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51Talk wants Western Teachers as slaves to 51Talk. They had zero respect for there Teachers and expended you to be at fault for every single problem on their part. They have no repercussions for any of the actions, and some of there treatment of Teachers should be reported to the US-Philippine Embassy in Manila. Thank Goddess that they have platforms Indeed to let warn other people that this place is nothing more than a lousy trap and a waste of your time. I'll outline the problems for anybody insane enough to work in this type of environment. If a student gives you a low evaluation like in the 20's 51Talk will NEVER investigate the matter. The Student is always in the right, and they can even make crazy accusations like, The Teacher conducted the lesson while lying in bed and they still will not review the video, this happened to me and I told them that this was insane. There is nothing in our contracts that say they can record these lessons for the students use later after the class concludes, this means that 51Talk has Trademark rights over your lesson and can use as they see fit. Last Christmas they wanted teachers to make video cards for all the students in your favorites, not one student I had ever had saw the video card for Christmas. What are they doing with video and the answer is that you can't-do anything because you sent the video into 51Talk and now they can use as they see fit like webcasts on WeCat, QQ for marketing 51Talk to prospective students. These actions can and be reported to the US-Philippine Embassy in Manila and please don't listen to there, OH, we need to get permission from China. The Lesson Memo's the most prominent con game at 51Talk; this is the excuse they use to take money off you in the form of penalties and PUNISHMENT! They love to PUNISHISH you in the forms of Blocking your bookings, or they use fictitious students to book your lessons, and this takes significant earnings away from you because you are only getting half the money. You're the fault and PUNISHED for all the Chinese internet connects, and the average mps transfer rate is at 6, and you're on a fiber-optic network at 90mbs. When you see all these 5-star ratings, they're all being done by 51Talk employees for extra money. They leave keywords in the review and 51Talk gives them a small reward. Once I was told by Teacher Support when a student left me a low evaluation believe or not over the internet connection, this is how they FEEL! Well, 51Talk this is how I FEEL!

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