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I'm surprised to see a few low rated reviews on Scan.co.uk as I've never personally had any problems with them. Good competitive prices, fast delivery on the items I've bought.


I really like a lot of Alpkit's designs, colour choices and products. Many of the items seem to be well made in the UK and their Alpine Bond guarantee seems impressive and genuine. This is reflected in the higher-than-market price of many of their items (I remember when Alpkit was really cheap). My main gripe is that they are often quickly out of stock on items I like! Or that the colour options on some items are very limited.
And I've had the impression they can be a bit sluggish with fulfilling orders. But overall, I like this company and will continue ordering from them, assuming they have things I want in stock!


We bought one of emf-protection.co.uk's expensive bed canopies made of silver impregnated fibres. Within a few months the fabric began to form dark, mould-like spots from what seemed to be oxidising silver. The whole canopy became so unsightly that we ended up not being able to use it. Dealing with this business was not a pleasant experience and my impression was that they operate under a profit-before-people business ethic.
So we ended up losing almost £1000 as a result. I was disgusted by the whole experience and wouldn't buy anything from emf-protection.co.uk again.

Tip for consumers:
After sales service is pretty awful. Buy their items at your own risk.


I initially liked this company as they seem to have reasonable prices, service and online order status tracking. Then I discovered that 'free returns' only apply to exchanged goods, even though you already pay outgoing postage when you buy the item. I've also noticed that their prices seem to go up on items immediately after you buy them. This has happened on two separate orders I've made now, when the item price has increased by £12-14! A bit strange and, after finding out about the returns policy, I won't be ordering from them again.

Tip for consumers:
You pay return postage if you want a refund


A generally user-friendly website but there is no getting away from the fact that Octopus are part of the great energy swindle of 2022 as the world's population is screwed into increasing poverty by the super-wealthy. Blaming all of this on Russia is a fairy story that only children would believe. There is also no doubt that the extortion being used to drive gas and electricity prices through the roof (even though much of the electricity is generated from renewable resources and is therefore not directly dependent upon oil or coal!) will undoubtedly kill many people who simply can no longer afford to stay warm enough to survive the winter. As far as I'm concerned there are no good guys or innocent parties in the energy industry, and Octopus share their part in the scandal. Our energy bills have more than doubled and look set to increase even more as the poor are exploited by the wealthy under the pretext of war and shortages.

Products used:
gas and electricity


I'm pretty tired of businesses that have UK storefronts and website addresses but are based abroad. You order items from them believing them to be based in the UK, only to find out that they are not. Postage tracking doesn't work and it's a case of waiting, and waiting for your order to arrive. I wouldn't order from Addnature.co.uk aka internetstores.de (see their Google reviews) again because there's an element of deception in presenting as a UK-based company when in fact they ship from overseas.

No reply to emails and no sign of my order

Tip for consumers:
Be aware that they are not based in the UK and you may have to wait a long time for your order to arrive. They also do not seem to reply to emails.


Keller Sports is a Germany-based company with a UK storefront and website address. You order items from them believing them to be based in the UK, only to find out that they are not. Postage tracking doesn't work until the last minute, and it's a case of waiting, and wondering whether your order will arrive. I wouldn't order from Keller Sports (co.uk website address) again because there's an element of deception in presenting as a UK-based company when in fact they ship from overseas. Trying to contact customer services is also convoluted and obstructive in my experience and I've received no replies from them.

They also use the dreadful Hermes aka EVRI to deliver, which is another reason I won't be ordering from them again.

Tip for consumers:
Be aware that Keller Sports are not a UK company. They're based in Germany and so your order might take a long time to arrive. They also use Hermes aka EVRI couriers, which are absolutely awful. Lastly, they don't seem to reply to emails.

Products used:


An excellent outdoor shop with very friendly staff. I ordered from their website and their communications were polite and friendly. Purchase didn't work out but they gave a prompt, no questions asked refund. Recommended.


I really like Cotswold Outdoor stores and they are a pleasure to spend time in. But I honestly don't know how this company survives as their prices are extortionate and online competitors are far, far cheaper for exactly the same products. Even comparing their online prices, it's hard to understand how the business can keep going. On two items I looked at in store I managed to save £140 within five minutes browsing on the internet. I'd love to be able to go to the store and buy what I want, but the price differences make this impossible.

Returns are equally annoying and are, not surprisingly, not free. You have to pay for your own courier and return items at your own risk, unless you are able to drive to a store near you.

Tip for consumers:
Very over-priced but a lovely shop


Fat Face make decent quality clothing but I just discovered they use EVRI aka Hermes to deliver. EVRI/ Hermes are the worst courier in the UK and regularly steal parcels (I know, it sounds extreme, until it happens to you - check their reviews on this website). I've boycotted EVRI/ Hermes and all businesses that use them as I don't want my money to go to a corrupt organisation. For this reason I won't be using Fat Face again until they change their policy.

Tip for consumers:
Don't buy from Fat Face if you want to avoid your money going to EVRI/ Hermes Uk

Products used:


It may be rebranded but it's the same motley crew - My Herpes - who run this shambolic outfit. By far the worse courier service in the UK, this shower have deliberately destroyed parcels they have damaged and "lost" (read "stolen") with absolutely no comeback or responsibility. I've tried reporting Hermes aka EVRI thefts to the police to no avail. Avoid these crooks like the Bubonic Plague/ Herpes.

Tip for consumers:
Just don't use them because if you do you only help fund a crooked enterprise


Good prices and fast delivery. My only complaint is the very poor packaging. Items arrived in a broken cardboard box that was inadequately taped and packaged with slight damage to contents. Royal Mail patched it up for delivery but it's a poor reflection on the seller.


Excellent prices, excellent service and polite communications. Unusually good in our declining society.


This is one of the worst companies I've dealt with in terms of customer service. Their products are expensive for what they are and one would assume that, as they market themselves as offering quality products, then their customer service would be on par with the product quality. Not so. The absence of any order acknowledgment is bad practice. And basic communications on tracking are also non-existent (they provide no tracking details or despatch date whatsoever). They send you a text about delivery and expect you to reply by email. They then lose your emails, allegedly, in their spam folder and don't respond to emails that appear to arrive in their inbox, no matter whether you email them direct or via their webform.

Considering the amount of money they are charging for their products - sold on the novelty of being made of wood (and plastic) - the extremely poor level of service is quite shocking from this company. The rower and accessories we bought were poorly finished (one very sloppy coat of Danish Oil by the look of it, with uneven areas and patches where the finish has been poorly applied). Spare parts are extortionately priced (e.g. £275 for a replacement tank; £10 for a sticker etc). I can only imagine the nightmare if I have to make a warranty claim. I suspect Waterrower's greedy prices, poor quality finish, and shoddy customer service will be their undoing in business eventually because even decent quality products won't sell if a company treats customers like rubbish.


Buying the sofa in store was ok, not great, but ok. The salesperson we got was friendly and helpful, once we managed to find someone who could help us. We waited the 2 months for the sofa to be built and delivered.

Organising the delivery on the phone was the first red flag - the person we spoke to on the phone clearly had a rehearsed, fake phone manner and gave us no option on a delivery date: "All day Sunday" meant that they could deliver anywhere between 8am and 6pm as I remember "but you'll be sent a text with a three hour delivery window the night before" we were told. No text came and, of course, the delivery guys showed up at 8am on Sunday morning.

I've never seen a worse delivery of furniture in my life. They came in a hired van (bearing in mind you pay an extortionate £75 delivery with DFS) and must have hit every obstacle with the sofa that they could hit on the way in: the garden gate, the garden wall, the step at the door, the door frame, the wall, the internal doors etc. I was convinced the sofa would have a tear in it somewhere, but miraculously it seemed okay once they removed the plastic and cardboard.

For £75 the delivery from DFS is really a rip-off and very poorly handled. The pushy manner of the person handling delivery slots was off-putting; the all day Sunday delivery slot is unfair on customers; and the unskilled delivery itself means we're not planning on ordering from DFS again.

Tip for consumers:
If you insist on buying from DFS I would personally recommend hiring a van yourself to collect rather than paying them £75 for their dodgy delivery service.

Products used:

Verified purchase

Found a DPD card in my letterbox, looked it up and found the parcel had been delivered to someone else. Waited on DPD's stupidly long phone queue only to be given the runaround by someone who 'couldn't give me the details for security reasons'. She suggested I could just 'ignore the card' so I may have a parcel intended for me that was delivered to someone else and that's that.

I'm blown away by just how lacking in intelligence the DPD system and its employees are. Awful.

Tip for consumers:
Avoid DPD like the plague

Verified purchase

A great website with nicely made, quality products at a reasonable price. It's rare to come across a well-conceived business that delivers quality products with no hassle shipping etc. I will definitely keep using Basaho.

Verified purchase

I thought I'd order from Iceland as out car was off the road being fixed. Disappointed that don't stock even one organic item in the whole stock!

They were supposed to deliver yesterday and didn't show up. I waited over 2 hours. They arrived today with half the order. I explained to the driver that several items were missing and after being on the phone to his manager for 20 minutes, he reported that they'd made a mistake and the rest of the items, minus one that was now out of stock, would be sent out in the next delivery slot, meaning we'd have to wait in for the rest of the afternoon.

This is by far the worst supermarket service I've encountered. Refund notified by email without so much as an apology.


Arranged for Trusted Roofing to inspect my roof and waited over an hour beyond the time we agreed. They didn't show up and didn't even bother to text to let us know they'd be late or wouldn't show up. This much time wasting at the start is a massive red flag for any company. Totally untrustworthy.

Verified purchase

Excellent service from start to finish. No messing about with delivery times or delayed despatch. Easy to navigate website and decent prices. Can't say fairer than that really.

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