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UPS packages are always days late for some reason. Why isn't the shipping updated when there's a delay? Why be so ambitious about estimated delivery dates when it's ALWAYS late?


This website sells lies that lean toward a particular kind of liberal agenda and uses no sources in its articles. Supports unethical practices around the world as long as it supports its sick bias.


I've only been a member for a few days, but the layout is good, and the people seem nice. They're Christian, so I guess some atheists will be offended no matter what.


Straight up scam. I've been on this site once and was told I've used up credits (not true because first time using it) after I already edited everything.


Found an article sympathizing with pedophiles on this trash of a website. Do not use and support this website.


Bad design. I hate things that scroll into more articles like there isn't an end to the page. Articles are written by amateurs without decency.


Can't check my work email today because I get 400 errors when trying to sign up and search something. Oh well.


I signed up for this months ago and was never sent a single test to do. Waste of time. Don't sign up for this service.


The people on this website are white trash. I'd have a hard time believing any of them even have a high school diploma.


The sellers are very unprofessional in their conduct. I have been waiting for a product since last year. It is very hard to reach them and get help. They behave in a very unprofessional and sometimes even crude way when interacting with their community. They let their personal lives blend in with their work life. They say harsh things to customers asking for help.


Takes forever for package to arrive. Little to no communication. Quality of products not very high. I wouldn't recommend buying from here.


Quite difficult to get your account back if you forget its information. Also, the website seems like it wasn't updated for years. The search option sucks. You can't search usernames. You can't filter the search.


They asked for psychicss wanting to do text readings. I applied and was told they were not currently looking for text readers...


The dorms here are filled with cockroaches. I ruined my summer here. The staff are also very unfriendly.


This is the worst place one can buy spiritual things from. They mass produce things, like Walmart. They sell empty vessels. Worst of all, they spread misinformation. They lie about spirits' information and act like they're the authority on everything. It's like a cult. They say whatever they want to get people to buy more spirits and encourage collecting, not quality spirits. People on the forums have hundreds of spirits, none of which they actually have a connection with.

Magnolia W. – CreepyHollows Rep

I was unable to verify that you actually have anything from us, or that you were ever a member of our community, but I think nearly 20 years of work in Spirit Keeping, and setting the standards for Spirit Keeping that most practitioners use, speaks for our work itself. We're one of the few, passionate practitioners left in the community after being overrun by social fly-by-night groups and people who don't actually live the supernatural & Spirit Keeping as we do. Our Forum and our site is the longest standing, largest resource on Spirit Keeping, and we actually do this 24/7. If that inspires jealousy and hate in others, that's something we can't control. We will continue as we always have, putting love & positive energy into the world around us, and into the people who stand up against the hate for a better life and better world for themselves. I hope you find something wonderful & positive to follow in your journey.


Sellers unprofessional and don't really care about getting repeat customers. I'm still waiting on readings from more than 6 months ago, and their link to the help desk doesn't even work.


This is a scam. I paid 40 dollars for something that I never received. I sent them an email, and they recommended me to go on their official Discord channel for help, so I went there. One of the first things I see is people talking about graphic sex in a server meant for spirituality questions. I pointed out to the moderator that not only in this off-topic, minors might see it because they're nothing in the rules to prevent them from coming in. The moderators accepted that minors might be around and are allowed to be around, and did nothing to reprimand or even delete the adult content from the server. So if you want to buy from people who are fine with minors seeing discussion of graphic sex while trying to ask a question, buy from these idiots.


Unprofessional lawyers who aren't even trying, and you can't give bad review because it'll always be rejected for dumb nonexistent reasons even though good reviews are always kept


Bad forum needs to register to view pretty much anything. What the heck. Why do you like to waste my life?


The system excels in making it seem like you're learning, but these multiple choice questions and fill in the blanks won't teach you much, especially when the flash card maker makes bad cards

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