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The public needs to be aware that the co-owner Mitch Robbins was DISCIPLINED by the IDFPR in 2002 for "inadvertently operating on the wrong leg." Always (yelp etc) scroll to the very bottom where it says "reviews not recommended." They are all negative and they all speak the truth that is why they are hidden.

Our first visit with VSC set alarms off. After an extremely brief clinical impression by one of their vets two women immediately came in. The one woman was evaluating our finance plan for the day, ushering us to apply for financial assistance via Care Credit. I was strongly encouraged to "request the highest amount, you never know." The other woman was there to present us with a written estimate. They expect you to have the money right there and then to pay for the low end of estimate (at LEAST 1k). If you do not have it they will hand you back your dying pet. They say they do not have payment plans but they do! After so many times crying and begging for one I was given ONE payment plan. They just offer the selectively.

My husband I and I were so desperate and VSC is supposed to "be the best and a trauma 1 facility" and there are not too many options out there. I found out many times Otis was examined by a resident/intern. Yet I am paying top dollar for a specialty vet to examine! None of the specialists are there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If it is an emergency just know that they will just hospitalize your pet all weekend until the specialists get in Monday morning to examine your pet. They will give you an estimate and each night is about 2k. I feel they do not have specialists on weekends so they can collect $$ for weekend hospitalizations. In addition, medications compromise a huge chunk of the bill- even if you bring your dog or cats meds from home!

They are not a multi-disciplinary team. Sure they have all the different type of specialists BUT there is no communication between the doctors. For example- I was told Otis was "cancer free" from one internal med doc and when he was on vacation the other internal med doc said Otis "still had cancer" mind you these two VERY different responses happened 3 days a part. I saw and experienced no collaboration with the doctors and the specialists. Absolutely no compassion. VSC never worked with our primary/family veterinarian. My primary veterinarian send them Otis's records and VSC denied ever receiving them. I had to fill my primary vet on what happened at each visit to VSC. No phone call was EVER made by VSC.

Again, none of the listed specialties worked together at all on Otis's case. Robbins performed a 10k operation on Otis and we never even met the guy! All we got was a phone call! And the internal med vet did not say one word about what Robbins did or how Otis's surgery turned out. And this is VERY dangerous! It cost my boy his life.

Since then, I have been subjected to VSC bullying, intimidating and threatening me because I am going public/protesting with my message.

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