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I was on Zazzle for a while and they terminated my account for absolutely no reason they were Accusing me of uploading content that wasn't mine and they were telling me they had emailed me about it But I never got nothing Anyway Way Theirs Better drop shipping platforms then Zazzle they're a bunch of liars!

Tip for consumers:
Yeah here’s a tip for other’s dont use zazzle


Bottom line just don't deal with magic auction and don't buy any used magic off their website and don't even Bother selling your used magic on their Website in my Opinion they have shady business practices and they are crooks and among other things they use false advertisement and Claim they sell used magic at 30% to 50% below on their website but they don't they have used magic for sell on their website well over 30% to 50% that's over $ 300 $400 $ 500 they also tell sellers to ship their sold used magic to the buyer Actually The seller is supposed to send any used magic to magic Auction when they sell anything to a buyer and they Also claim that the seller gets the full sale of any used magic that's not true they take half of the sell from the seller they also claim that there's no fee but their is a fee and they Also Accuse sellers of ripping buyers off On other selling websites especially if you Mention anything to them about selling your used magic on another selling website it happened to me I wanted To list some new and used magic and a few magic dvds On their website for sell and they Wouldn't list my new and used magic or my dvds Because According to them My new and used magic and my dvds were overpriced but what about all the used magic on their website so how they can they even say my new and used magic and dvds were overpriced When everything on their site is overpriced I don't know personally I don't think it Had anything to do with anything being overpriced or not being overpriced like any business they just saw competition Especially when I told them I was going to sell my new and used magic and dvds on eBay over them they knew I could get more money for my new and used magic and dvds on eBay then I could with them and it pissed them off and the minute I mentioned I was going to sell my new and used magic and dvds on eBay they started Making false accusations at me and falsely accusing me of ripping buyers off on eBay The point is competition happens with any business that's just the way it is and competition sometimes can get very ugly you get Competition with any business/business/seller but it's No excuse for Businesses to Falsely Make accusations And accuse other sellers of ripping buyers off on another selling websites that's what makes me mad is the fact they Falsely made accusations at me and accused me of ripping buyers off on eBay that's what really pisses me off and it was it was uncalled for I only dealt with magic Auction one time and one time was enough for me stay away from magic auction unless you want to be accused of ripping buyers off on other selling websites or you want to be ripped off yourself because magic auction will rip buyers and sellers off don't give these crooks your money or sell on their website Horrible horrible horrible business Stay away from Them at all costs I have to give them credit they are really good at making people believe that they can set their own price and sell their used magic for whatever price they want and they are really good at Convincing you that you get the whole sell amount good thing I didn't Fall for their scam Am just smart And figured them out am just sorry and feel bad for all the Innocent buyers and all the innocent sellers they have scammed and Ripped off over the years!

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