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If anyone knows fleas, you know the difficulty, so after trying everything under the sun (including diatomaceous earth), I purchased this stuff. You don't need much at all, it goes a long way. It contains no chemicals and will come across the border from the U.S. easily. Do NOT use on your pet, though. For two or three weeks, there was not a scratch, no activity whatsoever, then a small explosion. The company explained that nothing can get through the pupae stage, which I know, but in my view, if the pupae are under the baseboards, they shouldn't be able to get out alive, through and past the stuff. They said it could take a few days for the flea to die which I'm not sure I buy. I checked the stuff that I put along my baseboards and it was all rock hard! They asked, "Are your windows open?" I told them, "Of course my windows are open." Turns out the stuff only works if it's bone dry in your home and no moisture can get in; I imagine that would include moisture/humidity from your clothes dryer, or moisture/humidity from hot water from a shower, or moisture/humidity if you're boiling pasta, etc. I think that's ridiculous, and of course they don't tell you that when you're buying it, so I spent $100 Canadian for nothing. I then decided to put salt down which also hardened after a few days, but it's a lot cheaper to put down, and easier to mop up when it hardens. Seems to make quite a difference. I'm also washing my floors with dish soap, which the fleas drown in. They do tell you to vacuum, but you can't vacuum the baseboards if the stuff is down and still soft. And it doesn't work when it hardens. So I really have no idea if anyone has had success with the product because avoiding moisture in the air is, in my opinion and experience, impossible. The photo of the container has a pen in front of it for scale, and I'm sorry the photos are sideways; they refused to upload properly even when I uploaded them deliberately crooked in the hope of them coming out straight.


I will try to condense this as best I can. Our two pets passed away 3 months apart. We asked for a paw print for our first pet. It came to us with human finger indents in the clay. We could have returned it for repair but wouldn't dare part with it in the hands of people so careless, because it's irreplaceable. We also received an urn that we did *not* choose. A replacement was offered, we chose a different one, and it then took four months to receive because (1) every replacement was defective; (2) the person looking after the matter disappears for days at a time, even with the notification email which does *not* make the experience easier because our rep doesn't leave anyone in charge in their place. After almost four months, an acceptable urn was finally made and it sat on our representative's desk collecting dust in their absence. I phoned Gateway to see what the heck was going on because it had been so long and of course, our rep was absent, so someone else sent it out. Four months later, we hope our beloved pet is finally resting in peace. -- Our second beloved pet passed away 3 months after the first one - and that is correct, we still didn't have the replacement urn for our first pet (because receiving it took *4* months). The second urn - which we choose as different from the first two for our first pet - arrived defective. A replacement was offered and our rep actually told us that we would normally be responsible for the shipping cost of the replacement; so in other words, they're doing us a favour by paying for the shipping to cover their crappy workmanship and their error in sending it out in the first place. Furthermore, our second pet's ashes arrived tied in a very sloppy manner: The seam of the bag, which is on the bottom of the bag, was almost tied into the gold tie at the top of the bag (so the bag was tied very crooked), *and* the amount of ashes were literally probably half of our first pet despite that this second pet was taller and longer. Because the bag was tied so sloppy, it is obvious that the person tying the bag was careless & the bag slipped, and a great deal of our beloved pet's ashes spilled out. -- The saga continues: Regarding the replacement urn for this second pet, our rep told us that they would look it on a certain day and make sure it was okay before sending out, and would send photos before sending it out. That was two weeks ago and the person still isn't in the office, still hasn't looked at the replacement urn - if it's even there at all. If it isn't, it will take even longer. -- On one occasion, again in our rep's absence, we spoke with someone else who wanted us to email why we were calling, in essence telling us that they're not interested in taking our call and we should go to extra trouble and spend even more of our time writing out the reason for our call - probably for someone else to deal with. We refused, made them listen, and then they didn't even return our call as they said they would. -- We've had it and have made our own urn for our second pet. -- We are speaking of the Guelph, Ontario facility. -- We realize that most veterinarians use this facility, and that a great majority of grieving pet owners will see this review too late. Nevertheless, it is out there for those who *will* see it beforehand, and who will hopefully pass it on to their loved ones. -- Photos: The photo of the colourful urn on the left for our first pet shows only one area of scratches with some kind of stupid squiggly scratch. There are scratches and dents on every area/side of this urn. -- The second photo of the wooden box urn for our second pet shows a huge crack along the entire bottom of the box and up the sides (only one side showing in the photo), and a second crack beside the long one. You might have to enlarge the photos - or you might not. -- Please tell everyone you know. No grieving pet guardian should go through what we've gone through. -- EDIT: Our rep got back to us about this. She promised to make changes, i. E., new supplier, leaving someone else in charge in her absence, etc. I doubt this is the first time this has happened, so just beware and go somewhere else if you can, anyway.

Tip for consumers:
Avoid Gateway Memorial Pet Cremation Services in Guelph, Ontario, LIKE THE PLAGUE.


As I am on a disability income, I reached out to this Rescue for financial help for my sick and dying cat for euthanasia. They wrote back with a spiritual message that was so stupid and unBiblical, I was floored. It was also very inappropriate. They also told me they can't take funds away from the living to comfort me. What?! Can you imagine seeing this twisted message when I'm trying to help my baby and put him out of his misery? Having warned you about this slightly-twisted and uncompassionate rescue, please know that all animals are worthy of rescue. Try to ignore stupid people, humor them if you must, and just rescue the furbaby.

Tip for consumers:
Whatever the case, all animals are worthy of rescue.


They may do great work but their attitude is so poor and disrespectful that I just can't give them 4 or 5 stars. -- When one of my two cats passed away, I thought it would be a nice thing to foster a senior, in part to keep my surviving senior company. The Rescue had a beautiful female senior which I fostered for a few weeks. The Rescue would retain ownership but they told me she'd be with me for life. So I let my guard down and loved her, and she loved me. The previous foster fed her junk, let her get fat, let her get greasy-dirty, and ignored at least two medical conditions. I worked my butt off to get this baby feeling better. There was, however, still a problem: she hardly ate anything, which was confusing because she came to me so fat. The Rescue picked her up to take her to their vet (which is perfectly fine). They asked me if I had a carrier. I lent them mine, a brand new one in pristine condition. Turns out this fur-baby required surgery and needed to stay with someone who was close to the vet for pre-surgery exams, surgery, and post-surgery exams. I fully understand that. Did the Rescue tell me she wasn't coming back, and that she needed to be with another foster near the vet for all those pre and post exams? No. I had to guess. Did they keep their word about the location of my new carrier and that it would be waiting for me at the location they said, for pick-up? No. They had no problem getting to me when she needed her medicine, or when I needed new syringes, but they didn't know how they would get my carrier to me. Pathetic. They also used my carrier for travel that I didn't authorize, so not only were they not going to return it and expected me to go get it, but they actually expected me to chase it down to a different facility. Fed up with them, I told them to keep it. I then changed my mind and told them I wanted it returned. They didn't answer my email. So I wrote again and they said they'd return it. Cold as ice but I did finally get it, and pretty quickly, imagine that. If not for me, that sweet cat would still be filthy, they wouldn't know about an excellent and very economical cat groomer, she still wouldn't have her medicine, they wouldn't know she needed a vet, and this cat might well have died. This Rescue is rude, arrogant, and ungrateful. -- Note: All fur-babies are worthy of rescue. Just know that if you foster for these people, don't lend your belongings to them, and don't expect any respect or appreciation. Whether your efforts are the most basic or go over and above, they will inconvenience you, and *may* give you a cheap 'thanks' which ignores all your efforts and even that you helped their rescue animals for years to come.


A few years ago, I purchased a pair of "14K gold" earrings (with cubic zirconias, that's fine). I now find myself in difficult times and attempted to sell them. I paid $299.99 for these earrings over a decade ago and found out that they are "gold plated." I was floored. I contacted the Bay, told them the situation, and asked them, "What are you going to say? Do I have my receipt after over 10 years?" They replied, "[We're sorry, shop with us in the future, we love you.]" See attachments. I have stood by the Bay for decades, and have never been so appalled; I would not have expected it of them. Greed simply knows no bounds. It's pretty bad when your most favorite store for most of your life turns out to be run by crooks.


Our cat is suddenly lethargic. We made an appointment - which means nothing - at this emergency clinic. We got there in time for our appointment, called them from the parking lot to let them know we had arrived, and were told to wait in our car for an hour with our pet because there was an emergency and there was only one vet in this huge emergency clinic. We opted not to wait and went home. They called us 25 minutes later to see us, but we were already gone. We called the next day, made another appointment - which again meant nothing - and were told to wait in the car until they called us. We waited in our car in the parking lot for half an hour before we phoned them - again - and told them - again - that our cat was lethargic and hadn't eaten for over 36 hours, etc. We asked if we could bring her in just so they could at least put her on fluids because we knew she was dehydrated. A vet tech called us back, asked appropriate questions, and we informed them of unrelated additional medical information that they should be aware of. They took her in, phoned us, decided she was "stable" and *didn't* put her on fluids. Then the vet phoned us; he wanted to do a blood test, x-rays, and put her on fluids, quoting a price of almost $3,000! (Thought she didn't need fluids?) The price was bad enough, but how long would we have waited if we hadn't phoned again from the parking lot? We told the vet that this fee is outrageous, we just wanted a blood test, we will take her home, and wait for the results. The vet told us a blood test would cost [almost $400] and that they'd have the results in 2 hours or so. We said okay. Instead of all of us hanging up so that the vet could proceed with the blood test, the vet said he'd write up an estimate to include dealing with that other unrelated medical situation, and call us back. We're thinking ‘an estimate for what? He just told us what a blood test would cost.' After ten minutes of waiting for an estimate we didn't ask for, we phoned to find out what's going on/what the delay is. We were asked to come into the vestibule again. The estimate for what we already told the vet we *didn't* want was almost $3,000, including *another* $100 for *another* emergency assessment. Uh, we just paid over $100 for the initial emergency assessment just to get our pet in the door, and only to receive conflicting information (re fluids). Further, the estimate that we didn't ask for did *not* include the non-emergency medical matter. We asked to see Dr. Malek; he refused to come out to talk to us. Fed up with this emergency clinic's nonsense for two days now, we asked for our cat back immediately. The vet tech then brought our cat out in her carrier and stayed behind the glass door until we, in the vestibule, signed a paper that said we have not agreed to any of their services. We opened the door, took the paper from the technician, threw it in the air, took our cat right out of the technician's hand (in her carrier), and got the heck out of there. This clinic is a colossal waste of time, doesn't honour appointment times, is motivated by charging outrageous prices, does not honour clients' requests, not to mention the added stress on all of us including and especially on our beloved pet. The icing on the cake is that our cat's lethargy - we eventually found out - was due to severe teeth pain, which was so obvious that a blind man could see it. Avoid this emergency clinic like the plague - because they are.


I have a mold of a ring. All I needed the guy to do was pour my chosen material into the mold, stamp it, polish it (or whatever) and done. It really shouldn't have cost as much as it it did. He charged me a deposit, which I think is ridiculous, since the mold is mine and I'm not exactly going to run out on him. But he made a copy of my mold (which I think was rude) and gave me my original back. By charging me that deposit, he can charge me anything he wants at the end - and he did. He then charged me far too much more money for a bigger size. The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is because it turned out nice; then again, he made neither the material nor the mold, and it doesn't take a genius to fill a mold. I've since sold it for financial reasons, and got 10% of what I paid for it. Was it hollow? Pretty pathetic.


The boots were defective and fell apart in five months. The company has a 100% guarantee. They agreed to honor their guarantee but could not guarantee the style of the replacement pair or even the size. We fought hard and won, but the fact that we had to fight at all is pretty pathetic, proving that their guarantee isn't worth the paper it's written on.


We purchased a pair of work boots from this company which fell apart five months later. The receipt says there is a 100% warranty for six months, which then contradicts itself by saying any refund/credit will be based on the product being never worn and also being pro-rated. Unaware of the cunning on the receipt, we went in to purchase our replacement pair expecting a partial refund. It turns out that what the store does is takes the purchase price, divides it by 12 months, then takes the amount for the five months we had them when they fell apart, and deducts that amount from the full purchase price for the replacement pair. The store calls this "a wear fee." The store doesn't realize that we paid the "wear fee" when we paid for the boots to wear them, not to display them on our mantlepiece. So one pair of boots cost us $320.14; plus we were charged tax twice.



Maya is a vet tech who cleans pets' teeth out of her home. She appears to do a great job (as seen by the photo). The pet is awake during the process, so she obviously does *not* go below the gumline (which of course shouldn't be done without general anesthetic). My pets returned to me happy, relaxed, and comfortable. She keeps in touch during the cleaning process and provided me with a video of my pet undergoing treatment; he felt no discomfort or pain. She's also *very* reasonably priced, charging for two cats much less than what a vet charges for one. The problem is that she either does not see or does not report gum disease and/or teeth problems. Being that she is a vet tech, I suspect the latter. My beloved cat, with her clean teeth as seen in the photos, needed such extensive dental work less than a year later that we were forced to put her to sleep for lack of funds due to the extent of the problems. I asked Maya via email why she didn't see any problems, or if she did, why she didn't notify us: She did not respond. To me, that speaks volumes. -- My vet clinic's manager told me beforehand that such a job wouldn't substitute for a vet cleaning. I thought the vet was simply trying to rip me off because their charges are outrageous, but they were absolutely right. -- If you do go to Maya, be sure that you can still attend a vet for regular dental check-ups, because despite what appears to be a great job, she's no substitute for a vet, which is unfortunate because the price is so good.

Tip for consumers:
Not a substitute for a vet cleaning.


They'll treat you well until they discover you're a "regular." Then they'll take advantage of you, giving you less and less each time you bring them valuable stuff (jewellery). They even had the nerve to say that a tiny 10K bracelet - which was marked - was a sterling silver necklace. -- Part 2: I hocked 5 charms to buy back. One of those charms was attached to another charm by a link (so there were actually 6 charms, but they missed it). They also lost that charm; it either fell off of or was taken off of the link (I tend to think 'taken' because the link was solidly closed and it had never fallen off during constant wear, let alone sitting in a safe, in a bag, with no movement). She asked what it looked like and I directed her to their system of photographs. They said their camera wasn't working that day. (!?) The manager wanted me to bring the entire package in to weigh it, and they would give me what the missing charm is worth in weight. I told had previously told her and told her again that it's tiny and weighs a feather, which she obviously ignored. I told her that's unacceptable, it is sentimental (bought for me for Mother's Day by my daughter), it is vintage, I got it from the States, and it had "Israel" stamped on the back. Because I told her that her offer of weight was unacceptable, she told me that because I was "not willing to cooperate," she'd give me the purchase price I paid, and I should never come back. *A great example of adding insult to injury.* Stay away from this location. Manager's name is Kayla.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away from this location. Terrible management.


I received a $500 grant from the Farley Foundation for a surgery which wouldn't nearly begin to pay for one. The vet decided that the funds were insufficient to perform the surgery (naturally), so the medical problem remains. I asked if the funds could be put towards present medication for a lifelong problem. They said yes. The medication cost less than $500. I asked if the almost $200 balance could be put towards an examination fee, or the like. The vet is behaving as if the balance doesn't exist. I talked to the Ontario Veterinary Association which operates the Farley Foundation but their policy is that they only speak to vets, which, in my view, the vet obviously knows. A statement *not* out of spite at all: This vet is so money-motivated that they will NEVER give the slightest break to the needy, claiming that they have bills and costs... So let me understand: Receiving nothing is better than receiving something. This vet is the type who will NEVER respond to a large-scale emergency by volunteering her services. She may be capable but her priority is money. We went to another vet who charged literally half of what she was asking to actually do the necessary work as opposed to her request of double the price just to determine what was wrong. She also charged around $700 to do next to nothing, problem remaining. Stay away from this clinic unless you have money to burn.

Tip for consumers:
This vet shames you while refusing to budge on her prices.


Took our cat to this vet because of good price and good reviews. Met Dr. Masi for the first time. The receptionist raves about him. He asked us why we left our old vet and we told him we didn't like it there. He said he knows, "*everything* is in the file." That question was none of his business, and his comment was offensive and inappropriate, especially since there are always two sides. He talked our ear off for 40 minutes before the exam, and repeated himself endlessly which was frustrating; it was as if whatever we said went in one ear and out the other; his endless yacking gave us headaches. We had to stand outside the exam room because of covid, which we had no problem with. As this was the first time seeing him, we wanted to be able to see our beloved pet at all times. The male assistant was in the way; he could have easily been on the other side of the examination table facing us but chose to block us with his back to us. We tried to see our pet by leaning to one side of the doorway without walking into the exam room, and Dr. Masi said, "You can leave." Why, because we want to see our pet and how he handles her? I said openly and outright, "I have no idea why you have good reviews, I think you're awful." He said nothing, which was good because there was nothing he could say to justify his callousness. Their physical handling of our pet was awful, too; the male assistant pulled her out of her carrier (her safe space) instead of tipping it forward gently. The clinic/Dr. Masi has blocked reviews on the site, and has no doubt removed the bad ones which I would bet are the majority. Save yourself the headache and protect your babies: Don't go near him.

Tip for consumers:
He's horrible, and he's blocked reviews on his site. Think. Stay away.


Some people (on YouTube) say that this item is the only item that will stay on the waterline, but I have found that no matter what color I use, it fades significantly after 2 hours; it also "peels," and the peeling specks come off in the eye, and that hurts; I always have to pick them out, and the more I pick, the more the line peels. Inglot says they don't guarantee it to be waterproof or to have staying power on the waterline; fair enough, but people rave about it and I just don't get it. I do highly recommend it for the eyelid and under-eyelid but NOT for the waterline. The hunt for a good waterline makeup continues.

Tip for consumers:
Not good for waterline in my experience.


I got an email from this company about new arrivals (see picture of the email with their Logo). I clicked on the video and it was horrible, containing angry/scared defensive cats, horrible music, and a horrible spinning carrier with cats in it. This is the video, and you can see by the guy's name that he's not all there:
I replied to this company's email telling them how awful I thought the video was (first email at the bottom of this review). I have of course blocked him. I do not know if this is also the manager and/or owner, but if not, this nutcase needs to go. Can you imagine him having a person's address who is unhappy with their order? I highly recommend NOT ordering from this company at all in case that happens. Below is the email exchange, NO JOKE (Sitejabber has understandably blocked all the profanity). Start at the bottom, which is the beginning of the email exchange up to the time I blocked him:.
Support petluv <*******>
[my email]

Sat, Jul 11 at 10:25 PM

Go $#*! yourself you $#*!. $#*!ING IDIOT

Andrew Taylor
Customer Service
PetLuv Shop, LLC
P: *******174
A: 1345 Seaboard Industrial Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
W: e: *******
On Sat, Jul 11,2020 at 10:19 PM [my email] wrote:
And you call yourself a business, you mental case? Guess what's going to be posted on the internet.

Thanks so much for your reply.

Sent from [mail] on Android.
On Sat, Jul 11,2020 at 10:04 PM, Support petluv
<*******> wrote:
The $#*! you talking about you stupid $#*!?.
On Sat, Jul 11,2020 at 10:01 PM [my email] wrote:
Your email contains a despicable link to a despicable video:

The angry cats are horrible, the music is horrible, and the spinning carrier is horrible.

You have just killed a big order.

You are IDIOTS.
On Jul 7,2020, at 1:19 PM, PetLuv Happy Cat <*******> wrote:

(see picture)


The moderators don't know the meaning of the word. They must all be atheist liberals. They harass Christians (some moderators more than others, and some Christians more than others) and have deleted hundreds of my posts. Then they gave me a warning about possibly being banned because I'm repeatedly violating policies. I ask you, What policy could the example in the photo below possibly have violated? It doesn't. It's just straight-up harassment from godless tyrannical moderators. -- Biblical truth with Scripture citations, Biblical archaeological photographic evidence (i. E. Noah's Ark on the top of Mt. Ararat in Turkey with Genesis 8:4 Scripture citation), video evidence, etc. also violates their "be nice be respectful" policy, because nicely and respectfully proving to someone that they're wrong is "offensive" and violates their BNBR policy. Scripture that does not approve of cults, homosexuality, the occult, etc. will certainly be deleted. On the other hand, cults have free reign (i. E. JWs for example). Atheists have free reign. Satanists have free reign. Islam has free reign to lie their butts off. Quora truly deserves to go broke. And then they have the audacity to use your posts on the internet without your knowledge or permission as an example of how great Quora is as a source of information. -- If you're not a liberal, you won't be on there for long. For 3 fabulous years of ministry, they collapsed a ton of my answers (which still allows people to view them). For about a week, they would blur my posts and post a "warning" that clicking on it would reveal "sensitive content" (it was the Gospel!). Then they began to delete them, one after the other, relentlessly. They finally figured out how to rid themselves of the problem of me once and for all: It's called "blocked."

Edit: Went back quite a few months later, and I was able to post. I was a on real roll, praise God. No complaints, no problems. It only took about two weeks until they blocked my account again - without warning this time - and once again for baloney, worse than the first time. They have no idea if that's my name or not. They have never seen my identification, and they never will. I must have pissed the devil off fierce! Pats myself on shoulder, praise God. Good job! (View the photos starting from the far right.)


Every electronic that I've purchased there has always had to be returned. I bought a Compaq desktop computer there which malfunctioned before 30 days was up. On another occasion, I bought a Samsung laptop there which malfunctioned before 30 days was up. They replaced it with a "new" one which didn't have the plastic sheet over the screen, which meant that it was used, so I took the refund and bought an authentically new one elsewhere. Stupid me when back a couple of years later and bought an Apple computer there because it was cheaper than from Apple itself. I had forgotten my previous experiences. So I bought it and had to take it back within two weeks for repair. I would have replaced it, but what's the point because the replacement would be used too and I'd lose all my stuff for nothing. -- ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT RE APPLE COMPUTERS: When I called Apple for online assistance, I learned that Apple services their computers for five years from the manufacture date. I bought the Apple computer from Best Buy in 2017 but the manufacture date of the computer is 2015! As such, Best Buy has ripped me off for 2 years' worth of service from Apple. I also learned that Apple computers don't automatically come with the "Open Office" program that was on my computer when I bought it, proving that it's used. -- My repeatedly bad experiences at Best Buy with expensive electronics (computers, stereo components, etc.) always breaking and having programs on them that the manufacturer does not include/did not install is something that I will not forget again, and I will never buy electronics from them again. You have been warned.


I thought that free speech would be great on a conservative site. I was wrong. Racists (in the true sense of the word) have no problem spewing their venomous slurs, and liberals are free to make as many stupid comments as is humanly possible. 12 hours is definitely a record for deleting my account anywhere, and I give 'gab' all the credit.


Imo, Seabreeze makes the most excellent heaters on the market. I bought mine in the Fall of 2018 for the Winter. The oscillating blades stopped oscillating shortly after I bought it and remain stationary on an angle. There's a one-year warranty. I had to wait until the Winter passed until I could call them. I left them a message through their site. No response. I left 2 more messages, still no response.

I contacted their authorized repair dealer. He informed me that Seabreeze doesn't make the heaters anymore and that they're offering refunds for heaters under warranty. He kindly sent them a message to contact me.

Someone from Seabreeze contacted me a few days later at 6:15 p.m. She wanted a copy of my proof of purchase. She spelled out the email address, and I sent it. The email came back non-deliverable.

I left such a message through their site. A day later, she emailed me with the 'complete' email address. A few days later, the same girl telephoned me to see how things were going. She was unaware of my email to her. When I told her I sent her an email, she then found it. A few days after this, someone else emailed me. He informed me that Seabreeze is willing to refund my money "if the unit is not functioning." *ah, I see what I'm dealing with.* He continues, I am to send them the heater unit to verify that it's not working - at my expense. They will send me an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) slip so that the warehouse will accept it. A cheque will be issued in 4-6 weeks - minus shipping costs. (They actually want me to pay for the stamp?). That's all pretty bad.

I wrote back telling him that the heater is functioning, which I made clear in my very first contact with them and told him so, repeating that it is a part that is broken (the oscillating blades). I have not heard back from him, and am obviously not going to. I spent 3 weeks trying to talk to someone to get this looked after. The bottom line: The warranty means nothing.

Seabreeze makes fans also, and since they don't make the heaters anymore, I would think the fans are how they intend to stay in business. I would think the fans come with warranties, too. Oh joy.

The customer service is so bad, it's a wonder they're in business at all. And their warranties mean squat.

You have been warned.

• Updated review

Part 3 of 3

I got my "new" printer. On unpackaging the printer, the lid had five damaged spots. I took pictures and sent them to the HP representative.

- I told him that I believe this printer is refurbished because of its physical appearance;

- I told him that even if I had agreed to a refurbished printer, HP wouldn't send it in a plain brown box with "refurbished" written on it, nor would they send it in an HP box with "refurbished" written on it;

- I told him that if they'll do it with printers, then they'll do it with computers too;

- I told him that the original 'new' one I bought (the broken one that was being replaced) was probably refurbished too, because why else would it break down in 6 months with occasional use.

It took him 3 days to respond to me - I assume after speaking to his higher-ups - because he offered me a refund, which I am certainly taking.

I asked him if they will reimburse me for all the ink for it that I purchased. They oh-so-kindly said I can keep the ink that *I* bought, that I already told them will be of no use to me because I will never buy another HP product again.

They told me the only way I would receive the "new" replacement printer is if I signed a Release to keep the matter confidential - which, in my view, confirms that they sell used as new. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to sue them for this fraud. And as you can see by the "new" replacement printer, it is indeed used.

It really doesn't get any worse than this.

You have been warned!

Uch, what jerks.
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A case manager got back to me. He phoned me from a 1-800 number which I don't pick up because of spam. He chose not to leave a message on my voicemail but hung up without a word, and then sends me an email that he's unable to contact me. By reply email, I let him have it, and told him I want our conversation in writing.

The sleaze says he's pleased to honour my request and will send me a refurbished printer. I told him that his conclusion that I wanted a refurbished printer is incredible since the reason we're speaking is because I *don't* want one. Duh. I let them have it about how sleazy and cheap they were. He ignored it.

He told me that a refurbished printer is not rejected, but is just overstock or an open box. I let him have it.

He called me a valued customer. I let him have it.

He told me in one email that he would send me a new printer, and sent a separate email 'Agreement' for my confirmation that didn't say "new." I let him have it and told him that I know he's trying to send me a refurbished printer under the guise of "new." He ignored it. I completed the Agreement with an Appendix of his separate email saying that the replacement printer would be new.

He didn't like this and again asked me to confirm the Agreement. So I did, and added in my own stuff in the appropriate spaces, and copied and pasted his email that said "new" in the appropriate space.

He asked me if I wanted the prepaid label mailed or emailed. I told him since I don't have a working printer, I obviously have to have the hard copy. Duh again.

I strongly suspect that they're still sending me a refurbished printer. Whether they do or whether they don't, this experience was awful. HP is a cheap, sleazy, insult-to-injury, insult-to-intelligence, rip-off business, and their warranties mean you'll get repaired broken stuff as replacements despite that you paid money for new stuff. I won't ever buy from them again.

Take heed. You've been warned.

Possibly to be continued when I receive the "new" printer.

What a farce.
• Previous review

I bought an HP ENVY 5055 printer 6 months ago. It worked great for 6 months. At 6 months, in one shot, it would not print properly. I contacted HP chat. We spent about an hour on the phone going through all the steps to see if the printer needed to be replaced. One of the steps was to change the ink cartridges. He offered to send me ink cartridges, but it didn't make sense to me to wait for the cartridges, contact HP chat again, and go through the whole thing again. I told him I had new unopened ones here. So I opened them and we did more tests with those. The problems remained and even increased. He concluded that printer needs to be replaced. (No kidding.).
The guy told me that the remaining 6 months warranty would be applied to the replacement printer. I think that sucks.
Then he told me that the replacement printer would be refurbished. What?! I told him that I paid good money for a new printer, and I expect a new replacement. He said he's not authorized to do that, and will escalate this matter to a case manager. So now I'm waiting, and I will update this review when this matter is resolved.
He asked me if there's anything more he could do for me. I asked him if he could please send me the ink cartridges because I wasted a lot of ink with both my old cartridges and my new cartridges. He double-talked his way out of that one, I have no idea what the heck he said, but it was clear that he wasn't willing to send them now.
I am SO disappointed in HP. I realize that most companies will just 'forward' the remaining warranty to a replacement product (which I still say sucks), but to have a new item replaced with something refurbished? I didn't pay a refurbished price, I paid a new price.
To be continued.

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