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This should be the true name. They are wrong a lot... today for High Point, North Carolina they have the temperature at 84 and its bust and 90゚. I see why they're ranked 28th... truly Pitiful! They are wrong today both on the TV and mobile Web.

Tip for consumers:
Don't use it. Use NWS.


I recently was looking to replace water filters Whirlpool WHEMBF. This is a 3 filter set that I got on Amazon for $63.00. On this website they list this set... stated price for one filter at $79.99... Two@ 159.98 and Three@ 239.97. Now, either there is a typo and 79.99 price should state 3 Filter Set or this is one of the Biggest RipOffs I have ever seen!


Listen up people! Western medicine is killing you! I'm not against doctors but I am against Big Pharma. These drugs are so bad for you, how can I make you believe? Let me briefly explain. Western medicine main basis is on a term called
"Allopathic" This is a Latin term meaning "Treat the Symptom". That's what these drugs are made to do. They go and fix or try to fix what you got, last for 3 months then stop working, Doc says that's ok No prob. And you go back to the doctor, hes got a different drug to give you for the same thing. Well the reason this happens is because these drugs had traveled down your nervous system pathways and receptors and go from one to the other and they Keep banging on these receptors for months and they eventually get tired and stop working. Your doctor Says no problem and knows how to find a new pathway with another Big Pharma drug. All the while this is happening you're getting other symptoms from this medication that is so harmful to you. At this point you are going to Have to keep going back to the doctor because hes got the mystical formula... Wrong! And that in itself is going make you take other drugs for the symptoms the 1st drug created. Uh? If you keep taking these drugs at this point you got a death wish. Don't want be long here but please read up on the information and do not believe everything your doctor says when he tells you you need a drug. He is just supporting the big pharma and he has to to make it all work. Look for an alternative natural way to the process, it will be slower but it will make you live longer. Eat right and clean, exercise and don't abuse your body.


No. This article on their website would suggest that these things don't work that is an outright lie. I've had 1 for 4 years a Delonghi made in Italy it works fantastic. About a $350 purchase all you have to do is venit to your window 6" attachment that they give you with the air condition. Consumer reports used to not be politically based but I guess now they are


Did I say Cheap? Dont drop or take attachment off in the wrong direction. Stick a fork in it it's done. Most of the money for this product has been spent on advertising don't buy.


Watching some New news now and watching very little CNN because it makes me want to vomit, Watching more Fox now and I like Tucker Carlson. He seems genuine and liked his show the other night questioning the High Death Numbers forecast for by the US Gov't. The health coordinator saying maybe 93,000 now... Ummm. (corrected from 100-240K). She said the numbers are always changing, that is true but you cant just throw pie in the sky numbers out All the time, its not right. No one knows. It could be 100k or less Or it could be 2 million. The scenario will probably play out like this: Numbers lower initially in US, making all these people look very good. They will be saying, "Oh we All did such a great job controlling the spread". If you can use a little foresight, what happens when people get back out in less than 30 days. Do you think the virus is going to be magically gone? Wrong. Seeing how they believe a vaccine is too far out to help now, what will happen, when we go back out on a large scale. Well, people are going to get the virus and it will most likely then take herd immunity to eradicate it. Older people should stay in and wear mask when out and everyone in highly infected ares should wear mask. Lets hope The Herd is Strong! Take care and be Healthy! Remember read, study, learn for yourself and don't just believe what you here and most of all use common sense and wisdom!


I noticed their reporting of certain state numbers of the Virus were off by hundreds. I live in North Carolina and we are reporting 284 cases. CNN's "Reliable Sources" showing 184 cases. Pic below. Amazing! So you have a show with this name and this is what you report. Don't think I'm watching that channel no more. They're rank 19th worldwide in news organizations so this shouldn't surprise me or you. Remember, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see and you'll be ahead of the game. Our medical professionals are doing outstanding job of keeping our death rate at almost the lowest of all countries and that's not even being reported. Y'all suck.

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