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I'm from Bermuda and often make purchase online for various items. Bermuda is highly overpriced and very limited- most Bermudians/residents will agree. I upholster as well as provide international goods for locals who aren't comfortable buying online.

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I usually buy from ebay but also like shopping at various other websites. Ebay has it's own private rating system for individual sellers but if I happen to purchase for another website, I will try to give my honest opinion. I tend to mention negative experiences more because I don't want anyone to have that same experience.


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I've been buying from the Walmart online and physical store for years, so when I recently broke my wax burner, I was planning to replace them with the inexpensive Mainstay ones.
In the last month (Sep 2021), decides to change the Shopping cart page to a widget on the right of this screen. Now instead of scrolling through a webpage that loads about 20 different items per page, the widget loads about 6 items before it has to buffer to show more. Likewise, the checkout is also through this widget instead of a page. I don't mind widgets for browsing (like on Amazon) but when someone is ready to checkout, they probably want to see a full view of what they're buying and have the security of not checking out through a flash program. For example, if a person has 60 different items in the cart and wants to find 1 specific item, it's easier to look through 3 web pages than scrolling 1hrough 10 buffering flashes that are 1/5 of the screen- no?
I contacted customer service via chat today (13/Oct/2021) and got an agent named, Jullien Grace. I ask if still has a webpage that displays the cart and he responds that can be used to buy items. Mind you, the chat is created from Then I specify by telling him the issues I'm having viewing the shopping cart and he gives me a link to my purchase history. I then ask again if there was another way to view the cart other than using their widget. I exampled Target's cart page to illustrate the type of html page I was asking to see. Jullien Grace responds saying the cart is located on the right of the screen.
I'm only giving Walmart and extra star because their online store does have the inexpensive Mainstay brand. Customer Service: I implore you to do better. It's clear Jullien Grace knew nothing about what I was referring to and instead of just stating he was unsure- throughout the chat he gave no aid, knowledge or solution. It was almost as if he had never visited himself. Web Technicians: Change or revert the cart page. I refuse to use a widget to checkout and view a large cart.

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Shipito was once a great service for forwarding packages; however, I have recently faced extreme incompetence of the Hawthorne warehouse.
In my previous review, I mention how you can send a small package using Airmail and pay a lot less (as an international buyer). I believe this is still true.
My problem relates to a specific warehouse. I used Minden and Torrance warehouses in the past but both are now closed, so I opted for Hawthorne.
My first package with them resulted in a ripped (box cutter) vinyl lp. To be frank, a 12"x12"x0.25" package is an indication that the contents are either an important document or a vinyl; both which should be handled with care during consolidation.
My second and last experience is with regards to package registration. I'm travelling to Burlington, MA for a short medical trip. This area does not have a Target or Walmart nearby and hotel transport only visits within a 5 mile radius. My package arrived Friday at 11am. According to the notice in red and bold font Shipito plasters in everyone's account- I would have to wait up to 24 hours for the package to be registered. However, according to Julie T. (shipito agent), "Packages are processed within 24 business hours". 24 hours and 24 business hours are very different. If Shipito's policy is 24 business hours, why plaster only 24 hours?! Mind you, my second package was registered on the Saturday. So after speaking with 2 agents on this matter (Julie being the second), I realise my consolidated package will never arrive in time without paying for 3 or 2 day shipping starting at $142.82 vs $45.63 for ground.
To conclude, I would advise anyone trying Shipito to never have a time restriction and never use the Hawthorne warehouse.

Great shipping rates for International Buyers
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I reside in Bermuda and regardless of proximity to the USA, shipping rates tend to be killer. Usually, the shipping cost directly from a seller from the USA is $30/lb.

Shipito's greatest feature is AIRMAIL! Larger couriers like Fedex, DHL, USPS, etc. tend to charge a lot per pound. Airmail is more like a local post office delivery.
For example: My 7.00 " x 5.40 " x 1.60 " package that weighed 0.2lb would have been $37.36 using a similar website. I was charged $2 processing fee + $2.11 shipping. Yes, only $4.11 without any local duties.

The pricing is simple. $8 + shipping for individual packages (free service) or $2 + shipping for monthly ($10/month) or yearly ($50/year) memberships. Another great feature is they will hold package up to 180 days and multiple packages from paid memberships. This means when I plan to visit the USA, I can ship it to my hotel at a later date.

I love this company and highly recommend. Low shipping options and rates, Bonuses like free consolidation or %5 off shipping price, Paypal accepted, upfront pricing, customer service chat, notifications, etc. makes my overseas shopping more accessible.


I made my first purchase for a relative and bought a dress in 28W, 6 months prior to a wedding. The dress arrived within 10-14 days; great.
Months later, I bought a dress for myself. The dress took over a month to arrive and the quality was not great. My dress is thin and too small. I wear a US standard size 16, the dress ordered was a 18W (about a standard 20- according to their size chart) and I received about a size 14. I ordered a paper-bag dress, and I assumed would have a smaller waist. Thus, I sized up just in case the waist had no stretch (it didn't) but again the size was too small.
I contacted my relative to see if she had issue and she did. She usually wears a size 26, I ordered a 28W (about a size 30). Her dress was too small. Just to clarify- neither her nor I wear skin tight clothing that require some sort of spandex for stretch.
Overall- I can't trust a tailor based store that can't get sizes correct. Let alone, can't fulfill their own shipping times.


I made a purchase that included 1 dvd set of Jumong (Korean drama) for $25 USD and a 3 drama set for $36. I paid an additional $2 for tracked shipping.
1) The dvds were all 244p or lower- it was almost impossible to see anything besides a visual blur on "6 Flying Dragons"
2) 3 out of the 4 dramas did not have english subtitles- which is what I as an english speaker require. All the listings clearly state English subtitles included.
3) 2 dramas did not have anything written on the dvd disc. Instead you have x amount of avi files on the disc- which means you will need a burning software (and burn them) to watch them on a dvd player.
4) Customer service is almost non-existent. I use yahoo and the cs also has a yahoo account; however, when I inquired about my tracking (THAT I PAID FOR) they claim it was sent. This info was not in my spam folder, not accidently deleted - just never sent and the undertone was as if I was wrong for contacting.
5) During my paypal dispute I suggested $49 return, but the only offer they gave was $45. $63 was my total minus $2 for tracking= $61 - the 1 dvd that was too bad (1/3 of $36 =$12). Thus $49. I was thinking about accepting the $45, but I'm almost sure this seller continues their business off of cheated money. $4 adds up when you're talking about 100 people.
To conclude: Stay far from! The pricing might be $5 less but it's not worth going through the hassle and time.


I recently joined Discogs to buy a record (LP) that wasn't available on eBay. So far, I've only bought from 3 different sellers, so I have no selling experience.
It's important to note that Discogs is just a marketplace and each seller has their own policies in regards to shipping and payment. Usually, shipping rates are not automatically generated and you have to read the seller's policies located further down the page.
So far, so good! I use Paypal for buying online; it's more secure and if items do not arrive- you can dispute with 45 days (maybe longer now).
Price-wise, it's fair. You might find lp+shipping cheaper on eBay, or not.
I love the feature of being able to have your own collection page. It prevents me from buying the same LP twice.


I have been using eBay for a number of years and only buy items. I'm located in Bermuda and is quite limited to goods, so an online marketplace is my best friend.
I buy from a wide range of sellers from different global locations. Generally, American orders arrive here faster but are usually more expensive goods. Likewise, Chinese goods are cheaper but sometimes a lower quality. Most of my disputes relate to packages not arriving and few arrive months after, which forces me to send a separate paypal transaction to return the refund. This being said, if I was a seller- I have to recognize that there's down-market competition, shipping time is vital for western sellers and not every person will return the items or repay if receive them late.
I find eBay to be fair in their judgments. If you don't provide tracking or verified document from a courier stating the item was delivered- how can eBay decide in favor for the seller.
I find most of the "Scam" of eBay is in their auctions. People make false accounts to raise bids. Some bitter people bid just to avoid a low sale of an item they just bought for more and never buys the item, so the auction is redone. I hate reserve pricing; a buy now price of $1000, a reserve of $900 and the bid starts at $0.99.
EBay has room to improve in other ways too. I'm tired of going in a specific section like "Game consoles" and finding hundreds of listings for case and skins for game devices- these are and should be in "Game Accessories".
Overall, the only issue I have with eBay at the moment is the Global Shipping Program. It maybe worth it to sellers but that program charges additional fees and duties that International countries (like mine) do not accept. Thus, as a buyer- I generally avoid global shipping sellers.


I reside outside the US, so I tend to use the OldNavy website far more.
About 7 years ago, OldNavy inflated a lot of their prices. Items that are comparably the same quality you find at JCPenny's, K-Mart and Faded Glory at Wal-Mart for $20 max are at the OldNavy site for $30-40. However, OldNavy provides sales and coupons that drop their goods to $20/ $25. Thus, not really a sale.
Recently I travel to the US and visited an OldNavy. Their flip-flops have always been the best deal for $2. I managed to catch a glimpse of their clearance and found a top that was priced at $7.99 from $19.99.
Wow a great deal, right?! No it gets better, the cashier scanned the item 3 times just to make sure of the price; it had dropped to $0.47! Less than a Soda/ pack of gum/ bookmark!
I'm not sure I would use the online site as often since the real clearance is in the store. It still is a shame that their plus size is only online, so I can't shop for everyone.


I was introduced to this site through their eBay store; claiming to have more selection at a lower price. State in big bold print, "ALL ORDERS OVER £49.99 SHIP FREE" so I added a few more items to bring my order to £55.19.
At checkout, their site wouldn't give an available shipping method to my country, which was odd because their eBay store had shipping available. So I contacted their customer service and they thought the error existed due to a 10% off coupon that was also added to the cart. Still an error. Then they advised logging out- still an error. Then they suggested-changing a browser. After downloading a separate browser- still an error. Meanwhile, I continuously keep asking to just do a PayPal transaction.
After being guinea pigged though 11 email replies, 3 different computers and downloading 2 additional internet browsers, I finally get a PayPal invoice. One would assume that the cost would be £55.19 + 10%off; thus £49.67. Nope! The first invoice was for £74.95, which they claim was accidental so it was cancelled. Then the "real" invoice price the items at £64.69- essentially $102usd.
For what you say? 2 pairs of cheap harem pants that sell on ebay for $17.99,1 pair of leggings, 1 bolero and 2 tops. So not only did they treat me as a tester for their website (which deserves a coupon in itself), breach their own sales contract, charge more than their eBay listings and not apply the %10 discount but they expect me to just idly agree to pay more.
Waste of time! This site really needs to organise itself or just keep to selling on eBay.


I had an inquiry about a shipping cost for a particular item and contacted the provide email for customer service. This site is not widely know and I just happen to find due to google (page 12). According to their website before changing it (recently)- their customer service will contact within 48 hours. 2 weeks pass and nothing.
I was making a bulk order and inquiring shipping to another country that wasn't listed; however, I did mention that I use a USA forwarding service if it was unavailable. Even if they don't wish to entertain the minimum inquiries they probably receive, the fact that they could still have a customer that follows their delivery terms and they choose not to respond is ludicrous!
I honestly believed this business was a dead-site that was once hosted by yahoo, until I saw a giant notice on their site advertising "June 2014 sale," which has been taken down. Another example of an inactive customer service that looses customers with bulk orders and potential to become a primary supplier.


I ordered a Crosley turntable and cosmetic carousel from J&M using a mail forwarder, since I am an international buyer. The items arrived to my forwarder within 4 days from 2 separate 3rd party sellers. Anyone who knows about turntables, knows the needle is very sensitive and can break very quickly. However, both items arrived in perfect condition due to packaging.
The only problem I have with this site is the payment options. It would be nice to have a paypal option for security.


I ordered 9.5 yards of 6 different fabrics- 1 yard of fabric was not included. I think if a person pays $40+ for international, the least they can do is double check before shipping.

I told customer service "UPS in my country is run by a forwarding service that charges approx. $30 for their services (not including duty)." So when I told them fabric was missing, before even consulting me- they send out a UPS shipment. I end up requesting a refund, which they plan to give in 7 days (hopefully they'll just give and I won't have to fight through paypal).

Even though they have USPS- it is exclusive to P. O. Boxes. I think they need more shipping couriers or at least offer USPS to street addresses - but that's my opinion.

I also asked if they could split 2yds of fabric by the yard and this request was denied. I recently contacted other online retailers for this request and it was no problem since it's per yard not specific cut. I make shams, so if there is a 50" width fabric, I cut by yard for ease- 25x31 and 25x 35.

US Customers, may not have as much difficulty. However, if you're international stay far from- we all know shipping rates to our country can be very expensive (especially if we have to pay it twice).

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