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Started DarkOrbit in its second year way back when dinosaurs flew in space... it was a great game. Strong players helped weak players and protected noobs. Raids were massive and exciting. Loved the game. Fast forward to 2022. The game is great if you play while watching your TV, eating nachos and letting your bot grind away because you are some greedy, lazy nothing. Or if you pay bucks to have your ship fitted with everything from the spoils of your bot. Then you drive new players out of the game by grinding them constantly for your kills. Brave space hobo you are. I started the game and loved it from the start. Great community. Then botting started and DO (BigPoint) turned a blind eye blaming out complaints on 'lag.' The only lag was their reticence to address the issue. Back to 2022. Bots are everywhere and most player pay and/or bot. Mostly both. Honest players have zero chance in the pvp side. BP added a no-pvp option which on paper sounds great... doesn't it? But it is even more bot-ridden and ridiculous than the full-pvp maps with its roaming bullies grinding noobs into quitting. Maps are empty of real-life players. New players quickly learn how absolutely fruitless it is to advance due to all the limits... game lag, griefers, cheaters, hacks and the ever-present bots, bots and more bots. And may I add... bots. Then the bots, who then have everything -- every weapon, gun, cheat, hack and automation -- grind on all the legit players. Almost none of my long-time game friends, including clan members still play. My son and I play but after seeing the 95% bot population of the maps and getting dinged twice by a guy last night who I knew was a botter, more powerful who had played 6 months over my 12 yrs... I am quitting. Do yourself a favor... if you value fair games... avoid this mess. If you are a cheating lowlife, sign up for DO, you'll fit right in.

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