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They only hire white trash as hairdressers. They allow people to illegally park in front of their salon because they are lazy


They have an hr person that hates America and wants open borders. She is a fascist and hires illegals. This company is junk


They "manage" apartments that in 9 years have gone through 3 different name changes mclub. The aparmtnet complex lies about how great the place is when you can see it looks bad


They support their franchises hiring drug addict drivers that are unreliable that they applaud them for hiring blacks that can't do their job well. They give management jobs to blacks just because they are black and they allow them to steal from their drivers. The blacks and drug addicts rarely get fired
Their bread is inconsistent and they give you bad bread they should have thrown out


Overrated. They don't make sure superhosts are correctly listing their places and allow them to retaliate against people while they don't allow discrimination. I didn't give a place 5 stars because the listing was incorrect and they didn't take out the trash before we came. The only reason i tried to re-book was because my mom liked the location so they dropped my reservation & i'm out a fee which should be reimbursed. When someone doesn't give all five stars airbnb should be making sure they are correct but i guess they don't so i will never use the site again


Their window break system is unreliable. It would go off constantly. It was "fixed" so it went off less but still too many times. They are overpriced and only have one contract option which is wrong. Their customer service reps are incompetent and if you upset them they transfer you around. When i told them to send the cops, i don't think they even came. Pretty much a scam. Don't waste your time or money. I cancelled their service, took off easy pay and my credit cards and they illegally charged me for the next month.


They don't care about the neighborhood. Its a bunch of rich people wanting poor people to give them money to fix up superficial things. They know there are drug dealers but won't do anything about them because they pander to blacks and illegals. They support illegals over Americans


Traitors to this country. They support illegals and hate this country and think prayer will save them


They support illegals coming here and not speaking English. A bunch of rich idiots who think its ok for blacks to deal drugs. They pay the cops to watch out for them and allow the blacks to do whatever they want including deal drugs from their house. They hate people who support America


They should be applauded for making all employees speak English. This is America and we speak English. Too many illegals and illegal lovers are ruining this country allowing them to spit on this country by not speaking English. If you refuse to speak English do it at your home, your church, the stores that are not in English. This company has not discriminated against stupid Hispanics that hate this country


They only started it because a lot of rich idiots live here. They dont care about the neighborhood as they allow blacks to do bad things and deal drugs. They could do something about all the trash on the ground and the drugs but refuse because the blacks in the neighborhood cry race so easily so they pander. They call and pay the cops to watch their rich houses but when a poor person reports a drug dealer nothing will be done because the Butler police and IMPD are so well paid by them


Don't want true reviews. Don't want to hear about whites being discriminated against which we people need to know about


If you dont have money or want stuff that doesn't last long. You have to waste your time getting through all the crowded aisles if they even have what you want. Cheap products and cheap food


If you don't like tv or music or goth stuff this place isnt for you. Not for old people just young stupid kids


They don't want you to really know whats next door. They want only good things that make you feel safe like you live in a bubble and not next door or down the street from a drug dealer. Say something people don't like and they kick you out no explanation to kiss poor black people. The poor and black don't even use their stupid racist towards whites service. Mostly white people wanting free stuff or plumbers they can find on better reputable websites. Didnt even send me a card when i moved even though i asked for one. A complete joke for areas that have rich and poor. The rich dont want to know the truth they live among bad people yet they know it just dont remind them


If you read this website and then visit the place, you will see they made up everything to make you think you would be visiting a great place. It's not. They don't tell you that the people they rent to are low class, have multiple illegitimate children, are rude and if you complain about a black person they won't listen to you. The grounds are rutted up by car tracks and pet droppings, trash is on the ground, the residents don't bother to open the trash containers to put the trash in. They drop food in the buildings and don't clean up. They don't care about you and will play their awful music super loud and cause the power to go out. They broke the speed bumps and the asphalt is cracked everywhere. The staff is always changing and are not very bright. You can call the police on a resident multiple times and they still won't help you if you are white and have legitimate problems and have lived there multiple years. If you have a good job and don't want to live next to people who have no job or a bad job and commit crimes stay far away from this place. It's not at 56th street and its in the worst spot, at the end of a street by a high school so if you don't leave early you're stuck behind school buses and the stupid parents who drive their kids to school. They changed their name yet still have a courthouse clock on their building while the residents visit the courthouse a lot. They put up new street signs that have misspellings. It is not a place for sophisticated people that are active. I saw many lazy people who let their kids run wild.


If you can't afford to put the name of your law office and your true address not a PO box, you are not a legitimate organization and are full of incompetent people. They represent some corrupt businesses that discriminate against white people like salem at 56 that isn't at 56th street at all. Don't waste you time on these losers who should evict people but don't because they want to pander to black people because they are so poor and have so many children. The lawyers are quite stupid and pander to their whiny clients.


This business lies. There is no swapping going on. They are a middleman where you pay them to get a cd/dvd/book from another person. They don't demand that you only get high quality cds that have all the liner notes. Lots of people have had trouble with getting sub par cds and liner notes from other people that the company has done nothing about. They say you can't get the money you put in out but I don't believe them. They want to keep the money and if they can screw you over they will. Do NOT join this site or their others. They have stolen money from multiple people because they are greedy money grubbing people.


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