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Please spare your children from Ipads, even steve jobs didn't allow his own children to use ipads. They are not meant for kids. I thought I would review this site as an ipad for kids alternative. They are good for your kids and not so mind numbing. All of the apps are educational and my kids have learned so much from leapfrog


I just wanted to give Tourneau a big 5 stars for being such a reputable dealer of watches. I bought a piaget about 10 years ago from them and till this day they have honored their word and replacing my battery for this watch every single time. Sure the watch was over $5K and it was not marked down but it was worth every penny for the customer service they have given me for this timepiece ever since then. It as broken down twice and both times it was repaired at no cost to me.


Typically, I do not like getting spam sale products in my email, however this site sends out some really interesting products to help with raising your kids. For example, my kids are always banging up their fingers and they sell this really neat plastic finger protector just for kids. My son hates getting his hair washed due to the soap in his eyes and I saw they sell a special shampoo visor. Very unique items for sale on this site. Prices seem very reasonable.


Finding a daycare center for my newborn was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. It is tough to tell which ones are qualified and are safe. Plus you want to make sure they are providing a good educational experience. Child care aware has a wonderful hotline that can help and resources to help pick out the good day care centers from the bad ones.


My children received a basket from cherry moon farms and it was such a big hit. I was impressed by the quality of the basket items and the freshness of the cookies. Usually these types of baskets have stale cookies and bad quality so I never buy them. I will absolutely start buying from cherry moon farms because of this high quality experience.


I had been looking for a long time to find a good easter basket to send to my mom that was more of a plant than flowers because she loves how plants just live on forever. I found a happy easter basket for only $29.95 and 20% off using their coupon code. I am so happy I found this website and I heard of them because someone recently sent us an easter basket from one of the other sites that work with proplants called www.cherrymoonfarms.com. I will also review their other site as my kids loved that easter basket.


I am sick and tired of all the kids wanting to play ipad games in the car or for any excursion as a way for them to behave. I found marbles the brain store when trying to hunt down a creative and educational way for my children to play. They have great toys and fiddlesticks is our new all time favorite. It is sad that Toys R us no longer carries toys like this and instead only has popular toys like action figures and guns. I am so glad to have found marbles brain store I only wish they had one near me and I wish the prices were a little bit lower.


Good overall experience with the geeksquad people. Guy was geeky just like they advertised. He hooked up my wifi network in no time and showed me how to sign on for future laptops and ipad. He even showed me how to change my password for the wifi later on if I wanted to change it. Not sure I will remember how to do that though. Nice not having to rely on friends to come over and do this for me.


Not impressed at all. I have been using Gilt and this just seems like amazon trying to do the same thing. Do we really need another big company like amazon who knows nothing of fashion or style trying to get rid of Companies like Gilt that made their name because of their fashion expertise? I hope myhabit fails and Gilt wins this war.


Interesting website that is selling peptide skin care which while is nothing new they do seem to do a good job and have good reviews. What I am curious about is whether anyone believes in their lash lengthening products. I have used latisse before and that worked wonders but is prescription and requires me to continue to pay an office visit to get it. Other non prescribed products that work would be nice to learn about too. I have not been on sitejabber for awhile but love the new look!


I can't really say why exactly I needed this software but let's just say that if you ever want to see what someone is doing on a computer (children/employees) this is the best that there is out there. Very easy to use and my only gripe is that you can only use it on one single computer and one account on that computer and each additional one is another 90 dollars. I got their spectorpro software and I can say it does exactly what it claims to do; allow you to view whatever is being done on someone elses computer. I now should be careful what I do at work! Who knows who is spying on me.


For those of us who do not know how to make things into iphone format I thank the makers of this website. Kudos to those of you who found this site for me.


I have been scammed buying fake designer shoes before on various websites and have come to realize that the fake shoes are of worse quality than just buying cheaper knock off shoes from payless. You may not get the fake logo on your shoe, but the quality is truly much better and you actually get the shoe with a real return policy.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Smart Food section of the blog. I am always looking for new recipes and food tips. Product review feature is nice too.


The one website every parent should bookmark is the American Academy of Pediatrics as it has loads of information on almost every health concern for parents. Better in many ways than more commercial websites like webmd as it reflects the opinion of the entire pediatric academy rather than just one single doctor writing on a subject.


Cute and easy to use. The only downside is that it didn't work for me on IE but the firefox plug in worked like a charm. Could not go to any adult site or even sites that were more mature.


Cool site. I don't have an iphone but I can see the appeal of doing this. I just got an android phone so hopefully they will build shazam for droid phones too! If you shazam people are reading this, build for droid!


I took a look at this site and am not impressed. The problem I find is that I do surveys and only get a small chance to win a prize. It is like working for nothing. I have done other surveys and got paid real money.


Great place to find gifts for that gadget loving guy in your life. I never know what the newest and hip electronic toys are available and cnet does a fab job of reviewing the good stuff.


If you see this product for sale on black friday or saturday, pick it up and your skin will love you for it. Works great to really clean out your pores and keep acne away.

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