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Great site for scores, news, polls, and fantasy games! Personally though, they seem to hop on every bandwagon known to man. I am very (VERY) tired of talking about Tebow.


The only real online competition to that I can find. Comparable prices, Free shipping, 45 day return guarantee, and a free set up! On top of this, my favorite part about this site is the ability to pick the guitar you want by it's serial number. I feel this makes the whole buying experience more personal and easy to deal with. The only downside to the whole service is that the set up causes the product to take longer to get to you then normally. But hey, I'm not complaining!


Watch out! Prices look so good, but the site is littered with fakes! The first thing that let off my red alert was the fact that the logo for the site... It's the same logo as (a real site). I then checked the ip for this site. The site itself is based in the U.S. Sales are based in China however! Watch where you shop online!


Hmmm, where to start? Well, I can start by saying that I am not much of a fan of Gibson to begin with, so this review may be biased. Or I am more of not a fan of what they HAVE become, which, in my defense, is also alot of other people. But besides that, the site is very sleek, with a modern look, but it does not feel like Gibson. The site looks very organized, but is also very slow, and clunky at times. The front page showcases the new age "Gibson's" (completely bastardized versions of their classics, with alot more buttons). There are also various artist interviews and videos. What truly concerns me is how they decide to hustle their classic guitars to the back of the site. I had to shuffle through pages and pages just to find a classic Les Paul! It seems that since the death of the great Les Paul, Gibson's whole tone has taken a divebomb for the worst in my opinion. No, Gibson, I don't need a firebird with a thousand buttons that do nothing for my down to earth blues style playing. I also don't need to pay five thousand dollars for that guitar. I just want a high quality, simple, guitar. And in their defense, the quality is still there, they have just run off the beaten path. I hope they decide to go back to their old soul, because as of now, Les would not be proud.


A fast way to get to places you need to go, the publisher has reviewed his own site haha, which actually helped me find the site itself... So a good job on advertising!


I love Lego, the toys, the parks, even the website are still high quality in this outsourced economy. The parts are still made where they originally were in Denmark, and the customer service is actually human. Their products are always high quality and on the verge of an imagination overload! As usual, a great job from Lego, fast shipping and an easy to maneuver website all add up to a very well done product. Thank you Lego, and nice job.


Gene Simmons Family Jewels AND Family Guy on one site! Im in


It was a good idea... on paper. In all reality (not Microsoft's) it is very disappointing. I do find the home page facts to be interesting and the layout is simple. The main problem I have is with the searches itself. The premise is that it learns from what you search and tries to personalize your searches to more effective things that you can learn. In my time with bing, my searches never changed or adapted, and the results were always less than googles or even yahoo. The searches would sometimes be a little more detailed and in perspective than some google searches, but all in all, the major results were the same, but in a lesser quantity. Overall, its ok. For a search engine, its subpar, but a "Decision engine," it is not. I binged and decided that google is still the safest bet for a good search. Happy Searching!


This site is by far better than pandora! The music selection is the same between the two, but the ability to choose songs at will, have no breaks in music for ads, and a faster search are some of the many reasons why this is my favorite music listening site!


Awesome... not the best though, as some games don't work...


The best instrument selling site on the web! I have gotten most of my guitars from this site. No shipping costs, 45 day return, its all good! This site is legit if anyone wants to question otherwise, as it is the sister company of Guitar Center. This site is also endorsed by many players and have interviews with artists on youtube!


Very bad... I needed one answer and they gave me a price list! Not only that, the tutors cannot even write correctly! I had to correct them! I would not reccomend this site to anyone, if you ask me, get a REAL tutor

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