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Since 2 days I am spammed by writers (Kindle books) from Amazon. I am added to over 20 writer lists which I haven't subscribed myself to.
Thus, or Amazon is selling email addresses, or they are hacked.

I use a different email address for newsletter than I do for online stores. And I for sure haven't subscribed myself.
I have reported this to Amazon and only received an automatic reply.

Tip for consumers:
Don't buy Kindle books. Your email address is or sold, or Amazon is hacked and your data is breached.

Products used:
Kindle Books


Validata, The company who makes it more difficult than it should be...

This company screens employees for other companies. For Criminal Record, References etc.

It is an extremely slow process where the person being screened can not add additional information. Which can be very important. But they clearly do not care. The screened persons are not the ones paying their bills. So what, why should we care about them?! And that is very clear.

There are many emails, separate of course, afterwards requesting for more info.

The initial process takes at least 1 hours. You can not add extra significant information. No, their way or no way.

After that, they need, of course, more from you. Wow, wouldn't these extra info boxes have come easy now...

All requests send by you in different emails. Yeah, it is their job, but there are others who have things to do after a day working full-time.

They lie to the company who hires them that they can not get in contact with the referees. I myself are refereeing for 2 persons. The first time I was called, they didn't say a thing after I took the phone. I said that I couldn't hear them, no answer.
Just a few minutes later, the person I was refereeing for was informed they couldn't reach me. Such an awful lie!

The second time, being referee for another person, I was called (again taking the phone call very fast) they almost immediately after I said my name they disconnected.
And guess what? Again, the person I referee for received the message they couldn't reach me. Another lie.

This company lies?! A company who has to validate people about their honesty etc.? They wouldn't be able to make it through the validation process themselves. And this company still exists? Even has clients? Clients who pay them, for what? Telling lies and not doing what they say they are doing?

The persons I've added myself as referee haven't been contacted either. Yet I did get the report where it was mentioned they could not get in contact with them.

Validata, NOT worth being used for validation or anything else. Please companies don't be fooled by their lies!|

Tip for consumers:
Don't use it. They lie when saying they contacted referees which is not true (I have been a not contacted referee, while the screened people got the messages they could not get in contact with me). Companies, do you want to pay for work that not has been done? Probably not, thus hire another company.


Since July 1st the "all knowing" EU Parliament, took into effect a new law.
When a private person orders items from outside the EU, with a price below €22,00, you have to pay tax (when the store doesn't collect this). Which is no problem. The tax is 21%. The problem is the misuse of this law.

As could have been expected, there is directly a possibility of misuse.

I ordered an item from India, this was the beginning of June.
Value $28.05. Tax for entering Europe should be $5.99, €5.04. To LEV 9.87.
UPS request LEV 18.00)! Almost double the tax!

And then...
You have to apply for a special paper, the paper itself is free.
But... It has to be collected from the Airport. I am sorry? We still live in a Pandemic. THE place to be exposed (I belong to a hazards risk group) to the virus is at an Airport. No way I am going to go over there. Furthermore, in this electronic period, these items can be requested in almost all European countries online. If they need them (most of the time, it is not necessary).

The Airport is about 10 km from where I live. Public Traffic is no option, thus a taxi. This'll cost me about half the amount I paid for the item. When not more.

And there is more. Broker costs for UPS. LEV 36. I paid $21.00 shipping. Now broker costs?

So, thanks to the EU parliament I have to pay a total of (est. Due to taxi costs vary) LEC 104 extra. About €50.00. For an item with a value of $28.05?!

Don't forget, I paid $21.00 shipping costs already for UPS. And now this?

UPS can send the item back. It was a birthday present, but the joy of this item is lost forever.
Thanks to the EU and UPS.

UPS, you should be ashamed of your "service".


First of all I have to say I do not like these "extras" that you "get from employers. It is a way to pay less salary (food voucher are for the employer cheaper. The employee forgets he gets less benefit/pension later) and try to keep the employee happy.

That said". I hate how stores refuse sometimes payment with the vouchers. Even when they mention on their site they accept them.

Please, Edenred.bg, change from paper vouchers to a debit card instead. This way, the issue with cashiers not willing to accept extra food vouchers (without the need to receive money back) is solved. Common issue here in Bulgaria and should be solved by the company. Like in other European countries already has been done.


When paying with food vouchers, as almost all employees get here with their salary, and you have to pay Lev 55,56, and you give vouchers worth 56 Lev, it is impossible, even though when you don't request money back.
Not possible due to the system, she (cashier) told me.
Really strange as last week something similar was accepted.
They lost a very good (also online) customer. Forever. And my forever is really forever. I rather pay more than going to a supermarket with bad CS.
And I will advise all (foreign) colleagues to skip this company.
Worthless supermarket and not helpful cashier.

I left without the items I want to buy, but with my food vouchers...


I bought an item in India, hardly $45.00. It was held since 26th of June in the country I live in. And then July 1st I got the message it has to be cleared. Yeah, right. I could have been delivered in those 5 days (several times).
It will cost me $23.00. For an item with a value of S45.00!
This is a way for the EU to earn money over the back of consumers.
Needless to say, I will not pay, and the item will be sent back. And I probably will lose my money.
Thank you worthless and useless and money thieves of the European Union.

Tip for consumers:
That they should think before acting. And think about the inhabitants also, instead only of their own pocket.


When I bought this program some time ago, is was great, easy and light weight.

But for some reason for the developers is it more important to add functionalities and forget its main purpose. Getting and sending emails.

These extra functionalities slows down the program itself AND the computer. Often so terribly that you have to restart the whole computer. Because even ending the program with Task Manager does not solve the slowing down.

Months ago I contacted them about the freezing issue and they asked for screenshots?! (for the CS of them... Freezing means it is not possible to make screenshots!). Euhmmm...


I ordered an item which should be delivered with Aramex. I paid a pretty high amount for the delivery.

On their website it is mentioned (Track & Trace info) that there has been a delivery attempt. That I wasn't at home.

I work from home, I let deliver all my shoppings.
The only time I come out is to go to the bin. In front of my house. You can say I am at home 100% of the time. And I was for sure at the time they did "the attempt".

They are lying about the delivery attempt.
In front of my house is a closed gate, the always need to call to get in. They haven't called.


I bought a fan online. After receiving it I immediately noticed (I have assembled many fans) that the iron tube that needs to go in between the bottom stand and the fan itself was missing. It is not inside the bottom part, not inside the top part. And not separate in the box.

I also tried if the parts might fit together without the tube. They don't. Another part, the tap to hold the fan, doesn't screw (the screwthread is damaged).

I contacted their support of Technopolis. Photos included.
The answer, "I have to go to a shop so they can assemble it for me" (in other words, I am too stupid to assemble it myself). Sorry, I am not going to a shop after buying something online, so I told them this. Only to get the answer to how to assemble it. Talking about the iron tube (which is missing!) etc. etc. This company is not worth buying anything at all. Because when you need help there isn't any.

My decision, I threw it in the bin. And never will buy anything again from them. Worst, worst customer service ever.

Tip for consumers:
When you suspect normal Customer Support. Skip this company!


One of my email addresses I used to email daily very often to a friend. Someone who doesn't use any messenger nor doesn't want to.

A few weeks ago my account was having issues sending emails and I contacted the support. All normal things like uninstall/reinstall didn't help.

My friend told me at that time that my emails came in the Spam. Not tech savvy I wasn't added to the white list but my emails were moved into the inbox.
A few days later I could not send emails any more to Hotmail. And a part of my IP address was blocked. Please note, I rent an apartment with WiFi included. No idea which (Bulgarian) provider I have. So no possibility for me to contact them. And for such issue I am not going to contact the landlord.

The same day I got the message in my application that I was blocked out of my account. So I contacted the support of mail.com.

Only to learn that I am treated as a criminal/terrorist or even worse:
Our security department has examined activities coming from your account and determined that your account will remained blocked. Please understand that we cannot change a decision taken by the security department and that we have no additional explanation to offer because they will not share the exact reason for the block.

No explanation, no possibility to defend myself against something I for sure have not done. Nothing!


Since the start of my contract my Mobile Internet Data access is not working.
I have tested several other sim cards in my cellphone for Mobile Data access. They all work correct.

I have tried the Telenor Sim card in other cellphones. It DOES NOT work in other cellphones too!

The creepy Customer Support does not help at all. The only thing they say that the card is activated (well, this might be, but it still doesn't work since the start) and that I have to check my phone and the sim card in another phone.
Which I did in 3 different cellphone (confirmed working with other sim cards). The sim card DID NOT work in any of them.

I pay for a service I do not receive and there is no help from the so called Customer Support.

Don't bother to do business with them it'll only cost you and help you can forget.

Tip for consumers:
Visit site of another telephone company in Bulgaria and do your stuff there. They might be a bit more expensive but their support never can be as terrible as this one.


A great delivery service for supermarket shopping in Bulgaria.
Reasonable prices and enough choice.
Quality overall good and the delivery persons are polite.
Most of them speak very well English (I haven't met one who didn't).


Delivery time is awful long and the update from where the package is, is out of date and most of the time not correct.
A total of 3 orders weren't delivered (Greece). Items ordered October 15th 2020!
The same issues happened when I lived in Portugal in 2019. There I thought it was the delivery man, but now I don't think that any more.
Only thing positive is that you receive your money back, but that is it.


I ordered online. Delivery date was communicated. By email and text message. All that came, no delivery.
On the website if the transportation company was mentioned that it was delivered.
I do understand technical issues. I do NOT understand no communication.
Thessaloniki, Greece


I ordered online. Delivery date was communicated. By email and text message. All that came, no delivery.
On the website if the transportation company was mentioned that it was delivered.
I do understand technical issues. I do NOT understand no communication.


For Belgium their customer service is stationed in Casablanca Morocco. At NCC/NewCo.

This is a company with an extremely toxic environment and NO communication at all. Both from NCC/NewCo side as WorldLine side.
Furthermore the strict #Covid-19 rules from the Moroccan government aren't kept in the office in Casablanca. And, you will not get paid when leaving the country because it goes by cheque and they are not wiling to help you out here when you have left the country before the cheques are proceeded. There isn't a more toxic company than this one.
As I will not get paid I really can not care less about what is happening with the company in Morocco. When the government will close it down due to not following the rules... That is how it is when you not follow the rules.

#NCC #Newco #Worldline #Moroccan Labour Law #Moroccan Government.

Tip for consumers:
Don't become customer. They do not care about you.

Products used:
I was an employer there who will not be paid for the last 10 working days. Because of their strickt rule to pay out by cheque and I had to leave the country by government rules.


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