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I purchased a 65 inch Vizio P Series TV (model P65Q9-H1) last December for the specific reason that I had also just purchased a PlayStation 5. Upon purchasing the PS5, I wanted to buy a TV that is going to support the next generation graphics. So I specifically set out looking for a 4K TV with an HDMI 2.1 port that is 120hz.

I decided to buy this TV as it has 4 HDMI ports in total. HDMI 1 and 2 are standard 2.0 ports that only support 60hz. HDMI 3 and 4 are the next generation 2.1 ports that are 120hz primarily used for the next-gen gaming consoles.

This TV is falsely advertised on both Vizio's and Best Buy's websites. To be clear, my complaint is against Vizio, not Best Buy. I did purchase the TV at Best Buy, however, the information, specs, verbiage, etc., that goes on Best Buy's website is all supplied by Vizio for their products that Best Buy sells.

Here is the TV that I purchased:

This TV is clearly advertised as a 120hz TV on both websites. The 120hz does not work with my PS5, and in the rare occasion that it does, it is only a matter of time before issues occur with a white scrambled image as shown in the attached photo.

There are numerous complaints and negative reviews towards Vizio regarding this issue on Vizio's, Best Buy's, and numerous other websites. They are fully aware of the situation and have even posted topics regarding the issue on the FAQ page of their website.

Their solution is for customers to use HDMI 1 or 2 which are only 60hz ports. I didn't purchase a 60hz TV. I purchased a 120hz TV. If I wanted to play my PS5 in 60hz, then I would have either kept my previous TV or bought one for half the price that I spent on this one.

Vizio has been aware of this issue for as long as I have owned this TV, if not longer, due to the floodgates of complaints that they have received even prior to my purchase. The question I have is why are they still advertising this as a 120hz TV if it clearly does not work in 120hz? Is it just maybe because they want to continue to mislead the public in thinking that they are buying a 120hz TV so they can make more sales?

I have called and spoke to numerous supervisors in their corporate office over the past 7 months. I keep being told that they will be pushing out a firmware update to resolve the problem. I have been dealing with this for 7 months and my patience is wearing thin. They can't push out a firmware update to fix this issue but they can push out new TVs for 2021? Makes a whole lot of sense, doesn't it?

In my communication with their corporate office, I had requested to be upgraded to the 2021 equivalent of last year's version of my same model TV. The P Series Quantum X (model P65QX-H1) at no additional expense to me. They refused to do it.

I've read some reviews on it and noticed that some people have reported not having any issues with the 120hz not working for them. I don't think I am being unreasonable for requesting this considering all of the hours I have spent on the phone with their support team troubleshooting the issue.

Instead, they offered to refund my money. I don't want a refund, I want a resolution to the issue. I purchased this TV during the holidays when it was on sale. For me to accept a refund would mean that I would have to spend several hundred dollars more to buy a TV now when they are not on sale in order to get a TV that supports these specs.

My recommendation is to avoid Vizio at all costs. Their customer service is the worst. Instead of working with the customer, they will false advertise and mislead you into buying their products. Since they refuse to work with me on this issue, I am not only posting this review here, but on every other review site as well.

Tip for consumers:
Go buy a Samsung, Sony, LG, etc.. Anything but a Vizio.


My wife and I have been loyal Sleep Number customers over the years. We purchased our first 7000 model back in 2006 and loved it. After 15 years, we were due for an upgrade. So we purchased their ILE mattress for half off on Black Friday 2020. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as it slept really hot with all of the memory foam it was made of. So we ended up exchanging it for an S3 model mattress as it most closely resembled our old 7000 model mattress with a pillow top.

The mattress is falsely advertised on their website ( for being 11 inches high. It is not. Ours measures approximately 8.5 - 9 inches high giving about a half inch variance in the uneven surface of the pillow top. Don't let the imagery on their website fool you. They use the same material on the base as the side of the mattress. The bottom of the mattress is where the thin lined seam is and the portion beneath is the base. This makes the mattress look thicker than it really is. Very deceiving!

This is nothing but a glorified air mattress that I wouldn't put a value of more than $500-$700 on. The air bladders sit on the bottom of the encasement cover without any foam support beneath. So if you want to sit up in bed and have it set on a low number such as 30, you will feel the hard base as all of your body weight is in one area rather than being evenly dispersed when laying down.

Giving it the benefit of the doubt, we exchanged the S3 for another one to rule out if the height issue was the result of a manufacturing defect. They sent us another S3 and it was exactly the same. So Sleep Number's resolution was to provide us with two 1 inch thick layers of memory foam to put beneath the air bladders a ComfortFit Mattress layer ( to put on top of the mattress. This brought the total height of the mattress up to 11.5 inches. While this resolved the height issue, we should not have had to add these extra items to bring it to a height that it is advertised at in the first place. The two inches of foam should come standard with the mattress, but it doesn't.

As a result of adding the ComfortFit Mattress layer on top, the mattress now sleeps extremely hot, which is the reason we returned the ILE. We've reached out to a rep in corporate that has somewhat been working with us on these issues, in regards to the increased temperature. Instead of providing a solution, we were offered a refund on the mattress and future email communication has gone ignored which is why I am now writing this review. We have since had to remove the ComfortFit layer and they refuse to work with us on finding a solution to the temperature issue.

This mattress also has a strong off gassing chemical odor. Another thing to take into consideration if you have a high sensitivity to odors, allergies, or asthma.

Furthermore, we have encountered an issue on both S3 mattresses we have had where the pillow top tends to lump up in certain areas. So this lump also shows through the bedding when the bed is made.

In addition, this mattress used to contain an S3 label on the side so that you know for sure that you are receiving the exact mattress that you purchased. This is how it was portrayed in the imagery on their website. After bringing the issue up to this same rep in corporate, we were told that they use this mattress cover as a generic replacement for other mattresses and had it removed. I didn't buy a generic mattress. I bought an S3 and expect to have some info labeled on the product reflecting that. They even went as far as Photoshopping the label out of the image shown on their website after we brought this to their attention. You can tell where it was touched up if you refer to the blotchy shadowing on the left side of the mattress near the head of the bed in the 2nd image down. I have a screenshot of what it used to look like.

Makes you wonder if they are using this same mattress cover for the S1 model that is advertised at 10 inches in height. After all, our S3 is only about 8.5 - 9 inches high. The only supposed differences between the two are one inch in overall height, and the 2 inch grey egg crate foam piece that lays on top of the air bladders being 1.5 inches on the S1 and having 5 comfort zones, versus 2 inches of thickness and 7 zones on the S3. The comfort zones are all a gimmick for marketing purposes and to get you to spend more money on the S3. All the comfort zones are, are different patterns in foam. You cannot even feel the difference on where those comfort zones are through the mattress cover.

I have attempted to post this review on the Sleep Number website. The review has been submitted, but I have yet to see it live on their site. So Sleep Number is obviously filtering their reviews and choosing which ones to post. This is why I am now sharing this on third party review sites. While submitting a review on the Sleep Number site, they provide you with an option to upload photos, however, it does not work. I've tried different browsers, computers, and mobile devices, along with different file formats and sizes. There are several reviews on their site and not one contains any images. What are they hiding? What do they not want you to see?

The bottom line is that Sleep Number has really cheapened the quality of their products over they years. They are no longer what they used to be. I would highly recommend looking elsewhere for a higher quality mattress for less money.


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