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Many sites have many reviews but this one lets me vent and tell it like it is.

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Got a call from an Oxnard area code number and other spoofed numbers with the same prefix but with 6664, 6766, 6715 as the end numbers. IPhone ID them as Convergent Outs; which turned out according to Google to be Convergent Outsourcing, a debt solution company I never contacted them about. Why would a company have 4 different phone numbers? Sounds like a scam to me. Doesn't a company have one phone number with several extensions. Why a local phone number and not an 800 number? I don't have a good vibe about them since I did not contact them nor do I recognize them as reputable company. Sounds creepy.

Verified purchase

This location on Sunset near Alvarado has the worse parking situation. It seems like people park in the areas that says 5 or 20 minutes only and stay there for more than that. I usually order online and hope I can find a spot, pick it up, and leave. This particular order did it for me. I am no longer going to this location. Even if I have to go to a different city 5 miles away, I would rather go there instead. Here is what I order (see proof of purchase pic): 1 chicken burrito with corn, guac, sour cream, and cheese. What did I get? A burrito with Black Beans, Hot Red, Sour Cream, Cheese, and Guac (see other pic). So someone named Marissa has my Chicken burrito while I got her Vegan burrito. It is really that hard to understand a simple order from the app or computer? Look how it says Doordash and order 1 of 2. I only order 1 item and yet I got part of a Doordash delivery. It's not really rocket science to understand a simple order. At least McDonald's has another person checking the order. Why can't they? They are part of the same company. Don't they have the same training? I'm not back to this location ever again.


Movers were asked to move the truck back several feet so I can get out of my driveway on the day the street was being cleaned; so there were no cars parked behind them. They said they will be finished in 15 minutes. 1 hour later, they still blocked my driveway. I called the Parked Enforcement phone number. 25 minutes later, I asked for them to cite these people. 15 minutes later, the movers left. If I or my mom have to go to the hospital, how am I going to do that? I guess White Privilege prevails over people of color again. They have no respect for the law or other people's property. The White guy who is moving out from this location had an Army license plate holder. I guess he doesn't obey the law either. I would never use this company since their logo and phone info is only on the cab and not as big as reputable moving companies that have their logo and phone info all over the truck.


Who hired these employees? They just pick them up from in front of a Home Depot. Whoever was their truck parked in front of my house, they just dumped their McDonald's bag of trash and their water bottles. Who do you think is going to clean that up? The park rangers? No one except the house owner and they worked several houses away. They are not professionals and they are not well know to be used as a business. I would rather use Orkin or someone else that isn't a dying business.

Verified purchase

I have been going to this theaters for many years now. Due to COVID and my age, I wear a mask and neck gaiter for the double protection for being around people. When I got out of the bathroom after getting there, one of their personnel, possible their manager, told me that my double coverage is not good enough for them. I had to take off my protection and use their N-95 mask. I asked the guy if I can double up on mask and said I could wear my mask over that one and he said yes.

If that wasn't bad enough, I thought they spaced out people in the theaters. Then why was someone sitting directly behind me? Do I feel safe without my extra layer of protection? Hell no! I put on my neck gaiter since this guy behind me sounded like he was eating, thus no mask.

When I got out of the theater, I wanted to tell the manager about the seating arrangement. He wasn't there so I rather warn all you people of what to expect when you go here; possible COVID infection because I can't wear my extra layer of protection and they can't enforce the spacing in their theaters.

Products used:
Movie ticket and food purchases.


Jefferson Capital uses predatory phone practices. They never leave a voicemail. They user multiple numbers of the same area code. For example, the number that my spam blocker captures are *******541, *******372, *******339, aside from their *******212.

I have never received any email or mail from them concerning what the debt is all about. Do they even check their records? Maybe the person they are trying to contact used my number instead of their own. Maybe the person in question got a new phone number but this company still calls the only number in their records.

They need to have new departments: one to actually mail people the debt in question so that there is a hard copy proof of what is in question and another to investigate if the debtors information is current. As far as I am concerned, they are just telemarketers using mafia tactics. I'll keep blocking them until they can give me actual proof. I am not going to register on their website until they mail me the proof.


Martha Gateley <*******@hawaiianair.com> is trying to get me fired from my current employment. She contacted me on my work email address. If I was looking for a job, don't you think any intelligent person would use their Yahoo, MSN, or GMail accounts? Apparently this college drop out, cut throat impersonal "person" doesn't have any ethical sense to contact me there and using a website like Uncommon.co, which stole my resume and doesn't even have a real. Com address. That is why I don't like cold calling techniques used by one, whether by recruiters or employers. I would rather send my resume out to employers directly. They are the reason why I had to change my number so frequently because they keep calling me even though I already have a well paying job. Don't trust Martha Gateley from Hawaiian Air.


Don't trust a company called Uncommon.co., a company that is not a real. Com website. Apparently, they steal resumes from other websites and sells that information to people like Martha Gateley from Hawaiian Air <*******@hawaiianair.com>. She is trying to get me fired from my current employment. She contacted me on my work email address. If I was looking for a job, don't you think any intelligent person would use their Yahoo, MSN, or GMail accounts? That is why I don't like cold calling techniques used by one, whether by recruiters or employers. I would rather send my resume out to employers directly. They are the reason why I had to change my number so frequently because they keep calling me even though I already have a well paying job.


Rochelle Sun <*******@goyoss.com> is trying to get me fired from my current employment. She contacted me on my work email address. If I was looking for a job, don't you think any intelligent person would use their Yahoo, MSN, or GMail accounts? Apparently this college drop out, fresh off the boat, cut throat impersonal "person" doesn't have any ethical sense to contact me there and searched inactive LinkedIn account to get her commission of putting any bodies in front of her customer's address. That is why I don't like cold calling techniques used by recruiters who take 20% out of your potential pay from future employers. I would rather send my resume out to employers directly. They are the reason why I had to change my number so frequently because they keep calling me even though I already have a well paying job. Don't trust YOSS and don't trust Rochelle Sun.


I will never go to Coco Ichybana in Brentwood any more. I like their food but the service last time needs improvement. There was a White waitress last December who did not even bother to get my order when I was there. I dressed up like a street person because it was cold that day when I got there. She did not move from her station from the back of the restaurant and stayed with her White customers. A larger, taller Hispanic gentleman, probably one of the line cooks, took my order instead. Is this the kind of racism I expect to receive for being a non-White in Brentwood? Apparently so and I will never drive my Honda CRV to that side of town to get food from that restaurant again.


I had an ok service, not worthy of any kind of reviews either for or against them. However, during my last visit there, I must give them a review I feel is unsatisfactory to me. When I had a Honda and had my car serviced at the dealership in Santa Monica, I understand if they did not wash my car since the drought was going on. No biggie. At least, their vanpool service got me to my work and picked me up from my work to get my car when the service was done. However, the Santa Monica Ford vanpool service is different. Their vanpool only drops me off at my work. They will not pick up from my work to get my car from their facility. I had to get an Uber to drive me there. Doesn't this place care about their customers to get them back to their cars? If I was an elderly old lady living on a fixed income, that money for an Uber could have been better used for food or rent. I am not going back there again the next time I need my car serviced. I would rather wait for my car at another facility near to where I live when it get serviced than have to deal with that kind of treatment to a paying customer.


The header says it all. You get cheap prices for the product you want. However, you will be charged a large amount of money for shipment from China. Since it is coming from China, you will have to wait about a month before receiving the product. Also, the instructions for the product are in broken English so it is hard to understand it. If the product is electronic and it has a language selection, it is mostly in Chinese. You are better off with shopping at your local retailer. At least you can see it and feel it before buying it. The old adage, "You get what you pay for", applies.


The holiday grinches seems to be coming to your area early. I ordered an item from Groupon to have it delivered to my work. I get notification it was delivered. Since I leave work early and have not received it, I assumed it was in the building mail box for my work office. The next day, nothing come to me. The next day nothing. One week later, nothing. I asked Groupon where is the product I order. All they can tell me is that FedEx delivered it. When I checked the tracking number, it showed that it was transferred to USPS. So the local post office delivered it. This is where Groupon said that they can't do anything else as their tracking system showed as being delivered. Why can't they implement, like Amazon, an electronic signature receipt of the delivery by the person who got it. Every time I go through Amazon, the products I order there is delivered to the office and signed by someone and not delivered to the building office mail box. For all I know, it was stolen by the mail person from USPS or from someone in FedEx. Groupon doesn't want to help their customers with the products ordered through their website or change the way they have items delivered with a guarantee that it will be delivered to a person and not a building mail box or through a third party deliverer. I deleted the app and deleted my account. Let's hope that whoever stole the product I order doesn't try to delete my bank account or credit score. If that happens, Groupon is to blame for not providing a better delivery system for products purchased through them. Groupon profits are more important to them than customer satisfaction.


I used to like Lyft because it wasn't Uber. However, their new Shared Ride feature has forced me to remove my profile. I had to go to work and my father, who uses a walker, needed to go to his doctor. I dropped him off at his doctor's office and went my way to work. An hour later, I was contacted that his appointment was over. So, I got a shared Lyft ride for my father to get him home. Several minutes later, I got a notification from the Lyft app that the I was charged a $5 no show fee. I contacted my father and he told me that he was trying to get to the Lyft car driven by Moises with a Toyota Corolla with a partial license plate of 7SUA who drove by really fast and waited at the end of the block. A reminder that my father uses a walker. Apparently, you have to be at the car within a minute or else lose your ride. My father cannot walk that fast and you expect him to walk to the car within a minute where it would take him five to get to the car? I did not get a call from Moises asking me where my father was. I was so upset that this guy does not have any customer service skills that I left work angrily and drove to my father's location as fast as possible before something bad happens to him. That was it for me. If Lyft and that driver wanted to make quick money without the responsibility of actually providing the service I had ask for, I say for everyone of you to delete your accounts and no longer use their service and don't get a ride from Moises either. Don't let something like this happen to you or your loved one so you can be taken advantage of or even worse, something bad happens to you or your loved one using their service.


Otherwise known as Seeking Arrangements, the website is the most expensive sugar daddy site I have been on. With dates asking for $500 and over just to date with little chance of getting in bed with them, you might as well go to the Bunny Ranch north of Las Vegas. The app was pretty ok to find dates. I was able to go on one date for the price mention above. She was able to flirt with me while having dinner but no bedroom action. I tried to contact other profiles but some of them ask for $2000 for a monthly allowance with others wanting $700 for a pay per meeting arrangement (PPM for short). There were other profiles I thought were fake with only one photo and not of the local area. So, I flag some profiles I thought were fakes and block those I did not like for being too aggressive with their asking me of money. Several days later, my profile was suspended as being fraudulent. What?!?! I tried to make the website a lot better for people who want companionship and this is the treatment I got. When I got the email of what happened, the support email was incomprehensible since the website is based in China. I guess this Chinese company doesn't want a bad image in order to fleece hard working Americans of the money they earned for some fun that they should get. Save you money and avoid this website unless you like to waste your money like there is no tomorrow.


I have been a loyal Honda owner for 20 years.

1) Have they ever helped me out with payment for a Honda? No.
2) Have they ever given me free stuff or car for being an owner of a Honda for two decades? No.
3) Have they ever waived any fees for service, labor, parts, end of lease bills? No.
4) Have they ever given me a discount for being a loyal customer in terms of down payments or monthly payments? No.
5) Have they ever given me a Christmas card or Birthday card for being a loyal Honda owner? No.

I can tell you want they will do:
1) Give away $10,000 to a kid will probably not buy a Honda so he doesn't have to earn it by shooting a basketball at half court.
2) Give away free hotdogs at a sporting event even to non-Honda owners to entice them to buy a Honda.
3) Build bicycles for strange kids who probably don't know what a Honda is except for that fat guy at Street Fighter.
4) Give free service maintenance to Honda customers in Beverly Hills and no where else.
5) Allow Honda owners to ride certain rides early at Six Flags only in Summer and not all of the rides or other times of the year, which cost them absolutely nothing to them instead of paying for their park ticket or parking.


This is a review of what it is like to be a former contractor.

First of all, I did apply to be a driver for Uber when I was driving for Lyft. However, my car and I got tired of driving people around and decided to go into another job. Anyway, I deleted my driver account from their app and delete it. Several years later when my license was about to expire. I get harassing emails from them to update their records to update my driver's license. I have already updated my driver's license but I am not going back to their website to do that. Instead, I went to their website to unsubscribe from mailing list. The next day, I get another reminder. Again, use their useless unsubscribe link to get my email address from their email list. This went on for two weeks straight when the website claims that their removal of email process takes 10 business days. Well, my birthday come and went (the day my license expires) and guess what email I got from them? You guessed it: update your expired driver's license on their website. Forget that! I have blocked them from my email account so I will not hear from them again (cross your fingers on that).


I went there to find the leasing department as I was heading towards the end of my lease. When I told the front desk this, they brought out Reza Abniki from Sales. What part of English don't you understand? LEASE not SALES. Anyway, he wanted to get me a great deal for a new lease, which I did at Honda of Los Angeles and ended up paying more monthly on my current lease. Can anyone say "Bait and Switch"? He told me I got a bad deal (duh! That's why I gave them a bad review like I am doing for you guys now) and he was going to try to help me with this one. An hour later into my expected 25 minute information gathering from the LEASING department, Reza told me that the best he could do is knock off $50 off my current lease for an older model car than I have now. Hey buddy! I'm on a budget! How is that helping me? With an unsatisfied look on my face throughout this entire experience, I decided to not even go to their leasing department and go home angry at them for not helping me with my initial request. People, if you have money to burn, go for this place. Otherwise, I got a one word recommendation: Carmax.


UPDATE 2: I got several stalkers on the site, thus prompting me to deactivate my account for a while and reducing my rating of the website even further. The first stalker used different phone numbers to text me after I caught her lying to me about how her account is no longer on the website. The second one is a psycho in that she accused me of publishing her photos without permission. I blocked her texting number and on the website. Since that time, she has set up four other accounts on the site. Damned Chinese website does not protect its male customers from psycho stalkers. That's it, I'm out and rather be single than deal with this drama. Lastly, their support staff allows user to make multiple accounts with different usernames but the same photos. One in particular, I actually communicate and just criticize me for going on this site. Well, excuse me if such racist women don't like certain men and I have to go on this site to go out with I want instead of the left overs on other sites.

UPDATE: Since my initial review, I have seen more escorts/prostituted spamming the site, thus lowering my rating for the lack of Chinese customer service to act upon fake profiles. For example, a user named "Iamkatt" is an BDSM mistress who sells clips of her service and will solicit her service as "Mistresd Katarina" when you go on a date with her. Another is "Yuliijen" who lists her services in her message to you. Another is "KandiQuinnxxx" who ask for money up front to get a motel room for her service (see attached photos as proof before someone flags the truth).

I have been on the site for more than half a year and I have had 10 dates so far. Not POF, not Chemistry.com, not OkCupid, not Match.com, not even eHarmony.com could get me a date on their sites. All but 1 were the people I asked for dates matched their photos on the profile (the other did not look like the pics posted on the profile and had to report the profile as a scam). Otherwise, I like the search feature to filter out whom I am looking for. The only thing I don't like about the site is that males (or sugar daddies) have to pay to read messages. I guess the site has to make money somehow. At least, give the regular members a discount for being on the site for more than 3 months.

Tip for consumers:
Don't under bid for a date. Wink first to see if they provide you an offer you like. If you are on a budget, choose wisely and don't over bid what you can afford. Look at offer made by LanaMarkus. Obviously, she is pricey. This is a dating/sugar baby site so don't expect to get into bed on the first date. Stick with what kind of relationship you are looking for. Otherwise, you might be disappointed with the result. You can't always get instant satisfaction here or any other dating sites.


Like Warren's experience, I tried a site that redirected me to WellHello.com. I tried out their site in the hopes of getting lucky. As soon as I joined, I get bombarded with tons of chats without even setting up a profile. When I did set up the profile, I got bombarded again by the same profiles with the same messages. In my email account used for possible spam sites, I get more than 50 explicit emails a day for sex sites that are gathering in my spam box. What's worse is that for a dollar, you can access all the emails, porn, and chat messages. The ecommerce site will redirect you to an Indian website to capture your credit card information. I did not trust it so I declined. You can't even change your setting on the profile, you can't delete your profile, and they don't have a FAQ about deleting a profile. When you log out, it redirects you to another of their spam sites. Warren and I took one for the team. You have been warn and don't even look into the site.

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