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Young grandmother, English, lives in Southern Spain. Buys for grandsons, daughter, my old mum and my dogs. Poet and author.

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HARDCORE shopping addict on a low budget now, but used to spending big before. I like quality low priced goods, not cheap muck.


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This site has got better just like Aliexpress has.
It has some very good bargains, most have free post and you do not have to buy in bulk.
The orders you make can be cancelled if you choose and the refunds happen within a week.
A huge site to dig around!

DHgate C. – DHgate Rep

Hi Melloney,

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate the review you have left, and we are looking forward to doing more business with you.

Here is the good news, we have created DHgate Customer Service Facebook page to serve you better. For further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us thru:


Customer Service Center


I have purchased several Barry M products in the past, they were good enough for the price BUT there are better cruelty free brands now.
Barry M 's products and packaging are a tad dated now... sort of feels like I would by their stuff for my very elderly mother. Quality is okay but the products do not last a full day or night, top ups needed.


Been using Paypal since it began, had a few problems before but if you call them they normally sort things out.
I pay for almost everything online through them, they have saved me from losing hundreds of euros over the years. Added security, quick and easy to use.


July 2018 I purchased the DIAMOND HARD AND SHINY NAILS, it says to test on your nail before using, due to burning sensations etc. I had verrrrry long perfectly coloured healthy nails, but l wanted them stronger. I did as they said, had no trouble so the next day l used it on my nails, it was really good. The next day l applied another coat as it suggests, by the time l'd finished l could feel each finger tip one by one starting to ache. Then came the severe burning pain. I was almost crying in agony. I ended up in hospital having injections in my butt and the strongest tramodol tablets allowed. I had to go back 3 times for injections to ease the pain. I called Eveline, they put the phone down on me. I called again, they said " email here" which l did but the email address did not exist. Finally l phoned again got a new email address, l was asked to send the bottle to be checked by their lab. I did this, even got an email back saying "thank you for sending it we will get back to you".
Meanwhile l could not use my hands due to the pain, my nail beds went yellow/orange and red. I had to pay for a cleaner, buy cooked meals, get my daughter to dress me for nearly two weeks.
After months of me emailing they showed no concern, l found out this had happened to some other people.
They claimed the problem was l was allergic to formaldehyde and there was a lot in it but within the legal limit.
L said it cannot be that as l use O. P. I with formaldehyde in.
Then they said they had not received the bottle back from me to test... loads of basic legal rubbish said about me not being allowed to leave negative remarks about them publicly, which is wrong. I can do so as long as l do not lie. I have no money for a lawyer, my daughter and l are disabled, so no way to go into the city etc.
Anyway it ruined my nails, damaged the nail beds, stunted the growth etc. So l cut them short hoping they would get better, still not better.
Had to wait, still waiting for the ridges, lines, weakness and spots to go. Dying to use my vast collection of O. P. I varnishes. But no all l can use is O. P. I Nail envy clear repair because after all this time my nails have not healed. Eveline do not care, saying it is not their fault l had an allergic reaction. STRANGE THING IS NOW the formula has recently changed, no warning of possibly burning feelings, less formaldehyde, as new laws lowered the amount. Have a look at my photos. Bad customer service, no customer ethics... they did not give a damn but knew what their product could do to some people. They failed to say how horrific the burning could be.


I am slightly biased as I am an O. P. I nail varnish addict I have sooooooo many colours, it is the best in the world. The only other which in my opinion can stand with it is Chanel (I lurve Rouge Noir).
O. P. I goes on perfectly, easy to add coats on top of others. Gives you a great hard shiny look. The matte coat clear is cool.
The varnish stores well for YEARS I have kept bottles for over 5 years which still went on well.
I like to match colours with my clothing, I am ocd so my nails have to be perfect. I find it is best kept in the fridge in hot weather or it bubbles on your nails. I moved from the UK to Spain so that is how I found out.
Best colour range.
I cannot speak for the gel or glitter stuff, or the false nails, as I have never used any.
I prefer my nails to be long and real.
Yes buy buy buy... but not if you find it really cheap, the Chinese sell a nasty cheap fake O. P. I on Ebay. Expect to pay around £12 or more for a bottle. Okay I am going to lovingly fondle my collection of O. P. I now as due to another brand which damaged my nail beds, l cannot wear my beautiful nail varnishes.


I first purchased Aveda camomile shampoo and conditioner from QVC off the tv around 20 years ago, never found a better hair product since. Expensive but worth every penny.
Smells so good, your hair is left shiny, smelling perfect and soft.


I have purchased several Catrice products in the past, they were good enough for the price BUT there are better cruelty free brands now. Catrice's products and packaging are a tad dated now... sort of feels like I would by their stuff for my very elderly mother. Quality is okay but the products do not last a full day or night, top ups needed.
I do like the smell of their liquid foundation though, but if I get any in my eyes, say on the water line, it stings like hell. But at least no bunnies have to feel that sting.


Just walking into a Lush store is amazing, the gorgeous smell and colours.
Perfect shop to buy gifts in store or on line.
I have had no troubles personally.
Really nice range of products to pamper someone special and yourself.
Not cheap but not too expensive.


LOVE e. L. f products, cruelty free perfection.
The putty face primer is so good!
The choice of products is vast, made well and just as good if not better than some of the high end brands.
If you have never got anything from e. L. f you have been missing out.


The lip glosses suck, way too sticky, the mascara clumps quickly and the tube foundations are quite heavy, not very good.
It is not an expensive brand, it has a very modern feel, modern colours but I think it is too much money for the quality.
E. l. F is 100% better!


We moved to Spain in 2004 and really do not miss anything from the UK, but now and then we want crumpets and Soreen loaves or my daughter wants Walkers crisps.
At xmas we get crackers and a pudding.

I would like to see them offering Sainsburys goods not just Waitrose, l do miss the red label tea! I order that from Ebay, would be better from here.
Good service and fair post costs.

BUT PLEASE... Sainsburys, I miss shopping there lol


Firstly they do not deliver on time at all, the emails you get sent detailing when are a complete joke.
The driver who delivers here is an asshat!
He is rude, throws packages around and is not helpful.
I complained but got hardly any feedback.
They get your parcel in but will NOT deliver it unless on a Thursday because they wait until they feel they have more than one reason to make the drive to you.


I adore this store, best teas ever and perfect tea ware.
Great prices, customer service and delivery!

Tip for consumers:
Try the black tea with vanilla


I tried Huel which was expensive etc, never tried Solent but that too is not good if on a budget. Tried many others too.
I am a vegan, so these shakes are perfect for me, no whey powder.
Sugar is a tad high, so not good as l am a diabetic.
Ease of making the shake is good, which is perfect because sometimes l am bedridden due to illness which is why l buy shakes mainly as some days l cannot prepare meals, also my taste buds are iffy and l cannot taste anything unless high in sugar or salt, so l am fed up of eating anyway.
Knocking back a shake quick does me fine when not in the mood or state to prepare a meal.
Flavors are a tad limited and could be stronger... but okay.
I like Mango the best.
They are best drank fresh as they go very slimy fast!
Very filling (hence the slime as l think that is the thickener used)
Priced better than most.
To be honest the quality of most of the food supplement shakes do not vary much in flavor and ingredients, nor does the consistency etc
Jimmyjoy beats them by price mainly.
The names a bit odd but l understand it used to be Jimmy Juice which was worse lol


I like using Ebay, lots of items at your finger tips without walking, wide selection without needing to track into different real shops.
30 day Money back insurance and the feeling of safety. Pay with Paypal and you get another 150 days (180 from the day you get the item).
Just do not be dumb, if something looks to good to be true and you buy it, expect the worst to arrive at your door.
YOU get nothing for free or for mere pennies in this world.
Sometimes you end up lucky if you buy something cheap.
I have purchased everything from a brand new mattress, fridge freezer, make-up, cheese and wine etc... so far no problems with service or returns as you can involve Ebay or Paypal to sort anything out.
I never buy used just because l see that as gross, l have purchased antique Japanese carvings but never pre-owned clothing, electrics or anything.
Delivery depends on the seller and distance, ball park times are given.


Now this online store/brand is good and can also be bad.The eye products themselves are really good, bold choice of colours. Good because they are cruelty free... vegan ingredients etc Very good formulas, the colours and pigments are exactly what you see in their packaging when put on your face. But to be honest not for every day wear, his pallets are not tans, beiges etc I got the 24KT highlighter kit, that is better as eye shadow I think. They last a while, though the lip products did not. We found the lip gloss did not last, my daughter said it did not pass the kissing test and she found it heavy. I got two lipsticks, the packaging is very cool, but the lipsticks feel dry and make your lips look dry too. Pricing is very fair for the quality of the items. The items though were no better than a cheaper brand such as e. L. f. I must say I prefer their products and I think Anastasia & Hudu are better equal priced products than Jeffree Stars. Another problem seems to be that they do not produce enough stock to keep up with demand, so there can be massive waiting times for your order. Jeffree Star does not seem to care about his customers and normally blocks people who complain on his social media accounts. Sometimes he is quite rude to them (not the person he portrays in his videos), his customer service is very bad, any emails sent to his store site seem to be ignored. We have sent two, got no reply. However if you are happy to go through this just to own a Jeffree Star product, do it. We got caught up in his charming hype, but I feel his products are mainly suited to his face etc and he is all about the money and showing it off. Money from customers who get rudely treated or ignored. I did leave a far better review but as I said emails ignored, seen how he replies to people asking where their orders are.

Tip for consumers:
Order well a head if for gifts or you need the item for a certain event.

Products used:
Blood sugar pallette


This site sells cheap stuff, sometimes odd stuff... good quality to REALLY BAD QUALITY.
The beauty section is vast but remember cheap is not always good on your face and all will have been tested on live animals!
Most of the stuff can be got on Ebay with free shipping, as when you buy from here the shipping costs add up. I ONLY looked through the beauty and kitchen stuff.
Shipping is slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.
I would class it as one of those online stores where you do not need anything but you end up getting lots because they have some pretty stuff on there, then being disappointed when you get it. It is cheap so you have to keep that in mind, you get what you pay for... or less sometimes more.
It is a store to dabble with.
But as l said... Ebay normally has the same goods with free delivery plus you get Ebays customer cover.

Products used:
Loads of crap


This is the worst courier company l have ever used!
I live in Spain and I go through a courier proxy site to book deliveries.
Both times I have chosen TNT the same things happened.
1. I book a pick up date and time... NO ONE ARRIVES, sometimes they are two days late. So I spend all day waiting not leaving the house.
2. I book a 3 day delivery and because no one picks it up the parcels are not delivered in the 3 days, more like 6 to 8 days!
3. They on both occasions have taken more money from my Paypal account claiming the parcel weighed more or was not the size claimed... both times l had to claim the money back.


I hate this company they have ruined the shopping experience for me and my daughter! We used to buy a lot from an online store in the UK, I mean a lot!
Then the store decided to put all its international orders through
Since doing so we have had nothing but troubles.
Cancelled orders, being charged twice, missing payments, missing items, parcels not being delivered and they claim the address was wrong, but upon checking it was not true, delayed refunds, final notice payments even though we had paid, threats that if we do not pay our ability to shop with any store affiliated with Borderfree will be compromised. EVEN though they had my money already.
They will remove your money on the day you order then they do it again when they send the order out, if you complain they lie and say the bank holds the funds, they do not get it until the parcel is sent to you. If that is so why do I keep getting billed twice, the sum goes down in my bank (twice) then all of a sudden Borderfree put it back in without even so much of an apology! See the photo and you will note the amount is taken out twice then put back in. THEY deny doing this. Seems from other people I have spoken to it is common practice to do it. They have also stopped us using Paypal on the site we shop on, but Borderfree still use Paypal if asking for money from them. I think it is because if we pay with Paypal we have a way of getting our money back if Borderfree mess up. WE LOVE the store we buy from but since they started using Borderfree it has ruined everything!
The people you email just say the same over and over, if you try to call all the phone does is beep beep beep.

Tip for consumers:
STAY WELL AWAY...not trustworthy and they do not care about their service or the goods they send out.


When you want something different other than chocolates have a look here... that is if you can stop your mouth watering long enough to order!
I send these to family and friends and they love them, they can be enjoyed by all the family and stored away for later if they have eaten too much.
Such a wide range of gorgeous cheese cakes, cup cakes, brownies and pies.
So many flavours and all fresh ingredients.
Customer services is very good, delivery is perfect, so give it a try.
Great for Christmas gifts, instead of a boring old fruit cake, lovely to look at and so huge that you feel like you could just dive into them.
I definitely recommend this store :o)

Tip for consumers:
Do not look if you are diabetic (like me)...I have to double my insulin while just ordering for others!

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