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National Review Online is a conundrum of a website that has surrendered free speech to what can only be described as politically correct trolls who, through a looking glass, practice the very suppression of free speech that conservatives accurately accuse far left web venues of practicing. Supposedly a far-reaching and open venue that is available to interested persons throughout the political world, the apparent truth that I have discovered, through interaction on discussion boards at NRO, is this: Extremely small-minded, vulgar, provocative, and unreasonable "conservatives" have free rein to throw grotesque and "fighting words" levels of insults into their message board messages to debate opponents, and are then protected from rebuttal in kind by "moderators" (think Orwellian censorship).

The NRO "version" of being conservative, at least on their message boards, is "toe the line, peons, and interact like good little boy and girl victims when our conservatrolls come to take their pound of flesh out of you." NRO = Not behaving sweetly? DELETION for you...!

Virtually NOTHING perturbs me more than speech suppression, and NRO practices EXCESSIVE speech suppression. Remember that if you decide to visit their site.


Fark aggregates news stories. This they do in a simple cueing system that involves multiple editors selecting which stories are "published.". They feign a childlike, fun atmosphere, but in reality are hard left dogmatists who tightly control their discussion boards through censorship of conservative viewpoints. The free access to the basic fark site brings in the dregs of the world; there are truly grotesque personalities and subversive political groups that haunt the message boards, spouting unbelievably destructive antisocial and radical political messages. The site grooms youthful participants to conform to total PC compliance and total acceptance of degenerate value systems and orthodoxies. There are literally dozens of superior websites from which to receive daily aggregated news stories. Fark is nothing more than code monkeys' nonsensical time-suck childishness, posing as adult entertainment and "education." Skip this one. It's a clownshow in businessmen's clothing.


Raw Story blanket censors conservative viewpoints. Raw Story has zero interest in allowing both sides of a political debate to have anything remotely resembling equal representation. Don't waste your time "debating" on Raw Story. They are a purely partisan-driven ultra-liberal echo chamber, always ready and willing to brainwash young, impressionable, and easily misled minds.

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