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The Greenlight debit card for kids sounds like a great idea but after having it for about 6 months, it NEVER works. Literally, my 10-year old has not been able to use it once without coming to me to say that it needs to be verified, unblocked, and so on. Every single time I have to get into a resolution process with Greenlight customer service. With how much time I am forced to spend on each one of my child's purchases, it would be much easier to keep a log of the money he earned and for me to just use my own credit card whenever my son needs to buy something. I am closing the card(fingers crossed, their Facebook page says it can take months of repeat attempts to close).


I've never heard of this website but they have been spamming my mobile phone with texts to buy their services. I tried talking to their chat service but it's clearly a bot, it answers questions with "Yes" no matter what you ask or just responds with jibberish like "asdasdasd".


I used to like Wordpress.com - used it myself and recommended it to clients. But over the last couple years it went downhill to the point of being completely unusable. I just spent two days creating a website for a new client and it was so bad that I gave up on it altogether and will no longer use it.

To start with, Wordpress.com got greedier and greedier, moving more and more features to the most expensive plan and adding more and more Wordpress.com branding to the lower priced plans. Basically, if you are not paying them $300 per year for a single website, forget it. There's always been the infamous footer begging every visitor to sign up for Wordpress.com (because is there a single person on the planet that doesn't need a blog, I guess?) - it used to only show on free plans but now it's even on paid plans except the $300/year plan. Now there is also a huge header too, so it's the first thing your visitors will see. As if that's not enough, there is also a floating menu (meaning it's always there even if you scroll down) asking visitors to log in or sign up or report your website for inappropriate content. I repeat, all these are on PAID plans.

In addition, the very useful HTML editor is gone. The new source code editor is actually proprietary markup that is impossible to decipher even for experienced and highly technical users such as myself.

In conclusion, Wordpress.com used to be decent but now is a flaming pile of garbage.


Both online and mobile experiences are very buggy. If you save a setting, it will say "you're all set" and "error" at the same time and the error explanation will be undecipherable such as "could not save the following" (following... what?). If you invite a family member to join your family circle, it will allow you to invite them by email but then that family member won't be able to accept your invite and hours of troubleshooting later you will discover that everyone in your family is required to have a gmail account (why?). And so on and so forth. It's unpleasant to use and very time-consuming to troubleshoot.

The videos often start off pixelated and often continue on low quality for a while, even though we have the highest-tier internet bandwidth and other streaming apps never have this issue.

Also there are LOTS of ads on some shows. YouTube's explanation is that they weren't able to negotiate better with the networks. Well then, don't offer me to DVR a show if I can't fast-forward through the ads - the whole purpose of DVR is to skip ads. And in addition to in-video ads from the networks, the YouTube TV app itself constantly interrupts you with "our picks for you" which of course are just ads for random shows.

Overall, not a very nice experience.

**** UPDATE ****

After using YouTube TV for a month, I am downgrading my review to 1 star.

The video continues to be EXTREMELY low quality about 20% of the time - I am talking pixelated, jerky, faded colors, you name it. I am not experiencing these issues with my other streaming services so it's definitely YouTube TV.

Also I take it back that there are a lot of ads on SOME shows. There are a lot of ads on MOST shows. It's like I am back to the olden days when I had to get up to wash the dishes for 10 minutes while the ads are playing.

Also the mobile app is supposed to be a "remote control" but instead it's a sales app for Google. It CONSTANTLY highjacks what you are doing to try to get you to buy more stuff.

Sadly, I will be switching back to Comcast, at least it had less ads and more of them could be fast forwarded, and the video quality wasn't so abysmal.

**** UPDATE ****

I have another update. On Feb-27, YouTube sent a notice that as of Feb-29, regional sports are no longer available (yes, it's a two-day notice, how dysfunctional their corporate must be). Without regional sports, there is simply no reason to pay over $50/month for YouTube TV when there are so many wonderful shows and movies available on Netflix and other streaming services, for much less.


Credo Beauty has become my go-to for skin and hair products and gifts to female friends and relatives. I am careful to stay away from toxic chemicals in cosmetics and I love that every single item on their website has been pre-screened so it does not have bad ingredients such as potential carcinogens, hormone disruptors, etc. I also appreciate that each product shows a full ingredient list and you can hover over each ingredient to see what it's for and the safety profile.

Also, I have noticed that product reviews appear to be unedited i. E. they do not remove negative reviews and also they do not falsify ratings (where the total rating shows 5 stars but when you click through there are lots of 1,2 or 3-star reviews, like Amazon does).

The only downside is that their samples are pretty lame... I wish they had samples of popular products, not just fringe brands or weird products nobody wants.


Wells Fargo online banking is down several times a week... totally unacceptable for a bank. They need to fix their systems.


I am a small landlord with several rental properties. I've used QuickBooks Online previously and I cannot say enough about how much better Wave Accounting is.

If you are new to accounting, I highly recommend that you purchase their one-time coaching session, I did and my accounting coach was really helpful in setting up my properties and accounts.


This website has been spamming my cell phone about their services. The phone number they are using is *******594 (likely a temporary junk phone number).


I just closed my QuickBooks online account after using it for 3 hours. The system is positively riddled with bugs. You cannot unsubscribe from marketing emails, it throws up a generic "try again later" error. You cannot update company profile, it throws up an error that all fields are required even though I did carefully fill out all the fields. One form I tried to fill out had a field for State that said "please provide your phone number". And so on and so forth. I don't know how anyone can trust them to handle your financial information!

To add insult to injury, I tried to resolve these issues through Customer Support and it was an absolute nightmare. First I spent two and a half hours (!) chatting with an agent online and it was basically like talking to a bot, just repeating the same stock phrases, have you tried a different browser, have you tried clearing your cookies, etc. Next I spent 20 minutes on the phone where for every bug I reported I was told it was for my security and other nonsense. The reps were just unbelievably unhelpful and told me repeatedly that they are not authorized to open an actual support ticket or escalate any issue. Which means, effectively, that QuickBooks Online does not offer customer support, at all.


This is a scammy company. They keep sending us letters that look like official notices from the city. The envelope is made to look exactly like an official municipal notice, and inside there is a letter that has been carefully formatted to look like a required form from city inspectors. You have to read it really carefully to even understand that this is an insurance sales letter. Really scammy!

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