying it and at the time of checkout what information is needed so you can include it. This would make the process faster and would not require them to have to contact me (I had 2 separate people contact me about the same problem because they didn't know I had already responded to the 1st person with the info they needed).

I recommend the site and buying from them overall. Everyone I dealt with was very nice and I didn't have any issues checking out or buying the gun besides the ammo.


This review is specific to Edmunds Price Promise Guarantee. If you are not familiar with it, it essentially allows you to search for a vehicle on Edmunds.com and will return results from various dealers in the area or region that you have specified. Upon finding a vehicle that you would like, you print out a certificate, walk in to the dealer and pay that price for the car.

Or at least that's what they want you to believe...

I was looking for a Hyundai Elantra and discovered the whole Edmunds Price Promise process and thought it would be a good thing to check out. Upon putting all the information in I found some great prices and was beyond excited! Note: When you get your search results sometimes it shows the price and other times you have to put your information and e-mail in and THEN it will bring you to the price certificate page. So, you print off the "Certificate" which has your name and "No Haggle Price". So, my wife and I found some great deals and printed a few off. Then we were flooded with calls from various dealerships that we inquired about through the Price Promise. In any case, we woke up around 5am and began a 3 1/2 drive to the dealership where we saw the car. We went through the usual dance of giving them our info, test driving vehicles, and then sitting down to negotiate. However, I wasnt worried because I had the Price Promise certificate and and my approval letter from my credit union. When I happily handed it over to the salesman he goes, "Oh, that is just a starting price and includes all incentives..." The certificate clearly stated that it included Hyundais $1,500 bonus cash but ALSO said, "You may ALSO qualify for these incentives too" which was listed BELOW the total price promise of the car which means those specific discounts has NOT been applied. After wasting ALL that time and getting irritated with the dealership, we drove another 30 minutes to a different dealer that we also had the certificate for. Guess what? Same freaking story "that is a starting price". Be aware that there went just 1 or 2 cars listed at this price, there were multiple - at least 6 at one dealer and about 10 at another that were very close in the $13,250 price range.

I WAS LIVID. Having just wasted all that time researching vehicles, driving, and believing that Edmunds Price Promise was actually a PROMISE. Please note that on their own website it specifically says this:

A certificate that guarantees your savings
A specific car available right now
A dedicated dealer contact to guide you through your purchase


It also says on the certificates to bring it to the dealership and avoid all haggling! It is guaranteed!

SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM and a big waste of time.

We ended up going home and wasting the ENTIRE day, gas, food costs, and everything else because we actually believed the hype from the Price Promise.

I immediately went home and contacted Edmunds and when they responded, the Sr Customer care lady essentially stated, "The prices do seem extremely low when compared to other dealers... ill have to check and see if that is a problem on our end or theirs... we cannot force a dealer to give you that car to you for that price". WELL how is that any useful and HOW IS THAT A GUARANTEE?

She offered me a lousy $50 certificate to amazon and help in finding a car... which we did ourselves.

So, instead of getting a 2016 vehicle for $13,250 as GUARANTEED by Edmunds Price Promise no haggle... we ended up paying well over $3,000 more for the same vehicles as the Price Promise and it would have been more had we not known someone who worked at that dealership.

AVOID THE LIE, HOPE, AND WASTE OF TIME THAT COMES WITH THE PRICE PROMISE OF EDMUNDS. Never again will I trust anything of their site, promise, or any other info they spew out. I AM LIVID with them and their false advertising, marketing gimmicks, and co-scamming with the dealers they partner with.

After wasting all that time driving, getting approved from my credit union for a price i thought i needed and then having to get my credit run again for a higher loan amount... all because of the FALSE Price Promise from Edmunds... wow... a whole $50 gift card for all of that. NOT A HAPPY CONSUMER AND WHAT A PATHETIC ATTEMPT TO RECTIFY THE SITUATION.

I RECOMMEND EVERYONE AVOID THEIR SITE AFTER MY EXPERIENCE. If for some reason they get in touch with me I will provide an update.

Ignore my grammar/punctuation mistakes... I am just livid with the situation and don't want to remind myself of the whole awful ordeal.

UPDATE: I got in touch with Edmunds a few more time and it was just more corporate jargon and excuses. Nothing else was done about the experience I had. All they stated they were doing was letting upper management know about the case and possibly get in touch with the dealer(s) who I dealt with when trying to buy the new vehicle.

My opinion still stands to AVOID Edmunds at all cost when using it to search for a new vehicle. However, I am sure using it for a used vehicle search is just as bad.


Just received a reminder e-mail to renew my current subscriptions since they were expiring.

They definitely had the best price on the internet and I added INC magazine for only $4.95 when I was checking out!

From what I remember, it does take a few weeks before you receive your first issue. However, since I am renewing 2 subscriptions I don't expect there to be any delays between months. We will see how long it takes to get my first INC magazine though.

I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 b/c I didn't receive my magazine super quick the first time I ordered.


I had a very positive experience with AutoAnything. I ordered a front and rear sway bar in two separate orders on a Tuesday and received one sway bar Saturday. However, the other wont be here until Tuesday... so I am not sure why there is such a big difference in delivery time when they were ordered the same day.

I also enjoyed the discount I got on my first purchase! With that being said, the product I bought also qualified for a mail in rebate to the manufacture of the product so I called their customer support to make sure that they products they ship out come in the factory box so I could get the UPC code.

I am very happy/impressed with my purchase so far! If I come across any problems for the 2nd half of my order I will report back.

UPDATE* I ordered the other product a couple weeks after the first and had the same great experience! I didn't have any issues with the mail in rebates either. Satisfied!:)

Sorry to hear about everyone elses negative experience.


One of my favorite websites for news! It def. Could use a makeover in terms of site layout!


One of my favorite websites for news! It def. Could use a makeover in terms of site layout!


By far this is my favorite music site. Minus all of the increasing ads, I feel as though the site does a fantastic job playing music of your liking based on what songs you like or dont like. If I had a smartphone with unlimited internet I would be using this as my main source of music while driving!


I prefer eBay over Amazon but all of my experiences with Amazon.com have been pretty good! Definitely have a great search engine, prices, and of course their reviews are helpful too.


The site is nothing like it used to be. Everything essentially has to be bought in order to share. It is now about money instead of cool and creative cards.


The booking went well and didn't have any problems. I have yet to stay at the hotel I have book but the actual process went flawlessly and the reviews of the hotels are an added bonus. I'd recommend it!


This is about a specific incident that I encountered and will NEVER be purchasing another Scosche product in my life.

Before purchasing my radio installation kit for my vehicle. BEFOREHAND, I checked with a sponsor from Scosche, the Scosche website, and also the sellers website to ensure the kit would fit my vehicle. ALL said yes it will fit and gave me the same part #.

Upon receiving my kit, the package says, "Custom Kit, Factory Fit, Scosche Guarantee" proudly in the top left corner. I have found out really means nothing. Nowhere does it say "satisfaction guarantee". If something is GUARANTEED to fit it should fit. In my case it did not. They obviously have ZERO idea of what the word guarantee means... it doesn't mean maybe.

After talking with multiple representatives who were pretty much worthless and would NOT answer the majority of my questions, it was later admitted by Scosche that the kit had NOT EVER been tested on my vehicle version. WHAT A JOKE! They market a product that is guaranteed to fit my vehicle and even says so on the package and yet it does not fit. (The top right corner has a sticker/barcode/part # that says what the kit fits)

During the whole process, the main focus was on me sending in pictures that it did not fit (since they never tested it), proof of purchase, and talking to the seller about a refund. THAT was their main focus. I wrote e-mails that were very lengthy asking questions that they sometimes would answer. For example, they said they had talked to everyone and made sure that this will never happen again (this was after hours) and I asked what steps they took to do this and they never answered that question. Surprising? No.

During our correspondences they did update the website to make a note that it does not fit the sedan model of my vehicle. Then they proceeded to update what exactly their guarantee actually means on their website... which turns out to be a money back guarantee. Nowhere did it say that on the package or their website during our early discussion. ALL AFTER I HAD MADE THEM AWARE AND DEMANDED ANSWERS... SOME OF WHICH THEY DID NOT ANSWER.

The replies were slow and it took even longer to get a response on their Facebook. Here is a DIRECT quote from their Facebook page in the "About" section, " Scosche is founded on its commitment to quality, value and customer service." which in my opinion is a complete joke and they were obviously not caring about keeping a customer who has used MANY of their products.

I took the extra steps that most customers do not to ensure that the product fit my vehicle. They were in the wrong marketing a product for a vehicle that they never even tested it on. Then, they don't answer some of the questions I ask even though they are supposedly founded on "Customer service and satisfaction".

Well, I DEFINITELY am not satisfied with their product that was falsely advertised to fit my vehicle. Their lack of explanation. Their lack of commitment to test their products on the vehicle they market to. Their lack of understanding the word Guarantee. Their lack of care to keep a customer and ensure satisfaction.^That is a TERRIBLE business practice and method to follow.

I will NEVER purchase a Scosche product again in my life. I warn all of you out there that the product buy might not have been tested for your specific vehicle. Also, their guarantee is really just a backup in case the product does not fit and makes them aware of their inability and laziness to test every vehicle the product is intended for.

I opted for the full refund since I don't want another Scosche product and will never use them again in my life. Nor will I allow anyone else to that I do radio installations for.

So we'll see how the full refund turns out.


TERRIBLE Experience!

I ordered a deal and had to wait forever on the phone to "Redeem" my deal. The call was of course in India to a woman who COULD not figure out my name letalone my address. It took 10 minutes for her to understand everything. Then I had to argue with her for another 10 minutes saying I did not want to pay $4.95 for the stupid elite membership. She kept demanding to know why I didn't want it and asking, "dont i got out to eat" or "go to the movies"? They also CONSTANTLY send you emails over and over.



Very fun and informative experience!

First, who doesn't enjoy a fine drink? I sure do! Anyways, the site is very appealing to the eyes and informative about their products, history, and goals. As far as extras I would HIGHLY recommend become a brand amabassador! It is free and very fun! They spend alot of money on continuing the program. Essentially you sign up for free, they send you cool material (no spam) in the mail, and you actually get your name etched on one of the barrels! If you ever visit the distillery you can request a bottle from the barrel with your name on it!

Very cool!


I have had Hotmail since 1999 before Microsoft owned it.

Although I have tried other e-mails, Hotmail is an excellent choice. It is reliable and the search function to find old emails works extremely well! Free yet works like a product you have to pay for. I'm happy!


Great place to find good deals!

However, I would HIGHLY suggest using a seperate e-mail when making an account on Craigslist. There are THOUSANDS of scammers who use craigslist everyday not only to take your money but to steal your information too. After making an account you'll have a variety of e-mails asking you to update/confirm your information which is your classic spam and overseas spammers.

When selling products you MUST do two things:

If you list your phone #, list is as 123- f o u r 56 - 7 eight 9 10. (Helps prevent spam)

When you explain to customers on how to reply, say something like, If interested put exactly "7 I want your xxxxxxxx item 7" as this will let you know immediately if the e-mail you receive is spam or not.

Finally, be smart. If you are going to pick up something, please bring a friend (more the better) just in case for your safety as there are messed up people in this world.


Makes it extremely easy to price shop between all of the standard travel sites. It does what it claims and does it well!

However, it will soon be joined by others!


Facebook is the leader in social websites.

It is easy to use, fun, convenient, real time, and SAFE! You can view photos, send messages, chat, and even poke! In addition, it is becoming a gold mine for company's to advertise about their products. With that being said, you also have an array of applications or games to play to make your experience better!

Lastly, do NOT blame Facebook or anyone else if your information gets out. Facebook is EXTREMELY secure and offers great protection of privacy. However, you are in charge of how public or private your account is. No need to blame anyone else if you do not take the 20 seconds to change the privacy settings. With that being said, choose carefully if you want to add co-workers as your friends as they can see all of the information and photos you have posted though Facebook has now added features where you can choose to block certain parts of your page from specific people.

Good Luck! Have Fun! Adjust your privacy settings to your desire.

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