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A junior student of Mathematics at the University of Tokyo.

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I just like putting reviews and read other people's comments.


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I carefully read the reviews and checked the website. We are getting to March 8, and I was looking to celebrate the day with my girl friends. After checking the website and reviews, I can say that there is serious concern in the company's communication with their customers. The ways to contact them is complicated, and they always say that it is "high season", so they are bombarded with inquires and they cannot handle the flow. This is not always true, and even if it is, that is not necessarily a positive message you send to other customers; it can mean you have not established a healthy, functional communication with your customers. I decided to stay away and do not place my order despite longing for those beautiful pictures on the website.

CustomerService R. – DressLily Rep

Dear Shiori,

We sincerely appreciate your feedback.
Dresslily can be contacted 24/7 via our Support Center, Live Chat or Phone Number. If you cannot reach us immediately, please leave a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
If you have any further inquiries please contact our Support Center:support@dresslily. Com

Dresslily Customer Support Team


Please spend some time reading their articles. They have up-to-dated articles even on the infamous Covid-19 virus. Plus, they have been around since 1933, not online of course :D. .


Gals, I know the dresses don't look good to begin with, but a website with no SSL is very dangerous for shopping. Also, 12 USD for a sexy dress? Are you kidding me? No way that costs 12 USD.


Thank you Doctor Oz. Your programs helps my mom a lot. She is a fan and watches your program regularly. Keep up the program and its unique style. Thanks


They are a team of professional online and IT specialists who can help your businesses grow. Finance is an important part of any business, so their solution can help many start-ups to grow and receive their money using Crypto currencies.


Games are a little hard to play. I wish they implemented a goal-oriented system that kids can go level by level and achieve emblems. I played the math games. Well... they are OK... but again, I really don't know what the purpose of the game is. I suppose children at school ages would like to compete to see who scores better. The graphics and the design are fine. Another plus also is that there is no complicated manual to play the games. In short, a scoring system is a must here.


I use their courses for every thing I wish to learn, every time before I start learning a new concept either in math or on the web, I check a course here. It helps you guide your mind on the right track. Of course, it cannot replace a university all by its own and for that you need to actually attend courses and be supervised by a teacher/lecturer. But for me, starting something new is the hardest part and Khan academy help me in that regard.


Hey gals, if you are planning to come to Tokyo, especially during Sakura, you can come to Gaien Nishi street, near Hiroo metro station, for a refreshing experience. The staff speak English, so that's a huge plus in Japan. I happened to break my nails every time I carry my luggage; it just happens :( so knowing there is a place that can fix it for you is soothing.


In a word, no variety! All the shoes are priced at $40, hence the name Shoes for 40, get it? :) The majority of them do not have variety in colors. There are limited sizes, which is understandable considering the motto on the website, but it is not very appealing to me. I'm willing to pay +/- $40 but have a comfortable pair of shoes; otherwise, I'll never buy them. I generally do not recommend shopping shoes online. You have to be physically there, try them out, and buy. I also never give shoes as gifts because of this very reason.


It is an easy review for me. There are restaurants here that have Trip Advisor's badge at their entrance. What else can I add? Before planning your next journey, please review TripAdvisor.


I cannot see the website and I'm connecting from Japan. I don't understand, but generally I think this is an out-of-business situation and is worldwide.


I have not seen such a unanimous agreement on sitejabber on any product like this. Almost all people suffer from their lack of quality customer service. I decided not to use the service for the valentine's day, and I wanted to thank all the people who made these helpful comments here.

Alan S. – Getnamenecklace Rep

Dear Customer,
We are sincerely apology for late reply.
We are sorry that we did not deal with your question in time. If you are willing to give us another chances, you can contact our manager’s email address to get discount.
Customer Service


Oh just adorable! Lovely children, cute photos, magnificent fashion design. I don't have any children yet, but C'MOOOOON... they are so so so cute! I recommend everyone takes a look at their website please.


I know! I've been :( the teacher describes the introduction to calculus, or solves a problem in Algebra, or guide you through integral; you feel you got it all figured out, but when you get home and open the homework... it becomes all Greek. These guys at MyMathGenius can truly help. I definitely recommend their service. If you want a service that truly helps you solve math questions, visit their website.

Three-Delta S. – MyMathGenius Rep

We really appreciate your honest review of our services. If you ever need to hire someone to solve your calc/algebra problems with guaranteed grades on any math assignment or even a full online class we're here for you. Thank you again!


If you are looking for sports shoes, comfortable, healthy footwear, or you enjoy hiking and mountain climbing, this online shop has a specific collection of those. Do check it out.


You can find better deals online. I'm not sure about the quality. Maybe you should read other people's comments too. I always try to be specific.


Hey everyone! Please make sure you do not make the same mistake as I did. If you forget to put the hyphen, you might think the website is out of your reach. I'm putting the correct link here:


Totally recommended. They have thought of the process: where you set off, the type of journey you wish to go on, the cities. They use a very good algorithm on their website. Do check'em out.

vinay g. – TripFactory Rep

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are thankful for your encouraging words and positive feedback. Your compliments have put a huge smile on our faces. We hope to see you again super soon!


I was reading the reviews. They are either 5-star or 1-star... what's going on here. They seem to be running a good business. Can anyone help us here? A balanced review can help many.

Just trying to make sure these inaccessible websites are removed from sitejabber's website, and other people do not get confused when searching. My little contribution to the Sitejabber community.

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