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Scam! Never received package or refund! Don't bother. Order elsewhere. Lots of warnings on this website saying the same things.


I had been a paying costuner of Linda Kaye, the Pink Chick Psychic, for several years. Her numerological time frames in her readings of days, months, and years of her predictions do not come true. She repeatedly repeats the same one-liners and phrases and details in her romance and career readings about or for you, or other people you ask about or that she picks up, or on the situation in your reading that you ask about or she describes. It becomes a Groundhog's Day movie of the same information in an accumulation of repeated similar readings as the years pass. If she does not like your very specific question(s) for your paid reading, (you're only allowed a question of 15 words or less, which is good) she refunds you your money. I think it's because she can't answer such specific questions like "where is this job or what is the name of the position for this job that you have been predicting for the past 2-3 years?" After paying for several readings that kept saying the same things, I wasn't allowed to ask her specific questions because she couldn't provide the specific answers, which means she either didn't know or that she finds being asked specific questions intimidating or unanswerable. I asked her once for a free reading after purchasing many, and she became offended, and made me out to be a person with gull for asking. I asked because I had own two previous free reading contests before over the years, and because I had been a costumer for many years and was tiring of the same type of answers, and I had referred many people from my city to her until all of these issues came to a head. I have provided many free services to people without charging them because of their life circumstances and beccause of being in a spirit of giving and helping When I would ask her questions, in between readings, of when her predictions were actually going to come true, after buying repeated readings over the years, I was labelled as harassing her, unless you're buying another repetitive reading again don't contact her because you're a bother then. If you can't stand by the words and predictions in your readings that people pay you to help you for, then don't advertise yourself as highly accurate. She has also said things in her dating readings in terms of how a "guy feels about you" that are false and damaging to you, the guy you're dating, and the dating relationship itself. I asked "the guy" himself about what she said and showed him the reading, and he said it wasn't true, and that he felt something else at that time She has also made many predictions in her romance readings of guys I had met in social situations over the years that I would never date because they're drinkers, marijuana smokers, and womanizers. No, thank-you. If you like repetitive readings with the same repetitive lines/phrases/predictions and numerological time frames where the weeks, months, and years pass by, and nothing still happens in predictions, then these readings are for you.

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